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New MetArt model of the month: May 2018

May 2018 was a fabulous month here at MetArt, introducing eleven stunning new nude models, each one eager to experience the excitement of getting naked for such a discerning and enthusiastic crowd. It’s not easy to choose favorites from such a superb selection of delicious debutantes, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Angelina Socho photographed by Luca Helios. Presented May 3

An irresistible new star with an incredible body, 20-year-old Ukrainian babe Angelina Socho revealed that her ambition is to be an erotic model – and with such perfect attributes, we think it’s a no-brainer. Tall and slender with big natural breasts, the sporty brunette keeps her hot ass shape with dancing, swimming and horse riding. The jiggle factor must be sensational…

Ely photographed by Koenart. Presented May 24

As smart as she is sexy, Latvian lovely Ely is interested in politics, literature and history – but we’re more interested in studying her luscious body. The blue-eyed 24-year-old with long jet-black hair and perfect-handful breasts has a seductive air that suggests she knows exactly what effect her naked beauty has on her admirers. With a dazzling smile, perky nipples and a pretty, plump pussy, Ely made a memorable first impression that will hopefully lead to many more appearances.

Adenorah photographed by Matiss. Presented May 26

Curvaceous cutie Adenorah wowed us with her voluptuous body and sweet face. Her sexy lingerie did an admirable job of showing off her long legs and fabulous ass too. In her bio the 21-year-old blue-eyed blonde from Ukraine revealed that her hobby is cooking, and said, “I love my magnificent figure and I feel sexy.” Perfect girlfriend material, surely?

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of May 2018?


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Checkers 2 months ago

A really good month for debut sets, with a lot of women I'm looking forward to seeing more of. My personal list is very close to yours this month.

My number three is Mariana Tipa, I lover her long brown hair, adorable petite proportions, and gigantic deep blue eyes. Plus she looks damn sexy with all that finger biting going on.

Number two is Adenorah, another Matiss beauty. Curves curves, and lots of luscious soft curvy curves. I'd imagine she's a great one to cuddle, a joy to caress her warm smooth soft skin.

And my number one with a BULLET is Angelina Socho. My goodness. Beautiful, dynamic, and awesomely enthusiastic about being nude with a camera pointed at her. Can't wait to see more, and I hope it's soon.

Set of the month: Slava in "Ryeha." An all time favorite with her best set so far, IMO. Lots of daring poses, intimate close-ups, and fantastic views of her world class ass.

A close second is Daniel Sea in "Lieza." No one here looks better in pajamas, and no body here looks better being released from them.

Movie of the month: Gloria Sol in "Awakening." Alex Lynn's wakeup videos are always a treat, and Gloria's might be the best of the bunch so far. So many arousing moments in that video.

May was a great month. Can't wait to see what June has to offer.

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    Checkers 6 minutes ago

    I was pretty sure after her last appearance, but this set confirms it - I definitely prefer Agatha with this hair color. Not just because it matches her eyebrows, but because it gives her a blonde bombshell look that, today combined with that black lingerie, gives off a femme fatale vibe. It increases her sexiness by 23.9%.

    on Siebu

    Checkers 17 minutes ago

    Oh man, I really love the cover shot to this set (aka #63). The way the slope of her back descends into the curve of her hips, the shape of her ass, and those gorgeous doe eyes catching me in the act of admiring the view... OOOF.

    on Niada

    DeeDee 18 minutes agoLifetime member

    Lithe, athletic Andrea is photographed very nicely in this set, better for my eyes than the last two sets although I guess people will complain about the outdoor setting. For me, it's natural and beautiful, and I especially like the face shots and her freckles.

    on Mofene

    Checkers 27 minutes ago

    The sight of Andrea's coy smile and lifted summer dress is a wonderful way to start my day. Hooray! :)

    on Mofene

    Stevenson 39 minutes ago

    Those beautiful tits needed more attention from the photograper. Shame.

    on Vecabi

    Stevenson 41 minutes ago

    Any girl that doesn't shave her legs before a shoot should go you know what.

    on Amella

    bgmet2 1 hour ago

    She starts the set as a "Twin Peaks" on network TV girl...and ends it as a "Fire Walk With Me" girl. Love it.

    on Zosaly

    William 1 hour agoLifetime member

    Agree that Arkisi has lost his appeal this past year.
    The one thing I can point to is most sets now have only 80 frames.
    This severely limits the posing style and the presentation from beginning teases to fully nude spread with clear unobstructed views if the model chooses to do so.
    Everyone has different tastes and opinions of what is quality.
    Short sets limit the variety to choose from.

    on Vecabi

    loveu69 1 hour ago

    I will! 8)

    on Niada

    loveu69 1 hour ago

    Totally agree, there is plenty to share at her table. 8)

    on Niada