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Faux fur/genuine heat...

Olya Q: Limik, by Leonardo, stylish erotic photo art, hot blondeThis set has a real old time "pin-up" flavor, to my eyes, at any rate. And that seems slightly odd because Olya Q. has such a modern look. But such is the magic of carefully conceived, artfully executed erotic photography. A tip of the MetArt blogger's hat - it's more of a cap, actually - to learned lensman Leonardo. Well done, sir!

And how about Olya, herself? In a perfect world, this petite treat could put every doctor in the breast "enhancement" business out of work. Even those of us who prefer a model with more generous endowments cannot deny that Olya packs a stunning erotic punch. In her case less is most certainly more, and then some!

Shot #0034 is a perfect illustration of what I mean by the "pin-up" quality I first mentioned. #0055 is a good example of Olya doing more with less. And perhaps the ultimate testament to this model's erotic impact can be found in #0082. In this image we don't even get a glimpse of her "naughty bits," and yet Olya's sex appeal is overt and abundant. Oh, yes!

Parting thought: What do you suppose a "Limik" is? I have no idea, whatsoever. Can a member clue me in?


Go with the glow...

Sharon D: Possible, by Antonio Clemens, feet, footwear, artistic erotica

This beauty, Sharon D., really radiates a bright, sunny energy. And when she smiles and looks right into the camera it's as if she's shining a lovely light directly at the viewer. Photographer Antonio Clemens seems to understand Sharon's gift and captures it in a variety of interesting ways. He takes particular care with the lighting in many shots and the subtle sheen on Sharon's skin adds dimension and real impact.

While effort has certainly been made to convey Sharon's personality, there are additional visual components of this series, some subtle, some relatively obvious. Those readers with an interest in foxy female feet and high fashion footwear, for example, will have their appetites whetted and, I dare say, satisfied by many of the shoe-centric shots in this set.

Sharon can appear mild and she can seem wild. She can pose like a pro and then appear completely spontaneous. In this set, and in life, one hopes, with Sharon, everything is "Possible!"


On the waterfront...

Ennie A & Veronique A: Ibiza, by Halik, outdoor nudity, 2-girl eroticaTake the Spanish sunshine, some cool blue Mediterranean sea, add two bikini-clad beauties - a blonde and a brunette will make for a nice contrast - apply glistening oil to skin as needed, and photograph until nude. This is the recipe Halik has employed to cook up "Ibiza," starring Ennie A. and Veronique A., and it is a mouthwatering confection, without doubt.

Both models have had much MetArt experience and it's clear they're enjoying their day by the bay. Boaters in the background of these shots must have enjoyed a little unexpected spectating, as well.

If the beach they're on had been of soft sand (instead of jagged rocks) perhaps this tempting twosome could have taken the opportunity to share an even greater level of intimacy.

What would you suggest for Ennie and Veronique's next session together?


In the heat of the...

Night A: Presenting, by Rylsky, wet, explicit, hot sexual art photographyMy challenge, the challenge I face every time I sit down to write another post for the MetArt blog, is to find something noteworthy about the set at hand, to provide insight to the reading membership, and to suggest approaches to MetArt that enrich the experience. I'm always looking for a "hook" to pull the reader in.

Before I'd even glanced at this set I thought I had a hook. The cover image was dark, the model's name was Night, it seemed an angle worth exploring. Light and shadow, the romance and mystery of darkness, waking life versus the dream state - and then I looked at the set.

Wow. Pure sex. Hot, radiant, moist - make that wet - sex. All my narrative devices and cold, analytic detachment was blow away by the raw power of Night's unabashed sexuality. There are quiet moments here, there is sweetness. But it's the sex that makes this "Night" so unforgettable.

I know what my favorite shots in this collection are - what are yours? And why?


Easy, effortless, excellence...

Mila I: Stirred, by Goncharov, top model, blonde, satisfying erotica

Going into this set I was well aware that the subject, Mila, is the reigning #1 Top Model at MetArt. Consequently, I devoted more time to studying the cover of this series than I typically do. There was something about Mila's face, and the way she held herself that drew me in - this model has star quality, and it's very nearly magnetic and magical.

The conclusions I reached while examining the cover shot were confirmed when I'd had a chance to enjoy the complete set. Mila has a self-assured, self-confident persona, but she never pushes too hard, there's an ease, a relaxed air about her that is every bit as alluring as her slim physique and fabulous facial features.

With 25 sets to her credit, Mila is a seasoned and experienced model. This is quite evident in the ease with which she adjusts her body to each pose and shifts her expression with such seemingly effortless grace. I use the word "seemingly" because modeling is far from easy. But Mila makes it appear so. I have never had the pleasure of meeting her, I regret to admit. Nor have I ever met photographer Goncharov. But in looking at the photos in "Stirred" I get the distinct impression that model and photographer, alike, took great pleasure in creating it. I can tell you, without reservation, that I took great pleasure in viewing it, as well!


Thrills in the chill...

Aspen A: Collection, by John Emslie, outdoor nudity, public erotica

A sun-swept beach, or a cozy bed can give a model a bit of a boost when it comes time to generate erotic heat. But when the skies are cloudy and there's more than a hint of winter in the wind, the job of projecting steamy, sultry sexuality becomes that much more challenging. But a little chilly weather isn't enough to stop Aspen from exposing her tempting assets to John Emslie's heat-seeking lens.

Aspen braves the cool afternoon wearing only a coat, a pair of clingy white leggings, a scarf and shoes. Perhaps the nondescript location is on campus at her university? Oblivious to the risk of exposing herself to unsuspecting fellow students, and without a care about the weather, the American beauty reveals her body and her personality with skill, honesty and warmth.

If "Collection" was an exam, we'd have to give college student Aspen an A+!


The warmth of the sun...

Volna A: Bronze, by Alan Anar, outdoor nudes, young sex in the sun

Although you cannot see it - and in fact it may be miles away from the featured location - the feeling of the seaside permeates this straightforward offering from Alan Anar. With her flowing golden hair, and sun-burnished body, Volna A., radiates a healthy, "beach girl" feeling whether she's striking a pose here, relaxing on the warm summer sands, or dressed up for a night out with friends.

Here, nude and outdoors, bathed in the golden rays of a warm afternoon, Volna's nubile natural beauty can be most fully appreciated. Her skin tone, that glowing bronze, is beautifully captured by the lens, as are the sporty contours of Volna's trim, toned body. Study any of these photos for a moment, then close your eyes and imagine splashing in the surf with Volna at your side. Or picture yourself rubbing sweet-scented oil on this young beauty's body.

Imagine Volna in the scenario of your choosing, whatever and wherever it may be, and you'll soon be feeling the unique heat this magnificent MetArt model has in such abundance!


She's ready for her close-up...

Kate Anne Domini: Presenting, by Rylsky, first nudes, glamour erotica

I've said it before, and I'll no doubt say it again, but reviewing a new model's first appearance at MetArt is one of the highlights of my job. Take a look at Kate Anne Domini's debut and see if you understand what I'm saying. A new model. A 19-year-old, no less. A newcomer, yet skilled beyond her years in the art of modeling. And captured in a clean and tasteful setting by prolific, long-time contributor Rylsky. This is a very promising debut, indeed!

The set includes a broad variety of poses and the new model adapts to and accommodates the photographer's creative and experimental whims. I particularly enjoyed a sequence of shots (spanning #0040 through #0050, or so) that consists of close and very-close facial close-ups. With her flawless complexion and golden tresses, Kate Anne exudes pure glamour here. And #0093, a shot up the model's neck, her face in profile from below, might strike some as a throw-away, but I find it oddly evocative.

What shots in this debutante's collection do you favor?


The thrill of the new...

Ilona B: Presenting, by Goncharov, first nudes, subtle eroticism

If you've only been a member of MetArt for just a few days, perhaps even hours, you have probably already chosen a few favorite models. Over time those favorites may change, but you're always awaiting their next set, and you always feel an extra thrill when something new featuring one of your favorites is added to the site. The familiar face and body of a favorite model is a pleasure to be savored, repeatedly. But there is also much to be said for the pleasures of a new discovery. And so it is with the latest gem unearthed by Goncharov, the beguiling Ilona B.

Shot in natural light, on a somewhat overcast day, the mood of these photos is matched by Ilona's often understated and subtle expressiveness. This isn't a girl who dazzles or overpowers you with her beauty. She seduces you, quietly. A smile is often on her full lips, but she rarely reveals her teeth. Her sexual allure is strong, but it's more akin to a whisper than it is to a scream. There is joy in her eyes, but there is also mystery. The more I looked at Ilona, the more I wanted to see. And then, to my surprise, the series ended. With 89 photographs in total, the set is a bit short. But isn't fitting? Ilona's debut leaves the viewer craving more. We can only hope to get just that...soon!


Smiley smile...

Fergie A: Lächeln, by Dolce, blue eyes, fishnets, tasteful eroticaFrom the moment I first saw the cover of this set, and throughout the viewing, I kept thinking: What a great smile Fergie has! Oh, everything else she has is great, as well, but her smile is really exceptional. It was only when I sat down to write this blog entry that I bothered to decode the set's title and realized I was a little bit late to this particular party. Lächeln, my non-German speaking friends should know, means smile. As I said, Fergie's got a great one, no matter what language you say it in!

I found some of the shots with the hanging beads just a tiny bit distracting, but photographer Dolce's set decoration is otherwise quite pleasing. The matching black on white print of the upholstery and wallpaper is visually interesting and brings Fergie’s warm skin tones and extra-blue eyes to the fore.

That bright smile remains even as the model works her way through a wide variety of poses and expressions, and in one of my favorite shots, #0056, she's hardly smiling at all. In portraits, body shots, or close-ups of her most precious parts, Fergie A. is bound to put a big smile on the viewer's face!


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    NEWVERYKINKYME 56 minutes ago

    Dear Mr. Varin

    Many thanks for your excellent photos with our precious Veselin.
    Wonderful and bright set.
    You are simply great, great, great as always.
    I am very much obliged to you, Mr. Varin.


    on Direac

    NEWVERYKINKYME 1 hour ago

    Dear Veselin

    I love you.
    Welcome back my love.
    I am so pleasantly surprised to see you again.
    I hope you can read my words dedicated to you.
    I hate being late, but I went away for a month on holiday and over there I haven't got any Internet connection.
    I think of you every day.
    Continually and desperately I asked to myself:
    Where is my Veselin, where is my Veselin, where is my Veselin?
    I often feel alone, but when you appear in my mind I am very well.
    Please do not forget about me, never.
    I am always on your side.
    Remember you are the greatest love in my life.
    When I see your explicit and exciting photos I start to burn for passion.
    Now I can throw my sperm more far away!...e non ho mai sborrato così bene in vita mia, te l'assicuro.
    Thank you honey.
    Wow! Spreading legs and inviting assholes are deliciously trivial...and your face is clearly visible
    so everyone can recognise you and this is very erotic and important...I admire your brave...really.
    I adore the women like you, sexually transgressive and exhibitionist.
    In the next future I would like to watch sexy poses...harder...feet behind head...your smiling face between your wide apart legs in standing position...for example...if you want...I hope...we will see.
    I love, I love you, I love you.
    Sono tanto innamorato di te.
    Stai bene amore mio.


    on Direac

    Junkdog 2 hours ago

    Always just want to fuck this amazing babe!!

    on Ramoco

    Junkdog 2 hours ago

    Perfect pussy I would eat her pussy every day that I could!!!!

    on Lemoa

    Junkdog 2 hours ago

    Perfect babe!!!

    on Mecadia

    10 Quest 3 hours ago

    Ahhhhh- Djessy with long, wavy hair. So very, pery pretty................................

    on Tetua

    Nunyas 3 hours ago

    As a paying customer I would prefer to see these beautiful women bodies not all the clothes and props that seem to cover them up. I was very disappointed with this set.

    on Minora

    10 Quest 3 hours ago

    With her hair pulled back in the portrait at the end of the set- Vanesa looks so very, very pretty.....

    on Presenting Vanesa

    Hugo1 3 hours ago

    Hi Berenice.
    Greetings from Ireland.
    It's great to see more lovely photos of you (including the many views of your beautiful bottom - but, of course, every part of you is beautiful!).
    I'm not Slavic and I'm not able to compliment you in Ukrainian or Russian (though I know the Cyrillic alphabet), but it's not necessary to be Slavic to be able to admire and enjoy your beauty and charm.
    I should add that you're definitely a very fit young woman! :-)

    on Siodee

    10 Quest 3 hours ago

    Her smile gets me every, single time..........................Beautiful!

    on Siodee

    Rose 3 hours ago

    We are working on fixing it, thanks guys!

    on Presenting Yulianna

    Rose 3 hours ago

    As you have guessed, there is a gremlin in the works which has broken the ratings system, so please disregard it while we work on fixing it, thanks!

    on Arame

    rumu 3 hours ago

    Djessy, you have some beautiful elegant lines. Sweet Sweet. Monday total eclipse and Djessy.

    on Tetua

    justsayyo 4 hours ago

    Very cute Dakota...great long hair and puffy nips...please..please shave so we can see the rest as beautiful as you are!!!

    on Presenting Dakota

    Tristan Heart 6 hours ago

    You should see it over on SexArt, logged in today and all most all the updates on the front page were below 5 and on closer inspection it showed that I had rated some of them with 4 stars, which is something I never do lolz :-P

    on Arame

    Tristan Heart 6 hours ago

    This girl is amazing, absolutely gorgeous, quite a find here by Luca 0.0

    Even in thumbnail view she caught my eye and in up close that face blew me away, that warm smile and those sparkling eyes, man what a sight :-)

    A big welcome to beautiful Vanesa and an easy instant no hassle 10 +fav from me ;-)

    on Presenting Vanesa

    88chicken 6 hours ago

    Great set! Stefany and Lorena on the same day. It's a bush lover's delight!

    on Ernina

    Biker13 6 hours ago

    A beautiful girl. But a really boring video. Too bad.

    on Housework

    Tristan Heart 7 hours ago

    Either you guys were being really generous with the vaseline, or "someone" was really enjoying being all sexy for the camera ;-)

    Whatever the case this was yet another amazing update by the talented Rylsky featuring the gorgeous Berenice, I don't think I will ever get tired of this beautiful girl :-)

    on Siodee

    lastoftheV8s 7 hours ago

    Is something wrong with the rating system? I notice that after one day sets are going from the typical score of 7 to 9 down to 4 or 5.

    on Arame