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MetArt nominated for major XBIZ award!

We’re thrilled to announce that is a finalist nominee in the prestigious Nude Photography Site of the Year category at the 2019 XBIZ Awards.

With nominations for our sister sites SexArt and VivThomas too, we’re really feeling the love.

XBIZ is the adult industry's leading publisher of business news and information, and the awards event will be hosted by Stormy Daniels on January 17, 2019. Wish us luck!



MetArt nominated for XBIZ’s Nude Photography Site of the Year award!

We’re thrilled to announce that MetArt is a finalist nominee for the prestigious Nude Photography Site of the Year award at the 2018 XBIZ Awards.

XBIZ is the adult industry's leading publisher of business news and information, and the awards event will be hosted by adult superstar Jessica Drake on January 18.

With a bunch of nominations for other sites in the Metart Network – including Foreign Studio of the Year and All-Girl Site of the Year for Viv Thomas, and both SexArt and The Life Erotic nominated in the Erotic Site of the Year category – we’re feeling the love.

Wish us luck!


MetArt wins Adult Site of the Year!

We’re delighted to announce that MetArt has won Adult Site of the Year – Photography at the XBIZ 2017 awards. This prestigious accolade from the premier home of adult industry news is a great honor and the recognition of our efforts means a lot to us.

We love what we do here and we hope you do too, so you can be sure we’ll do everything in our power to live up to the title in 2017. We’re proud of our reputation as the world’s leading showcase for high-class erotic nudes and we’ll be bringing you lots of fresh new beauties, all your favorite models and some hot surprises too. 



Vote for MetArt!

January 2016 already has us sparkling with pride, with our sister site SexArt winning Adult Site of the Year – Erotic at the Xbiz Awards and director Alis Locanta winning two prestigious AVN Awards for his SexArt series "Waltz With Me."

Now MetArt has been nominated for no less than three Rabbits Reviews RISE awards:

Site of the Year

Best Production

Fan Favorite

The Fan Favorite award is a reader nominated award, so if you’d like to see us win, please go to and cast your vote!

We’d love to add these awesome accolades to our trophy shelf, so wish us luck, and thanks for all your support!


From the Metart Mailbox - a superfan speaks out...

[In the worlds of art and entertainment there are fans, and then there are what we now call "superfans." The man who proudly employs the moniker "Metartlover" is most definitely a superfan. A member of the site for 10 years, Metartlover recently sent us the following testimonial. With the energy, sincerity, and enthusiasm of a true superfan he vividly and eloquently expresses his appreciation of Metart, and he also shares a unique way he takes his enjoyment of the site to a higher level - by ingeniously creating framed posters of his favorite Metart models and erotic photo galleries. I'd like to personally thank Metartlover for taking the time to share his thoughts and artwork, and I encourage Metart fans - and superfans - to share their thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this post. ~ Adam]

Ever since I first discovered Met-Art 10 years ago I have been such an extremely passionate fan. I have devoted countless days & hours taking in all of the wonder & joy it provides. Very few things are perfect in life but Met-Art is one of them. It has become one of the greatest pleasures in my life to see the truly breathtaking work done by the models & photographers. It must be said as many times as possible: Met-Art is the zenith of erotic/nude photography!

I am just astounded by the uncompromising beauty of the girls, their willingness to share their flawless bodies with us, and the astonishing quality of the photography! The ethereal lighting in the photo shoots makes me happier than you can possibly imagine! The settings & clothing/fashion choices send me over the edge by the fantasies they inspire! Every single aspect about the photography is beyond exquisite! I am simply overjoyed & euphoric at the fact that Met-Art has become one of the primary pleasures in my life! Every time I browse a set of pictures I become so elated by its divine elegance & stunning beauty. It honestly just makes my life so blissful & happy that I had to take my devotion to the next level.

I don’t know how common it is for Met-Art fans to frame the art, but it was the next logical step for me. There is a technique named “rasterbation” that helps print out life sized posters at home! (Rasterbating involves printing out small portions of the image to put together as one.) Of course seeing the art on display inspires another word too, haha.

I am an amateur photographer myself. I do it as a hobby. I understand things like framing, color, lighting, center of interest, bodily position, & so on. Another reason I became so helplessly delirious & succumbed to Met-Art‘s entrancing spell is the way in which the photographers' & models' artistry synchronize together as one to produce something of deep affectionate value to me.

Met-Art is the only nude site where I am made to feel personally welcome. It’s the only content I have ever found in which the collaborations of the model/photographer make it feel as if they created the shoot with me personally in mind, it’s eerie. I am overwhelmed by the photographers ability to exploit photographic techniques to bolster such unadulterated lucid sensuality. There is a mad genius at work when the photography can bring out such strong and powerful emotions of infatuation & ardor in you. Because that is exactly how it feels like.

The models seem to have this uncanny ability to connect with you on an personal level via the shoot. Their devastating beauty along with their non-judgmental, easy-going, unrestrained, and cheerful attitudes makes losing yourself to them effortless. The way the models pose, with that tantalizing sweet purity & innocence of theirs, paradoxically mixed with outright generosity allowing their perfect bodies to be captured in the most explicit intimate detail, always manages to leave me in a state of bewildering trance. In the end the work they produce elicits feelings of tender caress, considering my emotions as well as my libido. Met-Art has forever changed my life. It is directly responsible for leaving me in a state blissful euphoria more times than I can remember.

Thank you to all of the AMAZING, AMAZING models & the equally beyond-talented photographers for their life-changing work! I lovingly have these on display in my own private home. I CANNOT SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH TO EVERYONE INVOLVED AT MET-ART! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


Metart Acquires

Metart Acquires VivThomas.comMetart COO, Shaun Lenihan, is pleased to announce that the company has acquired for its Metart Network of adult entertainment properties.

Metart and Viv Thomas entered into a website management agreement in March 2013. When Viv Thomas recently announced plans for his retirement, negotiations were opened, culminating in the outright purchase of by Metart. The change of ownership will have no effect on existing affiliates as they are already in the Metart program.

A fixture in the international adult market since the early 1980s, Viv Thomas has created an instantly recognizable style and crafted a massive catalog of high end erotica.

In collaboration with his wife and a support crew of artists and technicians, the VivThomas brand delivers beautiful people in wonderful places and combines passionate, explicit action with intense, pure emotion. Long recognized as a leader and innovator of lesbian erotica, also offers boy/girl content, further broadening the appeal of the brand.

The Viv Thomas motto – “A Cut Above The Rest” – is a guiding principle of the company that has earned it a large and loyal fan base as well as numerous awards and the respect of leading industry professionals.

Viv Thomas was delighted to hand over the reins to Metart who will carry the VivThomas brand forward as their own, while honoring the style and vision of its creator.

Speaking from his base in Portugal, Viv Thomas said: “My career has been a roller coaster ride with all the thrills and joy, ups and downs, and the pure pleasure of working at something I loved. and Metart is the perfect match, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”


Introducing “Two Oceans,” a feature film by Andrey Slastyonoff…

"Two Oceans" by Andrey Slastyonoff, a poetic/erotic cinema experienceAndrey Slastyonoff has always been a good friend and strong contributor to the Metart family of sites. Along with shooting for the Metart Network he has kept busy with personal projects that stretch his imagination and push the boundaries of beauty and art.

Slastyonoff’s latest project, “Two Oceans,” takes these ideals to the next level and is certainly something worth talking about. And, because he’s financing the film via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, you can play a role in turning this gifted artist’s creative vision into cinematic reality.

“Two Oceans” is a poetic nude art movie about the meeting of ocean and woman.

“What would happen if two worlds will meet?

The ocean that never saw a woman…

The woman that never saw an ocean?”

Take this epic journey with Andrey and explore a world of possibilities.

“Two Oceans” home page.

“Two Oceans” Indiegogo page, where you can help. We have.


Attention Collectors: “Best of Metart” Magazine debuts in Japan…

Attention Collectors: "Best of Metart" Magazine debuts in Japan...

It’s a question that Metart members and fans have been asking since Metart first arrived on the Internet: “Where/when/how can I obtain printed copies of Metart magazine?”

Until now, however, there has never actually been a printed Metart magazine. Metart did pioneer the use of magazine-style “covers” for its erotic art photo galleries, however, and this may have given some people the idea that physical magazines did exist.

Even now, as the digital revolution continues to change the media landscape, and as the market for ink-on-paper magazines continues to contract, there are some consumers who still wish that Metart was available as an actual, analog magazine.

If you’ve ever longed for an glossy Metart magazine to display on your coffee table, put on a bookshelf, or slip into a briefcase or backpack for portable perusal, your wish has been granted: a “Best of Metart” magazine is now on sale at Amazon in Japan.

My Japanese reading comprehension leaves much to be desired, but I can tell you that the magazine comes with a free sampler DVD with over 250 minutes of select Metart content along with a free pass to visit the site. Google translate wasn’t particularly helpful, but I did discover that when you follow the link you’ll notice two clickable links, side by side, roughly in the middle of the page. Click the left one and you’ll arrive at the page where you can purchase one (or more) copies of this highly collectable piece of “Metart-a-bilia.”

Here’s the link: “Best of Metart” Magazine at

…you can “domo arigato” me later!


The Orgasmic Meditation Experience 2013: 3 Days in August that will change the way you orgasm forever!

Orgasmic Meditation Conference 2013The male orgasm is well understood. Apply stimulation to the penis until it is erect. Continue applying stimulation until orgasm is achieved. To make things even easier to understand, the male orgasm results in the discharge of semen - a receipt, if you will, physical proof positive that the orgasm occurred. The male orgasm? It’s not rocket surgery.

The female orgasm, on the other hand (pun intended), is far more complicated. Not simply in physical terms, but culturally, psychologically, emotionally, and socially.

A man who achieves many orgasms, ideally with a partner or partners, is often considered a “stud” or “stallion,” a pillar of potency and virility.

A woman who achieves the same feat is, however, often branded a “slut,” or a “whore,” hardly flattering labels.

But human society is forever evolving, and social norms, mores, standards, and knowledge continue to change and develop. This is certainly true of the female orgasm, and as the global culture becomes more open in its discussions and attitudes about female sexuality in general, the orgasm is more openly discussed, studied…and sought after.

And that brings us to OM - Orgasmic Meditation. OM is a movement dedicated to the study, appreciation, enjoyment, and proliferation of the female orgasm. OM is also far more than that - it’s a practice, a way of cultivating the orgasm to prolong it, enhance it, and reap the practically boundless physical, emotional, and mental benefits of orgasm. OM helps women and their partners get in touch with their bodies to achieve and enhance the orgasm in wonderful new ways.

The Orgasmic Meditation Experience 2013, is being held at the Regency Center in San Francisco from August 9 through 11. Medical doctors, authors, experts, and noted authorities in the field of female sexuality will gather to lecture, educate, discuss, deliver presentations, share cutting edge research and information, as well as host hands-on workshops about the theory, practice, and benefits of OM.

For any woman interested in the practice of OM and the pursuit of dramatically enhanced orgasm, sexuality, and overall health and wellness should consider attending this ground-breaking event. And so should her partner! To make this opportunity even more irresistible the event organizers are extending a special half-off discount to MetArt members!

Visit for further details, and be sure to use the MetArt Special Discount Code - ESH - to save half-off your registration!


MetArt Now Accepts Bitcoin - a new way to pay…

MetArt-Bitcoin_half-wideThe MetArt story is inextricably connected to the evolution of digital technology. We pioneered the online digital erotic art photography marketplace, and we’ve embraced every meaningful technological advance - whether it was multi-mega-pixel imagery, HD video, or streaming technologies - in our content as well as in the features and user interface of the site itself. Now that MetArt has grown into the MetArt Network, an expanding family of premium quality erotic sites, our ability to harness and employ the latest technological developments is more important than ever.

It is in this spirit of ongoing technical advancement that the MetArt Network has become the first adult entertainment company to accept the revolutionary digital currency bitcoin.

Bitcoin, the first widely circulated and accepted digital currency, has the potential to completely revolutionize ecommerce on a global level. The MetArt Network made the decision to accept bitcoin for a variety of reasons, but chief among these are the benefits the new payment method offers our members. Bitcoin offers unparalleled levels of anonymity, confidentiality, and protection to the consumer. Customers who would prefer not to use personal bank accounts, checks, or credit or debit cards can now purchase site memberships with the safety and security of digital currency.

While payments in bitcoin provide MetArt Network customers with a secure and convenient alternative payment method, bitcoins also pack a lot of bang for the buck (bang for the bitcoin?) because monthly memberships in all the MetArt Network sites are currently offered at a half-off discount for those who pay with the cryptocurrency. For a newfangled payment method that’s old fashioned value.

Whether you choose to purchase your MetArt Network access with bitcoin or any of the other methods offered, MetArt’s embrace of the cyber cash proves, once again, the company’s dedication to constant and ongoing improvement of our products and commitment to providing the highest level of service to our customers.


SexArt Wins Big at 2013 XBIZ Awards!

[I wrote this for the SexArt blog, but good news is worth sharing so I'm posting it here, as well. SexArt and the MetArt Network are starting off the new year in high style! - Adam]

SexArt is pleased to announce that we have been named “Glamcore Site of the Year” at the 2013 XBIZ Awards. Considering that SexArt launched in April of 2012 and hasn’t even celebrated its first birthday yet, the award is all the more impressive. XBIZ is the leading adult industry authority, and provides unequalled news and information about the entire field - from feature films, to online erotica, to technology and sex toys. The XBIZ Awards are, quite simply, the biggest and most respected honors in the world of erotic entertainment.

The 2013 XBIZ awards were held on January 11, 2013, at the legendary Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California. The event was hosted by XXX superstar Tera Patrick and the vast ballroom was packed with a veritable galaxy of adult stars and industry movers and shakers. Riley Reid, the star of two SexArt erotic movies, won the “Best New Starlet” award, and also announced SexArt‘s “Glamcore Site of the Year” award.

SexArt wasn’t the only site in the MetArt Network to win at the XBIZ Awards. The Free Speech Coalition, the leading adult industry legal advocacy organization, gave MetArt the “Leadership Award” for the company’s extensive efforts on behalf of adult industry performers and producers.

The award winning success of SexArt is just one part of the MetArt Network story. Recent months have seen a dramatic expansion of the MetArt family of premium erotic art and entertainment websites., a showcase of longtime MetArt photographer Rylsky, was recently launched, and MetArt has also acquired legendary director Michael Ninn’s site - including his entire motion picture catalog, as well as highline European studio, star erotic photographer, and industry pioneer

The MetArt Network and SexArt would like to thank XBIZ for the “Glamcore Site of the Year” award. The MetArt Network has big plans for the coming year and we hope to be back on the red carpet at the XBIZ Awards 2014!


Malena Morgan: From contract star to cover girl…

Malena Morgan: From MetArt Network contract star to cover girl...

Malena Morgan is a star. The owners of the MetArt network recognized Malena’s potential instantly and signed her to an exclusive contract before anyone else in the adult entertainment industry could. And almost immediately after making her debut in a MetArt erotic photo series she shot straight to the top of the Top Models list. The MetArt membership loves Ms. Morgan and her sets and HD erotic movies are among the highest rated and most popular on the site.

And when SexArt was launched, Malena Morgan was a huge part of the new site’s overnight success. Not surprisingly, she quickly became the most popular performer at SexArt based on the votes of the membership at large.

When the creators of Touch me Magazine, an innovative new erotic entertainment e-zine, published their premiere issue what erotic superstar did they choose for the cover? Malena Morgan. And Malena isn’t simply an eye-pleasing cover girl, she’s also featured in a photo-illustrated Q&A that’s filled with biographical background and more than a few tantalizing tidbits of trivia. Did you know that Malena likes to sing Christmas songs in the shower? Neither did we!

The second best thing about Touch me Magazine - the Malena Morgan cover and interview are obviously the first! - is that individual issues as well as subscriptions are totally free of charge. The magazine can be viewed in a browser, but it’s completely cross-platform and Mac, PC, smartphone, and tablet users can enjoy all its interactive goodness anywhere they go.

Touch me Magazine, Volume 1, #1 also includes a detailed and extremely favorable review of SexArt. This comes as no surprise since the editorial team at the magazine obviously have excellent taste. And as a bonus - some might consider it a bit of a tease - Touch me Magazine also devotes a page to SexArt model Sinia A.

If you’d like to see more of Malena Morgan (and read about her, too) you don’t want to miss this. And if you’d like to learn what an independent critic thinks of SexArt, the newest site in the MetArt network, you’ll want a copy, as well. You’ll find your free copy at:


Introducing SexArt - the future of erotic entertainment starts now!

Malena Morgan does billboard duty for revolutionary new site When MetArt was launched in 1999 there was nothing quite like it - the site created and defined an entirely new form of online erotica. Although MetArt inspired dozens of imitators, it has remained the undisputed leader in artistic photo erotica by constantly adding fresh, new models, new photographers, and hundreds of exquisite new images on a daily basis. And the creators of MetArt are committed to maintaining the site’s quality and standing as the biggest and best erotic photography site in the world.

Now I’m pleased to announce that the creative team at MetArt has developed an entirely new online experience. It’s called SexArt, and it is unlike any adult entertainment Web site you have ever seen.

Because SexArt is the first site of its kind there’s nothing to compare it to. And because it’s brand new I haven’t fully experienced everything it has to offer - nobody has, in fact! But I have had a chance to look “behind the curtain,” and what I’ve seen is extremely impressive.

As you well know, MetArt’s signature specialty is exquisite erotic photographs of fresh and natural women and girls. SexArt takes MetArt’s sensibility and applies it to the entire range of erotic entertainment. Full length, big budget adult movies (directed by the likes of legendary filmmakers like Zalman King) are just one part of SexArt’s programming. The site also offers sexual reality shows, erotic documentary films, as well as episodic erotic original series - and explicit photo sets, as well. And all of this content is of the highest quality and was created for and available only from SexArt.

Just as SexArt goes beyond still photography, it also goes beyond soft-core. SexArt offers sophisticated, completely uncensored, hard-core erotica. But one thing SexArt most definitely does not offer is cookie-cutter X-rated fare. The widely varied offerings on the site all combine sex with art in unique and entirely new ways. And SexArt is designed to appeal to everyone who enjoys erotic entertainment - SexArt will appeal to women, to men, to couples, to adventurous singles, to anybody who appreciates the beauty, power, passion, and limitless pleasure of eroticism, sensuality, art, and completely uninhibited sexuality.

When it was launched MetArt changed the world of photographic erotica forever. Now SexArt is poised to do the same for filmed erotic entertainment.

First MetArt. Now SexArt. The future of erotic entertainment starts now!


Happy New Year From The MetArt Mailbox

MetArt Girl Anita E by LeonardoI wanted to take a moment and wish our Members, Fans and Affiliates a Happy New Year. We have come a long way in 13 years and we understand that it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of all of you collectively. MetArt has grown over this last year and we have plans to bring you never before seen content with a production value that is unheard of from any website. It’s going to be an exciting year and the MetArt team is poised and trained to bring you the most exciting erotic content in the world.

I wanted to give a special thanks to MetArt Member Rupert for the kind words he sent us today. We will continue to give you this level of service in the coming years. Thank you and Happy New Year!

To: MetArt Comments
I just wanted to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all the staff at Met-Art. First of all, everyone who keeps what is the best website in the world, bar none, working. Your technical team do a first class job of keeping the site up and running 24/7/365. Secondly, to your fantastic photographers who produce some truely memorable pictures. The overall standard of photography is exceptional. Lastly, and most importantly, to the hundreds of amazing, wonderful, fabulous girls who pose nude for the site and who give so much pleasure. Without your beauty, elegance and charm the world would be a much worse place.

MetArt Girl Alexandra D by RylskySo thanks again for a superb 2011. The highlights of the year were definitely new girls Alexandra D, Anita E, Elise A, Lili H, Luka B, Oliwia A, Sian A, and Stacie A. All of these girls are absolute goddesses and it would be great to see more of them. The best series of the year was undoubtedly Anita E in Kuvutia by Leonardo. This series alone was worth the annual subscription. There were also some sensational repeat appearances by the flawlessly beautiful Adelia A, Alisa G, Bettina A, Darina B, Elisa A, Evilina A, Faye C, Lily C, Niki Mey, Sabrina D, and Sandy Summers. It would be wonderful if you could publish more photos of these girls.

Please carry on your fantastic work of unveiling gorgeous girls and I’m looking forward to seeing lots of new, stunningly beautiful, girls undress for Met-Art in 2012.



And the winner is...MetArt!

MetArt sweeps TheNude.Eu awards - Best Site of 2010!MetArt racked up overwhelming victories in all categories of the recently held 2010 TheNude.Eu awards. After tallying nearly 20,000 votes cast by unique visitors, MetArt was declared the Best Site of 2010. The victory was even sweeter due to the fact that MetArt earned over twice the votes of the second-rated site. And, to top it off, of the Top 6 Best Sites, a particularly grand total of 3 are MetArt properties!

In the Best Photographer category MetArt also earned the top honor when legendary MetArt contributor Erro was voted Best Photographer of 2010. Competition in this field was particularly fierce, with 132 qualified entrants, making Erro's runaway victory all the more impressive. Additionally, 8 of the Top 10 finishers in the Best Photographer competition are all MetArt contributors!

But MetArt's accomplishments in the voting didn't end there. In the sprawling Best Newcomer contest, with 568 new nude models in contention, MetArt models earned enough votes to grab 6 of the Top 10 spots!

Across the board, in every category, MetArt swept to truly impressive victories. Of course we'd like to thank TheNude.Eu for holding the competition. But, more importantly, we'd like to thank everybody, around the world, who, after careful consideration, voted our models, our photographers, and our sites as the very best of 2010. Thank you, to all who participated. And be assured that MetArt, the Best Erotic Site of 2010, is going to be even better in 2011!


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    Benjy 2 minutes ago

    Indeed. In shots 41 thru 43, Lee Anne is thinking it over. In 44 and 45, she's starting to position herself.
    Finally, in Shot #46, eyes on the prize.

    on Boyfriend's Shirt

    prehensile 39 minutes ago

    10 stars!
    steaming hot set of a beautiful, alluring, totally fuckable Woman
    great legs, wow
    anal emphasis is yum!

    on Boyfriend's Shirt

    prehensile 46 minutes ago

    very pretty, attractive girl
    thick outer lips are a treat

    on Presenting Francesca Fay

    RedPilot 55 minutes ago

    Ukraine seems to have the best gene pool on earth, at least when it comes to gorgeous women with perfect bodies. Too bad the political situation is so bad there, or I'd be trying to concoct a story to my gf as to why I'll be in Kiev on my way to skiing in Switzerland (which makes no sense, since I live in California!)

    on Pinkie

    RedPilot 1 hour ago

    I'm surprised the rating on this one isn't higher. We all have our individual quirks, and I personally love a good panty tease, so #15 and #16 are appreciated.

    on Pinkie

    RedPilot 1 hour ago

    Yes, you can just see the beginnings of some lubrication going on. What a delight! Anyone who knows me well jokes about how much I like things wet. ; )

    on Pinkie

    Casey 1 hour ago

    Callipygian pulchritude (right Checkers?) among other very appealing attributes. Ten!

    on Presenting Francesca Fay

    Casey 2 hours ago

    Mmmm...20-yo Ukrainian deliciousness. 💖💖💖💖💖

    on Pinkie

    beetle 2 hours ago

    Francesca Fay writes in her bio, she Looks like a cat. Yes, that may be true, she Looks like a small delicious kitty. So tender, so absolutley seductive. Brown long hairs, blue mystical eyes, a friendly face. Wow, how adorable.
    Every Inch of Francesca Fay is the pure erotic revelation and sexual eruption. The small tiny breasts are so sexy as her tight round buttocks. And her fat protruding labia turn me absoltutley on. To take them in my mouth and suck them thicker and thicker must be the Jackpot of lust.
    By the way, Francesca Fay´s feet are super sexy too. Small, bright with silky soles and tiny well shaped toes. So it is clear, that I not only want to take her labia in my mouth, but her feet and toes too.
    Yes our Little kitty is adorable.

    on Francesca Fay

    beetle 2 hours ago

    Perfect start. Hello and welcome Francesca Fay. I want to see much more from you and your seductive erotic Body in future.
    You are really a 10 Point girl.

    on Presenting Francesca Fay