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New + Nude = Nice!

Gloria B: Gloria, by Antonio Clemens, new model, first nudes, eroticaBeing introduced to a pretty young girl is never a bad thing. On this we can all certainly agree. And if this new acquaintance were to quickly shed her clothing and share with us her totally naked body? Even better. Which brings us to one of the singular experiences MetArt members look forward to so avidly: The debut of a new model.

Gloria B. makes her nude debut in this series by Antonio Clemens, and it seems certain that she will garner much favorable attention and earn numerous admirers. Clemens keeps it simple. A bed, topped with a colorful quilt, and striped curtains in muted tones constitute what there is in the way of set decoration. Then we have Gloria, front and center, wearing a smile and a black bra and panties - so far, so good!

The model is bronze from the sun, and the light of youthful sexuality glitters in her eyes. When her lingerie comes off she exposes delightfully diminutive breasts and some noteworthy intimate architecture.

I will take it upon myself to speak for the group: Pleased to meet you, Gloria!


On her feet, or on her knees...

Lotta A: Ivilis, by Andre Le Favori, young, natural, nude erotic beauty

Lotta A. is standing when we first sight her in "Ivilis" by Andre Le Favori. Barefoot and wearing only pink panties, she is a genuine beauty, long of limb, slender, shaped to virtual perfection. Her long auburn hair frames a sweet, angelic face, and, apart from the black necklace she wears throughout the series, there is little here to distract the viewer from her charms.

Much of the rest of the set finds Lotta on her knees, seated on the carpet, or twisting and sprawling into a playful array of varied poses. I use the word "playful" quite deliberately. One gets a very real sense that this is a young girl who is totally involved in the moment, and thoroughly enjoying every second of it!

Whether she's on her feet or on her knees - or any other position you're lucky to catch her in - Lotta is lively, lovely and a pleasure to witness.


Girls do it, too...

Kayla B: Bamike, by Tony Murano, fantasy photos, explicit eroticaThis - the world of MetArt - is a place where we retreat to savor fine photography, to delight in the beauty of myriad models, and to indulge our imaginations in fantasy. But don't think that this type of escapism is the sole province of the male animal. Females use graphic imagery to fuel their own intimate fantasies, and that's precisely what Kayla B. is doing at the start of Tony Murano's "Bamike."

Costumed in a sheer pink confection, Kayla reclines on a sofa. She stares longingly at the male model on the cover of a magazine - a magazine devoted to hairstyles for men, no less. She imagines kissing his rugged visage. She opens the magazine and lets her eyes roam over the well groomed male models that grace the pages. Her mind is afire with erotic imaginings. She puts aside the publication, and then slowly puts aside her sexy lingerie.

Now that Kayla's lusts are inflamed, she can devote her full attention to inflaming ours! Both model and photographer are well aware of the physical assets at their disposal - Kayla reveals all, and Murano moves in close for truly eye-filling images. Feed your fantasies!


Down to the sea in skin...

Adele B: Lightness, by Sergey Akion, erotic nature photo artThe rocky cliffs along a rugged stretch of shoreline provide a naturally dramatic backdrop for Sergey Akion's "Lightness," starring petite blonde beauty Adele B.

This set revolves around texture, geometry, texture and contrast, at least in my humble estimation. The jagged edges of heavy stone accentuate the gentle curvature of the model. The pale shades of her hair and body contrast with the dark earth toned surfaces on which she's poised.

The scale of the cliff, soaring above, the lines and layers of stone, the angry sea, the cool blue of the sky - this is a powerful instance of nature's beauty. And Adele, a natural beauty, is both part of yet separate from her surroundings. In #0065 the model appears tiny against the towering rocks. In #0121, shot from behind, the striated stone stretching into the distance, the effect is almost otherworldly.


Between dusk and dawn...

Irina J: Amovias, by Tony Murano, expressive erotic photo artistry Viewed from a purely technical point of view, "Amovias" by Tony Murano is a richly textured, subtly nuanced, confidently experimental photo essay. The way he manipulates the lighting - including several impressionistic images of "smeared" candlelight - and the way he explores and emphasizes the shadows prevalent in this series, is truly remarkable.

"Amovias" is no less remarkable when one considers its subject, the exquisitely exotic Irina J. This model, dark, slim, and boasting a simmering sensuality, expresses a range of emotions every bit as rich and nuanced as the stylized photos she's appearing in.

Muted light streams in through a window. Three candles cast their warm glow. Irina slowly reveals her body, even as her face exposes aspect of her soul. She is seductive, she is pensive, she is teasing, she is aroused - she is, perhaps above all else, alluring.

I found "Amovias" to be a particularly moving work of erotic art - what did you think of it?


The suite life...

Carine B: Carine, by Ron Offlin, intimate, explicit erotic photosWe first meet Carine B. - in her first appearance at MetArt - as she relaxes in bed. Sipping from a cup of tea, her hair wrapped in a fluffy white towel, and wearing only a monogrammed robe, she looks as if she's enjoying a stay at a luxurious hotel. The robe and towel are soon dispensed with, and we can take a detailed and leisurely look at this inviting newcomer.

Carine projects a light-hearted spirit, and her brown eyes have an engaging sparkle and depth. Her nipples are particularly pale, to the point where, at a bit of distance, they are almost indistinguishable from the rest of her breasts. Additionally, in terms of coloring, she still has a bit of visible tan-line - modesty may have dictated a bikini, at least the bottom half, during last summer's beach season. In this bed, however, Carine is mercifully free of modesty, she shares her body eagerly, openly, and without reservation. And Ron Offlin's lens, after the rather coy introductory images, moves in close for an extensive and explicit exploration of Carine's many enticing intimacies.

I certainly hope Carine has hung out the "Do Not Disturb" sign, because moments like these should never be interrupted!


Fox hunt...

Katrin D: Katrin, by Peter Guzman, first nudes, natural erotic artWhere do they find these girls? This is a question every member of MetArt has surely asked himself. Yes, there are many beautiful girls in the world, but many of them won't give even the most polite and well meaning gentleman the time of day. And yet Met's photographers manage to not only locate supremely appealing young women, they also convince them to shed their clothes (along with their inhibitions) and pose for photos that will be viewed by millions all over the world! Whether it is skill, luck, magic, or some combination of the three, I'm certainly grateful that our lensmen continue discover and uncover these gems.

Here, thanks to photographer Peter Guzman, is an exquisite addition to MetArt. I doubt this verdant bower is where Guzman found Katrin D., but it makes a fine backdrop for this nubile natural beauty. Her dress comes off quickly, and the delights so revealed instantly induce salivation and other involuntary reactions. From head to toe, with notable highlights in between, Katrin is a truly foxy young female.

I imagine I speak for much of the MetArt membership when I say: Thank you, Karin, for sharing your beauty with us. And thank you, Mr. Guzman, for finding her!


The redhead in the hall...

Natalia G: Halika, by Thierry Murrell, redhead, shaved, erotic photosA friend of mine - you may know him, he goes by the name of Google - tells me that "Halika" is a word in Tagalog that means "Come here." I am unable to discern any connection linking model Natalia G. or her photographer, Thierry Murrell, to the Philippines, but it does make for an intriguing little mystery. It may even make some sense in view of this set's contents.

Natalia appears in what might well be the entry hall of a stately manor. Her bare feet tread on the parquet floor. She is dressed only in a Turkish towel bath robe. Is there a stranger on the other side of the door? If so, he - or, one supposes, she - has no idea of what they're missing!

Natalia, primarily using a small, elegant, antique side table, proceeds to assume a wide variety of extremely revealing postures. Limber and creative, the redheaded model stands, squats, spreads, crouches, leans, reaches and contorts in ways that range from expressive, to seductive, to zany, and even comical.

What have we learned from all this? If Natalia approaches you wearing a bath robe and says: "Halika," you know what to do!


Breakfast nook...

Natasha G: Onilian, by Alan Anar, natural beauty, playful erotic photosAh, the pleasures of domestic life. Whether you're yearning for a late night snack, or if you've just arisen and are ready for your morning meal, can you imagine finding a more tasty treat waiting for you in the kitchen?

Photographer Alan Anar eschews a glamorous decor and glitzy costumes and does without elaborate or dramatic lighting effects in his latest contribution. Instead he and his model, the adorable Natasha G., enjoy an improvisational and uninhibited romp through a nice selection of poses. There is a whimsical, joking quality to some of these photos that well conveys Natasha's kittenish charm. And there are shots that are as serious as they are elegantly erotic.

What's cooking in this kitchen? Why it's Natasha G. à la Anar, and it looks simply delicious!


Fit to be...

Melisa A There is a lively look in Melisa A.'s blue eyes that gives this series a sustained spark of energy. Of course, with her face and body there is never any shortage of energy no matter where or when this magnificent model appears.

Here she's posing outdoors, perhaps on a rooftop deck or patio. She obviously loves modeling and the camera. And the camera - in this case wielded by Luca Helios - loves her in return. Those ever-erect nipples, those hand-filling breasts, that shapely ass, that trim, toned torso, those endless legs - truly, the inventory of physical excellence this pretty lass possesses is virtually without end!

My one complaint, and it is exceedingly minor, is that there is a certain "modelishness" to the set. Melisa is naturally beautiful - have I mentioned her outlandishly long and lustrous hair? - but, in this outing, there is the slightest lack of relaxation or ease in her manner. She does, however, break character in the final shot, raising her hand in a cheery wave. I choose to believe she doesn't mean "Farewell," but rather, "See you again, soon!"


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    MIRABELLA is a dead ringer for a woman in met at work. We could help sneaking off to make love to each other! Wow what a sexy woman

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    Iloveeurobabes 23 minutes ago

    she is b eatiful and love herclassy set.. very sexy. added too favs.. love her long space too

    on Presenting Veronika Glam

    The Doctor 32 minutes ago

    Complete wast of a great model. I never seen a photographer shoot a set that bad in Metart. Please never use this photographer again.

    on Demmil

    Iloveeurobabes 40 minutes ago

    I love the glasses there classy

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    DUTCHMAN 2 hours ago

    Wasn't thinking about the shoes. Although she could wrap those around me any time she wants!

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    DUTCHMAN 2 hours ago

    128 isn't bad either! As you said that pussy is an absolute delight! And she's a double lure pussy!

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    Lee M 2 hours ago

    Mila Azul, from her first shoot to her last is a 10 all day, every day.

    Her beautiful face is framed by long raven hair, centered by sparkling dark hazel eyes and enhanced by an enticing smile.

    The smooth pale shoulders slide into slim graceful arms, ending in well manicured long fingered hands.

    Mila’s breasts are ample and well shaped, topped by mouth watering puffy nipples.

    He waist is slim and taut, splaying into lovely womanly hips.

    The buttox cheeks are round and firm, encompassing a sexy puckered anus, flanked by a tongue hardening, absolutely perfect pussy.

    The legs are long, slim and well shaped, ending in well formed, long toed feet.

    You need to add another star to achieve a proper rating.

    on Mila Azul

    Chris13 2 hours ago

    Every girl looks so much hotter in sexy shoes!!!

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    Fan1 3 hours ago

    Wonderful set of lovely Nimfa that was masterfully shot by Erro!! Great poses and lighting. She has a mouth watering gorgeous pussy. Loved the open labia moist views!!

    on Luybni

    Iloveeurobabes 3 hours ago

    I love you and your white silky laungeriue

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