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The MetArt 50+ Club: Liza B

Stunning green-eyed blonde Liza B is one of the classic stars of our archive, and a much-admired member of our MetArt 50+ Club, girls who’ve been featured at least fifty times during their modeling career. The leggy beauty is the archetypal erotic star, with a sensational body and sizzling sex appeal.

LIZA B: seductive blonde (95 appearances)

Ukrainian babe Liza made her MetArt debut at the age of 19, on February 8, 2005, in a “Presenting” photoset by Voronin. She appeared 95 times, in five movies and 90 photosets, and worked with only two artists: 51 times with Voronin and 44 with Leonardo. Her final appearance was on November 25, 2014, in “Oyet” by Leonardo. Her highest rated appearance is Voronin’s movie “Lizamania,” rated an impressive 9.4.

A whopping 33 photosets and one movie are girl-girl appearances (with other top models of the time such as Anna AJ and Jenya D); and one is a three-girl special, “Trittico,” with Jenya and Sharon E.

At the time of writing, Liza is rated 8.67, based on 8,476 ratings, with 313,592 views and 5,270 members following her. Evidently she has slipped down the ratings having been inactive for several years, and these numbers don’t really convey the impact made by this athletic goddess. Epithets from members include ‘perfect 10’, ‘all time favorite’, ‘best of the best’, ‘dream girl’, ‘flawless beauty’ and many more such superlatives.

So, what made Liza a top model? Well, that incredible body, for starters. Tall and sporty, with long legs and sculpted abs, firm breasts and a perfect ass, the statuesque starlet was bound to turn heads. Members also enjoyed her sexy butterfly-lipped pussy, sometimes shaved, sometimes with a neatly trimmed bush. And of course there’s that gorgeous face, with the sassy smile that suggests Liza knows exactly what you’re thinking when you look at her…

In her bio, Liza said: “I like to go to big parties and to dance, I love the sea and to travel. My dream is to open a hotel in Bora Bora, in French Polynesia.” We like to picture her living out that dream, preferably naked!


Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

Members Comments (9)


fireball-xl5 4 months agoLifetime member

I am a big Liza B fan and always will be, it was indeed a sad day when Liza B produced her last gallery for MetArt. She was magnificent on her own as well as when she done girl on girl galleries with some of my other favourite MetArt girls. Her bottomless galleries were amazing even more so when she had on a pair of open toed stilettos that fully showed off her cute little tootsies, she is the type of woman that I would fall at her feet and kiss and lick them all over and suck her cute sexy little toes if she commanded me to. Although Liza no longer appears on MetArt I still regularly masturbate to her wonderful galleries and just reminiscing about her now has my penis throbbing, so I think it's inevitable that I'll be revisiting her galleries ASAP to once again knock a swift one out.

So thank you Liza for being a part of MetArt history and giving me so much pleasure over the years, I really appreciate your work and I am always in awe of your beauty.

Love, Hugs and Hot Kisses, Paul, XXXXXXXXXX!


kilroy 4 months ago

Liza B is finally recognized! No mention of her VCH, one of the few Met gals with such a piercing. One of the unique features of this tall, long-legged beauty.

Steven13 and the article point out the effect of "Score Inflation" which puts older models at a disadvantage scoring-wise when put against newer models. The yearly average score has slowly risen over the years, so Liza'a rating is not indicative of her popularity over her nearly ten year span.


Lansen 4 months ago

Liza B... now this is Beauty. She was maybe the most important reason why I signed up for MetArt oh so long ago, because I thought her to be and I still think of her as one of the most stunningly beautiful women I've ever seen. And in the word woman I think there's a clue to why her rating never really did make her justice: in her posing she was most often a strong, confident woman, and very seldom the weak little girl that others seem to prefer. Not a princess, but a Valkyrie!
I miss her and her friends here... and I wish her all the happiness in the world.


fireball-xl5 4 months agoLifetime member

I agree with Nightingale, Lansen, that is a really nice comment, I found it very interesting that you mentioned that Liza B was the most important reason you signed up for MetArt, I wonder how many other of us members had a particular model who so blew us away with her beauty that we just had to see more and signed up to MetArt.


Nightingale 4 months ago

That really is lovely.


steven13 4 months ago

It depends of course by personal taste, but for me she is by far the least impressive model of all with at least 80 appearances for now. The ratings tell not much of course, not being founded on an equal base, the retired models of these having mostly relatively low ratings about 8.7 with only exception of Anna AJ with 9.0. - Even Liza B is a pretty model anyway.


fireball-xl5 4 months agoLifetime member

Myself, my wrist and my penis totally disagree, she really impressed me.

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    Bernadette 1 minute ago

    Wonderful set by Dave Lee, especially the standing shots, including the dorsal shots showing SW’s neck, and ears.

    It's so, so refreshing to see un-tampered-with natural, aka "real" lighting (#110, for one example), instead of that too-common over-processing, particularly "cooling off", the colour temperature.

    on Confident

    vahman4 11 minutes ago

    the whole set is just meh.

    on Sexy Daybed

    Chris13 17 minutes ago

    Same problem as with Gianna Dior here...

    on Sexy Daybed

    annabelle 51 minutes ago

    Such a beauty! Love her long legs.

    on Heels On

    Fan1 56 minutes ago

    Outstanding set of lovely Belka!! Great poses by Erro! Bravo! 10+

    on Heels On

    Armein 57 minutes ago

    She has Shakira's hair, a "je-ne-sais-quoi" of Lily C, the cutest face, a lot of charm, a body that reaches perfection and an adorable old-fashioned French name. After just one appearance on MetArt, I am already crazy about Alice Antoinette!

    on Presenting Alice Antoinette

    a.k.a. 1 hour ago

    Presenting herself a bit too self-consciously...

    on Presenting Alice Antoinette

    10 Quest 1 hour ago

    Much fresher than Lily though, much fresher...……..

    on Presenting Alice Antoinette

    Rose 1 hour agoCommunity Staff

    We've enjoyed your company Tristan, hope you'll be back soon!

    on Presenting Alice Antoinette

    Copernicus- 1 hour ago

    Gorgeous woman!

    What a shame your pubes are lowering your score on here. Your pussy is beautiful.

    on Sexy Daybed