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New nubile on the block...

Olga W: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, first nudes, new model, new photographerOne of the key factors in the success and longevity of MetArt is our focus on a three letter word: new. We're constantly adding new pictorials of our established models, new sets from our veteran photographers, new series featuring new models, and new photos from new photographers. That's a lot of new!

This set, "Presenting," starring Olga W., photographed by Alex Sironi, packs as much new as possible into a single set. How so? Well, Olga W. is making her first ever appearance here. And the same is true of Mr. Sironi. How successful is this double-debut? In a word...very! Girlish and naturally gorgeous Olga displays the skills of a gifted model right out of the starting gate. Youthful and petite, Olga is a more-than-welcome addition to the MetArt talent pool.

Her photographer, as well, boasts genuine ability. The set is spare but inviting, the lighting warm, natural, and unobtrusively effective. Sironi not only has the technique required to produce photography that meets MetArt standards, he also appears to have a native grasp of our aesthetic, without compromising his own unique stylistic vision. I welcome both of these talented new contributors with unqualified enthusiasm!


Bedtime glory...

Lada D: Favorita, by Tony Murano, explicit erotic artistry

You are feeling sleepy, your eyelids grow heavy. Then you open "Favorita," and suddenly you're wide awake, aware, alert, and filled with renewed vigor. Lada D. has that effect on men, and Tony Murano's series is as fine a showcase of this young lady's irresistible attributes as one could hope for.

Although it starts out particularly demure, sweet and discrete, the set evolves into a temptingly explicit presentation. And Lada is not at all shy or hesitant about presenting herself to the camera. For those sensitive souls in the viewing audience, Murano experiments with diffusion - it is, perhaps, a piece of sheer fabric draped in front of the lens - that softens and obscures the fleshy delicacies Lada reveals.

While Lada's admirers will relish this new addition to her portfolio, those of you who are unfamiliar with the model may find yourselves with a new "Favorita!"


She loves the work...

Avril A: Snaps, by Thierry Murrell, slender model, many erotic posesAvril's enthusiasm and enjoyment of this particular modeling job is readily apparent. Not just in the smile that she can't suppress in several of the shots, but also in the way that she gleefully glides through a plethora of poses (and subtle variations of each one).

The antique mirror and gold-trimmed emerald gown give the set an "olde tyme" flavor, and it's not hard to picture Avril posing for a masterpiece in some bygone era. In these "Snaps," however, she is clearly a product of the modern age - and we are lucky to have her with us.

I do have one minor complaint: if it were my choice to make, I'd prefer just a bit more polish in the presentation. I'm being deliberately vague - discretion is the better part of valor, after all. But, if I were to paint a door, I would paint the front side, and then I would paint the back side. I will say no more. If you have something you'd like to add, feel free to do so.


Liquid assets...

Sammy A: Gioia, by Luca Helios, wet erotica, technical artistryI am aware that lensman Luca Helios has employed this signature approach in previous MetArt contributions, but this is my first exposure to the style so I will offer my unvarnished impressions.

Let me first applaud a technical style and aesthetic approach that is completely out of the ordinary. For that, alone, this series earns respect. The sheer technical effort, the coordination of a team, to produce these complex and striking images, is truly impressive.

But technique is technique, and it is nothing without a suitable model. This, of course, is where Sammy A. enters the picture(s). She is up to the dynamic challenges of light, dark, wet, dry, and plenty of unpredictable motion. The set hits a "high water mark," if you'll excuse the pun, in #0096, where the arching architecture of Sammy's toned body is artfully reflected in the watery surface on which she reclines.

Wet or dry - what in this series caught your eye?


Blue skies and green eyes...

Sindi B: Presenting, by Dolce, first nudes, outdoor exhibition, eroticaHigh in the hills, overlooking the sea, a new MetArt model poses for you and me. The beauty of the setting took me away on a Mediterranean (my guess) mini-vacation, but Sindi, wrapped in a piece of azure fabric, brought me right back down to here and now. This girl has a certain sweetness, and there's just the barest hint of youthful awkwardness and uncertainty - she is a new model, and a young woman, after all. I have no doubt she will grow into her newfound career. But, for her debut, she need apologize for nothing!

As I worked my way through the series - is "work" really the proper term for such a pleasurable occupation? - I took note of Sindi's many fine attributes, long limbs, delightfully pert breasts, freckled shoulders. And then I had one of those moments when I can only stop and stare: photo #0077, a close head-shot, is magnificent.


Simply red...

Nomi A: Presenting, by Rylsky, natural beauty, outdoor erotic photosWomen are magical in their own right, but they have, from time to time, been known to use their own brand of trickery to attract men into their lives. Is that blonde really a blonde? Are her breasts really that big, or is her bra designed to deceive? How tall would she be without those sky-high stiletto heels?

With Nomi A. - and her entire MetArt debut - such deceptions are out of the question. This is a perfect illustration of "what you see is what you get." Her red hair came from nature, not a bottle. Her beautiful facial and physical features are also gifts from Mother Nature. And neither Nomi or photographer Rylsky have tampered with her natural appearance, no razor has removed a single curl.

The photographer has chosen to capture Nomi in her natural habitats, as well. By the sea, in a cafe, on the street. Casual, simple, and naturally beautiful.


That looks like fun...

Talia B: Tilikan, by John Emslie, natural beauty, fresh eroticaExcuse me if I indulge in a little bit of multiple entendre. Talia B. has a lively, cheery demeanor that suggests to me she'd be a lot of fun to spend time with. This type of fun could be grabbing a bite, going on a bike ride, or watching a movie, preferably a comedy. And it also looks to me like this photo session was a lot of fun. Work, yes, but work well done, and a fun and enjoyable process - for photographer and model, alike.

And, well, I don't want to put too fine a point on this, I've got to maintain the classy and detached objectivity that MetArt demands of me. But, of course, Talia B. looks like fun, particularly in the sense of - how shall I put this? - grown up fun. Consenting adults fun. You know, the passionate, intimate, physical, joyous, intense, explosive, mutually satisfying kind of fun.

Get my meaning? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.


May I make a suggestion?

Iveta B: Hektian, by Halik, glamour, top model, elegant erotica

I am by no means a photographer, much less a MetArt caliber artiste. And I assure you, I am not a model, either. Despite these handicaps, I feel the need to offer a bit of advice that, if it could be put to use after the fact, might elevate this set from good to great.

Iveta is beautiful. She has what can be fairly described as a spectacular body - see photo #0087 if you need convincing. Her costume, make-up and hairstyle are all exceptional.

Likewise, photographer Halik has full mastery of his craft, and his art as well. The set he has chosen is simple and effective. He coaches his model through a wide, if not expansive, variety of poses. But...

If I were to change one thing in this series, it would be the expression on Iveta's face. It changes in barely perceptible increments, and only rarely. It is as if she didn't want to ruin her artfully applied make-up. I only wish she would laugh, or frown, roll her eyes, or stick her tongue out! What if the photographer told her a joke, or asked her to make an angry face, if only as a lark? Some more emotion, please.

Do you agree with my suggestion? Disagree? Have a suggestion of your own? Let us know in the comments...


In a silent way...

Brionie W: Presenting, by Sebastian Michael, first nudes, subtle erotica

This series is photographer Sebastian Michael's second contribution to MetArt, and the first I've had the privilege of examining. It also marks the arrival of a new model, Belgium-born Brionie W. On top of all that, this set distinguishes itself by the naturalistic, understated, almost documentary quality of the photography, and by the pensive, thoughtful mood expressed throughout by the model.

The spoken instruction "smile!" has preceded untold millions of photographs, but Brionie is having none of it. In what might well be her bedroom, clad only in a bath towel, her face is impassive, her mood reflective, as if lost in thought. The look, her mood, is altogether involving. I'd go so far as to say it's fascinating. What is she thinking of? A lover? Some far away land? One is tempted to offer a penny for her thoughts, but I doubt she'd share her inner secrets for so small an amount.

The second half of the series finds Brionie outside. Here there is more "modeling," but still the quiet mood. And then - only in shots #0127 and #0130 - a smile. Definitely worth waiting for. As will be Brionie's next appearance here. I hope she doesn't make us wait too long.


Faux fur/genuine heat...

Olya Q: Limik, by Leonardo, stylish erotic photo art, hot blondeThis set has a real old time "pin-up" flavor, to my eyes, at any rate. And that seems slightly odd because Olya Q. has such a modern look. But such is the magic of carefully conceived, artfully executed erotic photography. A tip of the MetArt blogger's hat - it's more of a cap, actually - to learned lensman Leonardo. Well done, sir!

And how about Olya, herself? In a perfect world, this petite treat could put every doctor in the breast "enhancement" business out of work. Even those of us who prefer a model with more generous endowments cannot deny that Olya packs a stunning erotic punch. In her case less is most certainly more, and then some!

Shot #0034 is a perfect illustration of what I mean by the "pin-up" quality I first mentioned. #0055 is a good example of Olya doing more with less. And perhaps the ultimate testament to this model's erotic impact can be found in #0082. In this image we don't even get a glimpse of her "naughty bits," and yet Olya's sex appeal is overt and abundant. Oh, yes!

Parting thought: What do you suppose a "Limik" is? I have no idea, whatsoever. Can a member clue me in?