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Bathing cutie...

Caprice A: Fiorita, by Luca Helios, dripping wet eroticaWater is a favorite component of many sets crafted by frequent MetArt contributing photographer Luca Helios. In "Fiorita" the vast majority of the images feature eye-catching Caprice A. immersed, to one degree or another, in a bathtub filled with crystal clear liquid. The effects attained with this combination are vigorously erotic.

Slim, trim, toned and petite, Caprice is a dark-eyed nymphet who exhibits not a single shred of shyness. She is bold and uninhibited, to be sure, but there is an eager, energetic sexuality on display in these images that could never be misconstrued as lewd vulgarity even in her most explicit and revealing postures.

The set leaves much room for fantasy and speculation. Is Caprice relaxing and refreshing herself after an energetic tryst? Or is she bathing in anticipation of a meeting with a lover? In either imagined scenario, and in these wonderfully wet images, she truly is a bathing cutie!


Outstanding in her field...

Anastasia F: Florika, by Dolce, soft erotica, pretty art photos

The model, the location, the style, lighting and photography in this set are all of exceptionally fine quality. Anastasia F., making her second appearance at MetArt, is a treat - pale, creamy skin, flowing hair, petite breasts with plump nipples, beautiful blue eyes, fine facial features, and an animated spirit. And she's posing in the middle of a sprawling field of spring flowers under a bright blue sky on a glorious day. The series really does have a lot going for it.

Early on, a couple of shots really caught my fancy: #0033 and #0039 are close-cropped headshots that distill Anastasia's arresting beauty. And #0053, posing with a single flower, is a portrait of a young woman at the peak of her considerable beauty. Hypnotic.

But, as I progressed through the set, I developed the sense that something was missing. I kept waiting for it, for even a glimpse of it, but it never appeared. I never saw it because Anastasia never showed it, or because photographer Dolce chose not to photograph it.

Do you like this set the way it is? Or would it be improved with more "it" in it?


The girl in a swing...

Mila L: Fivia, by Maslof, tastefully erotic, understated artistryThis is a gentle, eye-pleasing set, photographed in a pastoral setting, that emphasizes simple beauty and style while subtly down-playing overt, explicit eroticism. If this is to your taste, you will easily become seduced by the relaxed mood of the series, and the raven-tressed beauty of the model, Mila L.

Much of the set finds Mila clad in a short dress as she sits in a swing hanging from a tree limb. Her beautiful and expressive face projects a pleasing range of moods, and the hem of her garment affords several teasing up-skirt views. The portraits and headshots in this collection receive added attention and care from photographer Dmitry Maslof, and many of these images have a technically sophisticated, high fashion feel that still manages to "work" in the rural location.

What it may lack in explicit views and overt drama, "Fivia" more than makes up for in the skill and style of the photographs, and the intriguing beauty of Mila L.


An ode to eye-popping abundance...

Sofi A: Augustea, by Goncharov, big breast erotica, photo artI am speechless. My mind is racing, my eyes are wide. I am at a loss for words. And that presents a considerable problem. It is my job to fill this space with thoughtful, incisive, insightful words describing, dissecting, appreciating and analyzing the erotic photo series titled "Augustea," by Goncharov. And the subject of this series - Sofi A. - simply by her very presence in it, has rendered me mute, helpless. I must study these photos more closely, until I regain my composure and ability to communicate.

But further study only compounds the problem! Sofi A., one of MetArt's Top 10 models, is so magnificently sculpted that all I can do is gaze in silent appreciation. What a mind-boggling body this young lovely has! And her personality, her spirit, her softly smiling ease, only serves to enhance her brain-addling attributes.

Don't misunderstand my ranting. Sofi is an all-around gorgeous girl. And she is certainly a talented model in the technical and artistic senses. But those breasts! They defy gravity. They defy description. They are magnificent. Perfection. Thank. You. Sofi!


Beautiful light...

Ksenya B: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, nude debut, erotic artistry

The flesh tones Alex Sironi captures in this series are warm and inviting. It certainly doesn't hurt that the flesh in question, that of new arrival Ksenya B., is truly exceptional. Rather than dressing her up or elaborately styling the set, Sironi strives to convey his model's striking natural beauty by shooting her in a broad range of poses, and by playing with depth of field and the light.

One trick he experiments with, to fine effect, is to let a small sliver of bright light fall across his subject. Some photographers would consider the "bright spot" to be a flaw and might seek to obscure or diffuse it. Sironi uses the light to underline and emphasize anatomy and expression.

Ksenya B. will accelerate your pulse, please your eyes, and generally stimulate your senses. I don't think a new MetArt model could hope for a finer showcase of her talent.


Playing all the angles...

Gella A: Present, by Antonio Mendes, erotic artistry, slender, sexy model

This is the third offering from the model/photographer team of Gella A. and Antonio Mendes, and it is of such uniformly high quality and contains such variety that I almost don't know where to start.

I will start with the girl, of course - without her we have nothing. And what a delight she is. Lovely, slender, limber, groomed and styled to perfection. Gella skillfully follows direction as the photographer steps her through a stunning spectrum of exceedingly varied poses.

So varied are the poses, in fact, that "Present" almost feels as if it's several different sets rolled into one. There is a sequence, for example, that is shot at off-kilter angles with the backdrop draped in strong diagonals. There are many pure "glamour" shots. Those who lean towards a more explicit style will not be disappointed. And there are painterly, highly stylized images that are, to coin a phrase, "suitable for framing."

This "third time" is certainly a charmer. I eagerly await more.


Bedroom eyes and parted thighs...

Marina H: Schitterend, by Ron Offlin, explicit erotic portraitureIf you've ever wondered what the term "bedroom eyes" meant, wonder no more. Just eyeball virtually any photo in this collection and you'll understand the concept perfectly. The seductive and inviting look in Marina's eyes is mesmerizing, but she possesses many additional assets and Ron Offlin has a frank and forthright manner of catching them with his camera.

Marina H. is no mere slip of a girl. She has curves. She has a sensational shape. And her coloring - the rich deep, dark brown of her long hair, and the eye-catching pinkness of her nipples - is dramatic. So is what is revealed when the model brazenly parts her thighs to show off her sex. That last sentence really needs a "!" at the end - you'll understand when you've had a look at the particular shots I'm referring to.

The set's title, "Schitterend," had me baffled, but I'm given to understand that it means "Shining," in Dutch. And it is certainly a shining example of erotic portraiture.


Once upon a mattress...

This is a very simple, basic set. It's so simple that, quite frankly, with a less gifted model, one might quickly disregard it. But the model is Inga C., and more gifted models than she are hard to find!

It's a near lethal combination: a fabulously beautiful face, and a fantastically shapely body. With no more than a coy pout and a raised eyebrow Inga can bring a strong man to his knees. With a single glance Inga has the power to cloud men's minds.

But do whatever you can to shake off the haze. Focus! Concentrate on these images! Take my word, you do not want to miss a single picture in this collection.

Yes, it is a simple set. And, yes, Inga C. is simply beautiful. If you haven't yet "Noticed" her, this series provides a stunning introduction!


A vixen unveiled...

In discussing a movie or a book reference is often made to pacing, the tempo and rhythm of events as they unfold in a story. In discussing a photo set pacing may seem less obvious -they are individual, still images, after all. But Tony Murano's "Casbah," starring Paloma B. perfectly illustrates the importance of pacing in a photo series.

As it opens, Paloma is clad in a lingerie ensemble and wearing parti-colored pumps. Then slowly, very slowly, over the course of dozens of images, she begins revealing more of her body. Her bra and panties take a while to come completely off, and this creates a sublime sense of anticipation and desire. This is the art of the tease, and photographer and model are both masters of this erotic talent.

When her clothes are finally dispensed with Paloma continues to gradually turn up the heat and increase the intensity. The slow build-up very successfully magnifies the power of the more explicit images here, and the attention to pacing provides a fine series with additional impact.


Wood nymph...

Denisa B: Shine, by Domenic Mayer, outdoor erotic photographyYou retreat to the forest in search of solitude, and to escape, for an afternoon, the stress and pressure of daily life. As you wander you feel as if you are not alone. You pause. What's that sound? And there! Is somebody hiding behind that tree? You call out. She giggles. Intrigued, you call again. And then she steps into view.

"She," is Denisa B., and in Domenic Mayer's "Shine," she is every bit the wood nymph of myth and legend. Whether she is playing hide-and-seek with a towering conifer or down on all fours teasing the spectator with tempting views of her tender treasures, a warm, knowing smile is never far from Denisa's sweet lips.

We will always have to return to "the stress and pressure of daily life," but isn't it nice to know that we can retreat into a satisfying world of fantasy with the help of a magical minx like Denisa?


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    Checkers 4 minutes ago

    Sultana in motion? YES PLEASE! Love watching her make her way out of that cute little outfit, especially the lovely close-up rear views, and then watching her lounging around on that bed makes me feel warm inside. Lovely.

    on In My Bedroom

    Checkers 23 minutes ago

    I like that phrase, "doing dervishes." I'm going to start using that, especially at work. :)

    on Sarna

    Checkers 29 minutes ago

    AlberT Varin. Stupid keyboard.

    on Dimue

    Checkers 30 minutes ago

    Albery Varin's models fit a lot of body types, but he seems to do his best work capturing busty ladies with seductive faces. His sets of Anatali, Daniel Sea, and Caroline Abel are splendid examples of what I mean.

    on Dimue

    Arkie 2 45 minutes ago

    Rah, rah, ree... kick 'em in the knee!

    Rah, rah, raz... kick 'em in the other... knee!

    on Matoto

    Arkie 2 48 minutes ago

    She obviously prefers otherwise. Thank the stars it's her decision and not everyone else's.

    on Matoto

    Samurai 49 minutes ago

    The best gallery of 2018 so far.
    The strip tease out of the cheer leader outfit.
    The golden tresses falling over perfect breasts.
    Delightful smile and lovely poses by Riley Anne.
    Just perfection.

    on Matoto

    Arkie 2 57 minutes ago

    I've always considered Vanessa one of the more underrated models to have appeared on MetArt. She possesses those dark, smokey eyes that she uses to her benefit plus she has that wolf-in-sheep's-clothing kind of look about her in many ways. I know that the "butterfly" aficionados out there will be doing dervishes over this set but that's just a small part of what makes Vanessa so interesting. Very nice to see her back here again.

    on Sarna

    ergo 1 hour ago

    It is such a travesty that there are only 3 sets of Caroline in as many years .I am not a fan of size zero models and Caroline is a real woman . She is a stunning beauty who has tons of voluptuous sexuality . Please Mr Varin may we have more of this stunner ?

    on Dimue

    loveu69 2 hours ago

    Beetle I like large breasts the bigger the better and the combination of Caroline's ( my wifes name!) beautiful tits, large round bottom and delicious lickable anus, with her gorgeous blond hair,stunning blue eyes and luscious red lips inspires me too!!! If I could be even more selfish a soft blond bush to frame her magnificent pussy would be on my list of charms. And I would like to have her more, every month would be to little for this sexy goddess of a woman. 8)

    on Dimue