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New MetArt model of the month: April 2018

We don’t mind April showers here at MetArt, when it’s a shower of fresh new models making their nude debut. Ten lovely girls made their first appearance in April 2018, all unique, but with one thing in common – the thrill of getting naked for an appreciative audience for the first time! It’s not easy to choose favorites with so much natural gorgeousness on offer, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Maible photographed by Arkisi. Presented April 5.

The first thing that grabs the attention about 22-year-old Ukrainian cutie Maible is her huge breasts, so surprising on her slender frame. She’s evidently proud of them too, fondling and squeezing them lovingly. But then you notice her pretty face, with gorgeous brown eyes and a seductive smile, and that firm, fine ass. Let’s hope we see much more of her, and preferably in a movie – the jiggle factor must be spectacular. As one member commented, “Not only do her cups runneth over, but my own eyes feel like they are on Viagra, seeking to launch from the sockets.”

Kery, photographed by Alex Lynn. Presented April 14.

Blue-eyed blonde Kery drove us all crazy by starting out in a tight shirt, short skirt, heels and glasses; secretary chic at its most seductive and suggestive. And then she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal those perfect-handful breasts… The 21-year-old Ukrainian babe looked a little serious and studious at first, but as her clothes came off, her sunny smile revealed how much she was enjoying your attention – and so did her perky nipples. Her perfect plump pussy didn’t go unnoticed, either.

Camilla Stan, photographed by Matiss. Presented April 26.

Sweet Camilla Stan is a ray of pure sunshine, a 19-year-old Russian doll with blue eyes, full lips and soft curves. Her big breasts and generous booty make me want to grab and squeeze! An adorable girl-next-door type, Camilla has such a happy, vibrant aura, and looks like a whole lot of fun to roll around with, preferably naked…

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of April 2018?

Members Comments (5)


JOHANNES BLT 5 months agoLifetime member

I have .... sensory overload .... this month... can't.... choose.... blink!


MetArtisMyliife 5 months ago

My sentiments exactly


Checkers 5 months ago

As I said back in the comments, April 2018 has to be one of the best months for debut sets this site has seen. Started with Elisa Liv on April 1 and never let up. I personally downloaded all ten "presenting" sets and I can hardly pick a single favorite. But I'll try.

My personal favorite this month is Camilla Stan, I love her bright eyes, petite frame, and playful posing style. She's got a tremendous amount of charisma, and it will keep her a favorite for as long as she models.

Second favorite is Elisa Liv, she reminds me of a shyer, curvier version of Kaleesy. If more sets are on the way, it will be interesting to see how she opens up and shows more personality. I love when we see the models here evolve, and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Number three is Alisa Amore, an absolute stunner who finally made her way to MET in April. A sweet face, a gorgeous smile, and a body that can make you believe in miracles. I hope she appears here more often, her one set here is her best work so far.

Honorable mentions to Murina Fae, Melissa White and Maible. Though I hate to leave anyone off of the list at all.

Set of the month is Alicia Love in "Acore" from April 9. I'm falling HARD for this flirtatious little pixie, and I love the enthusiasm she poses with. Also really enjoyed Daniel Sea in "Siallo," Lilian in "Vencia," and Kaleesy in "Danaz."

Movie of the month is Olivia Preston in "Closer to Me," she's a classic beauty in almost every sense of the term, and she moves with such poise and composure. Cassandra Keyes is making some delightful videos. Speaking of which, my second-favorite video of the month is Murina Fae in "hot Steps."

April was a great month for MET, let's see if May can keep it up. :)


Frank -- swplf 5 months agoContributing Writer

It is interesting that Rose did not feature Alisa Amore since she is currently showing as #1 on the Top Ten.


harry5555 5 months ago

Hard to argue against Camilla's fullsome lips...

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    Roger 28 seconds agoLifetime member

    10 for our Yarinchka!!!😍😍😍

    on Dressing

    Extensio 14 minutes ago

    Absolutely irresistible! Nothing less than a 10 for this beauty. The landing strip suits her very well.

    on Dressing

    RedPilot 23 minutes ago

    Thanks for the "Christina" definition, I wonder how it got named that, but wonder even more why people (men and/or women) find it appealing? I risk sounding like an old curmudgeon, right?

    on Egg Cited

    Frank -- swplf 41 minutes agoContributing Writer

    The MetArt 50+ Club: Yarina A
    June 8th 2017 - by: Rose

    This is Yarina's 68th appearance which moves her ahead of Melena A on the active eligible 50+ Model List, and puts her 10th Place on our list overall. Since Dee Dee posted this set has climbed to an 8.88 which is OK but as Rose says, and I do vote, IMO a Ten! Nudero has given us a great combo of head shots showing us those eyes and has not forgotten those who demand "gyno" shots. If he had given the foot fetish and "heels" isolation shots this would be a mid 9+ Set . Hell it even has a story line and a non IKEA title that makes sense. What more could you want? Boo to the "1 no look" attackers...

    on Dressing

    whitew0lf 52 minutes ago

    Over half of the shots seem to have focus problems, with either foreground or background in better focus than the model. Or then it's motion blur (which would be surprising given daylight). Please shoot enough shots so the failed ones can be left out. Beautiful model, and posing and composition is nice as well, just bothered about blurry face and body.

    on Presenting Maxa

    Starfire 57 minutes ago

    Stunning set a pleasure.

    on Dressing

    Starfire 59 minutes ago

    Awesome set a good egg indeed. 10 ++++.

    on Egg Cited

    fireball-xl5 59 minutes ago

    Please MetArt, Chalk John off of the list of MetArt photographers, I very rarely criticize MetArt photographers but this gallery of the beautiful Linda Sweet is probably the worst ever MetArt gallery in my opinion of all time. Was he blind drunk at the time, fell over, break his camera and had to use an old mobile phone with a poor quality camera, and just take some quick photos of Linda whilst she changed outfits before running to the bathroom to talk to God on the big white telephone. If these where the 80 best photos to come out of this set I hate to think how bad those were that landed on the cutting room floor.

    on Egg Cited

    Starfire 1 hour ago

    Wonderful set a pleasure.

    on The Woods

    Starfire 1 hour ago

    Fabulous set with Taylor 10 ++++.

    on Rock Climb