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Light + dark + red + hot...

Masha F: Dikina, by A. Le FavoriSomehow the dark corner of the room in "Dikina" feels like an appropriate setting. Masha's pale skin has a luminous, glowing quality in the light photographer A. Le Favori shines on her. In that light her dark auburn hair and her deep, dark eyes become even more intriguing.

This body type, long-limbed and lean, has a strong appeal. Made stronger, still, in Masha's case, by the beautiful breasts she's been blessed with. And her clothing - those thigh-high stockings, that sporty yet high fashion pair of boots - projects a quirky, rebellious quality, a bit of semi-punk attitude. Works for me!

I might have liked just a big more exploration of Masha's more intimate anatomy, but I respect the choices made here (whether they were Masha's, Le Favori's, or a combination of the two). Whatever the case, this study in light and dark, red hair and pale skin is without!


Between the fabric and her feet...fabulous!

Ginnie A: Valkiria, by Luca Helios

A rustic footbridge in a sun-dappled forest. And what's this? A strikingly beautiful blonde draped in a flowing blue gown with silver metallic high heels on her feet. Has she wandered away from a garden party at a neighboring estate? Take my word - the moment Ginnie A. graces the lens of Luca Helios' camera with her sweet smile, questions such as these will be the furthest things from your mind!

I got a little impatient with that piece of blue fabric. I wanted it gone. Mercifully, but teasingly, Ginnie unwrapped her amazing body as the set progressed. And she eventually got rid of the shoes, as well. Completely nude, but for a few pieces of jewelry, she proudly (and happily, it seems) displays her body - and every luscious inch of it is a delight. I also have a feeling that those of you who appreciate the female foot will find much to enjoy here.

Posed shots in "Valkiria" are plentiful and varied - one of my favorites, #0110, is a headshot unlike any other in the set. Two other standouts, in my opinion, are motion captures. Ginnie, standing tall, runs toward the camera as the blue fabric falls behind her. Goodbye, fabric...hello, Ginnie!


A very memorable morning!

The title of this set, "Colazione," is the Italian word for breakfast. And what a feast for the senses it is. The main course is, of course, model Carla B., and our visual chef - photographer Catherine - has chosen to accompany her subject with a plate of ripe, red strawberries. It may seem like a simple trick, an easy way to add a bit of bright color, but there's more to it than you might, at first, think.

The berries are a prop, true. But they're an edible prop, and watching as Carla savors a couple of the sweet, juicy fruits is bound to trigger no small amount of salivating in the MetArt audience. They also give the photographer the opportunity to experiment with depth of field in intriguing ways. In some shots, with berries in the foreground and model behind, she shifts her focus from one to the other. In others the berries are simply another visual component of a pictorial "still life," a moment artfully captured.

My favorite shot here (among many, I'll admit) is #0105. It's very nearly a so called "choker close-up" in which Carla's face dominates the frame. The expression on that face is beautiful beyond description - look into those eyes and you'll understand. Yes, there are strawberries in the foreground, but Carla B. is all I see.

"Colazione," what a perfect way to start the day!


A star of tomorrow…today!

Anika A: Presenting Anika, by Ron OfflinIt's been said that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. In that case, Anika A. has absolutely nothing to be worried about - her first appearance at MetArt is a knockout! The set, aptly titled "Presenting Anika," by Ron Offlin, reveals a young model brimming with self-confidence and radiating fresh, sultry sensuality.

And there is a lot of very skillful "Presenting" going on here: photographer Offlin has chosen an exceedingly simple set - a wall, a headboard, a bed dressed in simple white linens. This unembellished background lets the mouthwatering glory of eye-pleasing Anika fill the frame. And, particularly for a newcomer, Anika A. has skills that other models take many sessions to master. This 19-year-old knows exactly how to present every inch of her body to the viewer. She's not simply posing for the camera, one gets a real sense that Anika has us - the viewing membership - in mind as she moves around on those crisp white sheets.

Thank you, Ron Offlin, for your photos of this stunning new discovery! And thank you, Anika, for sharing your beautiful self with MetArt! We can only hope you'll continue to appear here - repeatedly - in the near future!

And speaking of future appearances - how would you like to see Anika A. presented in future photo sets?


A challenging assignment…

Mira A: Diliavia, by Goncharov nubiles erotic nude art

It's an assignment that might trip up a less talented photographer. Here is your model, she is nude and you cannot dress her up or embellish her in any way. You have the run of the house, but you may use only a single prop - this picture book will do - and nothing more. Oh, and no artificial light. Now produce a photo set that is worthy of publication.

But the photographer who happily accepts this assignment is Goncharov. His model is Mira A. And the results, as you will see, are exemplary.

From the first frame Mira is totally nude. She doesn't get to ease her way into the mood by slowly undressing - she's got to "hit the ground running," and does precisely that, from the first exposure to the last.

The location presents challenges - shadows are abundant and unavoidable. Goncharov makes them work for him. The shadows become a graphic element, adding richness and geometry, emphasizing and highlighting Mira's natural beauty. When he does use a prop, it's almost to create a "behind the scenes" feeling. Mira's long hair is up, she admires the photos in the book, studying the captions, as if taking a break from her own photo session.

Thanks to a beautiful model and a resourceful photographer, I doubt very much you'll want to take a break from this photo session!


A truly tempting treat…

Alina F: Treat, by Antonio Clemens erotic art nubiles

I never quite know what to expect when I open a new MetArt set. Oh, it might be a familiar model or a photographer who's work I admire, but there is always room for surprise. That's obviously one of the main reasons my job here is so rewarding. And it's one of the main reasons MetArt members keep coming back, month after month, year after year. But let's get to the set in question, because it's truly a "Treat," and it's filled with very pleasant surprises.

My first impression here - maybe it's the costuming - was the wild, wild west. I imagined a saloon, or perhaps a classy sporting house where gamblers and gunfighters played cards and enjoyed other, more satisfying, entertainments. Of course, the Old American West is worlds away from Alina's birthplace in modern Siberia, but this stunning young model has the power to excite not just the flesh, but the mind, as well.

And what an expressive face this delicious vixen has! Antonio Clemens puts his subject through seemingly dozens of different poses, and, in the process, Alina F. rewards us with dozens of delightful expressions. By turns she's kittenish, thoughtful, seductive, joyous, serious, reflective, giddy. As I began this entry: I never know what to expect when I open a set like "Treat," but I'm also never disappointed! 


Variety is…a damn good thing!

Vita C: Vitalinia, by Goncharov erotic pics nude photosLet me add one more "V" word to describe the set "Vitalinia," starring Vita C. That word is Variety. Shot in and around a swimming pool and spa, Goncharov captures his subject in a simply amazing array of poses and positions.

There are carefully composed, almost painterly, portraits. And there are dynamic, impulsive, action-filled frames that pack a particularly "splashy" punch.

Many of the shots, particularly early in the series, show off Vita's shapely bust as her clinging blouse, rendered transparent by the water, fights a losing battle to conceal two invitingly stiffened nipples. Later on, after the blouse has come off, Vita finds many interesting ways to pose and play with that very versatile garment.

Goncharov and the vivacious Vita C., seem to have come up with every pose imaginable in this set. Can you suggest any others you'd like to see? Let us know, in the comments, below!


Her socks rock!

LILU C :CHROMA by ANGELA LININAfter I'd taken a run through this set I took a quick look at Lilu's bio. In the first line she writes: "I am a young and cheerful girl..." Oh, is she ever! Lilu C., as photographed by Angela Linin, projects a high-spirited warmth that really comes across. Be sure to look for photo #0072 in which Lilu is captured in the act of jumping for joy, in mid-air, both stockinged feet high off the ground. If that's not a picture of pure cheerfulness, what is?

And let's consider the setting where Ms. Linin has chosen to photograph Lilu - high on a rusted scaffold at some vacated factory or industrial facility. Against the harsh, cold, barren metal Lilu appears as a plush, cuddly, bubbly angel of ripe and luscious femininity. Why bother with an elaborate set, or a high fashion costume, when Lilu is so amazingly beautiful dressed only in colorful socks and a sincere smile?

If Lilu C. looks this good posing in this gritty setting, imagine how she'd look in a more elegant location. I, for example, will imagine how she'd look in my bed. Well, a guy can dream, can't he?


Not a woman/Not a child…

BOGDANA B: SENSUALITY by CATHERINEA quick glance at her fact sheet tells us that Bogdana B. is 19 years old. But a lingering glance at any of the photos in this subtly brilliant set by Catherine tells us a whole lot more than Bogdana's physical age. These photos perfectly capture a female in the middle of a miraculous transition - the metamorphosis of a girl into a woman.

In so many of these photos Bogdana displays both sides of a body and personality in transition. In some her eyes are innocent, playful. In others her eyes are knowing, sophisticated, and mature well beyond her years. She is no longer a girl, this much is quite obvious. And yet, closer examination of her expression tells us that she is not quite yet completely a woman. Bogdana B., at the time these photos were taken, is captured at a particularly exquisite moment in her personal development. This moment will not last long. But these photos freeze that moment, they expose that moment and preserve that moment.

In "Sensuality," Bogdana is part girl, part woman, and all beautiful!


Lights! Camera! Liza!


Don't worry, you don't have double vision. The image, above, is the clever creation of one of our gifted, in-house, graphic gurus. And as pleasing as the image is, in its own right, it's also a subtle comment on Leonardo's latest contribution to MetArt, "30 Days," featuring Liza B.

The fact is: the only thing that could possibly improve this set is if there were two Lizas in it!

Beyond Liza's great beauty, this pictorial - for me, at least - is all about air and light. Let me explain. By air I'm referring to the outdoor setting. One can imagine a light breeze setting the leaves in motion, ruffling Liza's golden hair. The haze in the background, the rolling hills - is the air still crisp with fading winter or balmy as summer fades into fall? The vines, the flowers perfuming the air, it all creates a sense of the space and place that Liza so beautifully poses in.

And the light! Natural sunlight gives these images a snap and vitality that simply dazzles. Look how her skin glows! See the textures, the contours, the planes and curves of her body. And then notice, as the series progresses, how the light changes. Early on the light is high and bright. Later on, the light is subdued, the background muted. But Liza remains radiant throughout - the changing light simply brings out different facets of this fascinating female. If you could make it happen, "30 Days" with Liza B. would be 30 days in paradise!


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