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New MetArt model of the month: February 2019

February 2019 has been a short month but a merry one here at MetArt, bringing us hurtling towards Spring with ten gorgeous new models – including sexy brunette Kirylam, who made her erotic debut in a movie. It’s always a challenge to pick favorites from such an abundance of natural beauties, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Haddie photographed by Koenart. Presented February 4.

Enchanting 22-year-old brunette Haddie had a serene air, posing perfectly naked in the bathtub, showing off her incredible body – especially that peachy ass – from all angles. Appropriately for a professional florist, the Italian hottie’s bath water was sprinkled with rose petals; but no bloom could compare with the natural sweetness of her dark eyes and lovely smile.

Isabella Star photographed by Fabrice. Presented February 24.

Vivacious cutie Isabella melted hearts with her big brown eyes and adorable smile. The 18-year-old Ukrainian babe showed off her athletic figure without a hint of shyness, bending over with her long, wavy blonde hair reaching all the way down to her sexy bubble butt. Talented as well as gorgeous, she sings and plays guitar – hopefully naked!

Sophie Sparks photographed by Deltagamma. Presented February 27.

Stunning blue-eyed blonde Sophie made an instant impression in her see-through pink lingerie, exuding a confident sensuality that was spellbinding. The 22-year-old American beauty made a lot of new friends by chatting with members in the comments section, responding to their compliments with great charm and playfulness. Definitely a star in the making!

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of February 2019?


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Latest Comments


    Driller 6 minutes ago

    Its a shame she cut her hair off.

    on Confident

    Gemini1 8 minutes ago

    I agree about the lighting. The dark shadows hid a lot more than they should have. Gianna has such a nice, firm, and pretty ass. I wish I could have seen more of her anus, and and her sweet pussy. I rate her a 10, but the photography, not so much.

    on Presenting Gianna Dior

    a.k.a. 10 minutes ago

    Don't express it with "charisma" please; it's an often-misused, misunderstood word. But it is a lively set. Typical Rylsky.

    on Flashy

    a.k.a. 15 minutes ago

    Photoshop, yes. Can be easily used to increase image clarity. "Airbrushing" does the exact opposite.

    on Flashy

    jefffrane 19 minutes ago

    Serena is a classic beauty and I think Dave Lee handles her perfectly in a classic set. I would have preferred more contrast between Serena's alabaster skin and the marble(?) background but she is so naturally beautiful and posed so perfectly that I'll keep quiet about that.

    on Confident

    a.k.a. 20 minutes ago

    I'd like to see her do this "unshaven." Wet body hair is verrry interesting ☝️♒️

    on Flashy

    Starfire 49 minutes ago

    Fabulous set with the ever popular Monika Dee.
    An awesome young lady in erotic modeling.
    xoxo Monika Regulus.

    on Flashy

    ANominalWill 57 minutes ago

    On the contrary, there are indeed human chimeras. It's a pretty rare phenomena, but there are well established cases of human chimeras from birth as well as from bone marrow transplants.

    on Maible

    Chris13 1 hour ago

    No video of Monika on Rylsky Art. Thanks for getting my hopes up.

    on Flashy

    a.k.a. 1 hour ago

    Btw, look up "pubes" at You may be surprised by how it's defined.
    I suppose you mean the plural of "pube", however.
    Not favorite words of mine. Remind me of a creature whose name is banned on MetArt ♋️
    Anyway, if only more MODELS would get that memo! ☝️🙂
    And more hair-hating subscribers would open their minds...

    on My Inspiration