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The MetArt 50+ Club: Genevieve Gandi

Stunning blue-eyed blonde Genevieve Gandi projects so much fun and personality in her photosets that it’s no surprise she’s become a member of our prestigious MetArt 50+ Club, models so popular they’ve been featured at least fifty times here. Her delightful demeanor and fabulous body make every new viewing of her a special event.

GENEVIEVE GANDI: breathtaking blonde bombshell (50 appearances)

The sexy Russian babe made her MetArt debut at the age of 19, on November 6, 2013, in a “Presenting” photoset by Matiss. At this time she was known as Erica, adopting the name Genevieve in March 2015. She is still very much an active model, her fiftieth set having been published just a few days ago. To date the tall, slender beauty has worked with three artists: Matiss 38 times, Leonardo 11, and Koenart 1, and all her appearances have been solo. Her photosets are regularly rated over 9, with an impressive seven appearances scoring 9.3. 

Genevieve is currently ranked #14, with a rating of 9.1, based on 3,336 ratings. She has been viewed 195,360 times, and is followed by 4,117 members at the time of writing. She has been featured on several other sites in the MetArt Network: SexArt, MetArt X, The Life Erotic, Errotica Archives, Erotic Beauty, Domai and Goddess Nudes.

So what is it that makes Genevieve so special? Well, she’s undeniably gorgeous, with an athletic figure, an ass to die for, beautiful eyes and terrific breasts highlighted by sexy tan lines. She’s elegant and self-assured, but playful too; perfect girlfriend material, in other words! I interviewed her for our blog back in September 2016 and I was struck by her sweetness and charm as she talked about inner beauty, passion, ambitions, and wanting to take care of her family. You can read the full interview here

Gorgeous and talented, there’s no doubt Genevieve has an exciting future in store, and we look forward to seeing much more of her on MetArt.  

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

Members Comments (2)


Spiritof42 17 hours agoLifetime member

Among her great features, her smile stands out for me.


Johannes BLT 3 weeks agoLifetime member

Yes! Congratulations Genevieve Gandi! (BTW, where or how did you come with that name?) Can't add much more to what Rose has said except that you have a very beautiful pussy too. What I REALLY love though are those beautiful eyes and sexy face; you always seem to have some mischievous and prurient thinking going on, and that is always good for my yang

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    Dark_Storm 6 minutes ago

    I'm not impressed by this set. Too much time spent on extraneous items, and I hate when photographers think shooting through foliage is a good idea, especially when it is INDOORS!

    on Presenting Pola

    Casey 6 minutes ago

    Monika is a yummy sweetheart. Comparisons are unnecessary...Monika is gorgeous just by being Monika.

    on Tatri

    Dreadnought66 18 minutes ago

    Magnificent !!!

    on Litabi

    Tristan Heart 30 minutes ago

    Jeebers, that face, it just gets you everytime doesn't it, in my mind Berenice is the perfect candidate to take over after Michaela Isizzu as the girl with the most incredible facial bone structure, without a doubt :-)

    So many great shots in this update, gun to my head I don't think I could pick my favorite, Luca really did a great job at capturing the gorgeous Berenice in all her sweet and sensual poses, not to mention her incredible smile, just perfect, great work you guys :-)

    on Sanora

    10 Quest 35 minutes ago

    Mmm, mmm! Feel The Bernie.......................

    on Bernie

    88chicken 51 minutes ago

    I would call her an "auburn-haired beauty" myself.

    on Sanora

    Tristan Heart 55 minutes ago

    I wonder what she looks like without the allergic reaction...

    Okay that was a low blow hehe, I just don't get why girls keep taking the risk and shoot that toxic crap into their lips and face, especially when like Gracia here they seem to have everything else going for them, with beautiful proportions and all (well ofc I understand why, it's just hard to understand why it is still allowed) O.o

    Looking past that stuff, it was a really nice update (and about time we got another one from her), Gracia shows of her gorgeous body beautifully and Matiss gets a lot of great shots of her frolicking in the sunshine, a really nice and warm set :-)

    on Ledint

    88chicken 1 hour ago

    Berenice: very nice to see you again! Are you still actively modeling? Or is this an earlier set from before your retirement? Good to see you either way.

    on Sanora

    Tristan Heart 1 hour ago

    (Just a note for admin and crew, can be deleted after reading)

    On another note, I think you can get away with it in this case because you never saw the full name or label on the bottle, but please be careful with placing this stuff, not a lot of companies want their products being associated with erotics material of any kind and it could result in legal issues.

    on Presenting Pola

    Tristan Heart 1 hour ago

    I'm sorry to say that this set didn't really work for me, it seemed like it was shot in the spur of the moment and not enough thought was put into it :-/

    Pola looks like a very interesting girl and I look forward to see what she has for us next, but she really needs to give certain parts of herself a little TLC, all the stubbles was not so attractive to look at, if you want to be shaved / waxed, go for it, but do it right, especially if you are about to do a shoot, professionalism young lady, professionalism :-)

    Now to the setting, it could have worked if a little thought had gone into it, first off I would have turned on the lamp, with the right light bulb it could have added some nice soft lighting to the whole thing, second a little more attention to items placed on the desk could also have made a huge difference adding much more of an atmosphere to the setting which seemed very improv.

    As a whole, like I wrote this seemed a little too spur of the moment and even though there was a lot of great shots it just never reached the potential that it could have as there was almost no atmosphere, basically it was like a grand puzzle but with some important pieces missing, so it never really became a full picture 0.0

    In any case a big welcome to Pola, she's a really sweet looking girl and I think she will fit right in here at MetArt :-)

    on Presenting Pola