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A vixen unveiled...

In discussing a movie or a book reference is often made to pacing, the tempo and rhythm of events as they unfold in a story. In discussing a photo set pacing may seem less obvious -they are individual, still images, after all. But Tony Murano's "Casbah," starring Paloma B. perfectly illustrates the importance of pacing in a photo series.

As it opens, Paloma is clad in a lingerie ensemble and wearing parti-colored pumps. Then slowly, very slowly, over the course of dozens of images, she begins revealing more of her body. Her bra and panties take a while to come completely off, and this creates a sublime sense of anticipation and desire. This is the art of the tease, and photographer and model are both masters of this erotic talent.

When her clothes are finally dispensed with Paloma continues to gradually turn up the heat and increase the intensity. The slow build-up very successfully magnifies the power of the more explicit images here, and the attention to pacing provides a fine series with additional impact.


Wood nymph...

Denisa B: Shine, by Domenic Mayer, outdoor erotic photographyYou retreat to the forest in search of solitude, and to escape, for an afternoon, the stress and pressure of daily life. As you wander you feel as if you are not alone. You pause. What's that sound? And there! Is somebody hiding behind that tree? You call out. She giggles. Intrigued, you call again. And then she steps into view.

"She," is Denisa B., and in Domenic Mayer's "Shine," she is every bit the wood nymph of myth and legend. Whether she is playing hide-and-seek with a towering conifer or down on all fours teasing the spectator with tempting views of her tender treasures, a warm, knowing smile is never far from Denisa's sweet lips.

We will always have to return to "the stress and pressure of daily life," but isn't it nice to know that we can retreat into a satisfying world of fantasy with the help of a magical minx like Denisa?


Tall cool one...

Anna AJ: Deliziosa, by Leonardo, high fashion erotic art photosWow. I could end this entry with that single, three letter exclamation, and I would have perfectly expressed my reaction to this series starring Anna AJ. But, just as I was compelled to linger and peruse this set at a leisurely pace, I will attempt to explore the stunning beauty of this model and these photographs in greater detail.

Yes, Anna is a jaw-dropping, eye-popping, traffic-stopping honey. Her presentation here has a high fashion gloss masterfully manipulated by lensman Leonardo. But, unlike some similarly stylish photos, the naturalness and humanity - the personality - of the model is never glossed over. The style enhances the content, there is precision and technique in every mechanical aspect of the photography, and yet the warmth of Anna's luminous beauty is never compromised.

When Leonardo named this set "Deliziosa," he wasn't kidding. In fact, he was making an understatement!


A nude beach natural...

Anna AM: Presenting, by Agnes Zarra, full bush, amateur nudist eroticaAnna, who often visits nude beaches in her native Spain, had never considered posing as a professional model. But when first time MetArt contributor Agnes Zarra approached Anna at one such nude beach and asked if she'd be interested in posing, she agreed without hesitation. This set is the result of their first session.

A wild and rustic stretch of beach, an entirely naturalistic style of photography, and a willing model results in a set that is unvarnished in its simplicity. It feels as if we are simply watching as an unashamed young woman enjoys herself during a day at the beach. She sports in the surf, she climbs the rocks, she runs, does cartwheels, assumes a variety of intriguing positions. Towards the end of the set she is joined by an exotic-looking female companion.

Some may feel this series would benefit with some editing, others may argue that the set is perfect in its complete simplicity. What do you think of this new model, this new photographer, and this new pictorial?


Invitation to fantasy...

Olivia E: Enchante, by Nudero, fantasy erotic art photographyPhotographer Nudero's portfolio embraces two extremes. He's a specialist at naturalistic, outdoor sets. And he also creates series like "Enchante," which utilize painted backdrops, costumes and props to create intriguing tableaux that combine fantasy and reality to outstanding effect. It is the rare artist who demonstrates such versatility.

Of course, even the most gifted artist needs a suitable subject, and in Olivia E. the picture maker has everything he needs to realize his erotic vision. Olivia seems inspired by the set decoration and performs - to say she "poses" doesn't adequately describe it - her fantasy role with enthusiasm. Is she a concubine? A harem girl? A princess or a goddess of some ancient kingdom? With her poses, her costume, her attitude and her breathtaking beauty, Olivia invites the viewer to fantasize and to indulge his imagination in new and unexpected ways.

The model is a delight and I find the style of "Enchante" to be a refreshing change of pace. Don't you agree?


Remarkable...and rare!

Cezaria A: Sivalia, by A. Le Favori, natural breasts, erotica

Cezaria A. has certain, shall I say, qualities, that are bulging right up against breathtaking. If you are the sort who values quality along with quantity, this model's endowments provide a double helping of heaven sent abundance. Adding additional worth to Cezaria's bountiful blessings is their rarity - this is only the second time that the chesty cherub has appeared on MetArt. Shall we pause for a moment of silent gratitude?

The set, as executed by Andre Le Favori, is simple, without any gimmicks or tricks. He knows that, with such a striking subject, the focus should be on her, and not on artistry or flashy technique.

Actually, I now realize that Le Favori has employed a trick here - there are several shots in which Cezaria teases her inverted nipples with an ice cube. The result of this experiment - a wet spot on the upholstery - is visible throughout the remainder of the series. Can this be the only "wet spot" this set will elicit? I highly doubt it.


New nubile on the block...

Olga W: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, first nudes, new model, new photographerOne of the key factors in the success and longevity of MetArt is our focus on a three letter word: new. We're constantly adding new pictorials of our established models, new sets from our veteran photographers, new series featuring new models, and new photos from new photographers. That's a lot of new!

This set, "Presenting," starring Olga W., photographed by Alex Sironi, packs as much new as possible into a single set. How so? Well, Olga W. is making her first ever appearance here. And the same is true of Mr. Sironi. How successful is this double-debut? In a word...very! Girlish and naturally gorgeous Olga displays the skills of a gifted model right out of the starting gate. Youthful and petite, Olga is a more-than-welcome addition to the MetArt talent pool.

Her photographer, as well, boasts genuine ability. The set is spare but inviting, the lighting warm, natural, and unobtrusively effective. Sironi not only has the technique required to produce photography that meets MetArt standards, he also appears to have a native grasp of our aesthetic, without compromising his own unique stylistic vision. I welcome both of these talented new contributors with unqualified enthusiasm!


Bedtime glory...

Lada D: Favorita, by Tony Murano, explicit erotic artistry

You are feeling sleepy, your eyelids grow heavy. Then you open "Favorita," and suddenly you're wide awake, aware, alert, and filled with renewed vigor. Lada D. has that effect on men, and Tony Murano's series is as fine a showcase of this young lady's irresistible attributes as one could hope for.

Although it starts out particularly demure, sweet and discrete, the set evolves into a temptingly explicit presentation. And Lada is not at all shy or hesitant about presenting herself to the camera. For those sensitive souls in the viewing audience, Murano experiments with diffusion - it is, perhaps, a piece of sheer fabric draped in front of the lens - that softens and obscures the fleshy delicacies Lada reveals.

While Lada's admirers will relish this new addition to her portfolio, those of you who are unfamiliar with the model may find yourselves with a new "Favorita!"


She loves the work...

Avril A: Snaps, by Thierry Murrell, slender model, many erotic posesAvril's enthusiasm and enjoyment of this particular modeling job is readily apparent. Not just in the smile that she can't suppress in several of the shots, but also in the way that she gleefully glides through a plethora of poses (and subtle variations of each one).

The antique mirror and gold-trimmed emerald gown give the set an "olde tyme" flavor, and it's not hard to picture Avril posing for a masterpiece in some bygone era. In these "Snaps," however, she is clearly a product of the modern age - and we are lucky to have her with us.

I do have one minor complaint: if it were my choice to make, I'd prefer just a bit more polish in the presentation. I'm being deliberately vague - discretion is the better part of valor, after all. But, if I were to paint a door, I would paint the front side, and then I would paint the back side. I will say no more. If you have something you'd like to add, feel free to do so.


Liquid assets...

Sammy A: Gioia, by Luca Helios, wet erotica, technical artistryI am aware that lensman Luca Helios has employed this signature approach in previous MetArt contributions, but this is my first exposure to the style so I will offer my unvarnished impressions.

Let me first applaud a technical style and aesthetic approach that is completely out of the ordinary. For that, alone, this series earns respect. The sheer technical effort, the coordination of a team, to produce these complex and striking images, is truly impressive.

But technique is technique, and it is nothing without a suitable model. This, of course, is where Sammy A. enters the picture(s). She is up to the dynamic challenges of light, dark, wet, dry, and plenty of unpredictable motion. The set hits a "high water mark," if you'll excuse the pun, in #0096, where the arching architecture of Sammy's toned body is artfully reflected in the watery surface on which she reclines.

Wet or dry - what in this series caught your eye?


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    8.3? WTF? This set should be rated at least a 9.2. What is wrong with you people?

    on Foxy Flair

    zoon 53 minutes ago

    Yes dear friend, you are absolutely right. I hesitated when writing about my remark of what I personally saw as a little, let's put it this way, less than perfect feature... now that I reread my comment and especially after your answer, I feel sorry that I didn't delete that part. I deem unfair to her to put forward my personal tastes, that I'll better keep to myself next time. Thanks Grass4myGoat!

    on Doll Face

    lastoftheV8s 1 hour ago

    Thoughts vs action vs control lol if I had a dollar for every time I saw an attractive woman and I felt like grabbing a handful off ass cheek but didn't I'd be rich lol. Of course a time or two I did do it and it worked out of course those times I picked upon mutual interest and took the risk.

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    "Large" for sure!

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    I agree also Davi, Ignore the idiots!

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    footlover 2 hours ago

    Oh really I love this young princess I love her perfect feet and really I love her sexy pink slippers her soles absolutely beautiful and perfect suckable toes 10/10 for this perfect princess

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    kRab54-2 3 hours ago

    Wow!!! An incredulous WOW!!! So … so … so … Wow!!!
    Since first viewing this gallery, I have `studied' all other MetArt galleries of Steffi. Rylsky Art is now recognized as a `must go there' website - very soon!
    MetArt (and its network) has (have?) proved, to me AGAIN - no doubt already well known by long-time members - that it is a bottomless treasure trove of sublime beauties! Some I have seen nowhere else - and I have `trodden countless internet miles/kilometres' - having been retired for quite a while now. What some make take as a `given', is an ever-expanding source of wonder and discovery to me!
    Steffi assumes, swept up in my `just-found-her' rapture, almost immediate mythic standing. Sooooo incredibly gorgeous! And despite a number of explicit poses and close-ups, throughout her galleries, still somehow conveys a sense of purity and innocence. Or am I just extrapolating that mythic thing - or raving in general? Anyway - WOW! I will never be quite the same again - which may well draw applause from `my friends' and family!

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    kilroy 3 hours ago

    gift wrap, please. Then I can unwrap it myself...

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    cmok1951 3 hours ago

    Gracie is a favorite. Her whole body is beautiful. I especially like the backside spreads. Her urogenital triangle is the hottest I've ever seen. In that position I would like to lick her from her clit hood to her anus. Spread her labia , expose her clit and lick it to orgasm. I know this sounds naughty, but it sure would be nice. Hats off to you hands on to me.

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    Beautiful lady with amazing pussy lips!!!

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