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New MetArt model of the month: June 2018

Summer is the season for babe watching, and in June 2018 we had the pleasure of introducing twelve gorgeous new models, all eager to share their natural beauty and charm for the first time. From leggy brunette Megan Muse to perky blonde Kate Fresh, all tastes were catered for in a delicious selection of stunning newbies. Special mention must go to Hispanic honey Calypso, photographed by Luca Helios; this luscious Colombian babe debuted yesterday, too late to make my cut, but at the time of writing she's rated 9.2, a very impressive achievement for a first timer, which suggests I'm not the only one who is utterly smitten by her sultry good looks! I can't wait to see more of her. 

Anyway, it’s not easy to choose favorites, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Lexie Fox photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented June 5.

All-American beach babe Lexie Fox is a poster girl for the benefits of the healthy outdoor lifestyle. The 19-year-old green-eyed cutie is a vegetarian who loves hiking, and her perfect body is inspiration enough to follow her lead… any walk would be made better by the sight of that pert posterior in tight shorts, or better yet, naked!

Marion photographed by Koenart. Presented June 11.

Pretty in pink and even prettier naked, 18-year-old Marion grabs the attention with her beautiful big natural breasts. The voluptuous blue-eyed Latvian brunette reveals in her bio that she likes video games and fantasy TV shows; and that curvy yet toned, flexible and bountiful figure is surely the stuff of all our fantasies…

Staffie photographed by Matiss. Presented June 20.

Cute Russian babe Staffie looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but the adorable 20-year-old confides in her bio that she is a rebel who “lives for pleasure.” Her slender, athletic body no doubt honed by the singing and dancing she loves, this brown-eyed babe has sexy small breasts and lovely long legs, but it’s that deceptively angelic face with the sweet smile that hints at more naughtiness to come…

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of June 2018?

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Checkers 3 weeks ago

Some excellent newcomers in June, quite a few ladies who I'm really looking forward to seeing more of in the coming months. My personal favorites:

(3) Veronika Glam.Beautiful body, seductive face, and a flirtatious attitude. She looked fabulous in her pink bikini, broad brimmed hat, and less.

(2) Megan Muse. Another mind-numbing beauty brought to us by Rylsky this month, she's got a crush-worthy face and a shy smile that belies her bold posing style. She's really one to watch.

(1) with a BULLET is Calypso, though. A lovely Latina who brought fabulous flirtatious, fun-loving energy to her first set with us. I really hope she's a long-timer here. Absolutely gorgeous, one to get excited about.

Set of the month is "Dedir" by Slava. Yet another mind-blowing appearance by my current favorite model. Love her midnight blue lingerie, can-can skirt, and awe-inspiring ass. Daniel Sea's "Apanya," Kaleesy's "Havico," and Faina Bona's teo appearnces this month are also worthy of consideration.

Film of the month: Caprice in "Shooting." A shower, a towel, some baby oil, and Caprice. You can hardly ask for anything more in a video. Outstanding.

Looking forward to seeing what's coming up in July!

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    Checkers 6 minutes ago

    I was pretty sure after her last appearance, but this set confirms it - I definitely prefer Agatha with this hair color. Not just because it matches her eyebrows, but because it gives her a blonde bombshell look that, today combined with that black lingerie, gives off a femme fatale vibe. It increases her sexiness by 23.9%.

    on Siebu

    Checkers 17 minutes ago

    Oh man, I really love the cover shot to this set (aka #63). The way the slope of her back descends into the curve of her hips, the shape of her ass, and those gorgeous doe eyes catching me in the act of admiring the view... OOOF.

    on Niada

    DeeDee 18 minutes agoLifetime member

    Lithe, athletic Andrea is photographed very nicely in this set, better for my eyes than the last two sets although I guess people will complain about the outdoor setting. For me, it's natural and beautiful, and I especially like the face shots and her freckles.

    on Mofene

    Checkers 28 minutes ago

    The sight of Andrea's coy smile and lifted summer dress is a wonderful way to start my day. Hooray! :)

    on Mofene

    Stevenson 39 minutes ago

    Those beautiful tits needed more attention from the photograper. Shame.

    on Vecabi

    Stevenson 41 minutes ago

    Any girl that doesn't shave her legs before a shoot should go you know what.

    on Amella

    bgmet2 1 hour ago

    She starts the set as a "Twin Peaks" on network TV girl...and ends it as a "Fire Walk With Me" girl. Love it.

    on Zosaly

    William 1 hour agoLifetime member

    Agree that Arkisi has lost his appeal this past year.
    The one thing I can point to is most sets now have only 80 frames.
    This severely limits the posing style and the presentation from beginning teases to fully nude spread with clear unobstructed views if the model chooses to do so.
    Everyone has different tastes and opinions of what is quality.
    Short sets limit the variety to choose from.

    on Vecabi

    loveu69 1 hour ago

    I will! 8)

    on Niada

    loveu69 1 hour ago

    Totally agree, there is plenty to share at her table. 8)

    on Niada