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The MetArt 50+ Club: Milena D

Blue-eyed blonde Milena D is surely the cutest member of the prestigious MetArt 50+ Club, girls so popular they’ve been featured at least fifty times during their modeling career. At 26, the Ukrainian sweetheart still looks like an angelic 18-year-old, only the saucy sparkle in her eyes giving away what a naughty girl she really is. We love her!

MILENA D: naughty angel (73 appearances)

Gorgeous Milena made her MetArt debut at the age of 18, on January 29, 2010, in a “Presenting” photoset by Leonardo. A simple studio shoot that showcased Milena’s incredible girl-next-door appeal to perfection, it remains her highest rated appearance and one of the most memorable MetArt debuts of all time.

To date Milena has appeared in 67 photosets, including five girl-girl sets and a stunning three-girl with Emily Bloom and Katie A, and six movies, one of which is a hot girl-girl with Jessie B. The vast majority, 70 of her appearances have been shot by Erik Latika, with two by Leonardo and one by Goncharov. Though less prolific these days, she is still an active model, with her most recent appearance being in March 2018.

Milena is currently rated #8, with a rating of 9.1 based on 10,331 votes. She has 1,000,007 views and 10,973 members are following her at the time of writing. She’s often to be found in the top ten, with her ratings soaring each time she’s featured; indeed, many members say she is their all-time favorite model. She has appeared on a handful of other sites in the MetArt Network, notably 43 photosets on SexArt, but MetArt is undoubtedly her spiritual home, the ideal place for her to grace with her sweet natural beauty.

Milena really does have it all – a pretty, doll-like face, beautiful perky breasts, a silky-smooth peach of an ass; there’s no denying she’s a “perfect ten.” She’s a sensational model too, flirting with the camera, by turns sultry, sweet and devastatingly sexy. And her hair is truly outstanding – not just the golden mane that reaches down to the crack of her ass, but also the fact that she’s appeared with her pubic hair totally unshaved, neatly trimmed and completely shaved. When she lets it grow, it’s a lush, luxuriant bush that just cries out to be stroked!

In her interview with MetArt, Milena described herself as peaceful and cheerful, an artistic person and a trained musician who likes to create harmony. MetArt members have many loving epithets for her: all time favorite, best ever, breathtaking, enchanting, dream girl, goddess… and that’s just for starters! An erotic superstar, we hope to see many more appearances from our adorable Milena.

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

Members Comments (6)


Borbonicon 4 months ago

Milena is one of the most beautiful and charming of all of the MA models,and not only that,she has the loveliest friends also.Emily and Katie and Nika and Jessie are all super babes,and that is the best of all worlds in the erotic genre from this point of view.
Going to downloads of Milena,I find 8 movies and 124 zip files,and so she is a 50 plus Club favourite two and a half times over.There are a number of those presentations from the Hegre site,another of my favourite erotic destinations.Many MA models have worked there,and Petter has done great things.Top man.
I will be viewing those shows over and over and over.Among a number of positive factors,Milena's interest in exotic lingerie provides a greatly interesting variety throughout all of these excellent videos and galleries,I love to see nylons and lacy creations on beautiful models,and the Little Violet video is among the very best of its kind.
Charming fascinating and adorable.The best of beauty.


steven13 6 months ago

The 50+ club is still kind of incomplete here - after checking all models listed here with this tag I definitely missed at least a dozen of them. Most notably Jenya D was never mentioned here as such, despite of her Incredible 127 appearances, including 10 videos. I found her only by a hint of another member. Can anybody help me out to find the few models, who have appeared more than the 75 times, my still active all time favorite Suzanna A did so far? Thanks in advance.


Rose 6 months ago

Hi Steven, we are working up the list, so the models with the most appearances – including Jenya - have not been featured yet. If you click on the 50+ Club tag at the bottom of the post, you can see all the posts so far :-)


steven13 6 months ago

Not to forget: Sofi A, a favorite of mine with 95 appearances, who ceased too early posing IMHO a few years ago.


Roger 6 months agoLifetime member

Thanks Rose and thanks Frank for this 50+ Club blog about Milena D! The first time I saw Milena D it was immediately love at first sight for me! She kidnapped my heart immediately! I was in trance, because Her sweetness and kindness are irresistibly amazing. I inserted Her immediately as my number one! And after 8 years, She's still my numer one! Adorable eternal youth for this amazing Cutie! Through twitter and Her own site I get closer and closer to Milena... Now, with Her loyal fans like me, ChoReb, Sam, Martin, Sebastian and Co., we are a big family and at the center of everything Milena D, our leader! She's really a creator of art full of love! I never thought to have the opportunity to be so close to Her! If I would meet Her live one day, the first thing I would ask Her would be: "could I kiss Your hand, princess Milenshka?". Yesssss, because this is the nickname I gave Her some years ago (Milenshka means sweet little Milena). I'm proud to be Her loyal meowing fan number one and as in my first comment on Her overview page on MetArt (with 38 thumbs up!), I'm sure: "My sweet dream... One Angel to marry immediately...". Thanks Milena D for bringing this explosion of joy in our hearts... Kiss kiss, Your meowing fan numer one, Roger...(^o^)♥ ♥ ♥


Roger 6 months agoLifetime member

Twitter account @MilenaAngel😍😍😍

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    Ooh La La 9 minutes ago

    A stunning face just made for multiple portrait shots, Viola remains one of my all time favorites. Her skin looks so creamy and flawless in this set. I like that she has toned down her "orangeness" in the last couple of appearances.

    Viola is a head-to-toe beauty of the highest order.

    on Nature Hike

    Pantiesarefun 10 minutes ago

    Panties on her head!!!!! More shots like this. Love it.

    on Stoel

    cbsac11 54 minutes ago

    I have an appreciation for the back side, and this set certainly gave me a fix. Pretty face as well and generally a lovely looking woman.

    on My Darling

    fireball-xl5 1 hour agoLifetime member

    Dear Serena,

    Your extremely short dress, caused an, "Excreamely", big mess!

    Thank you pretty lady for making me cum.

    Love and Hot Kisses, Paul, XXXXXXXXXX!

    on Ditiso

    EdPowersII 1 hour ago

    Just simply beautiful and awesome. Thank you Jia and hope we see more. Love her on Sex Art and Met ArtX too. Seductive and beautiful is all I can say. Much appreciated.

    on I Am Candy

    phairfie01 1 hour ago

    That naughty smile that curls up at the corners with those eyes sparkling as she thinks, " I have something that YOU want ."

    on My Darling

    Five O 1 hour ago

    This is a show stopping set by Anie (heart stopping as well). She has definitely presented everything and more that one would expect to find in a set. The poses are phenomenal and the looks are special. With everything that was poured into this set what, will she do for an encore. I can't wait to find out.

    on My Darling

    loosebruce2 2 hours ago

    Tremendous erotic artwork! I'm always looking forward to Anie Darling! This one took me by surprise. Sensational!

    on My Darling

    Duli 2 hours ago

    Omg finally a set worthy of jerking. Love that pussy and asshole

    on My Darling

    Nick102 3 hours ago

    79 and 116 straight in the favourites list - open pussy back and front. Most excellent.

    on My Darling