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The thrill of the new...

Ilona B: Presenting, by Goncharov, first nudes, subtle eroticism

If you've only been a member of MetArt for just a few days, perhaps even hours, you have probably already chosen a few favorite models. Over time those favorites may change, but you're always awaiting their next set, and you always feel an extra thrill when something new featuring one of your favorites is added to the site. The familiar face and body of a favorite model is a pleasure to be savored, repeatedly. But there is also much to be said for the pleasures of a new discovery. And so it is with the latest gem unearthed by Goncharov, the beguiling Ilona B.

Shot in natural light, on a somewhat overcast day, the mood of these photos is matched by Ilona's often understated and subtle expressiveness. This isn't a girl who dazzles or overpowers you with her beauty. She seduces you, quietly. A smile is often on her full lips, but she rarely reveals her teeth. Her sexual allure is strong, but it's more akin to a whisper than it is to a scream. There is joy in her eyes, but there is also mystery. The more I looked at Ilona, the more I wanted to see. And then, to my surprise, the series ended. With 89 photographs in total, the set is a bit short. But isn't fitting? Ilona's debut leaves the viewer craving more. We can only hope to get just that...soon!


Smiley smile...

Fergie A: Lächeln, by Dolce, blue eyes, fishnets, tasteful eroticaFrom the moment I first saw the cover of this set, and throughout the viewing, I kept thinking: What a great smile Fergie has! Oh, everything else she has is great, as well, but her smile is really exceptional. It was only when I sat down to write this blog entry that I bothered to decode the set's title and realized I was a little bit late to this particular party. Lächeln, my non-German speaking friends should know, means smile. As I said, Fergie's got a great one, no matter what language you say it in!

I found some of the shots with the hanging beads just a tiny bit distracting, but photographer Dolce's set decoration is otherwise quite pleasing. The matching black on white print of the upholstery and wallpaper is visually interesting and brings Fergie’s warm skin tones and extra-blue eyes to the fore.

That bright smile remains even as the model works her way through a wide variety of poses and expressions, and in one of my favorite shots, #0056, she's hardly smiling at all. In portraits, body shots, or close-ups of her most precious parts, Fergie A. is bound to put a big smile on the viewer's face!


Make it a double...

Fidelia A & Karina K: Avilias, by Morenko, erotic duet, 2-girl erotic artI was talking to a female friend about erotica - yes, we also talked about porn - and she was very curious about what she called the "male fascination with girl-on-girl action." Although I can't pretend to speak for my gender on a topic as intensely personal as aesthetic and erotic preference, I did offer my personal opinion: If one beautiful nude girl is good, two beautiful nude girls is twice as good! It's a simple theory, true, but accurately describes my feelings about "girl-on-girl action."

And that, conveniently enough, brings us to "Avilias," Oleg Morenko's double-bodied study of Fidelia A. and Karina K. As it happens, both models apparently prefer posing with a partner - they've graced MetArt with four sets appearing together (and Fidelia teamed with Izabelle A. for an earlier outing).

What I find so intriguing about this set - beyond my two-girl theory - is that these two long limbed young ladies are so similar in appearance, even as they are so subtly different. Take a quick look and they might be sisters. Take a closer look and the differences become more apparent. And isn't that one of the core strengths of the entire MetArt experience? A quick glance is never enough - closer scrutiny and study always results in a far richer experience.


Plush, pink & particularly pleasing!

Anita C: Totally, by Dolce, creamy skin, beautiful eroticaIn my personal life, as well as my blogging life, I don't "run to a type." I'm not a leg man, an ass man or a tit man. I find many different types of women pleasing, not just blondes, not just redheads, not just short ones, tall ones, skinny or voluptuous ones. Part of this must be chemical, something in my genetic makeup. But, from a practical standpoint, it also opens up the field - the more women you're attracted to, the more opportunities you have to enjoy them! If you only like tall blondes with one green eye and one blue one, extremely large natural breasts, who wear a size 6.5 shoe, more power to you! But you've chosen a type that is in extremely limited supply. As I said, I like all types - and Anita C. is one of the types I like the most!

Shall we consider her many assets? Photographer Dolce certainly has! That pale, smooth, creamy skin glows in the unobtrusive lighting here. And the pink bits, nipples, lips, etc., provide a pleasing contrast. That almost-auburn hair is lush and luxurious. And those eyes - a man could get lost in them. But beyond her physical charms, Anita is a model with a very "versatile" face - she's got a lot of extremely pleasing looks, and seems to delight in sharing them with the lens.

Do you think Anita's body is as versatile as her face? The answer can only be: "Totally!"


Seaside sizzle...

Adelia A: Energia, by Leonardo, dramatic outdoor erotic photographyA location, a model, an approach. Those are the basic components of any photo set. If only one of these elements is out of the ordinary it can be enough to result in quality photos, but when all three are so striking it makes for powerful viewing. And that's the case with Adelia A. in Leonardo's "Energia."

The coastal setting is breathtaking, and if MetArt branches out into landscape photography, we would no doubt welcome studies of this dramatic coastline. Adelia A. does much to dress up that spectacular vista - whether she's wearing those shape-hugging shorts or clad only in her taut skin. But it's the photographer's technical approach to location and model that makes this set shine. I don't pretend to know the nuts and bolts of Leonardo's technique, but I do know he's masterfully manipulated natural and flash light in a way that makes Adelia stand out and appear distinct, separated from the background in a way that must be seen to be completely comprehended. But when waves start dramatically breaking around Adelia the illusion is revealed.

"Energia." Whether it’s natural, erotic, or creative, this set possesses in abundance!


The girl next door...

Alena J: Alena, by A Le Favori, denim cut-offs, natural, relaxed eroticaAlena J. boasts a uniquely natural sort of beauty that this set captures faithfully. If she was dressed up in designer fashions and artfully applied make-up she'd fit right in with the most stylish, jet set crowd. But here, in her snug denim cut-offs and casual top she's a fresh-faced, girl next door. And if she lived next door to you, you'd be one happy neighbor!

The domestic setting, it might be a hall in her family home, provides a fitting backdrop. Alena's temperament is friendly, her smile a sign of easygoing approachability. She's still smiling long after her casual clothes have been cast aside, but when she's standing there, lithe, long-limbed, exposed and at ease, she's no longer just "the girl next door," she's an extremely inviting example of finely sculpted femininity.

She's so finely sculpted that even architectural details in her home appear to be responding to her. If you think you know what I'm talking about, share your insight in the comments.


Those lips, those eyes! Those lips!

Natalia G: Aimer, by Ron Offlin nude erotic art

Like many of my countrymen, too many, perhaps, I speak only one language, English. So, with the assistance of an online dictionary, I've learned that the title of this spectacular set is a French word that means to like or to love. In the case of Natalia G., it most definitely means to love! From the seductive smile on her plump and luscious lips, to the bedroomy gleam in her deep green eyes, Natalia is a girl who inspires thoughts of love (yes, and lust) effortlessly. She was made to love, in the physical sense - and very, very well, at that!

There is a certain frankness, a type of visual honesty in Ron Offlin's approach to the style and content of this set. He is all too keenly aware of Natalia's varied assets, and he puts much loving emphasis where it so clearly and fittingly belongs. As he has done elsewhere, Offlin gives his model a piece of jewelry to toy with, and the pearls used here are precious far, far beyond their dollar value. I could say more, but you really must see this set in its entirety to know the full meaning of my words.

With thoughts of Natalia's succulence dancing in my brain I read in her bio that she's a violinist. I hope you (Natalia) and you (the reader) can forgive me for saying this, but, she can fiddle with me anytime!


The innocence and energy of youth...

Erika F: Fitness, by Sergey AkionPuffy gray clouds slide across a vivid blue sky. A ribbon of dirt road recedes into the distance. Iron trestles stand tall and spinning rotors of a "wind farm" slice through the air. And along comes Erika F. This landscape was already interesting, but with the addition of Erika it becomes irresistible!

It's not hard to imagine this carefree beauty skipping down this desolate lane, singing her favorite song, picking a pretty flower that catches her eye, delighting in the sunshine and fresh air - simply enjoying herself and enjoying life. There is a dynamic, alive quality both to the model and to the photos. In several it is obvious that a cloud has drifted in front of the sun, muting the light. In others one can almost feel the sun warming the skin just as it warms Erika.

She is serious, dedicated to her task as a model. And she is girlish, because in many ways that is exactly, fantastically, what she is. Wind power and a winsome young woman? Renewable energy - both electrical and erotic - has rarely been more enticing!


Light + dark + red + hot...

Masha F: Dikina, by A. Le FavoriSomehow the dark corner of the room in "Dikina" feels like an appropriate setting. Masha's pale skin has a luminous, glowing quality in the light photographer A. Le Favori shines on her. In that light her dark auburn hair and her deep, dark eyes become even more intriguing.

This body type, long-limbed and lean, has a strong appeal. Made stronger, still, in Masha's case, by the beautiful breasts she's been blessed with. And her clothing - those thigh-high stockings, that sporty yet high fashion pair of boots - projects a quirky, rebellious quality, a bit of semi-punk attitude. Works for me!

I might have liked just a big more exploration of Masha's more intimate anatomy, but I respect the choices made here (whether they were Masha's, Le Favori's, or a combination of the two). Whatever the case, this study in light and dark, red hair and pale skin is without!


Between the fabric and her feet...fabulous!

Ginnie A: Valkiria, by Luca Helios

A rustic footbridge in a sun-dappled forest. And what's this? A strikingly beautiful blonde draped in a flowing blue gown with silver metallic high heels on her feet. Has she wandered away from a garden party at a neighboring estate? Take my word - the moment Ginnie A. graces the lens of Luca Helios' camera with her sweet smile, questions such as these will be the furthest things from your mind!

I got a little impatient with that piece of blue fabric. I wanted it gone. Mercifully, but teasingly, Ginnie unwrapped her amazing body as the set progressed. And she eventually got rid of the shoes, as well. Completely nude, but for a few pieces of jewelry, she proudly (and happily, it seems) displays her body - and every luscious inch of it is a delight. I also have a feeling that those of you who appreciate the female foot will find much to enjoy here.

Posed shots in "Valkiria" are plentiful and varied - one of my favorites, #0110, is a headshot unlike any other in the set. Two other standouts, in my opinion, are motion captures. Ginnie, standing tall, runs toward the camera as the blue fabric falls behind her. Goodbye, fabric...hello, Ginnie!


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    This would have been a very good set - However there are significant depth-of-field focusing issues (yet again) which has completely ruined most of the set. Just why do photographers who contribute to this site think it is so great to have half of a picture in focus and the other 50% out of focus? You hardly ever (if ever) see this level of amateurism shown on other similar sites, but on this site it seems the norm. I guessed most of the pictures would only be 50% in focus before I even started enlarging them - and I was dead right! Is it the case that all the other similar sites out there are doing it wrong and met art is right, or maybe, just maybe, the professionalism and high quality fully in-focus photography shown on all other sites is the correct way to do it and MA are wrong, in a minority of one, accepting such third rate out-of-focus photography? There are about three good professional photographers on this site that produce the goods, but it seems they do the heavy lifting for all the other less able photographers (of which there are loads). So here we have a set with good poses, a model willing to actual model for once, good lighting, no obstructed poses, good subject framing, but completely let down by such rubbish depth-of-field focusing.

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