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New MetArt model of the month: March 2018

Spring is in the air, the sap is rising, and thoughts naturally turn to sex – especially when there are so many gorgeous naked girls to enjoy! March 2018 has been a fine month for new models, with eleven stunning babes making their debut appearance – and if you’re wondering who the eleventh is, look out for Jenifer Love from Cassandra Keyes tomorrow! It’s not easy to choose favorites from such a lovely selection, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Laura Lynn photographed by Koenart. Presented March 1.

A smiling cutie with adorable girl-next-door appeal, 19-year-old Latvian sweetheart Laura Lynn brought a whole bunch of positive energy to get the month off to a fun start. The blue-eyed brunette looked irresistible in her blue and peach lace bra and panties that clung to her perfect ass like a second skin. A fresh-faced, dimpled delight.


Valencia photographed by Matiss. Presented March 27.

Russian beauty Valencia is tall and slender, with an athletic figure and perfect-handful breasts, highlighted by her sexy tan lines. The brown-eyed 18-year-old brunette revealed that she loves flowers, dreaming of a wonderful winter roof garden, and enjoys traveling. That flirtatious look suggests seeing the world with her would be a very pleasurable experience…

Faina Bona photographed by Tora Ness. Presented March 30.

Blue-eyed blonde Faina Bona is an irresistible little bundle of naughtiness, an 18-year-old Belarusian babe with freckles and an enchanting smile. Grabbing the attention in nothing but semi-transparent white lingerie, the sassy sex kitten soon got naked to show off her lovely small breasts with wide pink areolae, sweet shaved pussy and sensational ass. It’s a memorable debut, and hopefully the first of many appearances.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of March 2018?

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Lola 3 months ago

Laura just perfect


Frank -- swplf 3 months agoContributing Writer

WELL! I am not sure I am alright with Valencia jumping to #1 with only one set but her 9.36 with 363 votes, is impressive. A good # of models over the years have jumped into the Top Ten but going all the way to the top #1 is somewhat unusual. It will be interesting to see if she can hold her position!


Johannes BLT 4 months agoLifetime member

It's a hard decision this month, but I'm going with Faina Bona. Those eyes, that fresh face, soft skin... my heart just melted the first time I saw her.


Checkers 4 months ago

Can't make a choice yet, we have another new model coming tomorrow. Plus new sets of Monika Dee and Slava, which might yet turn into sets of the month. :)

Though I WILL go ahead and pick Kaleesy's Pink Dress as video of the month. There's a mark on the floor from where my jaw hit it. So gorgeous, so sweet and gentle, so bottomless. Hooray! :)


Checkers 4 months ago

Tough month to pick a single favorite new model, I love all of Rose's choices above, but my personal favorite newcomer is Monika Dee, I love her big brown eyes, sweet posing style, and OOOF, such a beautiful booty. I'm really excited to see what the future holds for her, especially since we've already seen her work with multiple photographers.

If I were making a top five list, Rose's three above would be on it as well, and I would round out the list with Eva Jude, another Fabrice beauty with an exotic look, bright smile, and fearless posing style.

Set of the month, for me, is Genevieve Gandi's Denge, she looks absolutely delicious, and not just because she spends a significant amount of time with a light coating of ice cream. I also really enjoyed Vicky Masone's Esorita, and Bridgette Angel's Lerriu. Lots of "wow" moments in each of them.

Photographer of the month has to be Matiss, with new sets from Violla, Genevieve Gandi twice, Bridgette Angel, Bella Milano, Lauren Swift, Yasmina, Alicia Love, Elle Tan, and Rosella, plus stunning newcomers Valencia, Rita Angel and Sofia Vera. He has to have the most amazing contacts list in the history of mobile phones.

Bring on April!

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Latest Comments


    Its.Me 42 minutes ago

    I agree with 88chicken! I love seeing a girl with some bush too in her natural state. Not saying growing wild down her thighs and stuff but a full bush with a bikini trim is erotic! Not gonna lie I also got on the bandwagon back when shaved was the thing. But now I crave some bush I guess because I miss it! LOL I mean I love shaved too but also enjoy natural. Most my GFs agree and understand. They all have no problem growing me some bush when I need it and then shaving again. Actually for me a young looking girl growing pubic hair is even more erotic than shaved but that's just me! We all like what we like! She is beautiful no matter what! Stay gorgeous Veselin! Kiss Kiss

    on Veselin

    PushTheEnvelope 1 hour ago

    I don't understand how this set has less than 9 stars

    on Riweja

    Oslooperan 1 hour ago

    Did not know this woman, but got very intrigued by her poses and attitude. So I checked out her backlog and found a Leonardo set called Aloft. Anyone who is in doubt of Helen should check that set, Helen is/was amazing. And Leonardo knows how to shot outdoors.

    on Hethae

    Hipshot13 1 hour ago

    I have the same problem. Each time I hit the next button my eyes go strait to that amazing face. But I too manage to tear my eyes away long enough to take in the rest of her.

    on Rinne

    Hipshot13 1 hour ago

    That is the joy of this type of woman. 10 years from now she will be just as firm and sexy as she is now!

    on Rinne

    Hipshot13 2 hours ago

    I want to thank Leonardo for all those great panty shots! It isn't often that an artist or model takes the time to allow us to take in his model in this uber sexy mode. Those panties are sooo sexy and the color compliments Brit beautifully. I absolutely love the rear end shots of the way those panties grace and cuddle our ladies delicate lady parts. I think it is far to often forgotten just how sexy a woman in panties is and when it is a woman as beautiful as Brit being able to savor her facial beauty while anticipating the reveal of her lady bits is hot beyond explanation. So thank you a dozen times over for this extremely rare treat. Brit is truly a vision worth waiting for!

    on Rinne

    ArtCurator 2 hours ago

    I wish that MetArt had more "ethnic" models like this one.

    on Zhang A

    ArtCurator 2 hours ago

    This video has finally convinced me to avoid Charles Lightfoot altogether.
    Again he blows a chance with a beautiful model.
    Another slow dragged out video with Eden by CL.
    And he doesn't get the model to act sexy again either.
    Hey Charles, go back to photographing weddings & bar mitzva's, OK ???

    on Morning Story

    ArtCurator 2 hours ago

    Could this video have dragged on any slower ???
    This video almost put me to sleep instead of arousing me.
    Slow dragging music too.
    The direction is horrible because the model isn't sexy at all.
    Charles Lightfoot again ruins an opportunity with a beautiful model.

    on Hello Love

    ArtCurator 3 hours ago

    A beautiful and sexy video.
    I liked the lighting too.
    What a difference from the artist's Halloween video
    of the same model.
    CL is on the right track with this one, IMO.

    on Cozy Feeling