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The MetArt 50+ Club: Altea B

Beautiful brunette Altea B is one of the most enchanting models ever to grace our MetArt 50+ Club ­– girls so popular they’ve been featured at least fifty times during their modeling career. The sexy Slovakian sweetheart has an unforgettable allure, making her an all-time favorite for her many devoted fans.

ALTEA B: artist’s muse (72 appearances)

Altea made her MetArt debut at the age of 19 on June 11, 2006, in a “Presenting” photoset by Erro. She has appeared 72 times in total, in 66 photosets (four of them girl-girl, with Jenni A, Eufrat A, Selene B and Vanda A) and six movies, almost all of them by Erro – just three photosets were shot by Ryanmedia. It quickly became evident that Altea was the perfect muse for Erro, and the pictures they shot together did a wonderful job of conveying her mercurial charm, with lots of natural, candid shots of her laughing, bending into crazy poses, and playing the fool. Her last appearance was on May 7, 2016, and at the age of 31 she is presumed retired, although we live in hope…

Altea’s current moderate ranking of #217 reflects her long absence, rather than the esteem in which she is held. She is rated 8.54, based on 10,014 votes, with 229,457 views and 4,868 members following her at the time of writing. But comments on her model profile page tell a more passionate story. As one member writes, “Altea is without a doubt my favorite model on any Met-Network site. (This is a huge statement, given the thousands of beautiful women Met-Network has worked with). She was the reason I first purchased my membership so many years ago, and continues to be the primary reason. She is... THE BEST.”

Not surprisingly, Altea has also featured many times on Erro’s own site, Errotica Archives, as “Antea,” including a large number of girl-girl appearances with many different models. She is always cute and playful rather than overtly sexual though – the archetypal girl-next-door of our dreams. Tall and flexible, with a perfect ass, small firm breasts, fantastic legs shown off to perfection by her penchant for sexy high heels, and of course that gorgeous face, she really does deserve the “goddess” tag.

Looking back over Altea’s many memorable appearances, what stands out is her lack of self-consciousness – whether contorting her long, slender legs into coltish poses, looking sultry or girlish, glamorous or giggly, she is always natural and relaxed in front of the camera. In her bio she describes herself as a tomboy, revealing that she loves sports and is very competitive: “I like to win too... sometimes too much. Boys can get sulky when they lose. And I don’t like when they let me win. I can win all on my own and then I can gloat. I am not mean... I just let them know I won in a fun way.”

Members will no doubt agree we are all winners, just having the opportunity to see this beautiful girl naked on so many occasions!

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

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Frank -- swplf 2 months agoContributing Writer

I agree with Rose that Altea is "retired" her on MetArt. But on Errotica archives she already has eight (8) sets posted in 2018. While 50+ is our Hall of Fame the total number of models that are on our list is less than 50 , and only one (1) has over 100 Appearances. Only one of the four (4) models with 90+ is still active.
So when you see as Antea by Erro on EA she has 225 Apps it is obvious she WAS Erro's favorite model. When Erro retired his "ARCHIVE" came with Jon's purchase of the site. Since Erro "un- retired" he does not have any "NEW" work on EA. Until they run out of Antea sets in his Archive we will continue to get ever young sets of this doll! The question remains just how many sets are left!!!!!!!

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    StormDragon 1 hour ago

    She's a model and I hope she gets paid a ton. It was sad somewhat because of the cold water, and the crowd she was shifting her gaze to often. Still, a trooper, she displayed all of her charms- even her lovely smile. She is a dream come true.

    on Clearance

    ArtCurator 1 hour ago

    Breath taking. This video is simply breath taking.

    on My Movie

    StormDragon 1 hour ago

    My DREAM GIRL! Barely 18, reminds me my only love in High School. What a delight, beautiful and wow...fresh pink has made my Polish rock hard!!! Sweet face, too.

    on My Channel

    10 Quest 2 hours ago

    Hmm? Another nicely done set from Matiss it's quite nice! I find that they're still too far and few between though...……………….

    on Fecare

    10 Quest 2 hours ago

    Amen!, Say Amen!

    on Awaly

    Daveperry 2 hours ago


    on Allisias

    MX338 3 hours ago

    One hit wonder!!! Ansolute Devine

    on Rosemary

    Dreadnought66 3 hours ago

    Well said, indeed --

    on Renuca

    redserpent66 5 hours ago

    perfection, I cannot wait to see more of her. She is just absolutely beautiful.

    on Presenting Hilary Wind

    metlover 6 hours ago

    WOW what a babe, I love that cover photo, her beautiful face, that "spoon me" pose, and her succulent bottom prominently displayed, oh yeah, 10+

    on Vecabi