Her Teasing Ways

Aug 10, 2020 - by: Autumn Seave

Erotic fiction inspired by Autumn Falls in “My Own Tune

The first moment I spotted Autumn shaking her sexy ass in a crowded club, I knew I had to have her. And when our eyes met across the dance floor, there was fire. Two weeks later, she was living with me in my penthouse condo.

That was two years ago, and it always amazes me how perfect we are for each other. When she needs attention and love, I'm there for her. Whatever she needs or wants, I am happy to give it to her. But she fulfills me in every way, too. She calms me when I’m stressed out over a business deal. She forces me to slow down when I forget to smell the roses.

One night recently we were planning on going out to dinner. It was with a business acquaintance, and I wanted things to go well. I was getting worked up waiting for Autumn, wondering if she would be ready soon enough for us to get there on time.

I thought she was still napping, and I was about to wake her and get her to hustle a bit, when she came out of our bedroom, all dressed up and ready to go.

She had her long hair loose, the way I like it best, and she was wearing this cute little dusty rose colored dress that made all of her curves pop. Her breasts spilled into a halter and her cleavage drew my eye. The softness of the skirt flowed over her generous hips. She was all woman and I loved how she showed off her curves.

I was sitting in my favorite chair and was about to get up when she pushed me back to my seat and shook her head.

“No more looking at your watch. We have plenty of time. For now, you look at me.”

Autumn loves it when she has my undivided attention.

She moved over to the new baby grand piano I’d bought her. She loved that thing, and I never got tired of hearing her play. She ran her fingertips over it as she circled it. Her hips swayed seductively, and she bent over just enough to cause the hem of her dress to lift and give me a peek of those full thighs.

Autumn said nothing. She was fully clothed. Yet just watching her moving was so sensual I felt my cock rise in my pants. She knew exactly what she was doing to me.

She ran her fingers over the keys, licked her lips, and her eyes met mine. When her fingers touched the straps of her dress, I knew exactly where this was going, and I felt a surge of excited anticipation.

Autumn slid one shoulder strap off and looked at me from under those thick eyelashes, giving me a flirtatious smile. Then the other strap came off.

She turned away from me and let the dress fall, freeing her spectacular breasts. With a little shimmy of her hips, the dress slipped past her thighs and fell to the floor, revealing the skimpy thong she wore underneath. It framed her plump ass cheeks perfectly, lifting them and creating two perfect, round globes of mocha colored flesh. Seeing her like this, I wanted to pull her into my lap and devour her, but I waited to see what she would do next.

Autumn turned to face me, her hands running over her large breasts. As she took a couple steps towards me, she slid her hands down over her belly and then back up to cup a breast in each hand. Lifting them slightly, letting the weight of each enticing mound rest in her palms, she rubbed her thumbs over her brown nipples until they were hard. Autumn moved her hands over her smooth skin, sliding them up and down her body, always returning to those huge breasts to lift, squeeze, and tease.

I was wondering how long she wanted to tempt me. I wasn’t sure I could stay in this chair much longer and just watch. I wanted to touch, taste, and take.

She pulled the front of her panties aside and gave me a peek at her neatly trimmed bush as she slid a finger just inside the lace. Her breasts swayed from side to side as she came closer to me, a mischievous smile on her face. She was looking directly at the bulge in my pants.

Autumn turned and gave me a magnificent view of her ass as she hooked her fingers in the sides of her panties. With one more backwards glance, she slid them over her cheeks, bending from the waist. Her heavy breasts hung in front of her and then her panties were on the floor.

Then, my naughty Autumn lay on the floor in front of me, opened her legs and spread her pussy lips, showing me exactly what I wanted to see.

That was it. In moments, my clothes were off and she was sighing as our flesh met.

Now I knew why she was ready so early tonight.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to fanfiction@metart.com. We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site, MyErotica.com

Autumn Seave is a sex, relationships, and dating writer who spends her days drinking coffee and dreaming up sexy scenarios; find more of her work at intimatewords.com

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Robert Graham is a wonderful new artist on MetArt, who since the spring has been delighting us with his stunning photographs and videos. His inspiring work has already brought us four brand new Asian beauties to date, with many more to come, and we are full of anticipation to see the fruits of his creative labors. As an admirer of his airy style and erotic vision, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to ask him some questions about his work.

RG: Hi everybody, it’s a pleasure to be here to answer your questions.

Hi Robert, where do you find the exotic locations for your photosets and movies?

RG: Over the last twelve months, I have been in Italy and more recently in Asia, scouting new girls for MetArt, so my photosets are a blend of European and Asian styles.

What is your background in film and photography?

RG: I have been a photographer since my youth; and I’ve always loved to take photos of people more than landscapes. Around 15 years ago, I started to learn photography as the assistant of amazing photographers. Eventually, I continued by myself until I became a professional photographer.

How long have you been creating erotic photographs and movies, and what inspired you to start?

RG: I think my first erotic production was around ten or twelve years ago. I was shooting as ‘second photographer’ on a production in Prague. It was a rather different experience being on the spot in comparison to watching the material on the internet. From then on, I became fascinated with the backstage life of erotic productions. I shot some sets for erotic websites every chance I got and little by little I learned how to organize a full production by myself. By last December I had the confidence to contact MetArt and propose to shoot for you.

Are you influenced by mainstream art, film and photography?

RG: I spent my teenage years watching movies and reading books, creating in my mind the storyboards of movies I would have liked to direct. Being a photographer and movie director has always been my dream career. To be honest, I had no clue when I was a teenager that I would get to work in the erotic industry, but now I am happy it happened.

Do you prefer studio or location shoots?

RG: I like to have everything under control, so the studio is ideal to put up a set with lights, but I understand this type of photography requires models in certain locations, to create a story around them. It’s much more complex but at the same time, it’s a challenge, that's why I like it.

Is there a model who inspires you the most? What makes a great model?

RG: If I remember correctly, one of the first models I was scouting was Melissa Mendini when she was just starting to become a model, she was really nice and friendly and an excellent natural talent. When I was working with Little Caprice, I understood how to see the potential of a girl who can become a superstar. Meeting, working and spending time with Ariel Piper Fawn is one of my best memories. A good model is a girl who is born with natural talent and spontaneous sensuality. These are hard things to teach and to learn, and if they are combined with a beautiful face and stunning body, here we have a top model.

Do you plan your shoots in great detail, or see how it evolves on the day? Is it influenced by the model’s performance?

RG: I like to plan 85 percent of the shooting in advance. That means visiting the location beforehand, checking the light, choosing what areas are good as background, making a storyboard of each set. The remaining 15 percent depends mainly on the mood of the model. Given they're girls, they can be unpredictable, so there is always that inevitable part nobody can prepare for in advance – in a good and a bad way!

What are your ambitions for your work with MetArt?

RG: I want to become one of the top photographers, of course. I have a lot of ideas, and I work really hard to make each set the best of its kind possible. I want to be recognized for my style and appreciated for my concepts.

What do you hope the viewers get from your movies and photos?

RG: I just think we are lucky, as photographers, to be published and viewed by so many people. And this fact gives me a great sense of responsibility when I'm shooting. Every time I photograph a model, I want the viewer to get the same feeling I feel in that moment. Photography is not just a set of techniques, how to set up the lights or how to fill the frame; photography is a way to communicate, it’s my way to talk to people and share with them a part of myself.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

RG: That I was really happy to be welcomed into the MetArt family. I hope to become good enough to work with you for a long time. And of course, one day I’d like to meet each one of you in person.

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MetArt Top Models: Helen H

Jul 23, 2020 - by: Frank

Sexy Helen H is a favorite model from the archives. The slender Ukrainian brunette narrowly missed joining our MetArt 50+ Club of girls so popular they have been featured at least fifty times during their modeling career – but at 46 appearances she came close, and she is most certainly a beauty worth celebrating.

Helen made her MetArt debut at the age of 22, on March 7, 2011 in a “Presenting” photoset by Goncharov. The high heels and tight leather pants set the tone for her many glamorous appearances, favoring stilettos and sexy lingerie to show off her toned figure even when posing outdoors. She appeared in 44 photosets (eight of them girl-girl, all with Elle D) and two movies, both shot by Leonardo. Her final appearance, in “My Mask” by Erik Latika, was on October 10, 2019.

She is highly rated at 9.1 based on 4.4K ratings, with 5.3K members following her and 336.6K views at the time of writing. Helen also appeared on five other sites in the MetArt Network: SexArt; The Life Erotic; Errotica Archives (as Karen); Goddess Nudes and Erotic Beauty (as Victory).

Helen’s appeal is easy to see; as one member put it, “Spectacularly sexy lady,” while another explained, “I adore this model’s captivating mysterious beautiful dark eyes and her elegantly curvaceous feminine figure.” With perfect breasts, toned abs, long legs and a flawless ass, she’s a real head-turner.

Helen revealed in her biography that she was working as a gym instructor, and we can only imagine that with a body like hers, she will go on to pursue a career in sport or fitness. We wish her all the best, and thank her for sharing her natural beauty with us.

Thanks to Kilroy for his assistance with stats.

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Naked Yoga Seduction

Jul 13, 2020 - by: Autumn Seave

Erotic fiction inspired by Georgia in “Staying Fit

Another beautiful Saturday morning and that meant it was time for some yoga. I try to make time for it every day, but on Saturday mornings I never fail. Yoga is the perfect way for me to unwind from the week and start the weekend off right.

The past few weeks my boyfriend has been staying overnight on Fridays. Great sex Friday night, we fall asleep; I get up early for my morning yoga, and then we go out for breakfast.

The thing is, I know he’s been pretending to stay asleep while I do my yoga. Really though, he’s been watching me. I’ve seen the bedroom door open just a little so he can peek through the crack from the bed. I’ve been acting like I don’t know he’s in there stroking his morning wood. But I know.

I’ve just been doing my normal routine so far. I gave him a little treat this morning, though.

I found a nice sunny spot in the living room where I knew he would have an enjoyable view from the bed with the door cracked open a little. I rolled out my yoga mat and did a few preliminary stretches that I thought he would appreciate.

I knew that if I turned away from him, he would be slowly stroking his cock under the covers and watching my ass. He loves my ass, so I can only imagine what he was thinking about. I did a few more poses that would show off my lean figure and my pert breasts in my sports bra.

Today I would pick up the game though. Turning away from him, I wiped my brow, like I was hot. Then I reached for the hem of my sports bra and slowly pulled it over my head. I knew he would be silently begging me to turn around, but I made him wait. I cupped my breasts in my hands and rubbed my nipples until they were hard little points. I was thinking about how he’d taken each tip in his mouth last night, swirling his tongue around each point, grazing his teeth against them until I was moaning with pleasure.

I spread my legs shoulder width apart and bent from the waist, placing my hands on the floor. I knew if he tried, he could see my breasts between the V of my legs.

I saw my jump rope, and an idea came to mind. But first I would tease him some more.

I lay down on the mat on my stomach and moved into cobra pose: hands flat, back arched, head up. I imagined how he would see me with my nipples prominent.

I rolled onto my back and moved slowly into the bridge pose. After holding it for a few seconds, I let my hands slide to my hips and slowly peeled my tight yoga pants down. Still in the bridge pose, I let my hand slip between my legs and just lightly caress my smooth mound.

I didn’t look, but I hoped he would not finish before I was ready for him – because it was my intention to get him out of bed and revealing to me how horny I was making him. I let my fingers dip into my moistness, still holding the pose. My hips moved slightly, grinding my clit against my fingers.

I let out a little moan so he would know that I was getting aroused. I needed to get rid of those yoga pants, so I slid them completely off.

Then my last move. I rotated slightly on the mat and relazed down into balasana, kneeling on the mat with my face down. I leaned into it and spread my thighs just a little more than I normally would.

I slid my hand underneath me, between my legs, and then spread my lips for him. If he wasn’t going crazy now, I would finish without him.

I didn’t need to though. I heard the door creak just a little and looked over my shoulder.

Smiling, I said, “Took you long enough.” I transitioned into downward facing dog and added, “Give you any ideas?”

It was only seconds before I felt his tongue on me, moving through my folds. He let it slide from my clit all the way to my ass before he pushed two fingers inside me and said, “Oh yes. Why haven’t you invited me to do yoga with you sooner?”

I couldn’t answer him though. With his fingers rubbing my g-spot and his thumb against my clit, it was all I could do to hold the position as I came for him.

If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to fanfiction@metart.com. We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site, MyErotica.com

Autumn Seave is a sex, relationships, and dating writer who spends her days drinking coffee and dreaming up sexy scenarios; find more of her work at intimatewords.com

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MetArt Top Models: Patritcy A

Jul 06, 2020 - by: Frank

Cute as a button, sweet blonde Patritcy A is one of MetArt’s most popular models, a dimpled Latvian doll with a stunning body and adorable face. It seems that she has now retired from active modeling without quite making it to our MetArt 50+ Club of top stars who have been featured at least 50 times, but she is definitely worthy of celebration.

Patritcy made her MetArt debut at the age of 19 in a “Presenting” photoset by Koenart on July 10, 2013. She appeared a total of 46 times, in 4 movies and 42 photosets (including one girl-girl with Michelle H), the final time being in “Pyreri” by Luca Helios on May 4, 2018. Many of her appearances are extremely highly rated, as befits such a gorgeous girl, with her last movie “Sunny Dance” particularly well-received.

Patritcy has appeared on eight MetArt Network sites, for a total of 109 appearances. The last was a photoset, “Time For Yourself” on MetArt X on 18 February 2019. She has another four photosets and ten super-hot solo masturbation movies there, shot by several different artists, including a cute Christmas movie. She also has photosets on Goddess Nudes, Errotica Archives, Erotic Beauty and SexArt (four of them lesbian shoots). She appeared in seven kinky-themed photosets and three movies on The Life Erotic, including a stunning hook-up with busty beauty Viola Bailey that remains one of the site’s most viewed films.

Perhaps her most memorable appearances are on Viv Thomas, where she has nine movies and six photosets, her debut in the delightful “Maid to Seduce” in July 2014 immediately establishing her as a girl with charm and charisma. Scenes with Lola A (aka Dido), Talia Mint, Taylor Sands and Mango A showcased her playful personality and forthright appetite for sex perfectly.

The tall, leggy, natural beauty also has two very revealing Behind The Scenes interviews on Viv Thomas. In the first, shot in January 2016, she confesses to MetArt’s managing editor, Rose, that she is a bad girl who loves to show her body, and although she is bisexual she likes making solo movies and enjoying her own body most of all. A wild bundle of fun, constantly giggling and fooling around, she confides that has a high sex drive, but only has sex with her boyfriend in her personal life, so when she is single, she masturbates a lot! She also reveals that she likes a good spanking. If you’re not already halfway in love with her, this interview is bound to capture your heart. We wish her well, and we will miss her dimpled smile.

Thanks to Kilroy for his assistance with stats.

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Sand and Silk

Jun 29, 2020 - by: Kat

Erotic fiction inspired by Belka in “Beach Getaway

This elusive land was intricately carved by summer winds. We come here to watch the yearly events that don't follow human schedules. Hundreds of baby turtles cross the sand to the ocean, as new life always seeks adventure. Wild horses run across the coast to find their pasture, as hearts trail through life to find their true home. 

She and I are the only ones here to witness them. Walking for miles down the shore like some romantic rendezvous. The sun is still warm and bright. The sand is like neverending rows of silk along the banks. The glorious ocean runs deep into the horizon. We have one of those conversations that can never be repeated. Stolen secrets for our ears alone. The beauty of youth and curiosity makes a winding path to Eros.

I take her hand and lead her to a shaded area up ahead. A place so untouched that the limestones had time to form their million-year-old sculptures. Yet with all this beauty and wonder around me, none of it compares to her. Her beauty is just as raw and untamed. Of light and of shadow. Her golden hair flows in the wind as I run my fingers through it. Her eyes are like a midnight sky that makes time itself grow still. 

I stand and stare at the magnificent view of her while the sun is about to set behind me. It’s no contest which grand view I’d rather see. I take it all in. Every inch of her that I can brand in my memory. Every freckle, every curve, and every breath. Declining to look away, that I may miss a second of her glory. 

I grip her hand and pull her close, smoothly placing my palm at the small of her back. My physical eyes close as my subconscious eyes flutter open, now marvelling at the view of her beauty from within. We connect, lips to lips. Her kisses are sweet and intoxicating like spicy red wine. Our hands roam all over each other in frenzied lust as dusk and dawn meld together in an enchanted plain of existence.

The sound of her voice calls out to me without words. Little moans and whimpers spell out her prurient desires, drawing in my own. I’m completely captured in consent. Her wants are now my wants, and all I want is her pleasure. 

I lay her down upon the soft sand and gently kiss her skin. Trailing down her mountains to reach her treasured valley. My kisses make her legs part like eagle’s wings. Long, limber, and free. I give her succulent swirls until her flesh drips from within. Skin and bones rattle in pleasure until they release their wanton ache. 

A light kiss and a look, then I repeat every tempered step. Until her explosions and implosions are unanimous. Silence becomes her and the world revolves again. 

Her eyes snap open and pierce right through me. Warning me of their vented expressions. As her hands and lips touch the places on me that she knows will shatter my world. She devours me piece by piece, swimming deep within me with no regard for air. I bend and bow like a tethered tree, swayed in reaction from nature's fury. 

My limbs shake from the typhoon of her tongue. My lightest branches now weighing heavy. Put in my place of submission by her whipping kisses. 

I cry an exquisite river that rushes between my legs. Drawing a map in the sand of where my body lies. Winding like a creeper trapped under stone. In direct opposition from where she wanted me last, until I stay where she wants me most.

Her arms hold my thighs like clamps, trapping me in my own pleasure, as she kisses away the quivers from which she began. 

She comes and lays upon me. Her warmth now becomes my warmth. I bask in the scent of her hair. Sweet and wet like the redolence of garlands in morning dew. The softest strands just below my lips. The soft breath of two bodies entwine with the wind, as we continue an exchange of words never to be spoken again.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to fanfiction@metart.com. We don’t promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site, MyErotica

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MetArt Top Models: Ariel Piper Fawn

Jun 22, 2020 - by: Frank

Normally, my posts are for models who have made fifty or more appearances on MetArt, or those who retired just short of hitting that milestone. Today is something different, a model who has only appeared forty times on MetArt, the last time being almost seven years ago. Yet, in one way she is the most successful model ever to appear on MetArt. That is the one and only Ariel Piper Fawn.

Already known for appearing in lesbian movies on Viv Thomas (as Ariel A), APF made her MetArt debut on January 4, 2005 in a photoset by Magoo (as Gabriela). After a two-year gap, she was “presented” again, this time as Ariel Piper Fawn, by Mark on February 18, 2007. The Czech beauty last appeared on MetArt in a hot three-girl photoset on Sept. 29, 2013 with two of our 50+ Club members, Lorena B and Indiana A. It was the companion to a 2010 video, “Girlfriends” by Luca Helios. The rest of her MetArt appearances were solos. Members' ratings, particularly for her videos, are extrememly high.

The stunning redhead has also been featured many times on other sites in the MetArt Network, including Errotica Archives (31), Erotic Beauty (2), and Domai (1). She did return to Viv Thomas again in 2007, where she now has five videos and nine photosets, several of them with her close friend, our 50+ Club member Suzie Carina. In 2011 she appeared for a casting at ALS as Model #4. In total, she is featured on seven Network sites, with 94 appearances.

So, what about SexArt? Well, she has appeared there 24 times, in two photosets (by Don Caravaggio) and 21 super-hot solo and lesbian videos, all directed by Andrej Lupin and produced by none other than – drum roll, please – APF herself! As heads of SexArt’s top production team, responsible for 878 movies at the time of writing, this stellar husband-and-wife partnership have created a new genre of high-class, explicit erotica that many have imitated but none have equalled. Ariel’s influence is clear in the female-friendly action and intriguing storylines – it’s evident that she puts all her experience both in front of and behind the camera to good use. Team Lupin have also directed for Viv Thomas, with 110 movies/photosets there to date, with equally impressive results.

So, what’s so special about Ariel? Apart from her obvious skill behind the scenes, she is simply enchanting to watch. Her gorgeous smile and cute freckles are irresistible, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that she has a killer body, slender but with big beautiful breasts. On SexArt, "Horizont" with Lorena B and her solo scene "Vintage Collection: Only Me" are outstanding. She still appears in cameos in new productions from time to time – look out for some great views of her bouncing breasts in the recent “SexArt Holiday On Mykonos part 6” – and she also has an ongoing series, “Ariel’s Secret,” where she and Suzie Carina demonstrate their oral prowess to mind-blowing effect.

Over 15 years in the business and this erotic powerhouse still has plenty of surprises in store for us.

Thanks to Kilroy for his assistance with stats and writing.

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Blonde bombshell Nika N is one of our top MetArt models, a popular beauty who’s been featured an impressive 59 times since her 2013 debut. With a gorgeous face and an incredible body, the slender Ukrainian sweetheart always makes a powerful impression, whether she’s naked and natural on the beach or glammed up in heels and sexy lingerie in the boudoir.

It’s hard to say whether Nika’s vivid blue eyes, pouty lips, perfect breasts, butterfly-winged pussy, world class ass or long legs are her best feature, so let’s just say we love the whole flawless package! I was excited to get the opportunity to ask her a few naughty questions…

Nika, please tell us about yourself.

N: I’m based in Kyiv, Ukraine, spending most of my time traveling around Europe. I’m fond of dancing and have a Master of Sports degree in acrobatic rock’n’roll. I’m also a DJ, I play melodic tech house.

What inspired you to get into nude modeling?

N: I like being a model. I love my perfect body. That is why when I was offered a nude shoot the decision was clear, I had to try it. Also, I like to meet new people in new places and circumstances.

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

N: I adore myself. My whole body is a masterpiece. Especially my perfect natural breasts with hard tasty nipples.

How do you keep in such good shape?

N: The whole of my life I’m dancing. It keeps me in very good shape. Also, I’m fond of fitness.

What do you enjoy most about making photosets and movies? 

N: Filming gives me the possibility of a new self-performance. Every time it is a new way to express myself. I adore being watched.

Do you like to watch your own movies? 

N: When I look at my own movies or photos it’s like going back in time to feel all the emotions from the set. I love it.

Are you romantic? 

N: I live in an amazing world of traveling and filming. Of course I am a romantic person.

Are you an exhibitionist?

N: I’m not an exhibitionist but I like to tease people with my perfect body. It drives me crazy.

Do you have a high sex drive?

N: You got me. I have a high sex drive. I’m horny all day long.

Are you bisexual?

N: Yes, I am. I had sex with other girls before I started to make movies. I love life. That is why I love men and women. Handsome, funny, romantic, smiling, caring, generous – I like all different things about them.  

What turns you on? 

N: Whispering, touching, eye contact and kisses, of course.

Do you like to masturbate?

N: I like to masturbate. And I have plenty of toys for it.

Have you ever had a threesome?

N: No, but I do believe in open relationships.

What are your ambitions?

N: My ambition is to develop and direct my own movies.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

N: I want to thank my fans for following me through the years. I feel your warm support. I promise you a lot of new ideas from me! You can follow me at: https://twitter.com/nika_n_official and https://www.instagram.com/nika_n_official

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Ten gorgeous new nude models made their MetArt debut in May 2020. With busty beauties and slender cuties, blondes, redheads and brunettes of all hues, there was plenty to indulge every taste.

Asian beauty Hiromi (above) was a standout sweetheart. The petite hottie from the Philippines wore a bright red bikini that emphasized her slender figure, before taking it off to get dripping wet in the pool. Athletic stunner Cindy Shine demonstrated her physical prowess in an energetic video, peeling off her tight yoga pants for a naked workout. Olivia Honey delighted lovers of sexy redheads, while cute Marika Zane and sassy brunette Arcadia were a must-see for fans of big natural breasts. Stacked newbie Adeline was even more top-heavy, her 43-inch whoppers looking huge against her slender frame.

Irresistible Lila Nova seduced with her lovely blue eyes, adorable blonde Stasie was out for fun, and Alice Bright had the puffiest, perkiest nipples imaginable. Which just leaves my personal favorite new model of the month, sultry brunette Isabele (below). The lovely 20-year-old Ukrainian had such a captivating expression on her pretty face as she opened her shirt to reveal her spectacular breasts. Her toned tummy, plump lipped pussy and firm but curvy ass sealed the deal for this particular viewer!

Who was your favorite new model of the month?

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Gorgeous brunette Angely Grace is one of our top nude models, a green-eyed beauty from Ukraine with an enchanting smile and a perfect body. Since making her MetArt debut in April 2019, the vivacious cutie has appeared another eleven times to date, winning countless hearts with her provocative poses and sweet demeanor.

Angely loves to read and respond to members’ comments on her sexy photosets, so I grabbed the opportunity to ask a few naughty questions of my own.

Angely, please tell us about yourself.

Angely Grace: I am a 21-year-old petite photo model and photo retoucher. I am taking photography classes now, I want to start taking photos of other girls too. Originally I am from Ukraine, but now I am traveling a lot. I have been in many European countries so far. My dream is to visit the USA someday. My next big trip will be to South Asia, Thailand, and Bali, Indonesia.

What inspired you to get into nude modeling?

AG: I always admired other nude girls on the internet. And when I was invited to my first casting I just fell in love with photography. I love my nudes and I do my own photo retouching.

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

AG: I have a nice body and beautiful eyes. Now I also do a lot of sports to keep my body in shape. As a photo model I have to be in shape all the time. But I love it. I love running in the forest, stretching, and going to the gym.

How would you describe your personality?

AG: I am the typical girl next door type! Maybe a little bit shy.

Are you a romantic person?

AG: Yes, one hundred percent. I cry when I watch romantic movies and see a beautiful sunset.

Are you an exhibitionist?

AG: Yes, I love my body and others watching me. I believe that is the way God intended it to be. All-natural and naked.

Are you bisexual?

AG: I think all girls are!

What kind of men do you like – handsome, funny, romantic?

AG: Yes, all those things!

What are your ambitions?

AG: I would like to become a popular model in the USA, my dream is to get a million Instagram and Twitter followers. Now I am also taking photography courses, and in the future, I want to be a professional photographer.

Is there anything you would like to tell members?

AG: Follow me also on Instagram and Twitter Sophy_Angel. I love you all!

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