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Here at MetArt, we are always on the lookout for fresh new models. Our mission is to discover gorgeous girls who dream of sharing their natural beauty with the world. At the time of writing, we’ve featured over 3,600 stunning models… but we’re still hungry for more!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a MetArt model, we’ve made it easier than ever to apply. Just click on the link at the bottom of our homepage, or go to – we’ll be delighted to hear from you!



MetArt wins Nude Photography Site of the Year!

We’re thrilled to announce that MetArt has won Nude Photography Site of the Year at the 2019 XBIZ Awards. This prestigious accolade from the premier home of adult industry news is a great honor, and the recognition of our efforts means a lot to us.

We’re proud of our reputation as the world’s leading showcase for high-class erotic nudes and you can be sure we’ll do everything in our power to live up to the title in 2019, bringing you all the top models and fresh new beauties of your dreams. Thanks for joining us on this wild ride!



Happy Holidays from MetArt

Happy Holidays from all of us at MetArt.

We hope Santa leaves you something sexy in your stocking, whether you've been naughty or nice - or even, like our gorgeous model Aislin, a little bit of both. 

Season's Greetings, and thanks for sharing so much naughty fun with us this year!



MetArt nominated for major XBIZ award!

We’re thrilled to announce that is a finalist nominee in the prestigious Nude Photography Site of the Year category at the 2019 XBIZ Awards.

With nominations for our sister sites SexArt and VivThomas too, we’re really feeling the love.

XBIZ is the adult industry's leading publisher of business news and information, and the awards event will be hosted by Stormy Daniels on January 17, 2019. Wish us luck!



Happy Holidays from MetArt!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at the MetArt Network!

I hope Santa brings you something sexy in your stocking, whether you’ve been naughty or nice or – like our gorgeous model Mango – a little bit of both!

Love and kisses,



Want a MetArt girl in your bedroom?

If your bedroom or den is lacking that personal touch, MetPrints offers the ideal solution. Just select a shot of your favorite model at her sweet, sophisticated, seductive best, and your high quality, framed print will be shipped direct to your door. There are already over 100 superb shots to choose from, in six sizes, and shipping is free.

A gallery quality MetPrints picture of one of our beautiful girls makes the perfect boudoir gift for a lover… or a special treat for yourself!


MetArt nominated for XBIZ’s Nude Photography Site of the Year award!

We’re thrilled to announce that MetArt is a finalist nominee for the prestigious Nude Photography Site of the Year award at the 2018 XBIZ Awards.

XBIZ is the adult industry's leading publisher of business news and information, and the awards event will be hosted by adult superstar Jessica Drake on January 18.

With a bunch of nominations for other sites in the Metart Network – including Foreign Studio of the Year and All-Girl Site of the Year for Viv Thomas, and both SexArt and The Life Erotic nominated in the Erotic Site of the Year category – we’re feeling the love.

Wish us luck!


A tribute to MetArt artist Slatyonoff

I’m sure members would like to join us in sending condolences to the family of Slastyonoff, one of our most respected artists, who passed away recently.

Slastyonoff was a much-admired photographer and filmmaker, and a great pleasure to work with – cool, with a unique sense of humor, a man who laughed at adversity and was friendly and engaging. For an artist of such prodigious talent he was remarkably free of ego, always open to critique and eager to try out new ideas and collaborate on exciting projects.

Slastyonoff started working with MetArt way back in 2003, and his unique vision of natural eroticism contributed greatly to making MetArt stand apart from the many run-of-the-mill nude sites out there. He was innovating right up until the end, grabbing members’ attention earlier this month with a scorching-hot movie, “Table Dance,” that showed off his creative flair to perfection.

He will be greatly missed. 


MetArt nominated for XBIZ Adult Site of the Year award!

We’re thrilled to announce that MetArt is on the finalist nominees list for the Adult Site of the Year – Photography award at the 2017 XBIZ Awards.

MetArt is a world leader in high-class erotic photography featuring naturally beautiful women. We love what we do and we hope you do too, so being nominated for this prestigious accolade means a lot to us. XBIZ is the premier authority on adult industry news, so what they don’t know about the entertainment world isn’t worth knowing!

The XBIZ Awards show will take place in Las Vegas on January 12, 2017. Wish us luck!


Vote no on Prop 60!

Adult industry players and civil rights activists across the world are uniting to oppose Proposition 60, a new proposal that would make the use of condoms mandatory in all adult films shot in California.

Proposition 60 goes to the vote on November 8, 2016. And while its sponsors claim the bill is intended as a protective measure, its many critics believe it could have serious repercussions for the safety and freedom of adult performers.

Citizens as ‘condom cops’

One of the most unusual and disturbing aspects of Prop 60 is that it allows any Californian resident to file a for-profit lawsuit if a condom is not visible in a single frame of a video – and without having to provide evidence that they suffered any harm in doing so.

Not only does this open the door to frivolous lawsuits; but it allows private citizens access to the personal information of adult performers simply by opening up a lawsuit, whether it is legitimate or not, making them easy prey for stalkers.

And Prop 60 makes anyone with a financial interest in an adult movie, such as a producer or distributor, liable for prosecution. Industry insiders fear this irregular and highly alarming provision could even extend liability to hotels and cable companies, giving it far-reaching consequences.

The adult industry already safeguards its own health

Those behind the Proposition say it’s a protective measure, and argue that it would send out a safer-sex message to viewers. There is already a law in place in California that requires condom use in adult movies, but lead sponsor of Proposition 60, Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, says the state isn’t doing enough to enforce it.

This heavy-handed approach fails to acknowledge that industry performers undergo testing for HIV and STD infection every two weeks as standard. In fact there has not been an HIV transmission case linked to the industry in 12 years. 

Adult performers say that in some cases condoms can actually increase risk by causing friction and tearing, and they want the freedom to make their own choices. Proposition 60 is a violation of their civil rights.

Driving the industry underground

Earlier legislation – the notorious Measure B – drove a lot of the adult industry out of LA, resulting in economic losses to the state. It also forced elements of the adult film industry underground, increasing the vulnerability of performers by exposing them to more dangerous work.

A YES vote for Proposition 60 has the potential to intensify this situation.

Strong opposition from all sides

Prop 60 is being opposed not just by Californian adult performers and producers, but also by major newspapers and political organizations in the state, and public interest groups such as the Free Speech Coalition.

The Los Angeles County Commission on HIV, Equality California and AIDS Project Los Angeles are all opposing Prop 60, putting the lie to the implication that it is primarily intended to protect health. Members of both the state Democratic and Republican parties are also on record as opposing Proposition 60. 

The MetArt Network has joined the protest against Prop 60 to safeguard the privacy and freedom of choice of all those involved in creating and enjoying adult entertainment. We hope you’ll join us in voting NO to Proposition 60.



Announcing the launch of MetArt X!

We’re proud of MetArt’s reputation as the world’s most awarded nude site. But sometimes, we want to see our gorgeous MetArt girls going a little bit further – and that’s why we created MetArt X. Our brand new site is a direct response to requests from members who asked to see the models in more explicit videos and photo sets, while still staying true to our ethos of high-class, beautifully presented, natural girls.

So, here it is… MetArt X, starring your favorite girls, letting you watch as they stroke themselves to orgasm! Be warned, things get pretty hot and sticky… So far we’ve seen Mango fingering herself into a frenzy, Dido riding a big vibrator, Melena pleasuring her tight pussy and ass, and Sapphira heating things up in the Japanese bath house, to name just a few of our superstar models.

It’s exciting, erotic and totally uninhibited – take a look and see for yourself what everyone’s talking about!



MetArt nominated for major 2016 AVN Award

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but getting nominated for an AVN award is a pretty big deal. Often described as the ‘Oscars of adult entertainment,’ the awards celebrate all that’s fun and fabulous about the adult entertainment world.

This year, MetArt has been nominated for the prestigious award for Best Membership Website. We are glowing with pride and excitement; we’d love to add it to our jam-packed trophy shelf, so keep your fingers crossed for us!

The MetArt Network as a whole has fared well; both SexArt and Viv Thomas have received nominations for Best Director – Foreign Non-Feature and Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production; and SexArt has been nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Foreign Non-Feature too.

In addition, many of the Network’s most popular models have been nominated for Female Foreign Performer of the Year, including Samantha Bentley, Misha Cross, Alexis Crystal, Tiffany Doll, Anissa Kate, Amarna Miller (pictured), Lola Reve and Taylor Sands. We wish them all luck!


READ MORE – the bush is back!

Here at MetArt, the bush debate rages on. For every member who prefers to see girls sporting the full Hollywood wax with not a pube in sight, there’s another who craves the natural look, with luxuriant curls in abundance.

In response to an overwhelming volume of requests, we’ve created something very special to cater to pussy-fur aficionados., the brand new site from the MetArt Network, is a bush fan’s dream. Bringing together every unshaven photoset and movie from across our family of sites, it’s a treasure trove of beautiful girls as nature intended – and all at a wonderfully low price. You’ll find everything here from the neat landing strip to the utterly untamed muff, and lovers of hairy armpits haven’t been forgotten either!

Check it out today – if you’re turned on by girls who are in touch with their wild side, you’ll go crazy for!


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Latest Comments


    Five O 5 minutes ago

    Aleksandrina is super sexy in that dress and the set has enough decent looks at her body to leave the average viewer like me wishing for more. I do understand we get what we get and I like it.

    on Oceanside

    marty 6 minutes ago

    WOW WOW WOW!!! , what a beautiful poser you are Tiffany!, made my morning ;-)

    on Sensuous

    Jane Doe 13 minutes ago

    Exquisite & erotic 😍 We definitely don't see enough from ArtofDan.

    on Round Bed

    Jane Doe 22 minutes ago

    All the models here pose but then there is Tiffany Tatum who puts all her body & soul into it for the sexiest of displays. Thrust that pelvis forward, curve the back, then push your butt up & out. Girl you are on fire!! Luv'in U 💖💖

    on Sensuous

    Goat4myGrass 25 minutes ago

    Decent enough shoes (a bit frou frou) , very decent muff. A pussy worthy of inclusion in any perfect pussy club and validation of the theory. Thanks for the portraits, butterflies, and especially the nipple pinches. 55, 72, and 125 are without doubt my favorite images in Sensuous. Great job you two!

    on Sensuous

    kRab54-2 26 minutes ago

    While certainly appreciative of the lovely models (and their respective superb photographers) who also were on display this day - THIS was it for me! My delayed gratification - my dessert course!!! Purposefully kept until last!

    I was crestfallen when, this week, Aleksandrina was two days away - in the `Upcoming' - but then - again -two days away, on the following day, as well. I have no doubt there are many, many aspects, of this site, that will account for a rescheduling - and I have definitely no complaint on that score! But , thankfully, not having died before viewing this gallery - (that would have just been cruel - and probably inconvenient) - today is THE DAY!!! And while my eyeballs will need to draw in their resultant stretch-marks - YES and YES again!!!

    While I am a fan indeed of Matiss - I am a `slave' to the spectacular beauty, personality and - sigh - just `proxy' appearance of Aleksandrina!!! Countless accolades to you both on the magnificence of this gallery - ALL OF IT!!! Whilst I still pace the corridors here for Sophie's second appearance (sorry - I cannot let it go), one of my absolute favourites - Aleksandrina - provides a huge injection of WOW to my frame of mind!!! :)

    Despite the world's many woes, I will allow my shallowness to bask in the glory that is Aleksandrina. Thank you, one and all!

    on Oceanside

    Chris13 29 minutes ago

    I especially love the pictures on the first page of this set- Nudero and Aislin are obviously a great team. Those few photos show so much playfulness and agility - simply amazing! Aislin showing lots of different facial expressions and the slight arrogant touch in some of the pics is so exciting! Excellent work, really, Nudero is simply a master of his trade, such a shame that he doesn't use his talents to shoot videos!

    on Bright Mind

    JOHANNES BLT 39 minutes agoLifetime member

    I just got here a couple days late, but I just wanted to pop in and tell you ladies that I really love this video! It's a keeper! Thanks : )

    on Kohana

    zzmaskers 45 minutes ago

    Aleksandrina looks superb in this beautiful dress. Excellent photoshoot by Matiss of this great beauty!

    on Oceanside

    Goat4myGrass 50 minutes ago

    Not sure what I think about the sweater thingy, but it is different and colorful. I admire everything I can see of Aislin, especially the lovely cascade of curls on her head and her soft delicate mini muff. Her navel is also admirable. Hands down winner for me is 102. Great collaboration!

    on Bright Mind