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MetArt wins Nude Photography Site of the Year!

We’re thrilled to announce that MetArt has won Nude Photography Site of the Year at the 2019 XBIZ Awards. This prestigious accolade from the premier home of adult industry news is a great honor, and the recognition of our efforts means a lot to us.

We’re proud of our reputation as the world’s leading showcase for high-class erotic nudes and you can be sure we’ll do everything in our power to live up to the title in 2019, bringing you all the top models and fresh new beauties of your dreams. Thanks for joining us on this wild ride!


Members Comments (8)


Borbonicon 2 months ago

According to my long term investigations into the MetArt network and affiliate sites,which include subs to Viv Thomas,Holly Randall,The Life Erotic, MetArt X,Eternal Desire,Goddess Nudes,Errotica Archives,and any other girls only site to be found,the mastermind (assuming there is just one) guiding this operation has the greatest success in erotica since day one.
In terms of quality and quantity and variety in the genre,there is no match to be found anywhere.
There are plenty of sites to view,and over the course of 10 years or more,there has been enough time to look around,a month here and a month there,but MA has a compelling attraction that is truly magnetic,and I have signed up again and again,and to take a look around in this miniature infinity of millions of photographs and thousands of videos and galleries has provided the greatest entertainment ever to my interests in visual experience.
There are are a considerable number of presentations that are so appealing and have been viewed so often that they are literally imprinted upon my psyche.
MetArt is a wonderland for sure,rarely indeed does a day go by where there are no views,and only then when other things take precedence in terms of the usual life's stuff.
The ultimate in interesting and entertaining.Absolutely WonderWow.


Borbonicon 2 months ago

To add a further positive report,the ease of use in the site is very good,and upon the very occasional problems that might arise in sign up or whatever,the Customer Support staff are extremely efficient,and everything gets sorted in no time.First class.


marty 2 months ago

Wow Xbiz know a quality site when the see one! Im a new member and am blown away by your work & of course your beautiful models.Keep up with the best new fresh talent & Asses and I see me being a longtime member,thanks guys!!


Nick 23 2 months ago



spiritof42 2 months agoLifetime member

Well deserved. I've tried many others over the years. I keep coming back to the Metart Network. Usually it's not the models. These faults come to mind: Poorly organized. Too much clothing. Too few photographs. Obnoxious watermarks. Outdated photographs not cleaned out. All galleries numbered the same. Pushy marketing. Download buttons at the bottom of the screen.

When I signed for lifetime subscriptions, I knew I'd keep coming back for years to come.


Nightingale 2 months ago

Heartiest congratulations on your award to all at Met Art,but i really think it is the Members who are the true winners.
PS I think now you can give Rose 🌹 that overdue pay rise.


Rose 2 months agoCommunity Staff

That's sweet Nightingale, I'll make sure Jon reads it! But really full credit goes to K for this, she does an amazing job of selecting models, I don't know how she manages to keep the standard so high all the time but I'm very glad she does – I'm super proud to be involved with such a gorgeous site.


Checkers 2 months ago

Congratulations! Well deserved. I raise a toast to you all, Jon, K, Rose, the photographers, the models, and the members who make this such a special place.

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