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Erotic fiction inspired by Angelina Ash in “Presenting Angelina Ash

She's such a tease, in the most wonderful way. I'm mesmerized, watching her shadow dance in the light of the moon. Her limber moves have my heart beating like a drum, my head swimming and crashing in lust.

She takes two chairs behind the thin white curtain and carefully stands on them. I watch her gorgeous shadow slow wind in a smooth rhythm, then suddenly she drops down in a split with each leg on a chair.  My chest pounds and my cock instantly stands at attention like a disciplined soldier.

I walk slowly to the curtain and press against the thin sheet. She scoots closer to me, legs in a perfect split, ass to my cock, giving me one hell of a show. The soft cloth gives my shaft a smooth tickle as she slides her gorgeous ass up and down my dick.

Her wetness blots the curtain as she moans softly. I feel leakage of my own seeping through my tip. I reach my hands forward and grip her hips over the cloth. My dick slips halfway inside her and I hear her sexy voice sigh in passion. 

I feel her tight wet walls grip my cock, the curtain acting like a flimsy condom, barely coating my shaft as I ease deep inside her. Her hands grip my neck through the curtain. She tells me how good I feel, giving me motivation to fuck her harder. 

I fuck her so hard, she lets go and her hands hit the floor, letting my cock slide out of her. I draw the curtain and finally see her spellbinding frame spread open. The position she's in brings me to my knees. I cuff her thighs with my arms and lick from her clit to her ass, then back again. My tongue swivels and swirls all around, smearing her wetness everywhere. 

Her legs shiver over the chairs as my tongue slips inside her. I slurp her pussy firmly with my arms pulling her even tighter. I lose my breath a little, tasting her wetness flow out and smear my face. She's like a honeycomb in the flesh and I'm hungry for her dripping nectar.

My cock is at the verge of eruption, feeling her pussy squirm on my lips. I lick and lap, suck and slurp her delicious pussy until she implodes in pleasure. Then, I get on my feet quickly and grip her hips. 

I feel her rumbling walls surround my cock. And it instantly tips me over. The sensation is more than enough to make me cum a million times. God knows I've held my load in long enough to almost kill me, but I just had to taste those pulses.

Her pussy is so tight and wet, it makes the blood race through my veins like acid lightening. My sweat drips on her back as my cock surges inside her. Each stroke tightening my balls like a screw. At a hard exhale, my cock explodes inside her like a hot geyser.

Her loud screams soften to sultry moans, her whole body shaking uncontrollably. I carefully slide out of her and kiss her neck softly. She looks back at me and grabs my face, letting our quivering lips meet in a sweet kiss. 

I turn her all the way around and pick her up, wrapping her legs around my waist. Perfect timing. The night is dimly lit with a pale moon. And the stars begin to twinkle over our glistening naked bodies. I'm taking my beautiful tiny dancer inside to start another round of whatever her body craves. 


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


New MetArt model of the month: May 2019

May has been a month of abundant sunshine and sexy girls here at MetArt, with nine lovely new models making their naked debut. From busty bombshells to petite cuties, there really was someone for all tastes! It’s not easy to pick favorites from such a bounty of gorgeous budding starlets, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Cassia photographed by Erro. Presented May 12.

Slender and athletic, with perfect breasts and a sensational ass, 22-year-old Polish newcomer Cassia made a powerful first impression. The blue-eyed babe with silky golden-brown hair charmed with her lovely smile and sultry sensuality. Her passionate and romantic bio revealed that she dreams of kisses from a strong yet gentle and seductive man who will adore and cherish her. Could that be you?

Gianna Dior photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented May 19.

A dark-eyed Hispanic honey with a commanding presence, American beauty Gianna Dior made her debut in sexy lingerie which she peeled off to reveal magnificent breasts with delicious chocolate-brown nipples, and a pretty pussy with smooth plump lips and a fluffy bush. Poised and glamorous, this 22-year-old caramel-skinned stunner revealed in her bio that she’s a serious-minded girl who enjoys her studies; but judging by the hint of creaminess displayed here, she enjoys erotic modeling at least as much!

Alice Antoinette photographed by Cassandra Keyes. Presented May 21.

From her cute feet to her wavy blonde hair, 22-year-old American darling Alice Antoinette was a delectable treat. The alluring debutante had flirting with her pretty eyes down to a fine art, stripping out of her bikini by the pool to reveal her incredible body, with luscious breasts, a peachy ass and a smooth shaved pussy. Her confident, uninhibited air as she shared her naked charms was exceptionally appealing.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of May 2019?



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Introducing sexy new MetArt star Sophie Sparks

Beautiful blue-eyed blonde Sophie Sparks made her MetArt debut last month in a delightful “Presenting” photoset by Deltagamma that showcased her natural charm to perfection. Her pretty face and gorgeous body made her an abundance of new fans, who found so much to admire, from her stunning smile to her lovely breasts, natural blonde bush and curvy ass, gift-wrapped in sexy see-through lingerie that didn’t linger for too long! Sweet Sophie took the time to respond to all the eager members who left comments for her, so I grabbed the opportunity to ask her some very personal questions…

Sophie, please tell us a little about yourself.

Sophie Sparks: I just turned 20 about a month ago. I’m originally from the US, but I live in Europe now and I’m planning to stay around for a while. I like doing artsy things: photography, playing my ukulele, drawing, knitting or scrapbooking. I love all music except country music! My phone music library has everything from Beach Boys, to Mozart, to Pink Floyd, to Beyoncé. Currently I don’t have any pets, but I love dogs!

What inspired you to get into nude modeling?

SS: They say if you’re good at something, you should never do it for free. I love being sexual and it turns me on to know people enjoy watching me, so it was something I always wanted to try.

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

SS: I think my eyes are one of my best features; a look can be so sexy, and a gaze can communicate so much. I’ve also been working really hard on my body, and I am very proud of the results.

How do you keep in such good shape?

SS: I try and eat healthy and go to the gym five or six times a week. No secret formula, just moderation and patience. I look forward to shooting again for MetArt in 2019 so I can show off my progress since my first few photosets for you were shot.

How would you describe your personality?

SS: I am a bit of an introvert. I am shy at first, but once you get to know me, I get really silly and – I think – funny.

Are you an exhibitionist?

SS: No. Far from it. But I’ve been pushing my limits lately with some outdoor videos and I’ve quite enjoyed it.

Are you a romantic person?

SS: I am! I think that’s why I feel MetArt is such a great fit for my modeling. The storytelling that happens in the sets, along with the elegant nature of the shots, matches my romantic personality.

Do you have a high sex drive?

SS: Yes, I do! I get cranky if I don’t have sex for too long!

Did you ever have sex with a girl in your personal life before you started to make movies?

SS: Yes, I did. I think by now I’ve had sex with more girls than guys. I am at least bisexual, but guys are losing some ground lately!

Do you prefer guys or girls?

SS: I think I have phases. Right now, I am in more of a ‘girl phase’, with so many gorgeous and talented models I would love to work with. I like that girls are soft, smell pretty, and have bouncy boobies I can suck on. With guys, I like their manliness: they make me feel safe and I can relax while they take charge. I like my men to be manly, and my girls to be girly. Of course, looks and a sense of humor are a plus for both. As for romantic, it depends: if it’s just a hook-up I wouldn’t want any of that.

What is your favorite position?

SS: My favorite one is 69! I’m all about giving and receiving pleasure at the same time.

What turns you on?

SS: Confidence and intelligence can go a long way! With girls, I love a nice pair of boobies on a tight little body, while with guys I like a beard and muscles.

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

SS: In a Japanese garden. I was traveling in Asia about two years ago. There was this sexy guy staying at the same hostel as me. After a couple days of heavy flirting we ended up having sex in the middle of the night in a 1,000-year-old Japanese garden! I was so afraid we were going to get caught.

Do you like to masturbate?

SS: It is my job so I do it every day! But if I didn’t do it on camera, I would probably do it… still every day! I like alternating between toys and fingers. They all feel amazing!

What is your favorite sexual fantasy?

SS: I have a not-so-secret Captain Jack Sparrow fantasy. I would be a siren that seduces him with my songs and after I had my way with him, I’d leave him all ravished on a beach.

Have you ever had a threesome?

SS: I’ve had a few. One of the best was with a couple while living in Shanghai: a Latvian girl and her Italian boyfriend. Poor guy, she was way more interested in me than she was in him. With all the attention I was getting from both of them, it was amazing! Getting fucked and having my clit licked at the same time is one of the best things ever!

Do you believe in open relationships?

SS: Everyone is different, and I think, open relationships are good for a very specific kind of person. Still, they have always worked best for me. I don’t want to feel restrained and I don’t want to control my partner either. Especially with me modeling, I can’t see it happening any other way. Maybe I am just too horny to be monogamous!

Did you ever try anything really naughty?

SS: Once I had a hook-up with this guy that had a harness up on the door. He tied my hands up above my head and propped me up on the door in the harness. The sex was incredibly hot!

What are your ambitions?

SS: It might sound like a cliché, but I want to live my life to the fullest. I don’t need to have a big house, or a fancy car. I just want to travel the world, see different places and experience different cultures, and I think that will always make me happy. This is another reason why I think modeling is such a great job for me. I am not bound to any one place, and shootings give me the opportunity to go to so many different places.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

SS: I’m so excited to be part of the MetArt community and I want to thank all the people that dropped a comment and interacted with me. Other than that, follow me on Twitter @SophieSparksXXX where I announce everything, from when I’m going on cam, to what scenes of me have been released. I’m also on Instagram @SophieSparksXX and on MyDirtyHobby as SophieSparksxxx


New MetArt model of the month: February 2019

February 2019 has been a short month but a merry one here at MetArt, bringing us hurtling towards Spring with ten gorgeous new models – including sexy brunette Kirylam, who made her erotic debut in a movie. It’s always a challenge to pick favorites from such an abundance of natural beauties, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Haddie photographed by Koenart. Presented February 4.

Enchanting 22-year-old brunette Haddie had a serene air, posing perfectly naked in the bathtub, showing off her incredible body – especially that peachy ass – from all angles. Appropriately for a professional florist, the Italian hottie’s bath water was sprinkled with rose petals; but no bloom could compare with the natural sweetness of her dark eyes and lovely smile.

Isabella Star photographed by Fabrice. Presented February 24.

Vivacious cutie Isabella melted hearts with her big brown eyes and adorable smile. The 18-year-old Ukrainian babe showed off her athletic figure without a hint of shyness, bending over with her long, wavy blonde hair reaching all the way down to her sexy bubble butt. Talented as well as gorgeous, she sings and plays guitar – hopefully naked!

Sophie Sparks photographed by Deltagamma. Presented February 27.

Stunning blue-eyed blonde Sophie made an instant impression in her see-through pink lingerie, exuding a confident sensuality that was spellbinding. The 22-year-old American beauty made a lot of new friends by chatting with members in the comments section, responding to their compliments with great charm and playfulness. Definitely a star in the making!

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of February 2019?



New MetArt model of the month: November 2018

What a wonderful month for hot new models it’s been! Twelve gorgeous girls appeared on MetArt for the first time in November 2018, two of them – Divine and Katana – in erotic movies. That’s enough to keep anyone warm as winter approaches. It’s not easy to choose favorites from such lovely naked debutantes, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Magen photographed by Luca Helios. Presented November 1.

Asian beauty Magen got the month started in dazzling style. The stunning 22-year-old from Thailand made an instant impression with her long, shiny black hair, slender figure, and sexy small breasts with dark nipples. And then there’s that world class ass and perfect pussy! In her bio, Megan admits she’s an exhibitionist who loves posing nude, and her naughty smile gives away what a good time she’s having… we’re happy she chose to share it with us.

Martina Mink, photographed by Matiss. Presented November 13.

Voluptuous Martina is a dream come true for lovers of big breasts. The busty 24-year-old Russian babe has the statuesque physique of a warrior princess, a fabulous fantasy figure with gorgeous blue eyes that will hold your gaze – if you can tear it away from her sensational boobs, that is! Her lustrous hair looks super-cute in braids, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it flow loose over those luscious curves…

Stacy Cruz, photographed by Erro. Presented November 17.

Racy Stacy Cruz likes fast cars, and in her bio she reveals that she gets excited by the sound of a powerful engine revving. The thought of taking this curvaceous 19-year-old Czech beauty for a test drive is quite the aphrodisiac. Just imagine those incredible breasts bouncing every time you hit a bump in the road… the blue-eyed brunette’s athletic figure and provocative demeanor made for a memorable and stimulating debut.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of November 2018?


New MetArt model of the month: September 2018

There’s been a delicious baker’s dozen of tasty new models at MetArt this month – that’s including sexy-cute Tiffany Tatum, who debuts tomorrow, and American hottie Crystal Wings, who made her first appearance in a movie. All 13 of these lovely new nudes brought their own special appeal, so whether you like blondes or brunettes, curvy or sporty girls, it’s not an easy task to pick favorites – but that’s what makes it so much fun! Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Delphina photographed by Matiss. Presented September 5

Sultry Russian brunette Delphina grabbed the attention with her beautiful eyes, full lips and sensational figure. The stunning 24-year-old with perfect-handful breasts and a pretty butterfly-winged pussy describes herself as smart, funny and sexy, and her provocative poses certainly got pulses racing.

Danica Jewels photographed by Dave Lee. Presented September 24

A gorgeous Russian cutie with that sunshiny California beach babe look, blue-eyed blonde Danica has a smile that could melt stone. The 29-year-old yoga bunny turns heads with her incredible body, head-to-toe irresistible with big, wonderfully-shaped natural breasts and an ass to die for.

Eva Tali photographed by Nudero. Presented September 25

Blonde bombshell Eva makes it a hat trick of Russian beauties that caught my eye this month. The athletic, statuesque starlet knows just how to pose to show off those fantastic long legs – I’m sure I’m not the only one who misread her name as “tall”! Busty 20-year-old Eva is a creative soul who dreams of being a writer; but we’re delighted she’s made nude modeling her first choice of career, those big natural breasts deserve to be seen!

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of September 2018?


New MetArt model of the month: August 2018

We’re always on the lookout for gorgeous new models here at MetArt, and in August 2018 we were delighted to introduce eight new natural beauties, all of them eager to make their nude debut for your viewing pleasure. Each one has her own unique appeal, which makes it so difficult to choose favorites, but lots of fun to contemplate! Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Aleksandrina photographed by Matiss. Presented August 1

Slender brunette Aleksandrina has the most vivacious aura, so it’s not surprising she describes herself as cheerful and energetic in her bio. The 26-year-old Russian starlet has a stunning face with memerizing brown eyes, and her tall, elegant body is decorated with sexy tan lines that draw the eye to her perky nipples and perfect ass very effectively. She’s a budding actress, so we hope to see her on the big screen soon!

Avita photographed by Egon Schneider. Presented August 11

Pretty, green-eyed Avita has the flexibility of a dancer, and the cute playfulness of a born exhibitionist. The 24-year-old Ukrainian sweetheart has adorable dimples and long, straight brunette hair that reaches almost all the way to her fine ass. A nature lover, she enjoys swimming and relaxing outdoors; the idea of stumbling upon this stunning siren emerging naked from a lake is one to treasure.

Dakota Pink photographed by Matiss. Presented August 26.

Dakota’s fantastic breasts might be the first of her many alluring attributes to catch your eye, but she has plenty more to offer too. The 19-year-old green-eyed Russian model has a sensational figure, no doubt due to her sporty nature, and reveals in her bio that she is justifiably proud of her sexy body. The high-achieving science student has brains as well as beauty; no wonder you’ve been clamouring to see more of her.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of August 2018?


New MetArt model of the month: June 2018

Summer is the season for babe watching, and in June 2018 we had the pleasure of introducing twelve gorgeous new models, all eager to share their natural beauty and charm for the first time. From leggy brunette Megan Muse to perky blonde Kate Fresh, all tastes were catered for in a delicious selection of stunning newbies. Special mention must go to Hispanic honey Calypso, photographed by Luca Helios; this luscious Colombian babe debuted yesterday, too late to make my cut, but at the time of writing she's rated 9.2, a very impressive achievement for a first timer, which suggests I'm not the only one who is utterly smitten by her sultry good looks! I can't wait to see more of her. 

Anyway, it’s not easy to choose favorites, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Lexie Fox photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented June 5.

All-American beach babe Lexie Fox is a poster girl for the benefits of the healthy outdoor lifestyle. The 19-year-old green-eyed cutie is a vegetarian who loves hiking, and her perfect body is inspiration enough to follow her lead… any walk would be made better by the sight of that pert posterior in tight shorts, or better yet, naked!

Marion photographed by Koenart. Presented June 11.

Pretty in pink and even prettier naked, 18-year-old Marion grabs the attention with her beautiful big natural breasts. The voluptuous blue-eyed Latvian brunette reveals in her bio that she likes video games and fantasy TV shows; and that curvy yet toned, flexible and bountiful figure is surely the stuff of all our fantasies…

Staffie photographed by Matiss. Presented June 20.

Cute Russian babe Staffie looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but the adorable 20-year-old confides in her bio that she is a rebel who “lives for pleasure.” Her slender, athletic body no doubt honed by the singing and dancing she loves, this brown-eyed babe has sexy small breasts and lovely long legs, but it’s that deceptively angelic face with the sweet smile that hints at more naughtiness to come…

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of June 2018?


New MetArt model of the month: May 2018

May 2018 was a fabulous month here at MetArt, introducing eleven stunning new nude models, each one eager to experience the excitement of getting naked for such a discerning and enthusiastic crowd. It’s not easy to choose favorites from such a superb selection of delicious debutantes, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Angelina Socho photographed by Luca Helios. Presented May 3

An irresistible new star with an incredible body, 20-year-old Ukrainian babe Angelina Socho revealed that her ambition is to be an erotic model – and with such perfect attributes, we think it’s a no-brainer. Tall and slender with big natural breasts, the sporty brunette keeps her hot ass shape with dancing, swimming and horse riding. The jiggle factor must be sensational…

Ely photographed by Koenart. Presented May 24

As smart as she is sexy, Latvian lovely Ely is interested in politics, literature and history – but we’re more interested in studying her luscious body. The blue-eyed 24-year-old with long jet-black hair and perfect-handful breasts has a seductive air that suggests she knows exactly what effect her naked beauty has on her admirers. With a dazzling smile, perky nipples and a pretty, plump pussy, Ely made a memorable first impression that will hopefully lead to many more appearances.

Adenorah photographed by Matiss. Presented May 26

Curvaceous cutie Adenorah wowed us with her voluptuous body and sweet face. Her sexy lingerie did an admirable job of showing off her long legs and fabulous ass too. In her bio the 21-year-old blue-eyed blonde from Ukraine revealed that her hobby is cooking, and said, “I love my magnificent figure and I feel sexy.” Perfect girlfriend material, surely?

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of May 2018?



New MetArt model of the month: April 2018

We don’t mind April showers here at MetArt, when it’s a shower of fresh new models making their nude debut. Ten lovely girls made their first appearance in April 2018, all unique, but with one thing in common – the thrill of getting naked for an appreciative audience for the first time! It’s not easy to choose favorites with so much natural gorgeousness on offer, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Maible photographed by Arkisi. Presented April 5.

The first thing that grabs the attention about 22-year-old Ukrainian cutie Maible is her huge breasts, so surprising on her slender frame. She’s evidently proud of them too, fondling and squeezing them lovingly. But then you notice her pretty face, with gorgeous brown eyes and a seductive smile, and that firm, fine ass. Let’s hope we see much more of her, and preferably in a movie – the jiggle factor must be spectacular. As one member commented, “Not only do her cups runneth over, but my own eyes feel like they are on Viagra, seeking to launch from the sockets.”

Kery, photographed by Alex Lynn. Presented April 14.

Blue-eyed blonde Kery drove us all crazy by starting out in a tight shirt, short skirt, heels and glasses; secretary chic at its most seductive and suggestive. And then she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal those perfect-handful breasts… The 21-year-old Ukrainian babe looked a little serious and studious at first, but as her clothes came off, her sunny smile revealed how much she was enjoying your attention – and so did her perky nipples. Her perfect plump pussy didn’t go unnoticed, either.

Camilla Stan, photographed by Matiss. Presented April 26.

Sweet Camilla Stan is a ray of pure sunshine, a 19-year-old Russian doll with blue eyes, full lips and soft curves. Her big breasts and generous booty make me want to grab and squeeze! An adorable girl-next-door type, Camilla has such a happy, vibrant aura, and looks like a whole lot of fun to roll around with, preferably naked…

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of April 2018?


New MetArt model of the month: March 2018

Spring is in the air, the sap is rising, and thoughts naturally turn to sex – especially when there are so many gorgeous naked girls to enjoy! March 2018 has been a fine month for new models, with eleven stunning babes making their debut appearance – and if you’re wondering who the eleventh is, look out for Jenifer Love from Cassandra Keyes tomorrow! It’s not easy to choose favorites from such a lovely selection, but here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Laura Lynn photographed by Koenart. Presented March 1.

A smiling cutie with adorable girl-next-door appeal, 19-year-old Latvian sweetheart Laura Lynn brought a whole bunch of positive energy to get the month off to a fun start. The blue-eyed brunette looked irresistible in her blue and peach lace bra and panties that clung to her perfect ass like a second skin. A fresh-faced, dimpled delight.


Valencia photographed by Matiss. Presented March 27.

Russian beauty Valencia is tall and slender, with an athletic figure and perfect-handful breasts, highlighted by her sexy tan lines. The brown-eyed 18-year-old brunette revealed that she loves flowers, dreaming of a wonderful winter roof garden, and enjoys traveling. That flirtatious look suggests seeing the world with her would be a very pleasurable experience…

Faina Bona photographed by Tora Ness. Presented March 30.

Blue-eyed blonde Faina Bona is an irresistible little bundle of naughtiness, an 18-year-old Belarusian babe with freckles and an enchanting smile. Grabbing the attention in nothing but semi-transparent white lingerie, the sassy sex kitten soon got naked to show off her lovely small breasts with wide pink areolae, sweet shaved pussy and sensational ass. It’s a memorable debut, and hopefully the first of many appearances.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of March 2018?


New MetArt model of the month: February 2018

It’s traditionally the month of love, and there’s no doubt you will love the gorgeous new models who made their MetArt debut in February 2018! Six sensational sweethearts graced us with their first appearance, all fresh-faced newbies with their own unique charms, each one eager to share their natural sexuality with you. Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Gracia photographed by Matiss. Presented February 1.

Stunning green-eyed blonde Gracia started the month in incredible style, her dazzling smile and movie star looks mesmerizing. As one member remarked, “She has a face that belongs on the cover of a glamour magazine… and an ass that belongs on my face!” The 21-year-old Russian beauty showed off her amazing bubble butt and sweet small breasts, as she revealed that she’d walk down the street in nothing but her sexy lingerie if she could. Guaranteed to stop traffic…

Angel Constance photographed by Cassandra Keyes. Presented February 8.

A Canadian cutie of Indian heritage, 23-year-old Angel Constance has beautiful brown eyes, silky skin and a sultry demeanor that hints at a very naughty nature. Taking off her bikini on the beach to bare her perky perfect-handful breasts with dark areolae and stiff nipples, hot pussy with its neatly trimmed bush, and nicely-rounded ass, she’s a delicious delicacy we hope to see much more of.

Scarlett Sage photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented February 14.

The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, all-American blonde Scarlett Sage looked irresistible in her sexy red lingerie as she sampled a box of chocolates from an admirer. Playful and bubbly, with wonderful puffy nipples, the 20-year-old green-eyed sweetheart giggled and flirted as she flaunted her fantastic ass. The video, over on MetArt X, gets even hotter as she talks dirty to her unseen lover on the phone and lets her fingers explore her juicy pussy. It’s a must see.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of February 2018?


New MetArt model of the month: January 2018

January 2018 was quieter than usual for new models, with so many favorites returning that there were only six new faces; but what a hot bunch they were. All shot by different artists, and all with their own special attributes, they graced us with their natural charm and unstudied sex appeal, bringing some sunshine to what is traditionally a dark and dismal month after the excesses of the holiday season. From Varya Shay’s beautiful blue eyes to Andrea Sixth’s long blonde hair and perky breasts, what could lift the spirits more than the sight of a fresh-faced cutie getting naked for us for the first time? Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Seny photographed by Flora. Presented January 1.

What better way to celebrate New Year’s Day than with a brand new babe – and an exceptionally adorable one, at that! Russian sweetie Seny is just 18 years old, a delightful brown-eyed girl next door with a slender body, lovely long legs and an ass to die for. With her shy smile, Seny looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth; but then the piercing in her navel, shaved pussy and a certain air of mystery suggest she’s not quite as innocent as she looks…

Maxine photographed by Koenart. Presented January 3.

A stunning smile, a fit and athletic body; 24-year-old Latvian lovely Maxine makes an instant impression, peeling off her short and sassy sundress to stand naked in the sand, enjoying the sun – and your eyes – on her beautiful body. Maxine describes herself in her bio as positive, creative and adventurous, and you can certainly feel the happy energy she exudes as she shows off her sexy tanlines. I’m still fantasizing about naked yoga with her…

Saffy photographed by Catherine. Presented January 26.

Voluptuous Saffy has the kind of curves that are so appealing to stroke and squeeze. Those fantastic big breasts grab the attention first of course, but then there’s that soft round bottom… top it all off with gorgeous hazel eyes and a sweet smile, and it makes for an irresistible package. The 23-year-old Russian hottie reveals in her bio that she loves dancing, singing and growing flowers – and that she’s into track and field athletics. The thought of those terrific titties bouncing as she runs is mindblowing.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of January 2018?


New MetArt model of the month: September 2017

September 2017 has been a sensational month for new MetArt models, with no less than 18 gorgeous new girls making their debut appearance. These fresh faced foxes were all eager to get naked and display their natural charms, many of them for the first time on camera, with one notable exception. Stunning Alexis Crystal, who debuted on September 13, is a popular star throughout the MetArt Network, with some incredible movies on our sister sites SexArt and Viv Thomas; if you’re not familiar with her work you should certainly check her out! Anyway, here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Riley Anne photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented September 1.

Blue-eyed blonde cutie Riley Anne got the month off to a flying start, with a seductive striptease and a naughty smile. Slender, with a golden tan, perfect-handful breasts and a mindblowing ass, she knows just how to grab your attention. The 22-year-old American sweetheart reveals in her bio that she likes to hang out in her pajamas – what could be more tempting than the offer to ‘Netflix and chill’ with her?

Anata photographed by Koenart. Presented September 17.

Adorable girl-next-door Anata has an endearingly unstudied air that suggests she has no idea how sexy she is. The tall, brown-eyed 20-year-old Ukrainian babe loves to watch and play sports, which explains her fantastic figure, with long legs, lovely small breasts and an ass that begs to be grabbed. This was her first time in front of the camera, and the mischievous sparkle in her eyes suggests it won’t be the last.

Alicia Love photographed by Matiss. Presented September 25.

Russian newcomer Alicia Love is absolutely my type, a sultry brunette with an athletic physique – love the hard abs and firm but curvy ass – and an alluring air of mystery. As well as hitchhiking and warm summer nights, the sexy and sociable 19-year-old reveals that she loves to read classical literature in French, and write poetry and songs. Brains as well as beauty…

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of September 2017?


New MetArt model of the month: August 2017

Eleven lovely new models made their first appearance on MetArt in August 2017 – blondes, brunettes and redheads, some petite, some curvy, some shaved, some au naturel, but all gorgeous and eager to get naked for your viewing pleasure. Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Dakota photographed by Matiss. Presented August 14.

Cute as a button, green-eyed Russian sweetie Dakota is a journalism student but dreams of being a dress designer – although with that sensational body, we’d rather she went naked all the time! With small breasts crowned with big puffy nipples, and long brunette hair that reaches all the way down to her perfectly peachy ass, she’s a real head turner. Which is no bad thing, as she reveals, “I like to sing, dance and be the center of attention.”

Vanesa photographed by Luca Helios. Presented August 21.

Elegant Czech beauty Vanesa is a little older than most of our debutantes at 25, which may explain her air of self-assured sensuality. Her amazing figure, with firm abs, perfect-handful breasts and a delicious ass, can be attributed to a love of sports – cycling, running naked on the beach and skinny-dipping in the sea, no matter how chilly the weather. A girl this hot never feels cold!

Carolina Sweets photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented August 28.

Blue-eyed American brunette Carolina Sweets is a petite cutie with an astonishingly fine ass. The delicious, fresh-faced 20-year-old certainly lives up to her name with her adorable college girl appeal. She’s an athletic girl who loves going hiking; who wouldn’t want to spend time alone in the great outdoors with her?

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of August 2017?


A naughty secret from MetArt model Jasmine Jazz

Download (Right-click save as)

Gorgeous nude model Jasmine Jazz is one of the hottest new discoveries of the past few months, a flirty brunette with a stunning smile and a slender, sexy body.

While on location with director Charles Lakante recently, the hot 27-year-old Ukrainian babe took a moment to reveal one of her naughty secrets on camera. She’s so cute and charming!

Look out for Jasmine’s movie directed by Charles Lakante over on our sister site MetArt X soon, and you’ll see just how naughty she can be!


New MetArt model of the month: July 2017


Nothing quite compares with the thrill when a girl gets naked for you for the very first time; and in July 2017 we presented twelve gorgeous new nudes, revealing their natural beauty for your viewing pleasure. Whether your preference is for curvy or waifish, ebony beauties or freckled redheads, we had a hot debutante to tickle your fancy. Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Jasmine Hane photographed by Matiss. Presented July 5.

Cute 23-year-old Russian doll Jasmine Hane has not only the perkiest personality but possibly also the perkiest posterior on MetArt this month. Jasmine introduced herself with a flirty smile, describing herself in her bio as cheerful, energetic and positive. The slender brown-eyed babe with tiny tits also revealed that she teaches pole dancing, and loves to dance naked in her apartment, which has no curtains… we envy her neighbors.

Naomi Kiss photographed by Koenart. Presented July 1.

Brown-eyed blonde Naomi Kiss has perfect handful breasts and a very nice, firm little ass, no doubt kept in such fine shape by her love of sports, especially swimming and dancing. The 21-year-old Latvian sweetie looked super-cute in the kitchen, rolling her tight bodysuit down to reveal her porcelain skin, her fantastic boobs and shaved pussy revealed with a shy smile. No wonder she’s already been invited back for a second appearance! 

Vos photographed by Alex Lynn. Presented July 27.

She’s only 18, but newcomer Vos is all woman, her huge natural breasts and voluptuous ass giving her a classic hourglass figure that’s extremely alluring. This sexy redhead with beautiful hazel eyes is from Ukraine, and boob lovers can’t fail to appreciate the way she squeezes those big tits together so temptingly…

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of July 2017?


New MetArt model of the month: June 2017

Unlucky for some but lucky for us, 13 stunning new models made their debut in June 2017 – a baker’s dozen of beautiful babes ready to get naked and naughty for your viewing pleasure. Whether you prefer bubbly blondes or sultry brunettes, big breasts or tiny titties, these fresh new girls were bound to grab your attention. Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Jasmine Jazz photographed by Alex Lynn. Presented June 5

At 27 years old, gorgeous Jasmine Jazz is a little older than most of our debutante models – old enough to know what she wants, and how to get it! The sexy Ukrainian brunette has an attractive air of confidence, and no wonder, with such a stunning face and perfect ten body. In her bio she admits to being a very sensual girl who loves attention, and I for one would be happy to give it to her…

Nimfa photographed by Antonio Clemens. Presented June 15

Sweet 21-year-old Russian babe Nimfa’s incredible flexibility makes an immediate impression – the possibilities are endless with a girl who can get into such exotic positions – but that’s not the only thing that will keep you coming back for more. The tall, slender beauty with bright blue eyes and long blonde hair also has a perfect ass, cute tiny breasts, and an air of intriguing naughtiness.

Vanessa Decker photographed by Erro. Presented June 19

This was an unusual debut for us; far from being an unknown girl, Vanessa is in fact a top model on our sister site SexArt, having starred in some of our most arousing boy-girl and girl-girl movies ever. But we all felt the 22-year-old Czech babe is so gorgeous she deserved to take center stage, and her first solo appearance was an event worth waiting for. The raven-haired beauty’s big breasts and delicious butterfly-winged pussy are not to be missed, her sultry, sexy intensity utterly alluring.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of June 2017?


New MetArt model of the month: May 2017

Sixteen sensational new models made their MetArt debut in May 2017, a delightful crop of fresh new faces ready to share their natural, naked charms. So many hot, sexy girls to choose from: blondes, brunettes and redheads, petite or curvy, they are all simply delicious. Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Eveline photographed by Erro. Presented May 15

What a beautiful face! Stunning Czech chick Eveline has just the type of exotic look I love – caramel skin, dark eyes, and a sultry air of mystery. Doesn’t hurt that she also has a slender, athletic build with cute tiny titties, long legs and a peachy little ass! The 23-year-old babe revealed she is looking for someone to pamper her; can you imagine what a pleasure that would be?

Shalon photographed by Koenart. Presented May 26

Sexy Shalon has possibly the most perfect rear view we’ve seen all month – the sight of this fox from Finland’s black lace panties sliding down to reveal her firm but curvy ass cheeks is pretty spectacular. The 25-year-old blue-eyed blonde also happens to have a gorgeous face and great body, her hard nipples suggesting she enjoyed posing nude very much! Shalon says in her bio that she loves chocolate, but we think she’s sweet enough already.

Anie Darling photographed by Luca Helios. Presented May 31

Slender Czech cutie Anie is already a popular star on our sister sites SexArt and Viv Thomas, so it’s great to see her taking center stage here in her MetArt debut. Just 18 years old, the adorable brunette loves swimming and dancing, and it shows in her athletic figure. Perky, pretty and with tons of natural sex appeal, we think she’s a huge star in the making.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of May 2017?


New MetArt model of the month: April 2017

It’s been a great month for brand new nude models here at MetArt, with no less than 22 fresh faces to whet your appetite! Whether you favor busty blondes or slender Asian sweeties, exotic brunettes or raunchy redheads, there’s sure to have been a delightful debutante to blow your mind! Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Kylie Page photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented April 5

American cutie Kylie is bubbly, blonde and buxom, with a sweet face and voluptuous figure. The 21-year-old starlet made a splash in her debut with her naughty smile, sassy poses and sizzling sex appeal. In her bio, the brown-eyed babe said she loved spending time alone with a book – but I’m sure I could think of better ways to keep her occupied!

Slava photographed by Tora Ness. Presented April 16

Athletic beauty Slava is a petite sweetheart, slender but with curves in all the right places. The 19-year-old Belarusian looked elegantly sexy dressed in a simple white shirt and nothing else, her pretty face, perfect-handful breasts and pert ass making her an immediate attention-grabber. An impressive debut for new artist Tora Ness, too.

Bridgette Angel photographed by Matiss. Presented April 20

Raven-haired Bridgette may have the looks of an angel, but she’s devilishly alluring. Just 19 years old and another Belarusian beauty, Bridgette has a gorgeous face – all big brown eyes, sweet lips and high cheekbones – and a lovely, lush figure. In her bio, she reveals that she’s a student who travels to different countries to learn languages; no doubt many MetArt members would be honored to teach her the language of love!

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of April 2017?


New MetArt model of the month: March 2017

Spring was in the air this March at MetArt, with no less than 14 fresh new models to put a little pep in your step! Whether you prefer your girls slender or voluptuous, blonde or dark, hairy or shaved, there was a sweet newbie to enchant you. Here’s my personal (and entirely subjective) pick of the top three MetArt debutantes of the month:

Mazzy photographed by Koenart. Presented March 1

Raven-haired, porcelain-skinned Mazzy had a sultry demeanor that made me look and look again. The 19-year-old Latvian lovely looked stunning in a transparent, figure-hugging black lace dress that barely skimmed the tops of her thighs; even better when she removed it to show off her firm but feminine body.

Patricia B photographed by Arkisi. Presented March 4

Patricia’s beautifully shaped, perfect-handful breasts are certainly eye-catching, but then so are her fabulous bottom and shapely hips. The 20-year-old Latvian brunette said in her bio: “I feel sexy in my skin. I love to have curves and to be a woman,” and it showed. Her confidence and sweetness are very alluring.

Lola Krit photographed by Leonardo. Presented March 22

Blue-eyed blonde Lola admitted to being an exhibitionist, and who could blame her for wanting to show off her lovely body? The 20-year-old Ukrainian babe was cute from head to toe, with a remarkably pert posterior, but it was her pretty face and stunning smile that held the attention. Her playful, self-assured poses suggest she’s a girl who thoroughly enjoys being in the limelight.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of March 2017?


New MetArt model of the month: February 2017

February is a month for lovers; and here at MetArt, it seems it’s a fine month for lovers of beautiful new models getting naked for the first time for our viewing pleasure! In February 2017, MetArt presented ten gorgeous new girls, all with their own special appeal; whether you like blondes, brunettes or redheads, slender sweeties or curvy cuties, you were sure to find something to delight you. Here’s my personal (and entirely subjective) top three debutantes of the month:

Romana, photographed by Matiss. Presented February 4.

Ukrainian babe Romana has the exotic dark-haired, dark-eyed, sultry look I just can’t resist, and a smile that could charm the birds from the trees. Posing outdoors in figure-hugging lace lingerie that she removed to reveal perfect breasts and a very fine ass highlighted by tan lines, the 25-year-old said in her bio that she is looking for the right man to spend her life with: any volunteers?

Claire, photographed by Catherine. Presented February 11.

Voluptuous Russian doll Claire revealed in her biography that she is very sporty; we can only hope a video is forthcoming, as the jiggle factor must be spectacular! Claire appeared very confident in the appeal of her womanly curves; no shy wallflower here, she reveled in her nakedness and earthy sensuality.

Sydney Wolf, photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented February 15.

Native American beauty Sydney has a naturally glamorous, effortlessly sexy look that is instantly appealing. Posing casually in the kitchen in T-shirt and lacy panties, the 21-year-old brunette flirted playfully with the camera before flashing her perfectly peachy ass and gradually getting naked in the most teasing, tempting manner. A rising star, I suspect.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of February 2017?


New MetArt model of the month: January 2017

Here at MetArt we make it our mission to find the world’s hottest new models, naturally gorgeous girls ready to get beautifully naked for you for the first time. And while January might threaten to put you in a post-holiday slump, we kept things fresh and fun with no less than 12 sexy babes making their MetArt debut. What a fabulous selection of stunning new blondes, brunettes and redheads we found!

So who was your favorite new MetArt model of January 2017? It’s not easy to choose from so much hotness, but here’s my personal (and entirely subjective) top three:

Yuki, photographed by Fabrice. Presented January 9.

I don’t usually go for the fuller-figured girls, but Ukrainian babe Yuki has got curves in all the right places! The 20-year-old blue-eyed brunette with an artistic streak looked adorable in pigtails as she revealed her big, beautiful breasts and spread her legs wide to show off her pretty, shaved pussy, evidently revelling in her own naughtiness.

Misty Lovelace, photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented January 15.

Now, Misty is exactly my type of girl. Fit, athletic and very flexible, the American cutie made quite a first impression with her tight buns and perky attitude. The petite 25-year-old brunette worked her way through a naked exercise routine that showcased her suppleness – not to mention her cute hairy pussy – and certainly had my pulse racing.

Bellina, photographed by Matiss. Presented January 23.

A 20-year-old stunner, Russian beauty Bellina has a gorgeous face with lovely blue-green eyes and a very flirty expression. Her tan lines accentuate her sexy small breasts and perfect peachy bottom. Posing naked in a flowerbed, she managed to be both playful and sultry, and her revelation that she likes to dance salsa did plenty to inflame my imagination.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of January 2017?


Who's your favorite 2015 MetArt debutante?

We all have our preferences – slim girls, curvy cuties, leggy lovelies and petite pocket rockets. Busty, bootylicious, slender or athletic. Hairy or shaved, pale or tanned. Then there’s the tough choice – blonde, brunette or redhead? Picking your favorite (or a new favorite every day) is all part of the fun, and our Content Manager, K, does an amazing job of keeping us supplied with fantastic new beauties to peruse, evaluate and enjoy.

2015 was a stellar year, with an incredible 145 “Presenting” photosets. That’s 145 potential new favorites! So as we wave goodbye to 2015 and look forward to another exciting year of erotic temptation, I'm wondering who was your pick of this year’s debutantes?

Canadian cutie Ariel Rebel kicked things off with her inaugural appearance back in January – and 12 months later, her “Presenting” photoset is still rated an impressive 9.4 (at the time of writing). It seems I’m not the only one around here with a thing for perky redheads with a naughty streak! Dutch sweetheart Taylor Sands, who debuted in November, also won a rating of 9.4. Taylor is very popular on our sister sites Viv Thomas and SexArt for her super-hot movies, and it was great to see her taking center stage with a well-deserved solo appearance here.

You all know I have a soft spot for sexy dark-eyed Spanish babes, and Apolonia (June) and Carolina Abril (August) were two sassy senoritas who caught my eye. Knockout blondes Kaleesy (October) and Blake Bartelli (July) also merited more than just a second glance. Another instant hit was Una Piccola (June), a pert pixie with a fluffy muff and a gorgeous face.

But reigning queen of MetArt’s 2015 debutantes must surely be Lilit A (March), whose “Presenting” photoset is still rated at an unprecedented 9.5. Seven subsequent sets have all earned a 9.3 or 9.4, a remarkably consistent achievement for a new model, and testament to her charm and wide appeal. The 20-year-old Ukrainian confessed to being shy, romantic and quiet in her bio, but her confidence has clearly grown with experience, and her naughty smile is now frequently in evidence. She also has a notably firm round bottom that has been much admired.

One member described her more lyrically thus: “Lilit seems to be a woman of a thousand faces, and a thousand equally fascinating features, so that I lingered over every frame. Her face is a story masterpiece, flipping pages, dancing in place, a pirouette of energy, turning this way and that, a young diamond of facets whose sparkle ignites fires in various parts of me. She shows first this look, then that, on and on, nothing like nobody else’s and just better. From ingenue to vamp, innocent to sly vixen, playing with dreams – hers and ours – she’s a woman whom you could share adventures with, a woman who rides her silky river of sexuality with a laugh and says, ‘Come on in, my water’s fine!’ Lilit, a woman who, with every invitation, gives a gift. On a site filled with a plethora of experiences, what you shared with me I won’t easily forget... A woman who with every pose discovers something new you always wanted to enjoy, and she gives you the feeling that she’s waited her whole life to share just... this... with you.”

So, was Lilit your favorite debutante of 2015 – or has another new beauty stolen your heart and stirred your loins. Please tell me who, and why!



Berenice – a lovely new MetArt star!

Download Video (right click, save as)

“Wonderful toned, streamlined athletic beauty… what a body, what great legs!”

“Lovely girl, she could be a runway model.”

“WOW! What a knockout! Radiant smiles throughout, sparkling blue eyes and absolutely gorgeous hair. It really frames that beautiful face and those oh-so-blue windows into her soul.” 

“Amazing, almost unbelievable beauty and elegance.”

These are just a few of the many effusive comments from members when Berenice made her second appearance on MetArt last week. Her stunning face and figure, and particularly her gorgeous smile, made her an instant favorite for many.

I was lucky enough to meet Berenice on location in Sitges with artist Luca Helios, and I’m delighted to tell you that she is not only gorgeous, but smart and very sweet too. In fact, I was so sure you would love her that I grabbed her for an impromptu interview right after her photo shoot. You can tell she was shy – it was her first EVER interview, after all… but she was so charming and adorable! I hope you enjoy getting to know her a little better. Look out for more photosets here soon. 


Taylor Sands: interview with an adorable MetArt debutante

MetArt members are a discerning bunch. So when a model’s debut photoset scores a whopping 9.39 (at the time of writing) and catapults her straight into our top twenty, you know you’re witnessing something special. That's exactly what happened with Luca Helios' gorgeous "presenting" set of Taylor Sands. Maybe it's because she's cuter than a basket of kittens? She’s also, as those of you who are members of SexArt or Viv Thomas will already know, a horny little minx who makes no secret of her love of sex, with male and female partners – or occasionally both at the same time!

I was lucky enough to spend time with Taylor when I was on location with director Alis Locanta for our sister site Viv Thomas recently, and I can tell you that her sweet smile, mouth-wateringly beautiful breasts and perfect little rear are even more irresistible in the flesh. Ridiculously cute as she is, the arousing effect of seeing her eat pussy voraciously cannot be underestimated! She’s also surprisingly shy, funny and utterly adorable. I thought MetArt members might enjoy the opportunity to get to know this fun-loving sweetheart a little better…

Taylor, please tell us a little about yourself…

TS: I’m 22 years old, and I live in the Netherlands together with my lovely roommates. In my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends, have a party, watch movies or you’ll find us shopping, we just enjoy life. Experimenting and learning about super foods is my new obsession. I never thought it would be something for me, but my roommates are very happy about it! I like to read, mainly I read about true stories and different cultures. Dancing is my first love, it makes me feel free to feel the music and show my emotion. I just started to do zumba and I really like it, and kickboxing as well, I get all my energy out there.

What inspired you to get into nude modeling?

TS: My life was too boring for me, almost every day was the same. I wanted to see the world, meet new people and have fun. So I responded to an adult modeling advertisement and two weeks later I was flying to Portugal. The first thing that scared me was flying! Now I can really enjoy the view. When I did my first scene I was really nervous and excited but I knew this was what I wanted to do. I had a great time with nice people, and I had some free time to enjoy the beauty of Portugal.

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

TS: My smile.

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

TS: Everything, it’s exciting to travel, meet new interesting people and of course I like sex. Who doesn’t?

Which is your favorite of your scenes for the MetArt Network so far?

TS: ‘Inside Couple,’ for SexArt – I really liked the concept. It was a romantic scene and Juan Lucho is cute! And I liked ‘Gambling,’ for Viv Thomas – Amber Nevada is a good lover!

Who was your favorite sexual partner so far?

TS: Sicilia, we have a lot fun together on set and also after shooting. She is real, a lovely person with a beautiful smile.

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life, before you did it in a movie?

TS: I was curious to know how it would be with a girl, and honestly it was not so romantic as I thought it would be, haha!  But now I have more experience. I like girls as well.

Do you prefer guys or girls?

TS: If I really have to choose, then it would be men, only because I don’t see myself in a relationship with a girl.

What is your favorite position?

TS: Missionary. I like it when a man takes control, and I feel the most contact with my partner when I can look into his eyes.

What turns you on?

TS: Dancing, flirting, whispering and kissing!

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

TS: Going camping, behind the ski hut in the woods, it’s too funny!

Have you ever done it in a public place?

TS: Yes, it does turn me on to know there are people around.

Are you a romantic person?

TS: In a relationship I think I am.

How would you describe your personality?

TS: I’m opinionated, I will listen to people but they won’t change my mind. My chaotic behaviour can stress me out sometimes but I love my freedom and discovering new things. I’m a positive person, but also sensitive. I’m very sympathetic to people around me.

What are your ambitions?

TS: First, when I have the time I would like to travel around the world; and I want my own house with a lot of animals. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

TS: Follow your heart, it knows the way. Kisses to you!

Look out for a behind-the-scenes video interview with Taylor on Viv Thomas, coming soon!



“Presenting” Violet — crystal blue and lilacs, too…

Violet: Presenting, by Matiss, young hottie strips, spreads, and smiles!For this Metart new model gallery the artist Matiss has chosen an appealing outdoor location. In the introductory images Violet, wearing only a cream colored bodysuit, stands next to an overgrown hedgerow dotted with a profuse array of lilac blossoms. In #009, a headshot, Violet smiles warmly and her exceptionally beautiful blue eyes sparkle. The lush green of the foliage, the light purple shade of the flowers, the lighting — along with Violet’s engaging energy and natural beauty — make for a particularly pretty series of pictures.

My notes on “Presenting” Violet are filled with mentions of her eyes and her smile. There’s no question that Violet’s smile is sincere and inviting, but it is possible she relies on it a bit too heavily here. This might simply be due to a case of first time jitters, of course. And if that’s true defaulting to a warm smile is infinitely superior to a constant frown, or even a more neutral expression. But the smile is a bit limiting, and I know that Violet has a whole range of emotions and moods beyond those parted lips and pearly whites. For example, compare #045 with #046. In the first her mouth is closed and she gazes steadily at the camera. There’s a richness in this expression, some intriguing mystery. In #046, however, she tilts her head a bit to one side and delivers a sweet smile. She’s a pretty girl in either image, make no mistake, but when confronted by so many smiles I find the non-smiling images a bit more emotionally involving. Deviations from the happy face are relative rarities, as noted, but the range of emotions Violet displays in #079, #093, and the subtle smolder in #113, an explicit view, hint at her rich potential. The smile is winning, I just hope to see Violet explore other aspects of her personality as she gains experience in front of the camera.

Her natural presentation, the outdoor location, and casual mood serve to emphasize Violet’s “girl next door” beauty, but her energy and confidence — in addition to her physical gifts — suggest that she would also shine in more sophisticated settings. While I do think there are a few too many smiles included in “Presenting” Violet, there are plenty of instances where the smile makes the image: #082 is one fine example, and in #099, with her intimate anatomy “in your face,” the look in her eyes and the smile on her lips speak volumes. Additional favorites? #044, a butt-shot with sultry attitude; #096, on her hand and knees, in profile, perfectly posed and composed (and there’s another great smile!); #039, a detail shot of a vertical smile, a perfect desktop background; and #119, a nothing showing shot, flowers in hand, blue eyes, flowing hair, and natural beauty. Welcome to Metart, Violet!


“Presenting” Maslyn — she’s 18, she’s beautiful, and she’s ours…

Maslyn: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, 18-year-old tiny-top in nude art pixMetart has hundreds of contributing photographers. Each one of these artists devotes some portion of his or her time to discovering new models. And almost every day, year after year, stunning new girls make their erotic modeling debut at Metart. I don’t have any way of knowing how Alex Sironi discovered Maslyn. I don’t know if he recruited her, if she approached him, if a referral or third party introduction was involved, or if it was simply happenstance that brought them together. But, whatever the backstory, “Presenting” Maslyn marks the debut of a delicious and delightful new model.

Maslyn was only 18 years old when she posed for these photos, but her performance is professional and polished without being at all stiff or studied. She’s got the energy and vitality one would expect of an 18-year-old, but there are also notes of sophistication and maturity in her presentation. She appears confident in virtually all of her poses — including the numerous explicit shots here — and the few odd choices, as when she takes the beads of her necklace between her teeth, might well have been Mr. Sironi’s idea.

From the top of her head to the tips of her toes Maslyn is a picture of lithe, long-limbed, nubile perfection. Her facial features are refined, her eyes a particularly vivid shade of blue, her beautiful bee sting breasts in perfect proportion to her svelte physique, and her intimate charms are charming, indeed!

Alex Sironi's concept, design, and execution of “Presenting” are all exemplary. The patinated walls of the ornate yet sparely furnished room, the single oversized chair Maslyn spends most of her time on, the late afternoon light adding subtle accents, are all worthy of praise. But it’s a tribute to Sironi’s skill that the focus remains firmly on Maslyn — the background and art direction enhance and flatter the model, and never distract the eye, no easy trick.

And what are my favorites in “Presenting” Maslyn? #011, posed but at ease, long legs, one delicate breast exposed, that bewitching face, and Sironi’s art and craft all on display. #090, on her back, light on her hair, a sidelong glance from those blue eyes, lips barely parted, nipples stiff. And #024, an explicit view with enticing attitude. As I said, I don’t know precisely how Maslyn came to make her Metart debut, all I know is: she’s 18, she’s beautiful, and she’s ours to enjoy now and in her hoped-for future galleries.


“Presenting” Kaleesy — a beauty, a bikini, and a bewitching butterfly…

This Metart erotic photo gallery begins on a sweet and demure note. In the very first image Kaleesy, in her erotic modeling debut, stands, arms at her sides, wearing an embellished black bikini. The first word that springs to mind is “cute.” And as I study that first shot I wonder if I don’t detect an intriguing element of shyness or reserve in her facial expression. As I quickly learn, Kaleesy may be inexperienced, but shy and reserved are two things she’s not!

After a handful of full length shots of Kaleesy standing by a swimming pool, Fabrice has her move to a chaise. The bikini stays in place as Kaleesy moves through a handful of poses, several with a pleasing pin-up flavor. In #014 she’s suddenly topless, reclining, with her legs spread. And in #016 she pulls the crotch of her bikini to one side to boldly reveal the butterfly-like beauty of her sex. The combination of spread thighs, open labia, the subtly extended middle finger of her left hand as it pulls at the fabric of her bikini, and the seductive look in Kaleesy’s heavy-lidded eyes is unmistakably and irresistibly erotic. Yes, she’s cute, but she’s also proudly and unashamedly sexual.

As I continue browsing through the gallery I realize that what I mistook for shyness in the early images was really a reflection of Kaleesy’s lack of modeling experience. She’s not at all shy about sharing the stunning glories of her intimate anatomy, but she is only just learning the skills of modeling. That beautiful face and those gorgeous brown eyes are capable of a huge range of engaging expressions, but Kaleesy does seem to hold back a little. But she is only 21. And this is only her first nude photo shoot. And while she may be holding back a little bit in emotional terms, she is generous and uninhibited physically.

Fabrice takes full advantage of Kaleesy’s openness — pun intended — and “Presenting” is brimming with enticing images of mouthwatering, pulse-quickening, succulence. There are some outstanding “tame” images in the collection. In #078 and #079 Kaleesy rests her arms on the edge of the pool and looks directly at the camera to create a pair of the set’s best head-shots. There’s something haunting and appealing in her understated expression in #088. And the pin-up pose in #117 shows off her body, her breasts, and her tan-lines, even if, as noted, she’s holding back a bit in emotional terms.

There are too many steamy explicit photos in "Presenting" to catalog, but I’ll list a few: #039, standing in the water, ass to the camera, smiling slyly. #056, floating in the pool, thighs spread wide. And #064, pink raft on one side, blue pool on the other, moist treats in the middle. I can’t wait to watch Kaleesy develop in future offerings, and I’m already eager to see much more of that bewitching butterfly!


“Presenting” Berenice — down by the river…

Berenice: Presenting, by Artofdan, first nudes of tempting tiny-top hottie“Presenting” Berenice isn’t just a new model’s Metart debut, it’s also my first exposure to the work of photographer Artofdan. This artist with the somewhat unusual moniker isn’t a newcomer to nude art photography: after a brief bit of research I learned that he’s an accomplished veteran with an impressive portfolio in addition to his work for Metart. And, based on this set, it’s clear that he’s a gifted stylist and technician — I only hope that he doesn’t change his name to "Artofdanofmetart," that would be a bit much.

I was also intrigued to learn that, although this is Berenice’s first Metart photo series, it’s actually only the second time she’s posed nude, and the first time her nudes have been published anywhere. This bit of insight was provided by Berenice in her bio, which is far more elaborate and detailed than a typical model bio, and well worth reading. Berenice is a very appealing subject and projects a wide range of emotions. There are instances where her hands look the slightest bit stiff and “modelly,” but this is only her second outing and a bit more experience and practice will doubtless correct this trivial weakness.

Artofdan has chosen an exceptional setting for this gallery. Waterfalls flow down a hillside and across mossy rocks at the edge of a river that winds gently through a shady forest. The location is full of potential, and model and artist make the most of it. As the set begins Berenice is clad in a skimpy black micro-bikini. The big smile, big, beautiful blue eyes, and flowing brown hair make a fine impression in the very first shot, and the affable warmth of #001 is soon joined by a wide variety of moods and emotions. As expressive as her eyes are, it’s interesting to note that many of the most emotionally rich images here present Berenice with her eyes closed or looking away from the camera — see #024, #036, and #073. And do be sure to take a long look at #073, it’s a stylishly posed and framed composition with a delicate, painterly, and evocative beauty — a credit to both model and artist.

Berenice is completely at ease in what certainly might have been challenging circumstances. Whether she’s reclining on wet, mossy rocks, or partially submerged in the rushing water — see #075, #093, and #113 — she’s composed, relaxed, and in perfect harmony with her surroundings. “Presenting” Berenice is filled with excellent erotic photographs of a tempting and talented new model in an intriguing location. I’m thoroughly impressed and look forward to more from model and artist, alike.


“Presenting” Samanta Rose — an angelic introduction…

Samanta Rose: Presenting, by Catherine, 19-year-old girl’s first nude pix!Even if you’re a newcomer to Metart I think it’s safe to say you already have selected a group of favorite models. Veteran members obviously have favorites as well — models they’ve followed over the months and years. And getting to know a favorite model, watching her evolve, grow, and develop as she works with different photographers, or expands into erotic films, is one of the most rewarding aspects of the Metart experience. Even so, there’s still nothing quite as exciting as discovering a new Metart model. The thrill of the new, that first exposure, the initial instance of revelation and discovery is one of the most pleasing and powerful experiences a Metart member can have. I mention this because I’ve just had the pleasure of experiencing a new model’s Metart debut, and she’s nothing less than angelic in every discernible aspect.

I’m confident that “Presenting” is Samanta Rose’s first ever appearance in an erotic photo gallery, and it’s an impressive performance for this delicious 19-year-old. And she’s in the superbly skilled and experienced hands of Catherine — one of Metart’s most gifted and sensitive artists — making this “first time” truly exceptional. The set design, costume, make-up, lighting — everything about “Presenting” flatters and enhances the model. And the pacing — from fully clothed to totally nude — is perfectly timed, flowing with a tempo and logic that engages and enthralls the viewer as every delightful physical aspect and facet of Samanta’s personality is revealed.

Samanta Rose is — from head to toe — an exquisite creature. Her eyes — so big, so green! — are absolutely mesmerizing. And the delicate features of her face, her flawless complexion, her symmetry, and the sweetness of her expression, results in some absolutely beguiling head-shots. It’s difficult to pick favorites — it’s too easy to get lost in those eyes! — but #016, #034, and the interesting and unusual pose of #121 are all wonderful.

Catherine does a masterful job of coaxing out capturing various aspects of Samanta’s personality, and she also delivers a diverse catalog of her subject’s physical charms. A thoughtful and unusual figure study like #107, with the soles of Samanta’s feet in the foreground, is artfully posed, and the subtly different moods and framing of #076 and #077 are worthy of extended examination. And none of this artistry comes at the expense of the explicit — there are plentiful detail shots of every delicious bit of Samanta’s intimate anatomy to tease the libido, quicken the pulse, and ignite the imagination.

In “Presenting” we have the unique and singularly rewarding pleasure of discovering an extremely promising new Metart model. Catherine’s style and skill perfectly captures Samanta Rose’s beauty and the result is an absolutely angelic introduction.


“Presenting” Lola Marron — enter smiling…

Lola Marron: Presenting, by Matiss, hot babe in first nude pix everPresenting” Lola Marron is, obviously, the model’s debut appearance in a Metart erotic photo gallery. And, based on my research, it may be her very first nude photo session to appear anywhere, which is not always the case. If that’s true, if this really is the first time Lola has posed nude for published photos, she does an admirable job. Oh, she’s beautiful, without question, but to perform at this level on her first outing is truly impressive.

Credit must also go to the artist, Matiss. He earns major points for discovering Lola Marron to begin with, and the way he’s styled and costumed her, along with the art direction and his execution of the technical and creative aspects of the series are all worth of praise. He’s dressed Lola in lacy white body suit with white thigh-high hose and a bejeweled bracelet. Both her creamy complexion and her long, jet-black hair are flattered and enhanced by the outfit. The colors of the room and bed clothes are pleasantly neutral, and a photographic triptych on the back wall adds a burst of dramatic color. Early on Matiss has Lola hold and interact with a leafy bunch of flowers, perhaps not the most effective prop, but it eventually disappears so I won’t belabor this complaint.

Lola Marron projects a warm and extremely friendly personality here, and a smile is never far from her luscious lips. But as I worked my way through the set I came to an alternate interpretation of that smile. Oh, it’s charming and inviting, make no mistake. But I also think that Lola may use that winning smile to mask her first-time-erotic-model nervousness. This is not intended as criticism! I would be surprised if any first-time nude model wasn’t nervous to one degree or another during her first photo shoot, it’s only natural and to be expected. But a bright and inviting smile is only one of Lola’s expressions. When she relaxes a bit, when she’s thoughtful, or even neutral in her expressions, entirely different aspects of her personality and considerable beauty come into view. Compare and contrast #014 and #015, for example. Smiling in the first, not smiling in the second. The pose and composition are nearly identical, but there’s a depth and emotional complexity in the second photo that, in my view, is missing in the first. And in one of my absolute favorite images in the set, #128, a beautiful posed and framed pin-up, Lola is smile-free, relaxed, and as intriguing and alluring as can be.

Of course, I could be wrong! Perhaps Lola is simply an extremely happy girl who smiles most of the time — I have absolutely no problem with that, I assure you!

Matiss provides ample and admirable coverage of his new discovery. There are plenty of “nothing showing” shots to build anticipation. He presents details that are demure — manicured fingers tugging at lace lingerie in #047 — as well as explicit — #094 of Lola’s “landing strip” and the eye-opening anatomical delights of #144. The bulk of “Presenting” takes place on the bed, but there are just enough full length shots of her standing on the floor to give the viewer a sense of her stature. Is Lola Marron’s smile genuine and authentic, or is it a bit of a crutch she employs during a possibly stressful situation? Only further sets can answer that question, but this Metart newcomer is likely put a smile on your face in the meantime.


“Presenting” Jasmina — fresh and new times two…

Jasmina: Presenting, by Dubrovsky, new model and new photographer make Metart debutNew models debut at Metart on a regular — and welcome! — basis. New photographers, however, are added in far smaller numbers. When a new model and a new artist make their entrance at the same time it’s somewhat unusual, and the chance to experience and evaluate these “double debuts” is a rare treat. “Presenting” Jasmina introduces two new talents — one behind and one in front of the camera, and it’s an intriguing and enjoyable introduction to both.

Dubrovsky clearly “gets” the Metart style. Set decoration — a simply furnished bedroom — is pleasantly free of clutter and distraction. The lighting is soft and natural. There’s a pleasant and logical pace to the series as the subject moves from fully clothed to entirely exposed. And he provides admirable coverage — headshots, figure studies, detail images, and explicit close-ups are all featured. The chosen outfit is flattering and looks as good on as it does coming off. Finally, Jasmina has been minimally styled and the result is a natural and quite pleasing presentation.

Jasmina is young — just 18 when “Presenting” was shot — and her minimal makeup and simple, unaffected style, gives her a girl next door quality that is very much in the Metart mode. But she’s wise and confident beyond her years, and in headshots, in particular, it’s easy to see that she’s got a glossy, glamorous side that could easily be amplified by a session in the stylist’s chair. The natural look she presents here is perfectly suited to a debut set, and hints at her potential to grow in the future.

I’ve mentioned headshots, and in getting to “know” a new model the face and eyes are crucial — #004, #009, #012, #034, and #087 capture Jasmina’s natural, honest beauty while also giving the viewer a real sense of her warm and alluring personality. She smiles sweetly in #020, projects an intriguing blend of the sultry with the vulnerable in #065, and detail images including her feet (#073), her petite, thick-nippled breasts (#058), and her delicate intimate bits (#093 and #108), are all competently and stylishly rendered.

Dubrovsky’s “Presenting” Jasmina is a Metart debut that is fresh and new…times two.


“Presenting” Indiana Blanc — welcome to the club…

Indiana Blanc: Presenting, by Matiss, 19-year-old Ukrainian babe in hot nude pix!Metart is home to the most beautiful erotic models in the world. When an aspiring photo model appears in her first Metart erotic gallery she joins an exclusive club, and with over 3,200 members it’s a big club, too! Indiana Blanc, the subject of “Presenting” is among the newest members of this club, and she passes her initiation with flying colors.

Choosing to appear nude in photos on the world’s biggest and best erotic art website can’t be any easy decision to make, but newcomer Indiana Blanc is comfortable, cheerful, and at ease throughout the collection. This 19-year-old Ukrainian is a wonderful blend of unassuming girl next door along with elements of glamour and a pleasant bit of theatricality underscored by her jet-black hair. The black lace body stocking she wears in the first few dozen images, as well as her gold bracelet and earrings are elegant enhancements that nicely balance with her natural, youthful beauty.

There are aspects of the set that initially bothered me, mainly in terms of art direction. “Presenting” takes place on an orange couch, covered with a sheet of blue tulle, against a white floor, walls, and curtains. There’s something impromptu and thrown together about the set design, but as I worked my way through the gallery these quirks began to recede from my vision and Indiana’s beauty, charm, and honest sexuality took center stage.

It’s a testimony to Indiana Blanc’s beauty — and to the artist’s skill — that several modest shots are among my favorites here. #014 and #017, with Indiana seated in poses that emphasize her legs as well as the expressive beauty of her face, are demure, despite the sheer garment, and demonstrate the skill of the model and her photographer admirably. In #033 Matiss stands over Indiana, her smiling face at the bottom of the frame, as she teasingly stretches the un-snapped crotch of her body-stocking. And #012 is a spontaneous, natural headshot with plenty of sweet, un-forced personality.

Indiana is far from shy and Matiss captures all she has to offer in a selection of enticing explicit images. Of these #100 is a gem: Indiana is on hands and knees, her backside to the camera, she tugs at her left buttock with her left hand, and the look on her face — in soft focus in the background — is tauntingly, almost gleefully, suggestive.

There is a cluster of shots in “Presenting” — from #065 through #069 — that do a brilliant job of capturing this talented new arrival. In #065, totally nude, on her knees, thighs spread, she calmly regards the camera. Then the camera moves gradually closer, and in each subsequent image Indiana’s mood and pose subtly changes until we reach #069, a tightly framed close-up in which she smiles warmly and her beautiful brown eyes glitter. Welcome to the club, Indiana Blanc!


“Presenting” Bretona — lovely, limber, and luscious…

Bretona: Presenting, by Albert Varin, first nude pix of new Metart modelThe first image in this new model’s debut Metart erotic photo gallery is a bit unusual. It’s a tightly framed portrait of the model’s right hand, palm up, middle finger and thumb touching. Only later, after Albert Varin pulls back, do we see that she’s seated in the lotus position, as if she’s meditating. An unusual choice, perhaps, but it is thought-provoking, and makes sense once one has viewed “Presenting” Bretona in its entirety.

As we soon discover, Bretona in her skin-tight yoga pants and sporty, athletic top, is dressed for a relaxing and refreshing session of yogic stretching and mindful contemplation. While a bright smile does break through periodically, her overall mood and presentation is calm, composed, and sweetly serene. If Bretona is having any first nude photo session jitters, she does a wonderful job of concealing them. Thankfully, she doesn’t conceal her body for long. Her top comes off — she holds it aloft in #020 with an almost triumphal enthusiasm. And when her particolored animal print leggings come off she’s wearing simple black panties which are also quickly cast aside.

Bretona seems to delight in assuming challenging poses. She maintains perfect balance while supported by one foot and one hand in #007, and she smiles with pride as she holds a stationary high kick in #010. And in an explicit, full nude shot like #112, where she’s spread-legged, torso upright, calmly regarding the camera as streaming natural light adds highlights to her long hair, she projects a relaxed and alluring confidence.

The setting, costume, background, and set design are somewhat cluttered — patterns clash, jalousie windows slice and complicate the backdrop — but somehow the visual complexity is toned down by Bretona’s eye-pleasing beauty and emotionally inviting demeanor. And the yoga-influenced poses and the meditative emotional elements of the gallery are joined by an assortment of tempting explicit close-ups of Bretona’s exceptionally delicate delicacies, giving “Presenting” a welcome dose of heat and spice that leaves the viewer hungry for more of this lovely, limber, and luscious new Metart model.


“Presenting” Una Piccola — steamy still photos + magical movement…

Una Piccola: Presenting, by Rylsky, new model in hot explicit nude pixI haven’t had an opportunity to critique a set by the gifted and prolific artist Rylsky for far too long. He’s got his own domain in the Metart Network, of course — — and that’s where the bulk of his new work now appears. But the Metart archives contain no fewer than 1,330 photo sets by Rylsky, dating back nearly a decade, and he continues to contribute new work to Metart, of which “Presenting” Una Piccola is one impressive recent example.

Rylsky isn’t simply a gifted artist and technician, he’s also something of a “model whisperer,” with a practiced ability to coax layers of emotion and expression out of his subjects. And, on top of that, he’s also gifted with an eye for new talent — numerous Top Models have been discovered and first photographed by Rylsky over the course of his lengthy career. Una Piccola is Rylsky’s latest discovery, and she is a delight.

Una Piccola swings from sweetly innocent to searingly sexual with ease. She’s completely comfortable in the most explicit poses (of which there are many), and every image — whether she’s pensive or passionate — is brimming with charming aspects of her alluring and inviting personality. Her natural, unshaven, state will elicit the usual range of reactions, but nobody can argue that this girl is a scrumptious physical confection from head to toe, and everywhere in between.

So, a gorgeous new model, with an engaging personality and a mouthwatering little body, photographed by a seasoned and gifted erotic artist. If that was all “Presenting” Una Piccola had to offer it would be enough. It would be great, in fact. But there’s something more to this set, something unique and wonderful. As I selected favorites from the batch of 120 images I started to notice patterns, clusters of shots that formed sequences and suggested flowing, natural movement. This wasn’t simply a model “hitting her marks” as the photographer called out poses, theres a fluidity, an almost filmic quality to numerous groups of images here. Take the sequence beginning with #007 and ending with #011. She’s on her back on a bed, shot from above, her legs are parted, she touches her right breasts, then she squeezes both, then she pinches and pulls on her plump nipples while subtly lifting her butt off the bed. In a flip book or zoetrope the images would flow together logically and seamlessly. And this magical sense of movement is prevalent throughout the set.

Of course there are numerous individual images in the series that impress and intrigue. #106 (eyes open) and #107 (eyes closed) are two similar variations on a cleverly posed headshot. The spontaneous and genuine autoerotic joy captured in #048. The dreamy and steamy explicit invitation of #022. And the playful, candid, cuteness of Una Piccola’s lips pursed in a kiss with her hands reaching toward the camera ends “Presenting” on a perfectly playful note. Simply put: a wonderful new model wonderfully shot by an inventive master photographer.


“Presenting” Katia — a fine (and fiery) French femme…

Katia: Presenting, by Deltagamma, French model’s nude Metart debut.Critiquing a new model’s debut in a Metart erotic photo gallery is one of the highlights of my job. Although Metart sets the bar exceptionally high in terms of beauty and talent, there’s really no way to anticipate what’s in store when digging into a model’s first Metart series. Will she be a girl next door type, lacking in experience, but making up for it with beauty and enthusiasm? Will she be beautiful but “rough around the edges,” and shy, tentative, or even somewhat inhibited while sharing herself with the camera? Will she be a true newcomer to modeling, a girl who is only just now learning the skills and techniques that professional photo models employ to maximize their on-camera impact? In the case of first time Metart model Katia the answer to those three questions is: no, no, and no, once more. This is an exceptionally beautiful girl who is confident, self-assured, completely uninhibited, and a polished and talented professional who does a wonderful job of presenting both her beauty and her personality in “Presenting.”

Only after I’d examined the entire set did I learn that Katia has appeared in numerous photo sets elsewhere on the Internet. And that previous experience pays real dividends — there isn’t a moment of hesitation on display here, from the first image to the last (and there are 186 photos in the collection!) she delivers the goods. And those goods are truly exceptional. Her blue eyes radiate smokey sexuality, her lips are almost impossibly plump and luscious, her hair is thick and a bit unruly, projecting a raw sensuality of its own, her body is lean, but shapely, and brazenly enticing. And the little gap between her front teeth adds an extra bit of distinctive charm to an already pleasing package.

Deltagamma, ever the inventive artist, has chosen a subtly decorated room in muted neutral shades to showcase this uniquely French and uniquely sultry beauty. There is a bed, of course — with a face and eyes so dramatically “bedroomy” how could there not be? — and the diffused light in the room seems to reflect off the tiled floor that gives the entire series a pronounced and cohesive style. The photographer also skillfully (and playfully) includes colorful (green, specifically) accents throughout the set. There is a ficus tree that remains largely out of sight in the foreground of the room, but its leaves appear in the upper right corner of many images, adding a bit of color to the otherwise pale neutrals of the décor. And the green of the leaves is subtly repeated in the two glass sconces on the wall behind the bed (see #047). That kind of attention to detail is as impressive as it is effective.

Deltagamma’s subtle style keeps the emphasis where it belongs: on the model. And in “Presenting” Katia does not disappoint. From the “nothing showing” introduction in #001, clad only in a white tank top; to the open mouth (and two additional parted lips) in #039; to the simple beauty of #095; to the teasing invitation of #125 (on tiptoe, squatting and spreading); the cute spontaneity of #170; to the final BIG smile in #186, new Metart model Katia is one fine (and fiery) French femme.


"Presenting" Jezabel Vessir - go with the flow...

Jezabel Vessir: Presenting, by Charles Lightfoot, hot body/nude yogaThis Metart erotic photo series is notable for a variety of reasons. It's a new model's first appearance on the site, and it's also the photographer's first contribution to Metart. These "double debuts" are not unprecedented, but they are unusual. But beyond the new model and artist, "Presenting" is also very much a story told in pictures - it's got a simple narrative and an "arc" that that gives it a pleasing cohesion. This certainly isn't the first Metart set with a distinct beginning, middle, and end, but it is notable, and enjoyable.

In the first few shots Jezabel Vessir is shown emerging from her home. She's got a yoga mat slung over one shoulder and a bottle of water in her hand. She pauses in the doorway, surveys the patio and the landscape beyond, and takes a drink of water. The model's serene temperament is presented here every bit as effectively as her refined beauty and lean - yet exceptionally curvy - body, a tribute not only to the model's ease in front of the camera, but also to photographer Charles Lightfoot's skill.

Dressed in a cropped top that emphasizes her large breasts and baggy white pants, Jezabel rolls out her mat, clears her mind, and puts herself through a variety of yoga postures. Although she remains fully clothed for a sizable number of images early in the series, the beauty of her body - particularly her ample breasts - is obvious. Eventually that flattering top comes off, and the pants come down - while she's executing the plow pose. As in an actual yoga practice, the pace is slow, relaxed, and measured. Just when I was beginning to feel as if the set was too tame...along came the explicit shots I'd been craving.

And Jezabel doesn't only reveal every aspect of her physique as "Presenting" unfolds, she also reveals varied aspects of her personality. She can be thoughtful, even meditative. She can be focused, clearly concentrating, and then lost in the moment, feeling her body as she poses, breathing in the warm mountain air, going through her relaxing, invigorating motions. But she also has a lively, energetic aspect, and when she smiles it's radiant, spontaneous, warm, and genuine (see #016, #036, and #059 for a few examples). Additional favorites include #003, fully clothed but with a hint of treats to come, as well as Jezebel's refined features and relaxed demeanor. #071, top down, feet and hands on the ground. #092, relaxed into the plow pose. #113, eyes closed for an image that's part headshot, part figure study. And #118, an enticing explicit shot that captures the beauty of the model's erotic architecture.

And then "Presenting" Jezabel Vessir reaches its satisfying conclusion. The model scoops up her clothes, takes a final drink of water, and heads back into the house. I hope we'll be seeing more from her, and Charles Lightfoot, soon.


“Presenting” Vienna - from stylist to starlet…

Vienna: Presenting, by Slastyonoff, exquisite breasts, pretty pussyIt’s easy to think of erotic photography as a collaboration between two people - artist and model. But it’s often not that simple. Many photographers employ one, or more, assistants to help set up, arrange, and manage equipment and props, for example. And, for true professional level, commercial quality photography, a stylist is an absolute essential. The term is something of an umbrella, and stylists often have expertise in make-up, hair, costuming, and art direction. I mention this because Vienna, the first-time Metart model who stars in “Presenting,” is training to become a professional stylist, and was inspired to try modeling after helping prepare model friends for their own photo shoots. So “Presenting” is notable not simply because it’s our first exposure to a new model, but also because we get to see a “behind the scenes” professional step into the spotlight.

I have no way of knowing if Vienna had any input on the style or design of Slastyonoff‘s work here, however. Vienna’s make-up is simple and natural, she’s dressed in nothing more than a gauzy dress and a pair of simple flat sandals, and she poses on a sofa that’s been draped and dressed in fluffy layers of white tulle fabric. In close shots Vienna looks like a stylized angel floating on a cloud, but when the camera pulls back and we can see the legs and outline of the sofa the illusion is less effective.

In physical and emotional terms Vienna is pure pleasure. She’s got a shapely physique, exceptionally beautiful breasts, and she’s equally beautiful below the belt - I, for one, would have enjoyed a few more explicit shots, and at least a couple of close-ups, but the set is far from tame even in their absence. Vienna does exhibit a couple of what I consider “new model” qualities. In several shots her hands seem a bit stiff, for example. And she has a habit of tilting her head to her left. But it’s a pretty head (and face) so this is a minor quibble. And she does display some pleasing versatility here. She can deliver formal, stylish poses like #051, with her eyes to the side. She’s got a sultry, bedroom allure in shots like #045. And when she’s relaxed and simply “being herself,” as she is (to one degree or another) in #007, #011, or #012, she displays a spontaneous, natural, approachable charm.

Vienna may well have a bright future ahead of her as a photo stylist, but, as she demonstrates in “Presenting,” she’s also got the skills and beauty to pursue a career as an erotic photo model. I look forward to seeing more of what she has to offer in future Metart photo galleries.


“Presenting” Salomja A - mouthwatering erotic movie magic…

Salomja A: Presenting, by Marlene, Metart HD erotic movie

New models don’t often make their first appearance at Metart in an erotic movie, but the short film format provides a particularly enticing introduction to willowy beauty Salomja A in “Presenting.”

Every detail of director Marlene‘s creation is perfect - the location, costuming, accessories, the camera work, editing, and the soundtrack combine to create an extremely alluring cinematic interlude. I’ve only critiqued one of Marlene’s previous contributions to Metart - a still photo series (and her debut as a Metart photographer), and here she proves equally adept with motion pictures.

The film was shot in a particularly scenic location, on the banks and in the rushing waters of a stream. Salomja A, clad only in a gauzy white blouse and a few well chosen pieces of jewelry - most notably a delicate anklet - is dipping her pretty feet in the water as the film opens. As “Presenting” unfolds Salomja presents more and more of her lean, lithe, and beautiful body. She takes a dip in the stream, eventually discards her top, and moves gracefully through a wide variety of pleasing poses.

There’s a soothing quality present throughout the film, underscored by the relaxing tones of the ambient soundtrack, the flowing water, and the natural beauty of the landscape. And Salomja, exquisitely beautiful and at ease, displays not only all of her delicious physical attributes, but also a sweet, sultry, sincere, and irresistible sexuality.

If you’ve ever imagined stumbling across a magical water nymph - or simply happening upon a gorgeous young girl skinny-dipping in a mountain stream - “Presenting” Salomja A is an extremely enjoyable erotic dream come true.


“Presenting” Lilit A - a Top Model’s remarkably rapid rise…

Lilit A: Presenting, by Arkisi, Metart Top Model's nude debutEarning the coveted #1 spot on Metart‘s Top Models list can take weeks, months, even years. A model makes her debut, appears in more and more galleries, works with one or more photographers, gains skill and confidence, and builds up a fan following over time. At least that’s how it usually works. But there’s an exception to every rule, and that brings us to Metart‘s newest Top Model, Lilit A.

It happened in an instant. Less than 24 hours after “Presenting” appeared on the site the membership voted Lilit A to the very top of the Top Models list. That kind of overnight success isn’t completely unprecedented, but it is rare, it is truly impressive, and it bodes extremely well for this enticing new model’s future.

There’s no precise way to determine what makes a model popular, and that’s one of the things that makes it so interesting. If there was a formula, a technique, a list of attributes to possess and steps to follow, all models would be Top Models. But it comes down to some indefinable, constantly changing, combination of qualities and factors - physical beauty, personality, skill, attitude, the artist behind the camera, the sometimes fickle moods of a discerning and opinionated membership. What does it take to become a Metart Top Model? Nobody knows with any certainty, but whatever it is, Lilit A has it!

I have no way of knowing how Arkisi approached shooting Lilit for “Presenting.” There’s a workmanlike, direct, but unobtrusive quality to the photographic style here, and it just feels right. A couple of fully clothed introductory images, then model and artist get right into it - the setting, a rather unexceptional kitchen, fades away and all the viewer sees is Lilit A. And we see everything she has to offer in impressive, often explicit, detail. In last week’s post I discussed a set without a single explicit image - “Presenting” Lilit A is filled with them, and they are the stuff feverish dreams are made of.

But there is much, much more to Lilit A than the bold and generous ways she displays her delectable intimate attributes. She has an absolutely irresistible smile, for one. She has a lively, warm, and genuine personality that makes her seem completely natural and approachable. She’s confident, but no overbearing. She can look like a fresh-faced innocent, and younger than her 20 years would indicate. But she can also look worldly, sophisticated, and knowing - there’s an entire alluring world in those big hazel eyes!

Favorites? Oh yes. #007 for that cute, over-the-shoulder, smile. #015, hot, hot, hot – and the set has barely begun! #069, offered for you pleasure. The pretty face in #090 and the adorable face in #092, two variations on the same pose. And the pulse-pounding pose and heartwarming smile in #116. Any of those shots - and so many others - help explain how “Presenting” propelled Lilit A straight to the top with such remarkable rapidity.


“Presenting” Fresh - a stylish but distinctly demure debut…

Fresh: Presenting, by Natasha Schon, soft nude art pixWhile many of Metart‘s contributing artists have mastered what might be called the Metart style of photography, each photographer has his or her own unique stylistic signatures that identify and distinguish their work. Natasha Schon has one of the most distinctive styles out of the entire pool of Metart contributors. I haven’t critiqued one of Ms. Schon’s galleries for over a year, but only a blindfold could prevent me from instantly recognizing this artist’s trademark style.

Presenting” Fresh is a studio production, highly styled, skillfully lighted, and artfully executed. It is also notable for the complete absence of explicit images, a significant omission. Schon does tend to operate at the tamer end of the spectrum, so this won’t surprise those who are familiar with her work, but those expecting a complete and detailed look at this model as she makes her Metart debut may be disappointed.

Fresh delivers a winning performance here. She’s wearing a dress made of silver metallic fabric, high heels, and a chunky silver metal necklace that serves as the set’s central prop. She’s shot against (and standing on) a textured black backdrop and subtle adjustments in lighting can make her slender frame stand out in bold relief, or let her long dark hair blend in with the inky background.

In the very first image Fresh raises a single finger to her lips in the universally understood “quiet please” gesture, and when the set is silent she delivers a range of poses. There are shots here that look like an actor’s headshots, and the glam outfit and dramatic make-up contribute to the theatrical feel. Schon’s style and Fresh’s poses result in some creative figure studies – #051 and #053, for example, as well as #077 and #079. And amid all the high style and moody attitude there are moments of spontaneity as in #031 where Fresh tugs at the hem of her dress or #032 where she shakes a fist at the camera. “Presenting” Fresh is an artistic and intriguing effort that makes up with style what it lacks in explicit heat.


“Presenting” Olya Fey - friendly face/happy hands…

Olya Fey: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, long legs, moist pussy, hot pixTwo aspects in particular struck me as I began to examine the new Metart model debut, “Presenting” Olya Fey - her face and her hands. Olya can’t help but project a warm, inviting, lively personality. There’s a light in her eyes and a smile is never too far from her lips - she simply radiates an amiable, approachable, and appealing energy. She’s pretty, make no mistake, and made prettier still by the abundant warmth of her personality. She’s also blessed with exceptional bodily beauty. She’s lithe, long of limb, with pert breasts, and additional delectable details. And that brings me to her hands.

When I say she has “happy hands” I mean that her manual extremities are expressive, almost to a fault. I don’t know Olya Fey‘s modeling history, but the way she uses her hands either reflects an acquired habit, a stylistic signature, or a lack of experience I associate with newcomers to the modeling profession. In #017, for example, Alex Sironi frames her in a close headshot, and her hands, fingers gracefully curved, float beside each side of her face. Enhancement or distraction? I lean towards the latter. Posing, pointing, framing or otherwise vying for attention, Olya’s hands make their presence felt in “Presenting” but without doing too much harm overall.

For such a sweet, natural, and warm girl, Sironi has chosen a rather formal, even stuffy, setting. Olya sits or stands next to an antique chair of leather and wood that’s been placed before an ornately decorated passage, with a similarly decorated bedroom visible in the background. But Olya, barefoot, is wearing a light and casual dress and blue necklace that are anything but ornate, stuffy, or antique - a curious contrast.

Still, Olya’s personality and beauty easily overcome what quirks or quibbles I might find in “Presenting.” Her slender body is beautifully captured in #084 and #132, among others. Her natural sweetness gets a touch of spice with a peek at her nipples in the otherwise demure #003. She displays both her physique and attitude in #046. And Sironi delivers enticing explicit close-ups that capture moist perfection (#056) as well as stylish compositions like #058, and artful, stylish figure studies like #110. With her friendly face, beautiful body, and even her “happy” hands, Olya Fey is a most welcome addition to Metart.


“Presenting” Olivian - a delightful, delicious, debutante…

Olivian: Presenting, by Leonardo, 18-year-old poses for hot nude pixFresh, young, new models are a hallmark of Metart, and they have been from the very start. And Olivian, the Ukrainian 18-year-old who makes her Metart debut in Leonardo’s “Presenting,” is as fresh, young, and new as they come. From the first image (the sweet and demure topless shot featured at the top of this post) to the last (an explicit and tantalizing rear-view) Olivian performs impressively in her first Metart appearance.

In addition to her physical charms, which are considerable, Olivian is simply and sensationally photogenic. A competent artist - and Leonardo is far more accomplished than that - can capture physical details, but if the subject isn’t willing or capable of projecting her personality and emotions, the results can be disappointing. Not Olivian! This young woman radiates an easy confidence. She’s self-assured, unashamed, playful, engaging, and possesses a lively warmth. Looking at her is a treat, to be sure, but it’s her personality that takes these beautiful photographs and fills them with alluring, magnetic, appeal.

I must admit, I was surprised when I discovered that Olivian was only 18 at the time this erotic art photo gallery was shot. Her confidence, her very presence, makes her seem more mature. Some of this perceived sophistication may be due to her styling here, particularly her eye make-up that gives her glittering blue eyes a feline quality. But Olivian’s beauty and the disarming charm she possesses in such abundance make her a truly formidable female presence, particularly in view of her youth.

Leonardo has dressed Olivian in nothing but a pretty pair of pink and white panties. She’s on a bed, and a changing, but unobtrusive, pattern of lights is projected on the wall behind her. The artist captures everything from figure studies to explicit anatomical close-ups (#089 and #094). He also captures several truly beautiful smiles - when Olivian is amused or laughing she’s absolutely radiant (see #020 and #029 for two shining examples). Olivian’s moods are as varied as her poses and Leonardo’s compositions. She’s restrained and calm in #037, she exudes pin-up glamour in #030, explicitly exposed in #067 she remains completely at ease and projects warmth and vitality, and in #099 she’s nothing less than beguilingly beautiful.

Presenting” Olivian, so skillfully executed by the artist Leonardo, is the perfect introduction to this delightful, delicious, and enticing Metart debutante.


“Presenting” Zola - exotic, erotic, enticing…

Zola: Presenting, by Fabrice, exotic beauty in erotic nude art photosWith her dark hair, dark eyes, olive complexion, and sultry attitude, Zola - making her Metart modeling debut in “Presenting” - is an enticing exotic beauty who radiates erotic appeal. Zola’s combination of physical beauty and steamy personality is difficult to resist - the fact that she so enjoys the process of posing and sharing herself with the viewer only adds to her allure.

Although I was instantly charmed by Zola, “Presenting” gets off to something of a shaky start. Much of the set takes place on a large sofa of beige leather. Behind the sofa is a sort of sheer curtain hanging in front of a room divider of glass shelves, and behind that there’s an open space that photographer Fabrice has absolutely blasted with backlight. When the framing and exposure is right - and I hasten to add that it is right in the vast majority of images - the effect is flattering and appealing. But there are shots, #020 is one, where the excessive light bleaches the entire image.

As I mentioned earlier, Zola appears to be enjoying the experience. For a girl with such dramatic features - those fabulously full lips are the very picture of plump and luscious - she has a sly, subtle, vixenish manner. This is a girl who can be powerfully and wonderfully seductive simply by pursing her lips and slightly narrowing her eyes - you’ll see exactly what I mean when you have a look at #079, a bedroomy and beguiling headshot.

While “Presenting” isn’t the most dramatically explicit photo set at Metart, it is by no means tame. Zola has an ease and confidence that adds extra impact to her complete lack of inhibitions. While artist and model experiment with a wide variety of poses, they do take care to include a full selection of explicit images that provide the viewer with a comprehensive view of the goods.

Presenting” Zola is a promising debut by a model who is exotic, erotic, and enticing.


“Presenting” Ellen - hot, fresh, and oh so sweet…

Ellen: Presenting, by Catherine, foxy, nubile 19YO hottie, nude pixI like pecan pie. I like apple pie, too. And I like cherry pie. But my absolute favorite pie is cutie pie, and that’s an absolutely perfect description of first-time Metart model Ellen, the star of “Presenting.” I don’t care what kind of girls you prefer, it doesn’t matter how specific and specialized your personal tastes may be - if one look at this magnificent morsel doesn’t put a smile on your face and an idea or two in your imagination you may need clinical help. This girl is Cute, with a capital C, and this gallery of girlish gorgeousness is filled with so much sexy sweetness it will make your mouth water.

At five-foot-five Ellen is a bit taller than she appears in these pictures which create the impression she’s far more petite. Her breasts are delicate, her nipples pale, her legs are long, she carries just the tiniest bit of what might be best described as “baby fat,” and her bright-eyed essence is nothing less than cherubic. There’s an element of the angelic to Ellen, and the youthful energy in her big blue eyes suggests fun and games that are almost too enticing to imagine - but go ahead and imagine anyway, I know I did. This little angel appears to be having the time of her young life in these photos, and even though she delivers a polished and professional modeling performance here, when she breaks into a smile - as she does in #066, among others - it’s as sincere, spontaneous and adorable as can be.

Credit goes to prolific and respected Metart contributor Catherine for not only discovering this foxy little phenom, but for showcasing her with so much skill, sensitivity, and understated style. The photos are flattering, to be sure, and there are many stylish images in the collection, but when all is said and done the art here only adds to the beauty of the subject, it doesn’t overwhelm or alter the natural charms - both physical and emotional - on display.

As far as favorites are concerned, “Presenting” is filled with them. #006 is a particularly pretty pin-up; #014, a back shot, captures Ellen’s silky, waist-length hair with graceful style; #064 offers a glimpse of the goods plus an enticing facial expression. A truly beautiful and achingly nubile new model with an energetic and engaging personality, “Presenting” serves up a piece of pie that’s hot, fresh, and oh so sweet!


“Presenting” Stella Lane - teasingly, temptingly, torridly tactile…

Stella Lane: Presenting, by Flora, Metart HD erotic movieStunning Stella Lane, who makes her first appearance at Metart in “Presenting,” has numerous enticing attributes. Long blonde hair, big blue eyes, a shapely, slender frame, pert breasts capped by nipples of a particularly pale shade of pink, in addition to the extremely appealing item below her beltline. All of these aspects receive ample screen time in this film, with extra - and most welcome - attention to the moist and mouthwatering erogenous zone, but the model’s hands also play a starring role in the production. Those hands, graceful and elegant, remain in nearly constant motion throughout the film, caressing Stella’s smooth skin, cupping and squeezing her breasts, teasing and tugging at her sex, and guiding the viewer’s gaze across every luscious detail on display.

While Stella Lane‘s hands stroke, slide, and glide in perfect harmony with the slightly downcast piano accompaniment, the model remains relatively stationary. She first appears seated on the edge of a bed in a sparsely decorated hotel room. She’s wearing a white lace, long-sleeve body stocking, and she remains “fully clothed” for just under three minutes. After reclining on the bed she eventually removes the garment, crotch first, and after treating us to plentiful views in the prone position she gets on all fours for the final minutes of the film.

This is a beautiful girl, to be sure. And she’s got an intriguing, seductive personality that really shines when she graces the camera with a smile and a glance from those big blue eyes - you’ll find one stirring instance at the 3:43 mark, for example. But director Flora is no shrinking violet, and she gets in close for delightfully extended explicit anatomical close-ups that are truly eye-opening (among other, moist and succulent things, that is). With the help of those restless hands we get to see just how beautiful Stella Lane is - both outside and in. Newcomer Stella Lane is a teasingly, temptingly, torridly tactile treat, and “Presenting” is highly recommended.


“Presenting” Roberta Berti - ginger and spice…

Roberta Berti: Presenting, by Rylski, red hair, pink pussy, art nudesWith the launch and subsequent success of his own site in the Metart Network - - I have far fewer opportunities to critique Rylsky’s now less frequent contributions to Metart. Rylsky isn’t only a skilled erotic artist, he’s also blessed with an eye for talent, and I’m always interested in seeing the new models he discovers. And with this gallery Rylsky doesn’t disappoint. The set is filled with his signature skill and style, and Roberta Berti, the star of “Presenting,” has the physical beauty and inviting personality I’ve come to expect from Rylsky’s finds.

The very first image in the collection is among my favorites. Roberta is seated on a white couch, knees up, bare feet on the edge of the cushions. Her head is turned to the side, she’s touching her red hair with her right hand, her left arm draped casually across her knees. The model’s pose, formal yet natural at the same time, does a wonderful job of projecting mood and emotion - Rylsky has a knack for coaxing this from his models. The art direction - varied shades of white with a burst of color from the model’s pink camisole - and the artist’s masterful composition create a thoughtful and stylish image.

But the pensive, thoughtful, temperament Roberta Berti displays in that opening image is just one mood among many. This new model has a big, bright, enthusiastic attitude that’s warm, engaging, and bursting with appealing energy. She’s exuberant, playful, and spontaneous. And she’s also impressively confident and boldly uninhibited. She wears her sheer camisole for much of the set, but she’s otherwise naked from beginning to end. In the series of shots spanning #029 through #043 she presents her fantastically photogenic sex to the camera aggressively and without a shred of reservation. It is a cliche, of course, but particularly true Roberta Berti’s case: this redhead is red-hot.

Bright, lively eyes, warm, flawless skin, pert and petite breasts, and a full, round, and ripe rump are impressive physical gifts, of which this Metart newcomer can be justifiably proud. Under the guidance of savvy lensman Rylsky, “Presenting” Roberta Berti is an impressive and enjoyable introduction to a talented and appealing new Metart model.


“Presenting” Leona Honey - this first taste is fresh and sweet…

Leona Honey: Presenting, by Albert Varin, 19-year-old babe spread + wet

Contributor Albert Varin has dressed the set of Leona Honey’s debut Metart gallery in a narrow range of earth tones from light beige to medium brown. A full-length mirror in an elaborate frame plays a major role, and a Persian rug provides a hint of color as well as added comfort when the model chooses to pose on it. The model’s coloring is complemented by the colors employed in the set design, but I wonder if a bit of additional contrast would have added some visual snap to “Presenting.”

And Leona Honey has chosen a particularly appropriate pseudonym. She has a sweet and inviting smile, her slender and shapely build is tempting, and the personality her finely featured face projects is warm and welcoming. If this is Ms. Honey’s first nude modeling experience - as well it might be for a mere 19-year-old - she does an admirable job. And, on top of all that, the name Honey harmonizes well with the art direction.

Barefoot and wearing only a single item of clothing - a filmy black dress with sheer black sleeves - Leona is as comfortable clothed as she is completely nude. In my notes I’ve called out several “nothing showing” shots that are visually pleasing and which offer tantalizing flashes of personality (#008 includes a bit of playful peek-a-boo with the mirror, for example). Varin takes care to include detail shots - succulent close-ups of Leona’s glistening intimate goodies like #050 or #090, as well as a study of her pert breasts reflected in the mirror, and even #098, a study of the soles of her feet. There are some exceptional headshots, as well, and they do a fine job of capturing Leona Honey’s refined features, golden hair, and dark eyes (see #001, #107, and #112 for three examples). Fans of Mr. Varin are treated to a glimpse of the artist at work in #022, the unintended consequence of employing a mirror as a principle prop.

I’ll close with mention of a flaw as well a favorite image, for balance. Varin has experimented with some image editing in several shots here (including the photo that illustrates this post, above). This seems somewhat odd in view of the sets already limited chromatic range. Is a sepia tone effect really necessary when the set is already shot through with sepia tones? But in a highlight in “Presenting” like #106 it all comes together perfectly - the art direction and composition work together to enhance and flatter the model. And the model, physically beautiful and emotionally charming, delights both the eyes and the senses. How sweet is that?


“Presenting” Kantata - an appealing and interesting introduction…

Kantata: Presenting, by Albert Varin, blue eyes, dark hair, sexy nudesEvery time a new model makes her first appearance in a Metart erotic photo gallery it’s an occasion worth at least some small celebration. We all have our favorites among the established - I won’t say veteran - models, but each new arrival introduces a potential future favorite. It also broadens and deepens the talent pool - and Metart already has the broadest, deepest roster of erotic models in the world, so it’s a good thing. And that can certainly be said of “Presenting” Kantata. She’s a pretty and appealing girl, a more than worthy addition to Metart, and the artist who presents us to her has done so in an interesting and engaging way.

I don’t run to a type, when it comes to pretty girls I like all kinds, styles, and flavors. But I will admit to having a weakness for dark-haired, blue-eyed beauties. It’s a somewhat unusual pairing, and I find it particularly striking. And Kantata is a fine example of this color combination. Her lively eyes are of an exceptionally deep blue, and her long hair is of the darkest brown, almost black. Combine that with a shapely build and a warm, olive complexion, and she’s difficult to resist. And, as so often happens, Kantata’s physical beauty is enhanced by her spirited personality, and those expressive eyes have a lot to do with it. It’s not surprising that Albert Varin has included numerous headshots in this set - Kantata has a face and eyes with an almost magnetic appeal.

In addition to those headshots - I’ll call out #017, #046, and #122, three distinctly different approaches to facial portraiture - Mr. Varin thoughtfully and stylishly offers a wide variety of compositions here. Detail shots are both plentiful and intriguing. #024, to cite a notable example, is of the model’s left ear. Not a typical shot by any means, but it is beautiful and a welcome component of the series. And for a bit of whimsy there’s a shot of Kantata’s feet, toes pointing at the ceiling, her black panties stretched tight between her ankles. But these eye-catching images are part of a comprehensive visual catalog and “Presenting” offers bold and explicit close-ups, studies of individual body parts to satisfy every specialty, and shots like #026, and #124 (among many others) that capture Kantata’s cuteness, beauty, and lively personality with skill and style. An appealing new model and a particularly interesting presentation make for an enjoyable and satisfying introduction. What do you think of this new model and her debut gallery? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.


“Presenting” Fernanda - a debut with a view…

Fernanda: Presenting, by Matiss, hot nude girl, beautiful art pix

The first image I opened in this Metart erotic photo gallery happened to be #017. I’d just looked at what I considered a lackluster series - the artist and model will remain unnamed - and I needed something to lift my spirits and cleanse my visual palate. And then - bang! - I set eyes on the dramatic, dynamic, beautifully lighted, composed, posed, and executed photograph and I knew I was in for a treat. If you’re looking for a beautiful, talented, and intriguing new model in a finely conceived and created pictorial, you’ll find her in “Presenting.”

Matiss has chosen a wonderful, dramatic location: a wooden deck backed by a wooden railing overlooking trees and the deep blue sea in the background. The colors are vivid, the light bright and inviting, and the addition of sheer white fabric draped around the timbers ads motion and welcome complexity - supplemental artificial light only adds to the visual perfection of this eye-pleasing collection.

Fernanda, wearing a white blouse over a black bra and panties ensemble, appears to be entirely comfortable on her lofty posing platform. Indeed, posing seems to be a joyous experience for her and the set is peppered with beguiling smiles and a multitude of appealing moods and expressions. Fernanda has a beautiful body, and shares it freely, but there is so much lively, magnetic, playful, and intriguing variety and sincerity in her facial expressions and her eyes that one could be perfectly satisfied by non-nudes and headshots alone - see #006, #014, #015, #048, and #094 for illustrative examples.

Fernanda has a lot of different looks, and they’re all incredibly appealing. She’s got a natural, spontaneous, energetic quality that creates a real sense of fun. And in playful images like #039 as she discards her bra, she brings a kittenish, retro pin-up quality to the image. But as engagingly playful as she can be, Fernanda is also capable of genuine glamour and sophistication - see #025 and #082 for a pair of completely different sample images.

In “Presenting” we have the pure pleasure of discovering a beautiful and talented new model in a skillfully crafted erotic pictorial. A pretty girl in pretty pictures – is that a concise description of the Metart experience, or what?!


“Presenting” Arina J - introductory exposures…

Arina J: Presenting, by Anna Fox, new nudes in a splendid settingThis Metart erotic photo gallery introduces not just a new model, but a new photographer, as well. These “double-debuts” are far from unprecedented, but it’s always something I look forward to. And the fact that the artist happens to be a woman only serves to further pique my interest.

Anna Fox has chosen an exceptional setting for her first contribution to Metart. And she’s added props and costume elements to the verdant natural setting to create a rich and intriguing tableau. As the set opens Arina J, wearing a flower-bedecked summer hat and floral print dress, is reclining on a blanket and reading a book. She’s surrounded by lush vegetation and flowers in full bloom. A couple of pillows add to her personal comfort, and a basket of berries and fruit sits at the ready should she become hungry. Additionally, as the set unfolds, we see a thick forest in the background growing up to the edge of a picturesque pond. The mix of props and the natural splendor of the location in “Presenting” is rich with potential.

And our new 19-year-old model, Arina J, seems content and perfectly comfortable in this summery environment. She removes the two items of clothing she’s wearing at a relaxed pace that’s perfectly in keeping with the mood of that glorious day, and she presents emotions from thoughtful (#024) to subtly seductive (#080). While many of the images are of the tamer variety, just when one begins to hanker for more explicit images they are delivered generously and without reservation.

While the location and the stylish and painterly tableau the artist and model have created is extremely pleasing to the eye, the set is not a total success in technical terms. The bright, midday sun creates a problem the photographer has some difficultly dealing with. While the surrounding terrain is vividly and faithfully captured, the bright light on Arina J’s pale complexion results in detail-obscuring overexposures throughout the gallery. But I hasten to add that this technical flaw can be easily remedied and that the artist and model both impress in their debut pictorial, “Presenting” Arina J.


“Presenting” Daisy - a beauty blossoms…

Daisy: Presenting, by Arkisi, new model in beautiful erotic art photosIt’s not a secret, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love reviewing a model’s very first Metart erotic photo gallery. They’re not always an unqualified success, mind you. Sometimes a model has the physical charms, but lacks polish in her performance. And there are times when a new girl, through no fault of her own, simply doesn’t “do it” for me. But the lure of the unknown, the thrill of discovery, the chance to experience a new model for the very first time, it exerts a powerful appeal.

And, in the case of “Presenting,” a showcase for newcomer Daisy, that appeal is very real. Physically, Daisy is cream-skinned perfection. Her body is curvaceous and inviting, her breasts are full but in perfect proportion, and her face, framed by flowing waves of lustrous hair, is simply beautiful - her blue eyes twinkle and a warm, genuine smile is never far from her luscious lips. To further enhance her presentation, Daisy is as comfortable as can be in front of Arkisi’s camera, and offers her intimate bits for explicit, extended, examination enthusiastically.

Arkisi covers some stylistic ground here. The setting, a bedroom with 60s-style pop art paintings on the wall, seems real, not too fussed-over. He’s given Daisy a black beaded necklace (that I could probably live without) and a pair of sexy black panties (that are removed with admirable haste). The artist delivers thoughtful detail shots - #016, a butt shot with an explicit glimpse is one example, and those beautiful breasts are also featured. The erogenous zones also receive ample exposure, often at close range.

Most of my favorites in “Presenting” include Daisy’s face and emphasize her beguiling eyes. #073, on all fours, offers sweetness and a touch of glamour along with the explicit elements. I love the hint of a smirk on Daisy’s lips in #097. And two shots - #094 and #095 - this undeniably beautiful new model and the artist photographing her create pure, irresistible magic. In these images, and throughout the remainder of the series, we get to discover new beauty and watch it blossom before our eyes. I look forward to more from this alluring new addition to Metart!


“Presenting” Kika - redhead/white room…

Kika: Presenting, by Alex Iskan, nude redhead in hot explicit art pixThe artist, Alex Iskan, has designed an impressively effective set for this new model’s debut Metart erotic photo gallery. I do like the model, Kika, very much, but let me first discuss the setting in which she’s so skillfully presented.

Kika, wearing only a simple white tank top, is sitting in a clear, spherical, bubble chair suspended by a silver chain from the ceiling. The chair’s cushion, and every other surface in the room is a shade of white. The white walls are upholstered in quilted off-white pale gray material. The white floor has been buffed to a mirror gloss. The lighting is bright, free of glare, and uniform. The set is at once futuristic and retro (thanks largely to the swinging sixties modern the chair) at once. It’s a dramatic design, but there’s also a certain subtlety - the room doesn’t distract or detract, indeed, it provides a flattering and versatile backdrop on which to present this pretty newcomer.

Kika seems at home and at ease in this stylized environment. There isn’t a hint of first time jitters in her presentation or performance. And, for a new and presumably somewhat inexperienced model, she displays a varied range of emotions along with a pleasing selection of interesting, stylish, and revealing poses. While a certain amount of shyness can be excused in the initial offering from a new model, Kika is quite the opposite. She can project coy innocence, when she wants to, but she offers every anatomical aspect of her beautiful body to the camera without hesitation or reservation.

The following list is far from complete, but here’s a selection of my favorite images from “Presenting” Kika: #001, nothing showing except a hint of the personality about to be revealed along with a well composed view of the set design. #019, once again no flesh on display but I find this modest pin-up pose particularly pretty. #036 squatting, on her tip-toes, spread and gripping her beautiful breasts with a big smile on her face. #071, a variation on an explicit all-fours pose, backside to the camera, right leg gracefully extended, with an enticing facial expression. And #117, a topless shot with a potent dose of beauty and attitude. A beautifully conceived and executed photo series.


“Enhavo” with Vanessa Angel - a new girl in the neighborhood…

Vanessa Angel: Enhavo, by Deltagamma, nude erotic art photosTraditionally, when a new model appears in her first Metart erotic photo gallery that gallery is titled “Presenting _________,” with the model’s name filling the blank. In the case of this new model’s debut, however, it was given a title, “Enhavo,” but be assured that this is Vanessa Angel’s first appearance at Metart. So, that procedural point aside, I’ll share my impressions.

The first six images in “Enhavo” are monochromes, but even when the artist, Deltagamma, switches to color photos, my initial reaction is very much that Vanessa Angel is a “girl next door” type. She possesses an amiable warmth, and her long, dark hair frames a face that is certainly angelic. Vanessa’s eyes - exceptionally big, glossy dark brown orbs - are a most noteworthy feature, and the artist offers a varied selection of headshots and portraits that beautifully capture them.

This is a debut set, as mentioned, and while Vanessa does project personality and readily assumes whatever pose the photographer suggests, including numerous intimate close-ups, she is not overly expressive in “Enhavo.” Vanessa’s default demeanor is cheerful, relaxed, and friendly, with just a hint of intriguing melancholy in those big, brown eyes. I could certainly be wrong about that subtle undercurrent of sadness - but have a look at #036, and see if you don’t agree with my observation. On the other hand, when Vanessa shares a smile, as she does in #011, a pretty topless shot, she’s as warm, sincere, and happy as one could ask for.

Much of “Enhavo” finds Vanessa posing in front of a window, and this is where her girl next door quality is at its most pronounced. Later on she moves to a white leather sofa, and here she’s more polished and sophisticated in her presentation. Two of my favorites from this sub-group are #097, boldly and stylishly posed with explicit impact, and #111, a more demure, but no less appealing image. #129, a fully clothed shot, has a thoughtful, natural quality that is also quite pleasing.

Deltagamma closes out the collection with another selection of monochromes as well as a few more dramatically manipulated images. This creative experimentation is interesting and adds variety and visual punch to “Enhavo.” There’s a new girl in the Metart neighborhood - it will be interesting to see how she evolves in future galleries.


“Presenting” Tayla - stripping down to stunning simplicity…

Tayla: Presenting, by Alex Iskan, blue-eyed beauty/explicit pix

Evaluating a new model’s debut appearance at Metart is one of the (many) highlights of my position as in-house blogger. I do have my favorites among the established models, of course, and I always look forward to seeing new work from them. And I also enjoy those times when I first “discover” an established model, as was recently the case with Nensi B in “Uginta.”

But there’s something uniquely special about seeing a new girl in her first Metart gallery. And Tayla, the star of “Presenting,” is certainly special. She’s got a beautiful body, a warm, sweet on-camera personality, and she doesn’t hold back. Tayla seems completely at ease and comfortable even when the camera is in quite close, as it often is, capturing her most intimate anatomical details.

Now, the artist, Alex Iskan, has made some slightly curious choices with “Presenting.” The room is white - floors, walls, ceiling, furniture, the harp (yes, the harp) and even the chandelier is painted a shade of stark white. The floor to ceiling drapes and a sofa in the background, however, are in a vivid shade of teal blue. The color scheme is striking, to be sure.

But he’s dressed his beautiful young subject in scarlet tap pants and a black fabric and lace top trimmed in more red. Against the stark white with teal accents the outfit doesn’t harmonize with the setting. Indeed, as the costume gradually comes off, the set gains clarity and reaches its artistic pinnacle when Tayla is totally nude and the set design works as designed to flatter and enhance the model. There’s one shot that earned a chuckle: Tayla stands, holding those red shorts at mid-thigh, pretending to remove them. Her head is tilted to one side and the expression on her face seems to say, “Can I take these off now, please?”

Once she’s nude, as mentioned, Iskan takes care to capture everything Tayla has to offer. In #025 her breasts are beautifully presented. In #060 we find one of a generous assortment of intimate close-ups. In #098 Tayla strikes a stylized and explicit pose. Artist and model create a glamorous, stylish, pin-up in #108 with Tayla’s long hair spread out on the floor around her pretty face.

My two absolute favorites in “Presenting” are #082, a bold and explicit shot made all the more powerful by the spontaneous smile gracing Tayla’s lips, and #109 a beautiful, headshot that does justice to this newcomer’s beguiling blue eyes and her engaging, warm personality.


“Presenting” Evita Lima - chesty 18-year-old charms in nude debut…

Evita Lima: Presenting, by Rylsky, nude big-titted 18-year-old beautyMaturity has much to offer, and there’s no substitute for age and experience. But when it comes to beautiful women, youth is and always will be a powerful attractant. What a nubile woman lacks in wisdom or acquired knowledge she makes up for with the vibrant energy and sweet succulence of youth. Which brings us to the star of this debut Metart erotic photo series, the splendidly busty and undeniably beautiful 18-year-old Evita Lima. I am well aware voluptuous models aren’t to everybody’s taste, but if you like big-breasted girls prepare to have your breath taken.

It’s been some time since I’ve evaluated a set by the thoughtful, creative, and sensitive artist Rylsky. “Presenting” is, in many ways, typical of the photographic stylist’s work. He has a real knack for discovering new and worthy models, and that’s certainly the case here. And he takes care to include a wide range of compositions not only to express his own creativity, but to showcase all of the model’s attributes while also satisfying his audience’s hunger for variety and detail. All that’s true here. Evita Lima is presented in everything from tasteful figure studies (#118), boldly explicit images at medium and close range in a variety of stances, and numerous shots that capture both the model’s beautiful and warmly expressive face as well as her curvaceous and shapely physique.

What is not entirely consistent with Rylsky’s body of work is the set he has chosen. It’s stylized beach shack, in a vivid shade of light blue, complete with sand on the floor, a surfboard, shells, netting, a life preserver, and a captain’s hat. The set design isn’t offensive, and it offers plenty of options in terms of poses and compositions, but it is, frankly, just a little bit corny. Still, Evita Lima’s face and smile are irresistible, even if she’s gazing at the camera through the hole in a life preserver. And when she’s on all fours, aiming her intimate charms at the lens while atop that floatation device, it’s difficult to complain. “Presenting,” despite what minor flaws it may contain, does a fine job of presenting this beautiful, chesty, and charming 18-year-old model. I look forward to more of Evita Lima, and I know I’m not alone.


“Presenting” Ira J - a moody and moving debut…

Ira J: Presenting, by Natasha Schon - new model in erotic art photos

It’s purely coincidental - yet perfectly appropriate - that the subject of my first post of the new year is a new model. “Presenting” is Ira J’s first appearance in a Metart erotic photo series, and the newcomer was shot by a veteran artist, Natasha Schon. I’ve only critiqued three of Ms. Schon’s galleries, and the most recent one was over two years ago, so here I have a chance to become acquainted with a new model and reacquaint myself with a photographer.

I’m immediately reminded of Natasha Schon’s style when I begin looking at this collection. It’s a very distinct, highly stylized, and immediately recognizable visual language that gives Schon’s work a unique stamp. The dim lighting, the richly furnished set, the moody atmosphere, and a painterly approach to composition are Natasha Schon signatures and they’re all present here.

Schon not only has a distinctive and recognizable style, she also has a specific way of presenting her models. Real effort is spent in capturing the emotional essence of the model, and that’s very much the case here. When the set begins Ira J is wearing a denim vest, a headband, and a pair of ripped, low-rise jeans - she’s got a bit of an edge and more than a little punky-hippie flavor. No bubbly nubile, Ira J is moody, introspective, and extremely intriguing - the type of girl who might be hard to get close to, but who would reward those who took the time and expended the effort.

But as her clothes come off, and her hair comes down, she blossoms. When she discards the boyish denim she reveals a distinctly womanly form. And Schon captures that beautiful shape in some truly exceptional images – have a look at #110 and #111 and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Some of the poses may be a bit too posey. Some of the compositions a bit too stylized for some tastes. And there isn’t a single explicit shot in the series, which is a disappointment. But there is no question that “Presenting” is an involving and enjoyable work of erotic photographic artistry. And there’s also no question that Ira J is a model I look forward to seeing much more of, and I mean that in both senses of the phrase!


“Presenting” Sabrisse A - cool start/fiery finish…

Sabrisse A: Presenting, by Luca Helios, explicit erotic art photos

In the first several images of “Presenting,” Sabrisse A’s very first Metart erotic photo gallery, the model displays a range of expressions. In #001, the first shot in the set, she appears pensive, thoughtful, even aloof. And for the next few photos she looks somewhat distant and cool. Based on those first impressions I can imagine that some viewers might feel put off, and that they might exit the set in search of a warmer, more engaging model. But judging this gallery by a handful of images would be a mistake, and anyone who doesn’t take the time to enjoy the entire collection - and this enticing model - is doing themselves a disservice.

The pictorial takes place next to and on top of a heavy wooden table in a modern kitchen. The wall in the background is a vivid shade of red, orange and red candles provide accents, and stainless steel fixtures and contemporary furniture complete the set. The colors are bold, but they don’t overwhelm. In fact, combined with the white of her shoes, lace panties, and top, the art direction is particularly flattering to the model’s coloring and complexion. With the details of the set skillfully taken care of, Luca Helios proceeds to give us a detailed and varied view of this appealing newcomer.

After a somewhat chilly introduction Sabrisse A warms up considerably. She does have depth, there’s a wonderfully moody quality to a lot of her expressions, but she’s also got a bright and lively smile and plenty of spontaneous energy. Even when Helios suggests posing with a couple of oranges Sabrisse makes the best of an awkward situation. But there’s nothing at all awkward about her explicit poses, and there are many of them here. Sabrisse shares her body freely and generously and Helios gets in extremely close to capture the delightful details - for examples see #044, #045, #077, and #094.

As inspiring as her intimate anatomy is in close-ups, Sabrisse A looks good at any range: fully dressed, totally nude, or anywhere in between. There are several pleasing headshots, for example (#097 is one), and even when she’s concealing the naughty bits and simply gazing at the camera, as she does in #105, the effect is powerfully charming. She can be cool, and she can be fiery, but no matter her mood, Sabrisse A is a pleasure to look at, and “Presenting” is an impressive debut.


“Presenting” Aza - sultry sizzle (and an Easter egg)…

Aza: Presenting, by Alex Iskan, first nudes explicit and erotic

I love it when a new model appears in her very first Metart erotic photo gallery. Of course I also love established models, I have more favorites than I can count, but there’s something special about a girl’s first time. And I imagine that photographers feel the same way. Working with an experienced model, one that you’ve established a rapport with, surely has its virtues and value. But shooting a new girl, for the first time - the thrill of discovery, the untapped potential - must have the same magic for the artist as it does for the audience.

And this particular new model, Aza, doesn’t disappoint! This girl doesn’t need any time to warm up or get in the mood - she displays sultry sizzle from the very first shot, and she proceeds to get hotter and hotter as the series progresses. Whether she’s “fully dressed” in her black bra and panties, or totally nude and explicitly posed, Aza radiates searing sexuality. Self-possessed, sincere, natural, and supremely confident - these are excellent traits in a model, and Aza has them all. And her physical charms are every bit as enticing as her steamy attitude.

Alex Iskan, quite wisely, keeps the set design simple and the execution stylish. A single lamp and a chair, both in shades of cream, stand on a mottled plank floor against a whitewashed brick wall. The lighting imparts a high fashion gloss and Aza provides the rest. The simple treatment results in some truly beautiful images of this worthy and talented subject.

Presenting” offers range and variety - with rare exceptions Aza is a skilled poser, and Iskan provides headshots, details, figure studies, and enough explicit images to satisfy most appetites. Although her eyes are a major source of Aza’s allure, and they are beautifully captured throughout the set, even when they’re are closed she still exudes erotic heat. An impressive debut and a most welcome addition to the Metart talent pool.

As to the Easter egg I mention in the title. In a single shot - I’ll leave it to sharp-eyed members to find it - Aza is seated in the chair and something that is absent in the remainder of the set is clearly visible. So with “Presenting,” Alex Iskan proves he isn’t just a talented image creator, he’s also quite an adept image editor.


“Presenting” Mesed A - nature, artistry, and a beautiful newcomer…

Mesed A: Presenting, by Matiss, new nude model in erotic art photos

This new model debut gallery by Matiss is big - it includes a total of 150 skillfully crafted images - and that abundant quantity of photographs are of a uniformly high quality. The artist has the opportunity to experiment, and he takes full advantage of it. And with so many photos, he can also take time in revealing his subject, building anticipation as we experience Mesed A for the first time, and whetting our appetites to see more and more as the series unfolds.

Presenting” is a rich and masterfully executed erotic art pictorial! Not only do we get to meet a new model - who is a physical and emotional treat, by the way - but we get to see the beauty of nature, both female and landscape, rendered with style, sensitivity, and meticulous attention to every detail.

The setting is as pretty as a proverbial picture. A little river flows gently through a wooded glade, a rustic stone bridge just visible in the background, sunlight adding sparkle to the water and a lush glow to the vegetation. And into this striking natural setting steps Mesed A, a young beauty dressed, surprisingly, in a sheer lace corset, over a full, frilly, floor-length skirt, both in vivid, virginal white. High heeled sandals, and a long string of pearls are also white. The costume is dramatic, theatrical, unlikely, and yet it works perfectly with the setting and the artist’s concept.

The outfit stays in place for quite a while, and I can’t complain. Mesed A is a beautiful girl with a lively spirit and a warm and winning personality. From her big brown eyes (#004), to the plump nipples of her pert, petite breasts (#123), to the delicate delights she slowly but completely reveals by the set’s end, Mesed A is a delight. She also has a lot of different looks, and that speaks well to her future at Metart - I hope we get to see much, much more of this beautiful newcomer.

Matiss earns extra praise for his concept and execution of “Presenting.” There isn’t a “dud” in the bunch, and he provides everything from painterly, fully-clothed long shots, to close-up intimate anatomical views, stylish detail compositions, and a variety of charming headshots. This makes “Presenting” a fine showcase for a beautiful and talented new model, as well as for the technical and artistic skills of the pictorial’s creator.


“Presenting” Marta E - temptingly top-heavy tyro…

Marta E: Presenting, by Matiss, busty young beauty's MetArt nude debut

Admirers of amply-endowed young women will find much to celebrate in this debut MetArt erotic photo gallery. Blue-eyed brunette beauty Marta E boasts a luxuriously curvy physique and her generously scaled bosom is bound to turn a lot of heads. Yes, I’m aware that not everybody likes busty girls, but those who do can’t help but be impressed by this temptingly top-heavy tyro.

There are elements of Marta E‘s performance that reflect her lack of experience, but her assets far outweigh her liabilities. She has a lot of personality, a ready and enthusiastic smile, and she does display a wide range of looks even if the set is somewhat limited in style and scope. I’ve enjoyed work by Matiss in the past - and he clearly has a keen eye for spotting fresh talent - but, without being overly critical, I can say that this series is far from his best.

Matiss has chosen an indoor location, for one. The majority of this artist’s pictorials are shot outdoors and his mastery of the challenges inherent in location work is obvious. This room is somewhat cluttered, the wall behind a sofa draped with two random blankets is a grid of square niches filled with ceramic curios, and Matiss shoots many of the images off-horizontal. Not his finest work, but there is still much to enjoy here.

Between the so-so setting and the model’s inexperience there’s something of a casual, snapshot quality to some of these images. But even in the most spontaneous images there’s an admirable level of visual polish. And Marta E is a genuine cutie. Compare #006 and #011. Two similar poses, the first cheerful, the second a touch more “modely.” There’s range on display in “Presenting,” and real potential. And while her big, beautiful breasts may dominate the frame, blue eyes, flawless complexion, and cheerful, spirited energy give her a lot to work with in future pictorials. I welcome the opportunity to see what Matiss could do with her in a picturesque outdoor location, and I’d also be curious to see what other artists can coax out of this physically gifted newcomer as she gains experience.


“Presenting” Ruzanna A - a painterly premiere presentation…

Ruzanna A: Presenting, by Paramov, richly detailed erotic artistry

This is the first MetArt appearance by 19-year-old Ruzanna A. And, after consulting my records, I realize this is only the second erotic gallery photographed by Paramov that I’ve ever reviewed - and the first one was well over two years ago. So I have no experience of the model, and very little of the artist - not precisely a double-debut, but not far off, either.

And right out of the gate I’m very nearly at a loss for words. There is a lot going on in this pictorial - the first frame is packed to the very rafters visually and literally. Ruzanna A makes an excellent first impression, by the way, but it’s the art direction and execution of the photography that has me both dazzled and dumbfounded.

“Painterly” is the first word that comes to mind - and that impression is sustained throughout the set. And this isn’t at all a minimalist or spare style artistic idiom, these images are loaded and layered with detail. In less gifted hands I might describe the costuming and set decoration as cluttered, even chaotic, but Paramov has full control of his concept and executes it with rare skill.

The costuming, alone, offers a welter of fabrics, accessories, and embellishments - layer upon layer of richly textured skirts, a lace wristlet (only one), ribbon, pieces of fur, thick tassels, and what are those on the model’s head? Could they be welder’s goggles? Antique expedition gear? I have no idea, but somehow it works wonderfully together.

And that room? A rusty bed frame, a feathered carnival mask, tapestries on the floor, a mirror leaning against a wall, an empty picture frame, a rickety ladder, a bunch of tall twigs. And smoke? Yes, clouds of smoke drift into the space through the windows along one wall. So much stuff! And yet it all fits, somehow.

Painterly, there’s no better word. If these images were finely wrought in oils on canvas they wouldn’t be at all out of place in a gallery or museum.

Yes, yes - Ruzanna! A plush, curvaceous body, thick, rich, flowing red hair, a fine spray of freckles across her face. Young, yes, but a wonderful effort rising to the challenge of modeling in such a complex tableaux. I’m eager to see more of her, and perhaps a closer view of the details, but, really - this is a most impressive debut and an outright artistic triumph for Paramov. Whether readers agree or disagree, I’d be most interested in hearing your reactions - comments invited.


“Presenting” Milana K - face and figure with a future…

Milana K: Presenting, by Leonardo, 18-year-old in nude erotic photos

For Milana K’s debut MetArt erotic photo gallery the photographer, Leonardo, has chosen a simple outdoor location and incorporated the bare minimum of extras. When the set opens the model is dressed only in a white, long-sleeved T-shirt, she’s posing on green and pink blankets spread out on a lush green lawn, and in a few shots she appears with a sweater. No props, no flashy jewelry, nothing distracting or overly elaborate in the lighting or technical approach to “Presenting.” What makes this basic treatment successful? In a word: beauty.

Milana K is an exceptionally beautiful girl. And she shows great potential as a model, particularly for one so young - she was only 18 at the time “Presenting” was photographed. Blessed with beguiling blue eyes, a ready smile, gleaming teeth, and an appealing and expressive face, Milana K radiates fresh, natural beauty. She’s also got, even in this no-frills natural setting, a generous helping of glamour - in a headshot like #080, with her long light brown hair falling across the left side of her face she exhibits the sweetness of the girl next door combined with the genuine superstar glitz. Am I the only one who sees a hint of a world famous actress in that face?

Milana K also has also been blessed with a beautiful body - perfect petite breasts capped by fabric-stretching nipples, and an hourglass shape that are flattered by her flowing, waist-length hair. True to form the artist, once snarkily dubbed “Long Shot” Leonardo by a clever and candid blog commenter, doesn’t get too close to Milana’s most intimate attractions, but she’s generous with her poses so the potential for more explicit views in the future seems a reasonable expectation should she sit for a more explicitly inclined photographer.

If you can resist the blue eyes and bright smile on display in #003 and so many other shots in “Presenting” you have my most sincere condolences. This relatively simple pictorial does a fine job of introducing a new model to MetArt and offers ample proof that Milana K has a face and figure with a future.


“Presenting” Elsa A - a dancer takes the stage…

Elsa A: Presenting, by Goncharov, busty dancer, in pleasing pix

The primary piece of wardrobe in this new model’s MetArt debut gallery is a ballet tutu fashioned from black tulle. This item, in and of itself, broadly suggests that the wearer is a dancer. However any model can wear a costume, but not every model can convince us she has the skills and grace of an actual dancer. Elsa A, with every pose, every gesture, lets us know that she is a proud, accomplished, and experienced danseuse. As the set progresses I grow more and more impressed with the way Elsa A brings her dance skills to the art of posing for erotic photos.

Dancer or not, Elsa A is an impressive physical specimen. Her breasts are large, stunningly sculpted, and in perfect proportion to the rest of her shapely frame. She has a pretty face and a lively, energetic presence - this may well have been perfected on the stage, but it is particularly well suited to still photos. The beauty, grace, and agility of her body is nicely matched with her personality - this is an engaging, extremely “watchable” young woman.

Goncharov has an excellent grasp of Elsa’s potential and his design and execution of the set is perfectly suited to her gifts and abilities. Two circles of white light - one on the floor, the other on the backdrop, both of which are white - subtly suggest the spotlights of a theater. A white column, a simple rectangular box, proves to be a fine prop, serving as a pedestal for a series of dramatic “flying” poses (see #032, #033, and #040 for examples); as well as a vertical balance point for some no less dramatic backbend stances (#055 and #057). Elsa also performs impressive full side-splits, and Goncharov is thoughtful enough to include two views, back and front (#096 and #097) of this eye-opening feat.

Minor complaints? I wouldn’t have protested if Elsa had shed the tutu, her fishnet stockings, and red necklace for at least some of the images. And, because she has such an inviting body, I could have done with a more generous assortment of explicit shots, although there are certainly enough here to whet the appetite for more. I hope we see Elsa A again soon, in sets that expand on the impressive performance showcased in “Presenting.”


“Presenting” Kamilah A - lovely, lively, likeable…

Kamilah A: Presenting, by Arkisi, 19-year-old new nude modelPersonality is important. It can make an ordinary girl irresistible, and it can transform a true beauty into a star. But capturing personality with a camera isn’t easy. It takes technical skill on the photographer’s part, certainly, but it also requires sensitivity. A gifted artist has the unique skills required to put a model at ease and then create an environment in which she feels free to express herself fully.

19-year-old Kamilah A has personality, and plenty of it. And in “Presenting,” her first nude photo gallery for MetArt, that lively, energetic, and vixenish personality is on full display. It doesn’t matter if she is totally nude and boldly displaying herself in explicit poses, or if she’s demurely positioned in more modest images, Kamilah A projects an abundant and extremely engaging personality. And when a girl this physically appealing has such an attractive personality it’s impossible not to love her.

Models can be difficult. They can be moody, temperamental, irritable and even combative. But in these beautiful photographs by the artist Arkisi this model is at ease, engaged, animated, and projects pure enjoyment. I could be wrong, but I can’t help but feel that Arkisi and Kamilah A enjoyed every minute of this photo session - and that sense of fun and positive energy is present in nearly every frame of the series.

The set design and minimal costuming are thoughtful and stylish, the lighting unobtrusive, the photographer takes care to include a wide variety of compositions, and the model is free to display different aspects of her personality as well as a range of poses and moods. “Presenting” Kamilah A is both an extremely impressive new model debut, and a polished demonstration of the erotic photographer’s art. A girl this pretty, with a personality this pleasing, is a most welcome addition to MetArt, and I look forward to seeing much more of her in the future.


“Presenting” Marga A - a pleasant premiere performance…

Marga A: Presenting, by Arkisi, first nudes of a new MetArt model

Even though it happens with dazzling regularity, the first appearance by a new model in her debut MetArt erotic photo gallery is something I never grow tired of. A new set by a favorite established model is always welcome, of course. But there’s a unique thrill that comes with discovering fresh talent – it’s really one of the highlights of MetArt membership.

Arkisi has done quite a fine job showcasing this new model. Here the artist employs a light touch. The costuming is simple and classical, the lighting soft and indirect, and the compositions varied - we’re treated to everything from stylish, painterly figure studies to explicit intimate close-ups that reveal every anatomical detail.

And the subject of these photos, Marga A, is as warm, charming, and at ease as one could possibly imagine. If these are, indeed, her first nude photos, Marga A is to be praised for her engaging and uninhibited performance.

While Marga A certainly has many striking physical attributes, it’s her energy and cheerful confidence that I find most appealing in “Presenting.” And her green eyes - animated by that energy and illuminated by her personality - are exceptional.

Favorites? I’ll start with #006, a figure study, on her tiptoes, against a rustic wall, skirt raised, eyes averted. Arkisi is at his painterly best in #025, a moody shot of a single hand on her beautiful butt. #026, of the model’s back, her face in profile, boasts a similar quiet artistry. Marga A’s eyes and face are the stars of #085. And in #111, spread out on the hardwood floor, artist and model create another stylish figure study helping make “Presenting” Marga A a pleasant premiere performance.


“Presenting” Valeri B - country road curves and cuteness…

Valeri B: Presenting, by Matiss, MetArt model's nude debut pixA seldom traveled road in the remote and picturesque countryside provides the setting for this first-time MetArt model’s debut. Wearing nothing more than a necklace, sheer black panties, and a pair of flashy stiletto heeled platforms, Valeri B’s premiere opens with a series of bold and impressive images. If there was any traffic on this desolate road it would certainly come to a screeching halt at the sight of this curvaceous blonde.

Matiss positions Valerie B in soft shadow for the bulk of the images here, but the natural light allows for full revelation of her physical details while the background - verdant hills and craggy white peaks backed by vivid blue sky - is bathed in bright sunlight. The model’s shoes, in particular, add a bit of stripperish glamour that may be slightly out of place in the rustic location, but the result is ultimately satisfying.

Valeri B has an attractive energy and her performance here is confident and relaxed. She does seem to be enjoying the experience, and if these are her first nudes one can’t help but be impressed by her natural ease in front of the camera. She’s impressive physically, as well, with a body that mixes plush curves with an underlying strength and athleticism.

Presenting” Valeri B offers a wide variety of poses and compositions. Intimate close-ups are balanced by an assortment of headshots, and at the end of the set Valeri B appears in a little black mini-dress - even fully clothed this new MetArt model is unquestionably sexy.


“Presenting” Mika B – baring means sharing…

Mika B: Presenting, by Catherine, 19-year-old beauty in first nudesWhen a beautiful young woman decides to pose for erotic art photos in the nude she deserves our respect, admiration, and gratitude. Appearing totally nude in the digital age means that those images will be seen by millions of people, all around the world, and will be accessible and available for countless years to come.

Mika B - a 19-year-old first time MetArt model - has made this weighty decision, and she’s placed herself in the sensitive and capable hands of a female photographer, frequent and respected contributor Catherine.

I’m quite accustomed to giving new models a little leeway with their debut efforts. There are certain skills that only come with practice and experience, so I don’t expect a new model to perform at the same level as a model with dozens of sets in her portfolio. And in virtually every way - physical and emotional - Mika B’s debut is impressive. She has a great shape, lean but curvy, and her pert breasts and stiff nipples are tantalizing. Her face, framed by long, straight brown hair is also appealing - here she’s made up in an understated style, but I suspect she could also excel with a more polished, sophisticated cosmetic treatment.

And Catherine‘s design and execution of the series is pleasing, as well. The indoor setting, the soft, even lighting, and the colors selected all flatter the model, and there’s plenty of variety in terms of poses and compositions. One thing that is missing, however - and I blame both artist and subject - are any truly explicit images. As I suggest in this post’s title, baring means sharing, and when a nude model is as pleasing as Mika B, viewers expect her to share everything. There are a couple of shots of Mika’s beautiful behind, and details can be seen in the shadows, but these few glimpses only whet the appetite.

There are numerous beautiful images, thoughtful poses, and artfully framed photos in “Presenting,” but I wish Mika B hadn’t held back. When I come to a totally nude shot like #102, in which the model is seated, one leg resting on a nearby table, her other foot folded under, thighs parted, with one hand raised to her hair, the other one hiding her intimate bits, all I can think of saying is: “Mika, please move that beautiful hand!” I certainly hope she chooses to bare all and share all in future offerings - I very much like what I see here, I just want to see the rest!


“Presenting” Sarah Luvv - newcomer shoots newcomer…

Sarah Luvv: Presenting, by Holly Randall, new MetArt model and photogIn the world of erotic photography and video she’s a member of a legendary dynasty. Her mother, Suze Randall, is a pioneer of erotica having worked as a fashion and nude model, photographer, producer and director of soft and hardcore films in a career spanning 35 years. Her father, Humphry Knipe, is an author, a writer/director of XXX videos during the genre’s 1980s heyday, and an erotic website administrator. But while Holly Randall has a well-established reputation of her own in the family business, she’s only recently become a MetArt contributing photographer - this is her second MetArt erotic photo gallery.

I have no idea whether Mr. or Mrs. Luvv have any experience in the adult entertainment industry, but their daughter, Sarah Luvv, has embarked on a modeling career, and this set marks her debut as a MetArt model.

While the Randall women - mother and daughter - may be best known for shooting glamorous women in a glamorous style, Sarah Luvv is something of a girl-next-door type. Randall has come up with a treatment that is flattering to the model as well as a showcase for her own technical and stylistic talents.

Luvv is nude throughout. She’s posing in the shallow water at the edge of a grotto style swimming pool in a lushly landscaped backyard that very much evokes a tropical island setting. Sarah Luvv looks quite at home here, and seems at ease in front of the camera, as well. An introductory shot like #003 not only captures Luvv’s pert attributes and warm demeanor, it also demonstrates Randall’s deft lighting - and I do like the way the diffused background evokes an untamed jungle setting. There are explicit shots here, as well as shots that showcase the model’s big, brown eyes - #042 offers a bit of both. In #059 we find a beautifully posed and composed pin-up. And in #087 and #088 photographer and model create two wonderful headshots, the first eyes closed, the second eyes open. “Presenting” shows great promise for artist and model, alike.


“Presenting” Patsy A - no holding back…

Patsy A: Presenting, by Rylsky, new MetArt model's explicit debutMetArt contributor Rylsky is among the most prolific artists on the roster. He’s so prolific that he recently launched his own eponymous site on the MetArt Network, But this gifted photographer isn’t simply productive, he’s also extremely versatile and is constantly experimenting with new styles and approaches to his projects. Indoor, outdoor, stylized, naturalistic, complex, or simple, Rylsky is always trying something new and different, and here he does just that with a new model.

“Presenting” Patsy A brings to mind two other MetArt photographers. The simple set design and lighting scheme recalls Alex Sironi, and I say that in the most complimentary way. He’s draped a large piece of white, semi-sheer fabric over a low chair and positioned it against a soft, white backdrop - clean and simple. Likewise, he’s dressed Patsy A in just one item - a cream colored crocheted sweater that both conceals and reveals at the same time. But there are also echoes of another erotic stylist here, and that’s Tony Murano. You won’t find the moody, nocturnal, candlelit theatricality Murano so often employs, but the explicit images - and they are abundant - that Rylsky has created here have a similar bold, vivid, almost lurid, quality that fans of Mr. Murano’s work will recognize - and, I expect, thoroughly enjoy.

For a first time model to eagerly pose for so many powerfully erotic and explicit photos speaks both to her confidence and strong sense of self. There are models who will never appear in so many bold and revealing images over the course of a career, so I can only praise Patsy A‘s willingness to commit herself so completely in her erotic photography debut.

You might have guessed that my favorites in this series are explicit images, and you’re at least partially right. Shots like #041 and #042 glisten with erotic energy, for example. And the close-up #114 has a powerful “you are there” quality I relish. But there are demure images, and fine ones, in the collection, as well. There’s a quiet, still beauty in #008, a non-nude. #027, a tame but tempting rear view with an over-the-shoulder glance, is enhanced by the black & white treatment. Patsy A’s graceful, shapely body is beautifully presented in #105. There’s a painterly, dreamy quality to #111. And towards the end of “Presenting,” we find #115, a casual yet confident pose and a simple and effective composition.


“Presenting” Candy A - made in the shades…

Candy A: Presenting, by Matiss, glamorous beauty, sexy outdoor nudes

Have you ever been out driving with a “special” friend when the mood unexpectedly turned amorous? If you and your companion were adventurous types you might have found yourselves looking for an appropriate place to share some alfresco intimacy, a place that offered enough privacy to alleviate inhibitions while still providing the potential thrill of unsuspecting strangers catching a glimpse of your impromptu tryst.

There’s a bit of that flavor in this erotic gallery, Candy A’s premiere appearance at MetArt. While her outfit is cute and sexy, her strappy high heel sandals tell you that this leggy blonde wasn’t planning on a wilderness trek this sunny afternoon. And yet, there she is, posing against a stone wall hidden from the cars that may well be passing on the roadway above. Candy A has a glamorous, film star look that is amplified by the large, dramatic sunglasses she wears in the first few dozen images. Normally I’d object, but she wears them well and it is bright and sunshiny in this rustic hideaway.

There’s a posey/fashiony feel to much of this series, but the style Matiss employs here works well with Candy’s presentation. When I learn from her bio that she’s a budding actress I’m not in the least bit surprised. She has a bright, lively energy and a ready smile, and in a shot like #106 where she smiling broadly and perhaps even laughing out loud it gives a down-to-earth feel to an otherwise elegant and stylishly posed photograph.

Presenting” Candy A may be slightly lacking in explicit, detailed imagery, but the artist has done a fine job of capturing her beauty, personality, and energetic spirit. I can certainly picture Candy A in a highly stylized studio session, and I do hope we’ll have an opportunity to see this new model in more sophisticated surroundings in the near future.


“Presenting” Varya A - happy to be here…

Varya A: Presenting, by Goncharov, first MetArt nudes of a happy honey

I’ve critiqued MetArt new model debut sets in which the first-timer appeared slightly unsure or tentative in her performance. I’ve also seen pictorials of new models that were bold and confident. But, without going back through hundreds of pages of notes, I can’t recall a first-time MetArt model radiating such pure happiness and enjoyment in her premiere series as Varya A does here.

And I don’t mean to say that Varya A has simply locked her lips in a smile and kept it in place for the duration of the pictorial - no, indeed! This is a very expressive young woman and I think her looks will work in a wide variety of settings and styles. But this playful, cheerful quality animates and elevates her performance in ways that are simply a pleasure to witness.

Goncharov has given Varya A just one piece of clothing, a sheer, ruffled blouse in a bright shade of pink. At first I wasn’t sure if it worked with the model’s coloring, particularly her red hair, but in the end I felt it was a perfect choice - it’s sexy, flattering, and Varya seems to enjoy working with it to achieve various looks. And the handful of images where the blouse is nowhere in sight pale in comparison to the rest of the gallery - to repeat, a perfect choice.

Although there are detail shots, explicit shots, and a variety of poses offered in “Presenting,” four of my favorite images in the collection are variations on the same general theme. In #012, sitting, knees together, feet apart, blouse open, Varya purses her lips and regards the camera - I’m intrigued. In #015 she adjusts her pose, lowers her chin, and grins impishly. Another change of pose, in #023, and a more muted, but no less intriguing facial expression. For #041 she stands, bold and confident, hair pulled back, fully exposed, while displaying warmth and playful charm along with her considerable beauty. Yes, Varya A looks happy in many of these shots, and I think a lot of MetArt members are going to be very happy that she’s decided to appear here.


“Presenting” Lia K - this teasing is pleasing…

Lia K: Presenting, by Michael Kotoff, MetArt HD erotic movie

I feel as if I’ve been commenting on a lot of new models lately, and that happens to be the case today, as well. And the subject of today’s post isn’t only a new model, it was directed by a new contributing artist, Michael Kotoff, so I have the pleasure of evaluating a double-debut. That fact, alone, is notable, but this debut is also unusual in that it is a MetArt HD erotic movie, rather than the far more prevalent still photo sets. This calls to mind the relatively recent arrival of director Platon Averin who, seemingly, only shoots motion pictures. I don’t know if Michael Kotoff will follow that pattern or if he will also be contributing still sets in the future, but I think most MetArt members would agree that the more talented filmmakers we have on the roster, the better.

Of course the same can be said of beautiful new models, and Lia K certainly fills that bill. The only remotely critical comment I can make about her is that her performance reveals a slight lack of experience in front of the camera. But experience can be gained, skills can be developed, and Lia K’s debut is totally engaging and thoroughly charming.

The action takes place on a leather sofa and in front of a picture window. Lia starts out in a short dress over a lacy white bra and panties set and sky-high platform heels. Those sexy shoes never come off, and the rest of her ensemble is removed, piece by piece, and very slowly. Tease plays a major role in “Presenting,” and Michael Kotoff‘s dynamic, agile camera and creative direction and editing heighten anticipation as Lia K tempts the lens. It takes nearly three minutes before the model is topless, but those three minutes - over a third of the film’s running time - are completely enjoyable.

Some viewers will, no doubt, be disappointed in the absence of explicit close-ups, but I’m willing to forgive this omission. Not only is this a young model’s MetArt debut, it’s also the director’s first contribution, and he may be been erring on the side of caution and discretion for his premiere performance. I’m doubly impressed - by both artist and model - and look forward to seeing more from the creator and star of “Presenting” Lia K.


“Presenting” Yarina A - yet another newbie…

Yarina A: Presenting, by Goncharov, real beauty in trompe l'oeil room

The influx of fresh talent into the MetArt model talent pool continues unabated. Among the more recent arrivals we find Yarina A, a leggy, auburn-haired, 19-year-old newcomer from Ukraine.

This is a casual, off-the-cuff effort from contributing photographer Goncharov. There’s little, if any, attention to art direction, props, costuming, thematic content, or any technical complexity. This stripped-down, no-frills presentation doesn’t distract attention from the model and he captures her in enough different poses and compositions to allow the viewer to get a complete look at Yarina’s physical attributes as well as developing some sense of her modeling abilities.

The most distracting element of the set is the background. Yarina A poses in an arched doorway. The arch has been painted, in trompe l’oeil fashion, to resemble a brick masonry column complete with clinging vines. Another wall, this one with an actual (as opposed to virtual) mirror, is also painted in a stonework pattern. The main wall in the background is pale blue sky dotted with wispy clouds and soaring birds. It’s an unusual setting, to be sure, but I’m not certain it adds much to the collection. Still, at its most effective, in shots like #024 and #025, the mixture of actual, reflected, and fake elements is intriguing.

My favorite images from the series tend to be those that minimize the background and fill the frame with Yarina A. This young model - she’s only 19 - has a great shape and I suspect she may have some training in dance, or at least her posing suggests this. There’s virtually no background at all in #051, a headshot captured while Yarina is supine on the floor, and it’s a standout in “Presenting.” The model has a relaxed, natural countenance in #058, a shot that also conveys the sculptural elegance of her belly and hips. And while the background is somewhat cluttered in #073, it’s still lovely figure study of a truly lovely figure.


“Presenting” Emily Bloom - another new nubile unveiled…

Emily Bloom: Presenting, by Arkisi - cute & sweet plus explicit heat

For the second post in a row I have the particularly pleasurable privilege of reviewing the premiere pictorial of a new MetArt model. New model debuts are a treat to be savored, and while it’s also rewarding to watch an established talent refine and practice her craft, there can only be one first time, which makes these sets uniquely enjoyable.

That is absolutely and unquestionably true of Emily Bloom‘s first pictorial at MetArt. And it’s not simply that she’s a very appealing young girl. I’ve seen plenty of debut sets in which the model was attractive but her actual modeling skills were lacking. That’s not the case here, at all! Emily Bloom has physical beauty in abundance, but she’s also a confident and skilled model.

To enhance this first offering further, the artist Arkisi has subtly but skillfully constructed the set so that it follows something of a mini-narrative. There is a story here, and an arc, and it allows the model to show off different aspects of her personality.

The beginning, middle, and end of this “story” consist of: Emily posing in the doorway of a bathroom. She’s wearing a little black dress (or is it a nightie?) and the implication is that she’s finished preparing for bed. Here Emily’s young, girlish cuteness is beautifully captured in shots like#008. In the “middle” of the story, as her clothes come off, she displays not only more of her curvaceous body, but more of her personality - I love the calm, thoughtful expression in #053, for example.

The final segment of the “story” finds Emily on the bed, totally nude, and brazenly displayed. The transformation of the innocent cutie in the doorway to the splayed and tempting siren on the sheets is truly dramatic. Of these suggestive, explicit images #087 is a favorite, as are succulent close-ups like #108 and #109, as well #106, a graphic pin-up. “Presenting” Emily Bloom marks the arrival of a talented and most welcome new addition to MetArt.


“Presenting” Rinna A - locked lips and stiff nips…

Rinna A: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, MetArt model makes nude debut

The first three images in this debut MetArt gallery provide an inviting introduction to first time model Rinna A. It was only after viewing the series in its entirety that I realized those three shots also foreshadow one of the model’s signature traits that I mention in the title of this post.

Rinna A has exceptionally beautiful lips. They’re ripe, they’re full, they’re shapely. But with only a couple of exceptions, those lips remain firmly closed - by my casual count she opens her mouth only two times in the entire pictorial. So resolute is her refusal to part those pretty lips that I got the feeling that she might have a mouthful of braces. She does smile broadly enough in #074 to reveal a gleaming row of pearly whites, however, so I am at a loss to explain exactly why those lovely lips are locked.

I can’t explain with certainty why the nipples of Rinna’s pert and petite breasts are so prominently and eye-catchingly erect throughout the set, either, but this feature is far easier to enjoy than the mystery of this model’s mouth. While those prominent protuberances are visible in nearly every topless or nude shot in the set, Alex Sironi devotes several detailed images to the tantalizing twins, of which #090 is one fine example.

In “Presenting,” Rinna A projects a surprisingly wide range of expressions for a (presumed) first-time model - a fact made even more surprising when one considers the limited expressive options her locked lips create. She can look polished and glamorous, she can look relaxed and casual, and she peppers the set with many unexpected and varied looks. I’m intrigued by her expression in #021, even if (or perhaps because) I can’t quite tell what she’s thinking. I love her glamorous look in #023, with her lips just barely parted. And her green eyes and luscious lips are highlights of #068 and #108. If she can better integrate her mouth into her modeling I expect Rinna A to earn a devoted following in the future.


“Presenting” Zsanett Tormay - a promising premiere performance…

Zsanett Tormay: Presenting, by Arkisi, pretty, sexy, new MetArt model

I make a concerted effort to evaluate every MetArt erotic photo gallery, and every MetArt model, on its or her individual merits, and the same is true for every MetArt photographer. Still there are times when it is impossible not to compare, contrast, and refer to another model in a different set photographed by a different photographer.

In yesterday’s post I reviewed a model’s first MetArt series. As you will see (scroll down or click here), she was a particularly pretty girl, and the photography was pleasing, as well. My single greatest complaint was that the model exhibited a rather limited expressive range. That is most definitely not the case with the set I address in this post, Arkisi’s “Presenting” Zsanett Tormay.

Of course, a model’s expressiveness isn’t normally the first thing I notice in any pictorial, and it wasn’t the case here, either. What struck me first was this dark-haired beauty’s big, almost impossibly blue eyes. I’ve mentioned in the past how powerful I find the combination of dark hair and blue eyes and here’s a perfect example of the effect. It certainly doesn’t hurt that those azure orbs are set in a face that is refined and elegant, with ripe lips, and that her slender body is so appealing, either.

What emerged as I viewed the series was the broad and varied range of facial expressions and body language Zsanett Tormay employs in what may well be her first nude erotic photo set. She can be perfectly formal in pose and expression in one shot, and then entirely spontaneous and candid in the next. Here thoughtful, and there giddy. Seductive, teasing, sly, mysterious, flirtatious, frank, pensive, playful - these are just a few of the many expressive moods Zsanett presents to us here.

I can’t say what role the artist Arkisi played in getting his subject to share so many moods, but in terms of style and technique there is much to admire in the photographer’s approach to this pictorial. In #018, to cite one example, he shoots Zsanett from behind, her head in profile, while she’s leaning against a wall that is sharply divided between light and dark - just one of many beautifully composed images here.

Notice the little patch of bright light on the floor near the model’s right foot in #042 and the unusual “X” formed by her artfully positioned arms and legs. I love the sly expression on Zsanett’s face in the background while her toes and feet blur in the near field and her sex occupies the middle. From explicit to demure, from pose, to composition, to the many varied moods and intriguing expressions (#085), “Presenting” Zsanett Tormay signals the arrival of a beautiful and particularly talented new model.


“Presenting” Zelda B - outdoor introduction/indoor intimacy…

Zelda B: Presenting, by Rylsky, a new model, in public and private

When MetArt contributor Rylsky introduces us to this fresh-faced new model she’s casually dressed, it’s in public, onlookers look on (the fellow in #004 stares at the camera in a way that suggests he’s used to being stared at, himself), and we get to know something of Zelda B in her natural environs.

After the ten images of the introduction, the setting and spirit changes completely. The remainder of the series takes place indoors, in a luxuriously appointed room decorated in rich, dark shades of brown: the leather upholstery of an overstuffed armchair, the wood of the floor and a side table, and the leather, button-tufted walls. Zelda B’s costume now consists solely of green blouse which is not long enough to hide the fact that she’s otherwise completely nude.

I admire this lack of inhibition in any pretty girl, but for a first time MetArt model it’s particularly impressive. There’s no warm-up phase here, no getting used to the camera - Zelda B is immediately comfortable showing us all she has to offer. We get explicit intimate close-ups (#054 and #066 are two prime examples) that showcase not only the model’s anatomy but also Rylsky’s nuanced art direction and lighting. These shots are nicely balanced by images that bring out Zelda B’s bright, girlish charm (#026, with the blouse worn as a flattering mini-skirt, and #107 smiling genuinely in an inverted stance).

There is the slightest air of inexperience to Zelda B’s performance in this series, but that is easily forgiven, and her charms easily outweigh what few trifling flaws might be present. And I do love the way she can take a “posey” pose, like the one she assumes in #074, and make it seem utterly spontaneous and natural with the beaming energy of her facial expression. Despite the explicit content, “Presenting” Zelda B tends to skew to the cute end of the scale, but in a moody, expressive shot like #047 this new MetArt model is nothing less than beautiful.


“Presenting” Melena A - brown eyed girl…

Melena A: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, brown eyed cutie/beauty

Feminine beauty, even though we recognize it instantly, is extremely difficult to quantify. Make a list of ten physical attributes that define beauty for you and compare it with a friend’s list. Chances are there would be some overlap, but it’s highly unlikely the lists would match. Everybody is different, and everybody has different tastes. And if we move away from the general topic of beauty to attempt and describe what constitutes a sub-category, in this case cuteness, the task becomes even more difficult. Like beauty, cuteness is something far greater than a combination of physical traits. It’s a spirit, an energy, personality, and other appealing intangibles.

But when I opened this debut MetArt erotic gallery I didn’t have to consult my notes or review any lists - Melena A is the very embodiment of cuteness. She’s quite beautiful, strikingly so, but I find her cuteness to be the overriding quality. The sparkle in those dark brown eyes, the smile that so often graces those ripe lips, the slightly mussed hair, and her carefree attitude all express a tempting cuteness I have difficulty resisting. Melena A is so cute, in fact, that I was almost surprised to learn that she’s a 22-year-old - to my eyes her cuteness subtracts 3 or 4 years from that figure.

And while we’re speaking of figures, Melena A happens to be blessed with a particularly fine one. She’s got long, graceful limbs, petite, dark-nippled breasts, exceptionally delicate details, and she’s got a slim waist and full, yet perfectly proportioned, hips. When you combine her physical beauty with her undeniable cuteness the effect is particularly pleasing.

Alex Sironi has a good grasp of Melena’s attributes and potential, and he’s styled the set and dressed her in a way that flatters her while also conveying a bit of her casual charm. She’s barefoot, wearing a sheer blouse, a bracelet and a necklace, and her makeup is subtle and natural. She’s seated on a small wrought iron bench draped with a piece of sheer yellow fabric, and that’s it. This simple arrangement allows the first time MetArt model’s beauty and cuteness to blossom for the lens in “Presenting” Melena A.


“Itinero” starring Lana L - a new model in motion…

Lana L: Itinero, by Platon Averin, MetArt HD erotic movie

New models appear at MetArt with a frequency no other erotic site can match - I never get tired of proudly trumpeting this fact. The vast majority of these newcomers first appear here in still photo sets, however, and it is relatively rare that a new model debuts in a MetArt HD erotic movie. And that’s precisely the case with Lana L in “Itinero.”

I’m always eager to view a new MetArt model, whether in stills or in a movie, but here I was also looking forward to experiencing the work of director Platon Averin. I first learned of Averin in a review written by MetArt member and frequent blog commenter hipshot13. Now I have my chance.

It’s only a matter of moments before I find myself being drawn into “Itinero.” The first couple of minutes find Lana L in a park-like setting, in a stylish outfit. The expression on her face as she reads a text message on her phone intrigues. And when she casually tidies her outfit there’s a very subtle suggestion of reverse striptease. I’m hooked.

Without warning the setting changes. Now Lana is in the lush countryside, wearing only a bright white satin bra and panties. Now the striptease - with a tantalizing extra helping of tease - proceeds in the proper direction. Lana L obviously has some experience in this erotic art, and Averin’s camera knows how to build up our anticipation with each new revelation.

Itinero” is very much a film, not simply a series of images haphazardly strung together. It doesn’t have much of a narrative or through-line, but there’s no question that it creates a mood and a sense of fantasy. And it makes a fine showcase for first-time MetArt model Lana L. Whether the sun is shining on her curvaceous and bronzed body, or she’s sashaying elegantly along a country road in the nude, she makes a strong impression in her premiere performance.


From the MetArt Mailbox...

Monik B: Presenting, by Platon Averin, MetArt HD erotic movie

[As enthusiastic as he is opinionated, MetArt member hipshot13 is a frequent and outspoken contributor to the comments section of this blog. He submitted the following MetArt HD movie review as a comment on another movie. I feel that it deserves broader exposure than the comments allow, so I'm publishing it here for the benefit of the blog readership at large. - Adam]

With the release of “Presenting Monik B” by Platon Averin I am delighted to say that MetArt has achieved yet another two-fer! And it’s a magnificent one to be sure. If this video doesn’t get a rise out of you nothing will.

Both the model and the photographer are new to MetArt but there is nothing in either to suggest any lack of talent or inexperience. This video is a delight from the very first scene to the last, with both model and director proving they are more than qualified to be MetArt regulars - and I hope they will be.

Monik B is, simply put, amazing. I am sure that this walking dream is a well trained dancer. Her body is firm and tight with not a hint of excess. She’s supremely well conditioned and flexible - her toe points and graceful dancer’s movements are effortless, and her talent for combining this with erotic dance is mesmerizing and playful. In addition to all that, her face is delightfully animated and she’s constantly flirting.

This video is long for a MetArt video but I was delighted that is was. It gave me time to savor the amazing talent - both in front of the camera and behind it. The composition and style of this video is very pleasing. Director Platon Averin starts with a shot of Monik coming down a flight of stairs in a street scene crowded with people. It is easy to pick out Monik and she immediately establishes eye-contact and delivers a smile that instantly says you have got to watch this. Then your are switched to a brightly lit room with only a single chair in the middle and the light from a window shining on the floor. The chair is the only prop and it is all that is needed.

Throughout the video Averin continues to switch back and forth from indoors to outdoors, with Monik making costume changes, too. It sounds rather disjointed but Monik B is so bright and cheerful in both indoor and outdoor scenes - and she looks so awesome and fun in her street clothes, and so flawless in the nude - that it all becomes quite fun to watch. It’s as if the director is telling us she may be awesome nude but she is so much more than that. This is a perfect debut for both model and artist because we see that their talents span both environments and they are equally pleasing in either one.

Presenting Monik B” gets a full 5 stars from me for both model and artist. A very rare thing for a video, indeed. - hipshot13


“Presenting” Faina B - little black dress/cute blonde girl…

Faina B: Presenting, by Albert Varin, a pale blonde's explicit debut

For her first MetArt erotic photo series Faina B has a minimal number of accessories and adornments. She’s barefoot and a clingy black mini-dress is her only item of clothing. She’s got an ankh on a chain around her neck, and a bunch of yellow long stem roses bound with yellow ribbon. The entire set takes place on a sofa against a wall papered in a striped pattern. There’s plenty of visual interest here, but it’s achieved with relatively few elements.

I’m not entirely happy with all of the choices photographer Albert Varin has made here. The color scheme of the room is too close in value to Faina B’s own cream and blonde coloring, for one. In a few shots where she’s framed against a dark background, as she is in #062, the result is much more flattering. And against the backing wall, with its horizontal chair rail, and the vertical stripe pattern of the wallpaper, he insists on tilting his camera this way and that through much of the set.

But these technical complaints can’t diminish the fact that Faina B is a most welcome addition to MetArt! The set is loaded with intimate anatomical close-ups and explicit poses, so shyness is not an issue for this newcomer. And Faina’s delicate features - both her face and body - are sure to earn her much favorable attention. It’s worth noting that while Faina’s lower half is quickly and completely exposed in the pictorial, we don’t see a topless shot until image #050 - but it’s definitely worth the wait.

As for favorites, I must say that Varin makes up for much of his off-kilter imagery here by delivering nicely composed (and well posed) shot of Faina regarding the lens in #109. I love the horizontal composition of #120, a beautiful headshot. And the key light in #099 brings out the pale fire of Faina’s blonde hair dramatically. I certainly hope there’s more Faina B in MetArt‘s future.


“Presenting” Kolumbina A - a promising pair of premieres…

Kolumbina A: Presenting, by Alen Amadeus, new model + new artist

New models join the MetArt talent pool at an almost astounding rate. By my informal count, in the month of August, alone, 13 new girls debuted at MetArt. As I write, September is only five days old, and three new girls have already appeared this month. Impressive.

Obviously, it’s the talent in front of the camera that’s of paramount importance, but the artist composing the images is a critical part of the erotic art equation. And this MetArt erotic photo gallery is the first submitted to the site by photographer Alen Amadeus. So “Presenting” Kolumbina A is one of those happy occasions when we first meet a new model and artist simultaneously.

After examining only a few images I’m impressed, intrigued, and entertained. Kolumbina A with her lithe, lean, shapely body and long, wavy, pleasantly unruly auburn hair is a visual treat. She has particularly refined facial features, and she’s exceptionally expressive, conveying a wide variety of moods without a hint of stiffness or insincerity. She has a natural beauty that is enhanced by a relaxed ease in front of the camera. When she smiles one can’t help but smile along with her. I don’t know if she’s had prior modeling experience, but this 20-year-old knows what she’s doing and makes it look absolutely effortless.

Likewise, Alen Amadeus has a solid grasp of the task at hand. It’s an overcast day on the verdant banks of a river. He’s dressed the model in shades of red that adds visual snap to the images without looking the least bit contrived. He knows how to present and flatter Kolumbina to maximize her assets, and at the same time he fully satisfies the needs of the viewing audience. Modest, pretty headshots, figure studies, explicit anatomical close-ups, candid, spontaneous moments - he captures them all with a skilled ease and style that never draws our attention away from the model.

This MetArt photo series is a success for Kolumbina A and Alen Amadeus both as individuals and as collaborators. I look forward to more of their work, either together or apart.


“Presenting” Vana A - two “news” for you…

Vana A: Presenting, by Higinio Domingo, new model + new artist debut

MetArt members are accustomed to a steady diet of fresh, newly discovered talent. New models are added to the site with almost metronomic regularity, and this series marks the arrival of a green-eyed Estonian with considerable charm and potential. As an added bonus, the set is also the first MetArt contribution by a new artist, so we are blessed with two “news” at once.

Set off by subtly dramatic make-up, Vana A’s eyes are exceptionally pretty. And while she presents a somewhat restrained, somewhat cool expression for much of the series, when she allows her spontaneity to shine forth those green eyes glitter with joy and delight. Her pale, creamy complexion is set off nicely by a lush head of thick, dark hair, and her body is an appealing combination of plush and delicate elements. Vana A isn’t inhibited in the least, and she delivers a nice variety of interesting poses. A roundly pleasing premiere performance.

And I think the same can be said for photographer Higinio Domingo‘s debut, as well. The lighting is soft, neutral, and natural. And the set design, particularly his choice of colors, is spare and effective yet possessing a certain depth and richness. The white walls are nicely set off by the black frame around a mirror and the black chandelier reflected in it. And the dark upholstery of the furniture provides a flattering backdrop to his model’s pale complexion. It’s a versatile set, as well. In much of the series the white walls figure prominently, to fine effect. But when he composes his frame in such a way as to omit the walls entirely, as he does in #047, he achieves an entirely different look. Well done.

Presenting” Vana A isn’t without flaws, but its strengths are such that what flaws it does contain are easy to forgive. #067 is a haunting and evocative close headshot. I love the pose and Vana’s beautiful facial expression (as well as the color and strong horizontal elements of Domingo’s composition) in #001. The high, bird’s eye angle in #042 is a pleasant and dramatic surprise. #066 is a subtly seductive headshot. There’s something natural, casual (and explicit) in #080, enhanced by the artist’s confident and creative framing. After this debut, I look forward to more from both of these newcomers.


“Presenting” Maria N - a pretty, pink, premiere…

Maria N: Presenting, by Ingret, perky breasts, first nudes, pretty pix

Photographer Ingret‘s set design for this MetArt new model debut series is sweetly feminine. The walls are papered in shades of pink, and two French doors, the floor, and other furnishings are white which ties in nicely with the model’s white necklace, stockings, and garter belt.

This sweet, girlish, youthful setting provides a fine backdrop for a sweet, girlish, young model. Despite the fact that Maria N is topless and bottomless from the first shot, there’s a hint of innocence here, and the wreath of delicate flowers in her hair in the introductory shots ads a pleasantly angelic touch. The stylized presentation has an almost greeting card flavor, and I mean that as a compliment - see #012 for a perfect illustration of my point.

This is a generally confident performance for this lean and well shaped 21-year-old. Certain telltales - stiff hands, for example - give away her presumed lack of modeling experience, and I think she works a touch too hard at projecting a calm, serious mood when something more spontaneous and energetically girlish would be more in keeping with the design of the pictorial. But she is a charming and pretty girl and I offer these minor complaints in the spirit of constructive, encouraging criticism.

Ingret does suffer from the tilting frame from time to time, but he also delivers some extremely pretty images in this collection. The lighting is soft and effective in #047, a subtly moody shot. The absence of pink design elements in #056 adds a feeling of mature sophistication than the more girlish compositions in the set contain. I like the backlight and the bold, seated pose (but could do without the tilt) in #098. And with #114, her beautiful body partially hidden by an open door, model and artist arrive at absolute perfection. “Presenting” Maria N is a very pretty premiere, indeed.


“Presenting” Taylor A - blonde beauty on board…

Taylor A: Presenting, by Alex Iskan, MetArt HD erotic movie

Although I’m certain it has happened in the past, this new model debut is notable in that it’s a MetArt HD erotic movie, and not the far more typical first time pictorial. And the format of this premiere appearance is but one intriguing feature that make this relatively short film long on viewing pleasure.

For one, the entire production takes place on a sail boat as it plies the waters of a broad river. Poised on the bow, with the wind in her short, stylish blonde hair, Taylor A is wearing a floor length dress, but gravity - assisted by the telepathic wishes of the viewing audience - pulls it down in short order and the leggy beauty is totally nude for the rest of the voyage. Taylor is completely at ease and uninhibited, and even waves cheerily to the crew of a passing vessel just after the two minute mark.

This appears to be the end of a day on the water and the sun is low in the sky. If I have a single complaint with Alex Iskan‘s production it can be attributed to the time of day - I’d prefer to get my first look at this beautiful new MetArt model at midday, when the details of her tan, long-limbed and elegant body would be revealed with greater clarity and detail.

Even so, “Presenting” Taylor A is a pleasure to watch, and combined with the water, the surrounding scenery, and the evocative soundtrack, this brief video voyage accomplishes its goal skillfully and successfully. I look forward to seeing more of Taylor A, whether it’s at sea, on dry land, in still photos, or in more movies.


“Presenting” Pammie Lee - steam in the studio…

Pammie Lee: Presenting, by Tony Murano, busty exotic beauty nude pix

This is one of those MetArt erotic photo galleries that hooked me after a single, casual glance at the cover. Say what you will about big, splendidly shaped, stunningly symmetrical breasts, but there’s no denying that Pammie Lee has them. And the perfection of her bosom is complemented by the intriguing expression of her undeniably beautiful face. And when I notice that this set was shot by Tony Murano I anticipate a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Presenting” Pammie Lee more than lives up to the promise of its cover, and it also brings up some interesting points about erotic art photography and the entire MetArt experience.

In yesterday’s post I evaluated a set that I quite liked. What I find interesting is that yesterday’s set and this one could not be more dramatically different. Yesterday it’s a girl-next-door type, shot by day in natural light, in a casual, natural style. Today it’s an exotic bombshell, styled to the nines, photographed in the controlled environment of the studio. These two sets have very little in common, but this diversity, this range, this type of variety is makes them both fit perfectly at MetArt.

There’s a steamy, dreamy, late night feel here, with perhaps a hint of New Orleans (or is it Amsterdam?) in the mood, style, decor, and costuming. Dressed, but only barely, in black lingerie, Pammie Lee presents a truly striking figure. #035, framed from the neck down and the thighs up, captures the superb curves of that hourglass shape masterfully. I also like the mood conveyed in #008, the formality of the pose in #027, the implied action in #028, the relaxed stance and smile in #049, and several of Tony Murano‘s signature explicit images, including #097 and #122. The moody, stylish presentation makes a fine showcase for this impressive new model.


“Presenting” Nastya K - her place in the sun…

Nastya K: Presenting, by Catherine, hot nude pix of 18-year-old beauty

Of all the many decisions facing an artist preparing for an outdoor photo shoot, the choice of location may be the most important. No matter how skilled the photographer, and no matter how beautiful and talented the model, the wrong setting can ruin a pictorial before the first click of the shutter. I’m not suggesting the location must be beautiful - some wonderful art has been created in challenging and unlikely locations, but a beautiful setting never hurts - and in the case of this new model debut, it’s an absolute blessing.

MetArt contributing photographer Catherine has chosen a simply beautiful location for this series, and Mother Nature has been a particularly helpful assistant. She’s bathed a sprawling meadow crowded with blooming dandelions with warm, bright sunlight, a barely perceptible breeze blows lightly across the verdant landscape, and she’s dotted the sky with puffy clouds. What could possibly improve this bucolic, pastoral environment? A beautiful young girl, of course!

And in that role first-time MetArt model Nastya K is perfectly cast. Positioned on a cream-colored sheepskin throw and wearing a lacy, frilly summer dress, this dark-haired nymphet fairly glows with youthful vitality. I’m immediately struck by the radiant beauty of her skin. Just 18 years old, Nastya has a dewy, glowing complexion that, as we eventually discover, is virtually flawless. And these photos capture the soft, warm texture of that smooth skin brilliantly.

A beautiful location, on a beautiful day, with a beautiful nude girl - that’s a winning combination, and Catherine takes full advantage of it. We find a range of stylish figure studies (#020 and #089 to cite a representative pair); joyous, youthful exuberance (#056); images that are both explicit and thoughtful at once (#057 and #059); and a range of creative and boldly erotic poses that reveal this 18-year-old in gorgeous, thrilling, graphic detail (#065 through #074). The sun isn’t the only thing that shines in “Presenting” Nastya K - the artist and model do, as well.


“Presenting” Mango A - pictures and an exhibition…

Mango A: Presenting, by Vlad Kleverov - new model + new artist

They don’t happen terribly often, but when a new MetArt erotic photo series marks the debut of two first-time contributors, it’s an event worth noting. “Presenting” Mango A not only presents a new model, it’s also photographer Vlad Kleverov’s premiere creation for the site, so I approach it with a two-scoop serving of anticipation.

And that anticipation is more than satisfied by what I find in the series. Mango A is a natural beauty and - particularly considering her age and lack of modeling experience - acquits herself quite well in her debut sitting. From her bio I learn that she’s “a true nudist,” and that certainly results in a relaxed and uninhibited on-camera demeanor.

Vlad Kleverov‘s concept and execution of the set, barring a couple of minor missteps, is inventive, unusual, and enjoyable. The model is nude throughout. She’s positioned on the hardwood floor of a naturally lit room with a package of mounted photographs - half a dozen urban landscapes. Much of the set features Mango scrutinizing and arranging the photos. It’s an interesting device, but it isn’t completely successful. Is she the proprietor of a nudist art gallery? Is she decorating her own living space? Some of these posing-with-pictures shots, #038 or #120 for example, verge on the silly.

Even if the idea isn’t entirely successful, I give the photographer credit for coming up with an interesting new approach to a set - it really was quite clever of him.

There are a couple of underexposed images, these could (and should) have been omitted (see #022) but I have no trouble choosing favorites from the remaining shots. In #029 the model assumes what I’m told is known in yoga circles as the “happy baby” pose with a pleasing result. I like the casual, thoughtful, naturalistic feel of #049. I like the explicit abstraction of #060. #061 is an interesting head-and-shoulders shot. #070 offers an explicit and creative pose. And additional explicit highlights include #089 and #091. “Presenting” Mango A is a promising debut, times two.


“Presenting” Ashley Doll - a pretty premiere…

Ashley Doll: Presenting, by John Emslie, natural light and beauty

When I sit down to review a MetArt erotic photo series I strive to remain objective and arrive at an honest opinion based on what I see in the photos. I never review a pictorial’s rating before I’ve looked at it, I don’t peruse the various descriptive tags MetArt members have given a set or a model, and I don’t look at member comments or e-mails regarding a set before I write my review.

But, even though this is Ashley Doll‘s first appearance at MetArt, and my first time seeing her, I couldn’t help but make the smallest of prejudgments before opening the set. And that prejudgment is based on her name. While it isn’t always the case, when a MetArt model uses a first and last name it implies two things: she is likely, but not necessarily, an American; and it is also likely that she has embarked on, or is considering a career in other forms of erotic entertainment. I don’t know if Ashley Doll is going to follow a career path similar to Malena Morgan or Rilee Marks, but if she does, she certainly has the beauty - and the name - for it!

A petite and exotic brunette, Ashley Doll receives a extensive and stylish introduction in this John Emslie pictorial. The set is big - it contains a bumper crop of 185 images. And the set is, on the whole, very nicely executed. The lighting is natural and flattering, and the colors of the set are particularly complimentary to Doll’s complexion and coloring. My only gripe with Emslie’s work here is a tendency to tilt the camera for no obvious reason. When he’s framing his subject tightly it’s hardly noticeable, but when he pulls back it can be distracting.

My gripe aside, there is much to like and a lot of variety to be found here. The lighting, wardrobe, poses and Doll’s subtly steamy attitude make even a clothed shot like #014 sizzle. There’s an almost retro/Playboy magazine quality to #067, a pretty prone pose. Of the many explicit shots #157 is both moody and inviting. And, as “Presenting” winds down, #177 and #181 are two finely rendered standing body shots of this beautiful and promising newcomer.


“Presenting” Surime A - good “news” comes in twos…

Surime A: Presenting, by Koido, busty, 19-year-old, nude newcomer

This MetArt erotic photo gallery marks the arrival of two new talents. This is 19-year-old Surime A’s debut appearance here, and while photographer Koido isn’t completely new, this is only his second contribution, and the first I’ve seen. Short story: two impressive “new” talents.

I was somewhat surprised to learn that Surime A is just 19, and only recently graduated high school. As I went through the set I was struck by the model’s natural and spirited expressiveness. While she is lively and energetic, she also has a knowing, worldly quality that implies a certain maturity - certainly more maturity than we expect from a 19-year-old. Her performance is that much more impressive when one considers her youth and (presumed) lack of experience.

An expressive and physically impressive model makes any photographer’s task easier and more enjoyable, and Koido demonstrates his own considerable artistic ability both in his design of the set and the wide variety of compositions and poses he manages to include with only a minimum of set decoration. I’m particularly impressed by how the slate gray floor blends seamlessly into background. It’s a slightly unusual color choice - strong yet still neutral - and it flatters Surime A’s natural coloring.

A simple, light gray stool makes an effective prop, particularly in the sequence of shots spanning #020 through #030 - whether standing next to it, her back to the camera, in #027, or seated on it, in a playful pin-up pose, in #022, model and artist get maximum effect with minimal decor. Even knocked over, as it is in #049, the stool adds a hint of graphic interest to an already interesting figure study.

Two more favorites from this series dispense with props entirely. Totally nude, curling her body up off the floor and eyeing the camera, in #062. And #063, flat on her back, eyes closed, face relaxed, hands above her head, is another beautifully posed and composed image from this talented new twosome.


“Presenting” Gracy Taylor - oil in a day’s work…

Gracy Taylor: Presenting, by Luca Helios, greased girl, arty/oily nudes

Frequent MetArt contributing artist Luca Helios‘ design and execution of this new model debut gallery is interesting and effective. A white, high-gloss floor blends seamlessly into a bright white background. There is just one prop - a wooden cube, minus two of its sides - and it is used sparingly as a seating surface.

The first time model also receives a minimal treatment. Apart from a string of black beads, Gracy Taylor is totally nude in every image in the gallery. The only additional item she has in the way of costuming is a generous coating of shiny, shimmering, oil that slicks her body from neck to toe. Quite a dramatic and eye-catching presentation.

Gracy Taylor seems confident and self assured here - particularly in view of her complete nudity and greased condition. I wouldn’t say she is the most dramatic or expressive model, but she more than compensates for this with her complete inhibition and posing skill.

One thing that struck me about the set, early on, was the model’s seeming reluctance to smile. In image #040 I found my answer. It’s a headshot, one of the more spontaneous images here. Gracy’s eyes are averted, her head tilted forward and down, and her lips are parted just enough to reveal a row of braces. The model does an excellent job of concealing her orthodontic appliances throughout the set, but in so doing she mutes her natural expressiveness.

The lighting here, coupled with the stark, glossy white set, does a wonderful job of highlighting the contours of Gracy Taylor’s body. And the coating of oil on her skin amplifies the effect markedly. The oil also adds considerable impact to the generous assortment of explicit anatomical close-ups. Gracy Taylor is a slick piece, so to say - and “Presenting” is a slick piece of work.


“Cordella” starring Ganna B - particularly pleasing perpetual motions…

Ganna B: Cordella, by Slastyonoff, MetArt HD erotic movie

“Cordella” is interesting and unusual for several reasons. For one, it is the model’s first appearance at MetArt. This isn’t actually unusual - new models are added to the site on a near-daily basis. It is unusual, if not unprecedented, for a model’s debut to occur in a MetArt HD erotic movie, however.

It is also notable for being the first Slastyonoff-directed movie I’ve had the opportunity to review. The artist’s MetArt portfolio is truly massive - it numbers 515 galleries at the moment - but a relatively small number of those are films.

Finally, the entire concept and execution of this production is unlike any that I’ve yet critiqued. It is not a video recording of a still photo shoot, so we need not revisit that tiresome conversation. But it doesn’t attempt to create a narrative or tell a story, either. “Cordella” through simplicity, artistry, creativity, and energy is a unique erotic motion picture, with extra emphasis on all three elements.

We pan up a figure wrapped in a cobalt blue satin sheet. The sheet is parted, mimicking the curtains in a theater, and Ganna B.’s completely nude body is revealed. The camera pans back down, and the motion begins - the screen will be filled with near constant motion until the film’s end.

Think of this as a combination of nude figure posing and modern dance. Ganna moves her body creatively, easily, gracefully, and constantly. And she makes fine use of her single prop, turning that shimmering sheet of blue fabric into a tactile, physical, dynamic, and kinetic dance partner.

While the performance has a fluid, spontaneous feeling, it is also completely free of repetition. There is a varied pace, and an involving tempo to the model’s movements. And there is s similar variety in the cinematic framing and style. The use of slow motion is a particularly pleasing enhancement, as well.

And all this creativity - both physical and technical - doesn’t obscure the explicit and erotic aspects. Indeed, the various elements combine in balanced harmony to yield a fine piece of vigorous and engaging erotic artistry.


“Presenting” Firebird A - debut on a dune…

Firebird A: Presenting, by Erik Latika, simple, sexy, outdoor nude pix

MetArt contributing artist Erik Latika chose to keep things simple for this new model debut pictorial. I, for one, think this was an excellent idea.

The “set” is a sand dune. For those who are counting, we may also include the blue sky as a second element of the design. The model has been given a single long piece of fabric. When she wraps it around her body it can function as a shroud, a robe, a skirt, or a gown. When she spreads it on the sand it also functions as a beach blanket.

And Firebird A., the first time MetArt modelPresenting” presents, doesn’t have one stitch of clothing, no shoes, only minimal make-up - her only adornment, besides the flowing fabric, is a chunky bracelet.

Happily, this minimalist simplicity proves, yet again, that less is quite often more. Firebird A. seems genuinely at ease in this simple setting, and she experiments with a wide assortment of poses, presentations, and emotional attitudes. But even when she’s being thoughtful or putting extra effort into her pose selection, I get the feeling she’s enjoying the entire experience - and that translates directly into extra enjoyment for the viewer.

Her oval face framed by a pleasingly unruly head of long, dark hair has a brooding quality in #018 an evocative topless shot. Totally nude, in #053, Firebird A. reveals all, including her refined profile. Numbers 044, 045, and 046 are three subtly different but extremely pretty figure studies. And on all fours, in #106, with her beautiful backside to the camera, the over-the-shoulder expression adds a jolt of not at all subtle eroticism.

From playful to passionate, from explicit to artistic, Firebird’s first flight, with Erik Latika as her copilot, is a solid success.


“Presenting” Bony A - a dramatic (and demure) double-debut…

Bony A: Presenting, by Ivan Harrin, dark, dramatic, demure erotic art

This MetArt erotic photo gallery is cause for two celebrations. Not only is it the first appearance of an appealing model, it’s also the premiere pictorial from a new contributing photographer. Before getting into the particulars, let me say that both artist and subject demonstrate considerable talent and much potential.

With her refined features, dark, brooding eyes, and long, luxurious mane of deep-sable hair, and splendidly proportioned body, Bony A. is certain to draw many admirers. Although I can’t confirm this, I do feel that she is new to modeling, and not simply new to MetArt. She tends to hold herself, particularly her head, in the same way from shot to shot, a habit displayed by many inexperienced models. But her looks are so striking it’s easy to forgive this mistake, and I certainly hope additional time in front of the camera will result in a wider variety of expressions in future sessions.

Photographer Ivan Harrin has a clean, simple style, both in his compositions and in the design of his set. Simple, unobtrusive lighting illuminates a hardwood floor, a white, S-shaped chaise, and a boldly patterned background. The shape and the color of the chaise provides a fine contrast to Bony A.’s coloring, and a bit of geometric drama, as well. With the clean lines, pleasing colors, and intriguing shapes, I do have to wonder how tilting the frame - #066 is one example - is of any aesthetic benefit. I’d call it a minor quibble.

My only other criticism is that this series lacks any truly revealing intimate images. All viewers are different, of course, but when a model is as attractive as Bony A., I would prefer to see everything she has to offer - and I certainly hope we will in future pictorials.

Despite the tilt, I like #073, #074, and #075 very much. Perhaps because the “upside down” pose is unusual, and also because it forces the model to break out of her typical posture. #067, eyes closed, long hair flowing, is beautiful both for the mood and the model’s facial and physical features. And #096 and #113 are two beautiful, thoughtful, figure studies.


“Presenting” Swan A - spreading wings and other things…

Swan A: Presenting, by Rylsky, new model, explicit, sploshing, sticky

This MetArt erotic photo series is a bit of a jumble. There’s a casual, thrown-together flavor to the set design. The model’s costume - a shirt and panties - seems somewhat randomly chosen. And there’s an odd and - to my eyes - unappealing and completely unexplained and unexpected twist that appears later in the set (and which I’ll discuss later in this post).

Here Swan A. makes her first appearance as a MetArt model. Long-limbed and with a sweet, girl next door demeanor, Swan poses eagerly and freely, offering explicit, intensely suggestive poses along with demure images that seem more in keeping with her youthful, genial personality.

Rylsky is no shrinking violet, either - he maneuvers his lens as close as can be and some of these intimate views are almost startling in their proximity and detail.

Oddly enough, but in keeping with the slightly odd nature of the entire pictorial, there are also a group of shots that appear to have been subjected to rather extensive image editing. #023, for example, almost looks like a piece of airbrush art circa 1980. Interesting and curious.

As mentioned earlier, the oddness here extends to the set design with includes various curtains for background, a red leather couch with a white frame, and flooring composed of photographic tiles of white button-tufted leather cushions. Interesting, yes (in an odd way) but the effect is far from harmonious.

The unexpected twist comes in the form of dessert - an orange filled with ice-cream on a plate of sticky fruit syrup. Like a good girl, Swan plays with her food and makes a mess of herself in the process. Certainly a memorable debut, but perhaps not for the right reasons.


“Presenting” Katherine A - if you need a new nubile…

Katherine A: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, new nubile in nude art pix

Time marches on…and new beauties never stop marching into the ever-growing MetArt model collection. MetArt members all have their favorites among the thousands (!) of established models the site has to offer, but they can also count on the frequent arrival of fresh talent.

Katherine A., makes her debut in “Presenting,” and if you’re in need of a new nubile, she seems destined to please. With her long hair and willowy build this 18-year-old has a lithe, graceful appearance and seems comfortable fully (and explicitly) posed and exposed in these photos. In many of the shots in this collection she is consciously “modeling,” and she is quite good at it, particularly in view of her youth and (presumed) lack of experience. More spontaneous, candid moments are captured here, however, and in #019 I can’t help but respond to her natural smile.

The set is something of a stylistic departure for Alex Sironi, and it is entirely successful. Here the colors bias more towards warm earth tones than is his custom, and there is less of a “photo studio” feel to the art direction. His compositions are, however, true to his masterful form. And the lighting, always a signature, is particularly skilled. Katherine is blessed with beautiful skin, and Sironi photographs it in a way that makes it positively glow. Detail shots are plentiful here, but #055 - a hand, a breast - illustrates my point well.

Lighting, pose, and composition combine to produce a handful of varied but equally notable headshots in this series. If I had to pick just one it would probably be #109, a romantic abstraction. It’s a simply beautiful image.

Explicit shots in the set provide a comprehensive view of Katherine A.’s intimate delights. And if one prefers something tamer, with a painterly flair, there is much to enjoy. #049 is just one of many high style figure studies here, and it artfully presents a body that is something of a masterpiece in its own right. And, for a bit of humor mixed with the beauty, I direct you to #118, in which this welcome newcomer plays peek-a-boo with her photographer and audience.


“Presenting” Lexi Bloom - little house on the drawing board…

Lexi Bloom: Presenting, by Bo Llanberris, MetArt HD erotic film review

In the MetArt HD erotic movie archives, and on the cover art, this new release is titled “Presenting,” due to the fact that it marks the debut of a new MetArt model. However, as the movie begins, we see a title card: “Architect.” As we soon learn, that is the “story” of this exercise in short-form erotic cinema.

The new model introduced here is Lexi Bloom, a slim, petite, native of Portland, Oregon. We learn this bit of biographical background during an informal interview that’s been interspersed throughout the first half of the movie. Based on reader comments, such interviews are a polarizing issue. Some viewers enjoy them, others don’t, and there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. I place myself in the former group, however. I find that the casual, candid style of these little chats help round out my understanding of the model’s personality. In Lexi’s case I find her to be a mix of lively, spirited, and uninhibited, with a subtle undercurrent of shyness.

The action in this offering is deliberate and languidly paced. The model, wearing a short, tight, black skirt, a crisp white shirt, and black stiletto heels, is seated at a drafting table working on renderings of a single family dwelling. Perhaps in an effort to free up her creativity, she takes off her skirt. Finally she repairs to a nearby chair to reflect on her design in progress - and to rid herself of her white bra and panties. The session in that seat gives us a long, leisurely opportunity to view Ms. Bloom’s totally nude body, and she offers herself quite freely. Still nude, she goes back to the drawing board before strolling from the room, shirt in hand.

Typical of works by director Bo Llanberris, “Presenting” allows us the opportunity to experience a model in a stylish, artistic setting, as well as in an uninhibited and off-the-cuff interview. As an introduction to a new model, I think it does the job quite nicely. What are your thoughts? You’re invited to share your impressions in the comments, below.


“Presenting” Kate E - The light, the hands and the wardrobe…

Kate E: Presenting, by Catherine, first-time model in nude MetArt pix

The vast majority of MetArt‘s erotic photographers are male. This makes perfect sense, given the subject matter. But one need not be male to be drawn to the nude female form, and several of our contributing artists are, themselves, women. Of these, Catherine is certainly among the most prolific.

Her latest subject, and a first-time MetArt model, is Kate E. Based on the first shot in the series, I can easily see much potential. Kate’s face is particularly pretty, her lips full, her eyes a deep blue, and all this framed by long, wavy brown hair. In the second shot, although I do not yet realize it, she exhibits one of the telltale errors made by inexperienced models. Her hands - one held above her head, and one down at her side - are stiff and self-consciously “posed.” Indeed, there are few images in the set in which this isn’t the case. Now, I admit, the style and placement of her hands may well have been at her photographer’s request or direction. But, no matter the origin or motive, these rigid hands impart a stiff, artificial feel to the set.

And, for the second post in a row, I must grumble about two other factors here, both of them chosen by the artist. There is a light in an adjoining room that casts a coppery glow on the subject. In certain compositions, headshots in particular, the effect is flattering. But when there is more skin on display it skews the flesh tones in an unfortunate direction. Catherine also throws in a selection of oddly tilted frames. Between the light and the illogical tilt, I can now say I’ve had the opportunity to voice my two current pet peeves.

Because Kate E. has a “go-to expression” (lips neutral to almost pouty, head turned slightly to her right), the best shots are where she strikes an unusual or surprising pose. In #016, leaning against a large wardrobe, her costar in the set, she’s on her knees, with her feet raised, toes pointing skyward, and regarding the camera over her left shoulder. In #038, a stylish figure study, captures Kate from the rear, her face in thoughtful repose. And, for sheer, what-the-hell, variety, #084 provided a spontaneous laugh. Here Kate performs a graceful handstand and provides an unusual and eye-catching view of her body. Similar displays of spontaneity and athleticism will prove valuable in future sets.


“Presenting” Cloud A - plenty of pink (but not what you think)…

Cloud A: Presenting, by Luca Helios, long-legged, shapely new model

Another day, another new model makes her first appearance at MetArt. Life is good! And the same can be said of the model herself. Cloud A. is unquestionably appealing. Long-limbed, lithe, but not at the expense of alluring curves and a full, shapely bosom. Everything she displays to the camera - and I will have further comments on this in a moment - is inviting and enticing. So far, so good.

The art direction and execution of this series shot by Luca Helios is at best interesting, and at worse curious. Whether the background wall is white, and has been tinted pink through the use of gelled lights, or if it is painted pink, and is bathed in additional pink light I cannot say. But it is pink - and that pink tends to tilt the entire color scheme of the photo set towards the red/pink section of the spectrum.

And, speaking of “tilt,” in the overwhelming majority of images here the camera is tilted one way or the other. One grows accustomed to it after a while, just as a passenger on a ship gets used to sailing on choppy seas, but I can’t help but wonder what these same poses would look like if they were square, plumb, and true.

In #044 we have fine, totally nude introductory image that captures Cloud standing, tall and tempting - and that little smile sweetens it further. There’s a bigger smile in #064, showcasing her breasts as she holds her hair up with both hands. And #066, a headshot with just a tiny glimpse of nipple, even if it does suffer from the pink tint syndrome, is another loveable headshot with a lively, candid feel, and great dimples, too!

Cloud A. is a charming and eye-pleasing model, and I look forward to seeing more of her. And not just more sets, but more of her body - there isn’t a single explicit image, hardly even a suggestion of one, in the entire collection. Next time, I hope.


“Presenting” Romina A - a new romance…

Romina A: Presenting, by Rylsky, young, natural, beautiful - hot, too!

Have I ever mentioned that I love to see new MetArt models in their debut photo sets? Yes, I have. And more than once. A new set featuring an established, well-loved model is something to eagerly anticipate and to savor. But the “thrill of the new,” is a unique experience, and once you’ve enjoyed that rush of discovery it can’t be repeated. There can only be one “first time” after all.

I will cut to the chase in the case of Romina A.’s MetArt debut: She’s a winner, without reservation. Of course my assignment here is to provide details, opinions, and observations, so, feel free to read on. If however, you’d rather go straight to the “Presenting” Romina A., by all means, do so!

I believe Romina is something of a “natural.” The techniques and skills of modeling come easily to her and there’s not a false move in the entire collection. It’s also particularly fitting that Rylsky, in his wisdom, has chosen to present this naturally talented model in a natural setting, and employing a naturalistic style of photography.

Wearing a simple white frock, Romina A. sits in the sandy beach (I can’t be certain if it’s a large lake or an inlet from the sea). A light breeze teases her long, brown hair. And there’s a playful, youthful glimmer in her dark eyes - after viewing only a handful of images there is no doubt: this girl is enjoying herself. And that always adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the viewer’s experience. Look at her face in #006, as she runs, still dressed, in the soft sand and see what I mean. Or #045 and its companion, #047 - this little doll is delighted to be sharing herself with the camera. And I’m delighted to be viewing the results.

Let me list some favorites. #015 is a great butt-shot. In #061 we have a fine detail shot of two petite breasts (and two particularly stiff nipples). Numbers 037 through 040 find the totally nude minx on all fours in the water, capturing her natural beauty as well as the beauty of the location. There’s a wonderful pin-up quality to the cluster of shots spanning #100 through #105 (love those legs, love that smile). And #095, with her face in soft focus in the background while her eagerly displayed succulence is revealed in the foreground is one of many tempting explicit shots. A most welcome new addition to the MetArt talent roster!


“Presenting” Flavia A - some welcome winter warmth…

Flavia A: Presenting, by Rylsky, blue-eyed babe shows all in erotic pix

When we first meet Flavia A., in her first MetArt erotic photo series, she’s outdoors and fully dressed. She had better be! The skies are dark and leaden, and there’s a dusting of snow on the frigid ground - it’s cold out there. But the model, in her boots and stylish, hooded, fur-trimmed, coat cuts a striking figure in this wintry scene, and even in the chill her warm smile and beckoning blue eyes are certainly enticing. Thankfully, she soon retreats to a far more cozy interior space, in a far more revealing outfit.

My notes contain repeated references to Flavia’s eyes. This girl has a beautiful body, and numerous admirable assets, but her eyes have a particularly powerful allure. There are several simple, direct headshots that showcase those blue beauties - I’m thinking of #059 and #078, both lovely shots of a lovely girl - but my favorite of these is something less than direct. In #015 our Mr. Rylsky stands close to and above his seated subject, and she tilts her head back and to the side. It’s an interesting pose, and a beautiful composition, to be sure.

I sometimes find myself shocked - perhaps impressed is the better word - by how readily and completely some first-time MetArt models reveal themselves in their debut pictorials. That is most certainly the case here. If Flavia A. possesses a single inhibition I can find no evidence of it in this series. She gives the photographer full and complete access to her most intimate areas, and he moves in for a series of exceptionally detailed close-up images. While these may not be to every viewer’s taste, those who appreciate them will do exactly that!

Flavia A. has a lively, inviting personality and considerable physical appeal. She also has an intriguing bit of “attitude” that adds an undeniable spice to those images where she chooses to employ it. A shot like #116, with the frank and unusual pose, and strong, playful spirit, leaves me eager to see what this model will deliver in future offerings.


“Presenting” Tacia A - mild and mellow…

Tacia A: Presenting, by Tony Murano, artful, moody, erotic images

With its nighttime lighting and predominantly dark decor, there’s a distinct mood to this new model introduction from photo artist Tony Murano.

And that mood seems in keeping with the personality projected by first time MetArt model Tacia A. While there’s definitely a lively spark in her dark blue eyes, and a playful pout on her plump lips, in this series the prevailing tone is understated and restrained.

That’s not at all a bad thing, either. In a shot like #020, with her eyes downcast, rich auburn tones of her lush hair subtly warmed by a key light, pale skin glowing against frilly white lace lingerie, one can sense the silence of the night and no small amount of romance.

Of course, this being a Tony Murano erotic photo series - first time model or not - there are numerous explicit close-ups that glisten and sparkle extremely invitingly.

The power of color to create mood is illustrated, via contrast, in a couple of interesting images. While most of the set finds Tacia against a dark backdrop of rich red, brown, and gold tones, in #087 she’s backed by a white and blue wall, and in #104 she’s seated on the white carpet. Both of these shots have a distinctly different flavor, while still obviously being integrated parts of the entire collection.

As to favorites, I like #034, with Tacia topless, eyes closed, on her back, in some romantic reverie. Another topless shot, #043, this time standing, is particularly sweet.


“Presenting” Stacie A - no time for tease…

Stacie A: Presenting, by Arkisi, engaging beauty, explicit erotic pix

This MetArt erotic photo gallery doesn’t waste any time. The model is nude from the first image to the last, and explicit close-ups appear early on, and continue in abundance.

This might be surprising in a debut set, but Stacie A. has fewer inhibitions than she has clothes in this series - and her wardrobe consists only of a pair of high heels and a necklace. There isn’t a single suggestion of any discomfort with the frank nature of the set and Stacie A. delivers an energetic and confident performance.

Although it is not immediately clear where in this home Stacie is posing, in #018 we find a clue. Here the model’s legs open wide and she’s flashing a broad smile. Just behind her we catch a glimpse of a washing machine. Perhaps her clothes are being cleaned? She doesn’t seem to miss them, however, and her curvy body more than compensates for the lack of garments to strip off and tease us with.

As Arkisi‘s pictorial unfolds we also learn that the laundry room does double duty as a luxuriously appointed W.C. I’m being completely sincere when I say that a few of my favorite shots in this set have Stacie posing adjacent to a bidet and toilet. Even though there is nothing explicit on view, the pose, composition, and Stacie’s expressions make #024, #025, and #026 quite delightful.

I can’t say why, exactly, but the shots where Stacie A. stands in the suds-filled bathtub didn’t make complete sense to me. The set, in general, is a bit short on logic, so maybe it makes perfect sense after all. It may not even matter as the model’s beauty and engaging energy make “Presenting” plenty pleasurable.


“Presenting” Nichole A - delight in a doorway…

Nichole A: Presenting, by Arkisi, young beauty in fine art photos

Some models - and some MetArt erotic pictorials - take a while to work their magic on me. With others, the attraction is immediate, and that is the case with this, Nichole A.’s MetArt debut. From the very first image in the series I found the model appealing, and there was also a difficult to define quality to that first image that also piqued my interest in the photographer.

Although he has contributed several photo essays to MetArt, this was my first opportunity to review Arkisi’s work, and I’m happy to say that I like it very much. In that introductory image, #001, Nichole A. is standing in a doorway. I’m not sure why, but at first I thought the image was a reflection in a full length mirror. At any rate, I was intrigued and immediately drawn into the series.

This young model has a warmth and confidence that enhances her physical beauty. And Arkisi’s lighting and technical style present her in a particularly appealing manner. The lighting is truly notable. In a shot like #015 the darkness of her hair and eyes is enhanced at the same time the smooth pale textures of her skin and lips are highlighted. In #031, a distinctly different image from the previous example, the background glows with a striking and effective yellow radiance.

Arkisi tends to favor a shallow, limited depth of field that places the emphasis exactly where he wants it, while also lending his images a soft, painterly, almost pastel quality. See #096 for one beautifully posed, composed, and lighted example. While Nichole’s breasts are petite her other feminine attributes are quite dramatic and Arkisi provides numerous explicit close-ups without sacrificing his unique artistic touch. And when I look at a shot like #020, a haunting headshot, or #077 with Nichole A.’s spontaneous smile, I have to say I’m roundly impressed.


“Presenting” Milagres A - a subtle session at sunset…

Milagres A: Presenting, by Antonio Clemens, natural light and beauty

In her debut MetArt erotic photo series , Milagres A. displays a natural beauty and an easy-going personality. And the design and technical aspects of the pictorial combine to capture these qualities with a relaxed, effortless style that is in perfect harmony with the subject.

Although she’s quite pretty, Milagres A. does have a girl-next-door quality that is a big part of her appeal. Here “next door” happens to be the balcony of a house with a commanding view of the ocean and coastline. While Antonio Clemens has chosen to minimize the views and keeps his focus on the model, he does employ the location in some very interesting ways.

Whether it was by design or accident, the set was created towards the end of the day. The setting sun appears to be the sole light source. Clemens masterfully employs the natural light to give these images a soft, informal feel. But he also captures reflected views of the glowing golden orb as it descends through scattered clouds in the windows behind the model - see #026, #036, and #050 for three examples. In other shots a flash of warm sunlight reflects off the blue metallic window frames to add a pleasing bit of color and contrast – #065 is one example, and #074 is another very pretty shot that employs the effect.

Milagres A. has a relaxed demeanor and a natural warmth that Clemens really captures here. She is not at all inhibited, and eagerly displays every inch of her body. Her physique is delicate and understated, from her petite breasts to her intimate anatomy, but not at the expense of curvaceous hips and long, shapely legs. The final shots in the series, #133 and #134 manage to showcase her mood, her beauty, her build, and a bit of the landscape in an effortlessly artful manner. A successful debut, to be sure, and I look forward to more from both model and artist.


“Presenting” Diana I - young, blonde, and nude…

Diana I: Presenting, by Luca Helios, a young blonde arrives at MetArt

When it comes to women, you’ve got to admit that those three traits are a difficult combination to beat. At a tender and tempting eighteen years of age, Diana I. is certainly young. And while we have some latitude to determine the precise shade of her hair color, it is overwhelmingly and without question, blonde. When it comes to her nudity, and it certainly will, Diana does start out wearing a stylish pair of shoes and a particularly fetching lingerie set. So, for the sticklers among you, she isn’t totally and completely nude for the entire set.

But I don’t think that’s desirable or necessary. Some of the introductory images in this introductory series, when her shoes, bra and panties are still in place on her nubile frame, are quite pleasing. In fact, one of these non-nude shots, #024, is one of my favorites in the collection. It is such a pleasing photo that I will give it a paragraph of its own.

Image #024 is a beautiful photo of a beautiful young model. But Diana’s beauty is only one component in a sophisticated, artful composition. The more I study the image the more I’m impressed by how Luca Helios has composed it. The texture of the various surfaces, the lighting, the strong geometry of the various architectural elements – this would be an interesting shot even if the model wasn’t in it. But look how her long hair harmonizes with the vertical planes of the wall to her right. And notice how the sculpted curves of her body act as a visual bridge between the straight lines on one side, and the curved arm and spherical head of the lamp to her left.

The set is packed with an abundance of explicit images, and that is never a bad thing, in my estimation. But as is often the case, a handful of headshots have captured my attention here. There is an odd mystery to #012, for example, perhaps due to the averted eyes. And #097, with her eyes wide open (although not directed at the camera), the lighting, the model’s expression, and the texture of her blonde hair is very pleasing, indeed.


“Elle” starring Elle E - an enticing introduction…

Elle E: Elle, by Bo Llanberris, MetArt HD erotic movie review

The last MetArt erotic HD movie I reviewed was the first effort from filmmaker Bo Llanberris to appear on the site. “Watercolors” was obviously the work of an abundantly skilled director, and it made a fine showcase for Top Model Malena Morgan.

For his second offering, Llanberris recruits not a MetArt Top Model, but a complete newcomer to MetArt. The film titled “Elle” not only confirms the director’s abilities, it also makes for a fine MetArt debut for newcomer Elle E.

Bo Llanberris has a genuine knack for crafting erotic motion pictures that are very much in the MetArt mode. This isn’t a film of a still shoot, but it manages to capture the visual flair and flavor of the finest erotic art photography without sacrificing the dynamics and potential of motion pictures.

As with his first outing, the “beauty” footage in “Elle” is inter-cut with casual, candid, interview segments with the star. While the questions are suitably provocative, the chance to view Elle E. in a natural, conversational setting provides far more insight into her personality and character than still photos - or movie footage without any dialog, for that matter - could ever convey.

The movie consists of two segments. In the first we see the model walking along a road at dusk, riding in a car, and bathing in a clawfoot bathtub outdoors. While none of the nude footage here is particularly explicit, the mood and suggestions of autoerotic pleasure are undeniable. Combined with the interview clips, this first part is roundly enjoyable.

The second segment, while lacking dialog and possessing a distinctly different style and tone, is equally satisfying. Here the flavor is grittier, the images more explicit. The film closes with a snippet of behind the scenes action that is better seen than described - view it for yourself and share your impressions in the comments, below.


“Presenting” Amelia C - do the limb, oh…

Amelia C: Presenting, by Tony Murano, artistic, erotic, nude photos

The gnarled branches of dead trees on a rocky and desolate beach provide the props and decor in this new MetArt model debut. While it might not sound like an appealing combination, when it works, it works quite well.

The tone is established in the first image. Amelia C. strikes a somewhat formal pose, her left hand is raised and resting on a rough limb, her arm mimicking it’s form. Topless, she stands on tiptoe, subtly arching her back, her right arm at her side. A sheer “skirt” of golden metallic fabric encircles her hips, and an elaborate bracelet graces her wrist. There is something intriguing about the contrasts here. The few items of “wardrobe” suggest an exotic element that is in direct opposition to the natural, weathered setting. This contrast is emphasized in the photos that follow.

In many of these artful nude erotic images Tony Murano has Amelia C. assume formal, stylized poses. In others she’s more relaxed and natural. And when these natural images happen to capture a sudden gust of wind ruffling the model’s hair, there’s a candid, documentary quality to the photos that I particularly enjoy. Compare #015 and #020, for an example of the two styles, natural versus formal. Or consider #101 and #106. Both are carefully composed, artfully posed photos, but I prefer the latter for its more relaxed feeling.

Even when the setting presents a physical challenge, however, Amelia and her photographer conspire to create artful images. I’m referring to a shot like #070, where the model is reclining on an uneven carpet of large stones while resting her feet on a desiccated tree limb. Despite the seeming discomfort of the pose, there’s genuine beauty and skill both in Amelia’s stylish and graceful presentation, and in Murano’s framing and composition.

When it began I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it, but by the time it ended I most certainly did. “Presenting Amelia C” is plenty pleasing.


“Presenting” Yanika A - a stylish start…

Yanika A: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, beautiful redhead, stylish pix

There is little in the way of distraction to detract from this debut MetArt nude pictorial. There isn’t anything at all in the way of clothing, as the model is totally nude from the first image to the last. There is but a single piece of furniture - a simple sofa in the modern style, upholstered in white, without so much as a throw pillow or any other extraneous accessory. In view of the spare setting, it’s almost surprising that the model has been allowed the luxury of a single piece of jewelry - a turquoise medallion on a silver chain around her neck. But the blue of the stone picks up the blue light shining in the background, and it fits perfectly with photographer Alex Sironi‘s simple and stylish art direction.

With no props to pose with and no costume to hide behind, new model Yanika A. is front and center from beginning to end. And this is a good thing. Yanika is exposed from the word “go,” and doesn’t have the benefit of easing into the experience of nude modeling by slowly removing her garments, one piece at a time. And, while tease certainly has an honored place in erotic photography, here the tease must come from the model’s personality and attitude. Yanika A. has both of these qualities, and they are both engaging and appealing.

Yanika’s physical attributes are also quite fine. Her body is long and lean, her breasts are full and in perfect proportion to her frame, and that frame is encased in flawless, glowing skin and topped with a thick mane of auburn hair. And Yanika is quite adept at positioning her beautiful body. In fact some of the poses she assumes here are truly notable. The cute expression on her face in #032, for example, only serves to enhance her floating stance. And 022, 023, and 024, three variations on a theme, also showcase this new MetArt model‘s posing skill. Additional favorites in this set include #027, a figure study with classical overtones; #104 for the pose, the reflective mood, and the composition; and #113 for the natural smile and kittenish sexuality. A stylish start, indeed.


“Presenting” Suzanna A - an improvised introduction…

Suzanna A: Presenting, by Goncharov, busty, buxom, chesty, stacked

For this MetArt nude erotic photo series, frequent contributing photographer Goncharov does a bit of improvisation in the studio. A can of gold spray paint adds a bit of surface glitz to a Grecian stool. Two lengths of white seamless, rolled into tubes and placed vertically, suggest columns from some ancient temple. Add lighting and a statuesque new model and - hey, presto! - instant erotic pictorial.

The model showcased on this casually constructed set is beautifully built Suzanna A., making her first appearance in a MetArt gallery. Her costuming is interesting and eye-catching. Black thigh-high stockings, a sleek blouse with a plunging, ruffled neckline, and, well, that’s it. No shoes, and more conspicuously, no panties, either. Both interesting choices. Despite the exposed cleavage, the ample size and stunning shape of Suzanna’s breasts comes as a bit of a surprise when they are revealed, beginning with image #016. A generously proportioned and beautifully sculpted bust may not appeal to every viewer, but those who appreciate such things will find much to enjoy here. The model’s bosom is so bountiful that, even when her back is turned to the camera, as in #093, the glory of her chest is still readily apparent.

Suzanna A. seems to be comfortable with the camera, but there is the slightest hint, a mere breath of stiffness in some shots. This may be amplified by the somewhat slapdash nature of the art direction and technical execution of the set. Additional experience, in a more polished setting, can only help. But Suzanna’s impressive physical gifts make “Presenting” a worthy introduction, despite its somewhat improvised flavor.


“Presenting” Kaitlyn A - in bed with a bendy blonde…

Kaitlyn A: Presenting, by Catherine, pretty pictures/fine new model

Last week, here in the United States, we celebrated our Thanksgiving holiday. In that spirit, I think it’s worth noting that MetArt members have much to be thankful for. We have access to the largest archive of erotic art photography in the world. We can view the work of the finest photographers in the field. And we can feast our eyes on thousands of the most beautiful young women ever lensed. Plus, to top it off, new models appear on the site with dazzling frequency.

Kaitlyn A., a fresh-faced new arrival, inspired these thoughts of gratitude - along with several other thoughts and emotions. This tiny-top treat, with her bright blonde hair, energetic smile, and tanned and flexible body is nothing if not inviting. And photographer Catherine‘s stylish pictorial presents her subject in a broad range of poses and compositions that make for a fine and detailed introduction.

I wasn’t at all surprised to learn that Kaitlyn A. has previous modeling experience, albeit non-nude. She’s clearly at ease with the camera. And she has a confidence that is particularly impressive in view of her youth - she is only 19, after all.

As I review my notes I’m struck by the wide variety of photos in this series. There are several notable extreme facial close-ups, for example (#004 is my favorite, but #005 and #006 are also interesting, as is #019, a study of Kaitlyn’s lips and nose). In #053 and #054 extends her hand or foot towards the lens with an intriguing result. For a pretty headshot, free of distractions, #062 is perfect. And check #045 and #048 for a demonstration of the model’s flexibility. There’s a lot more in this MetArt gallery to enjoy, and for that - and this appealing new model - I am, indeed, thankful.


“Presenting” Hannah E - a new tilt on tempting…

Hannah E: Presenting, by Jam Abelanet, beautiful erotic photos

While this set is the first appearance at MetArt of a promising new model, it is also the second contribution by this photographer - and the first example of his work I’ve examined. In a nutshell, model and artist both deliver fine performances.

I’m most impressed by the art direction and lighting. The set unfolds on a white sofa, in a white room, in front of sheer white curtains, which diffuse but do not block the bright daylight. Working in a skillfully limited depth of field, Abelanet keeps the emphasis on the model while creating interesting effects in the background. An introductory shot, like #015 is just one example of this: Hannah E. occupies the foreground while the background glows dreamily behind her.

Hannah E. took her time working her magic on me. I liked her from the start, but I found myself picking nits. This girl has a habit of tilting her head to her right. The habit is so ingrained that I started noting those rare shots in which she tilts her head to the left - #024 is a particularly cute one.

As the set unfolded I was completely won over by 19-year-old Hannah. She’s sweet without being too sweet. She manages to blend a subtle shyness with a natural boldness that is quite endearing. And her body can look girlish in one image, and womanly in the next. There are a cluster of shots - from #079 to #087 - that capture her (not at all girlish) posterior and other charms particularly well.

Some of Hannah’s posing is particularly inventive, and Abelanet makes the most of it. Have a look at #099, an exceptional shot. And then treat your eyes to #104, same pose, from a nearly reversed angle. Great stuff.


“Presenting” Rita H - it’s all about the girl…

Rita H: Presenting, by Egon Schneider, great girl, funky setting

I like this girl. I like this girl a lot. And I expect others will share my affection. But, having made that explicit declaration, I must admit, I like this girl despite this set, not because of it.

The level of effort expended here is minimal. The room and its decor is ugly. And busy. And distracting. Any “art direction” is so subtle as to be undetectable. The lighting? As far as I can tell, it’s limited to ambient room light, and a single, camera-mounted flash. No bounce, no fill, no diffusion. In fact, the set has a casual, almost candid feel. It’s almost as if Egon Schneider and his model were under the gun. Shoot this set, right here, right now. You will have no time to prepare, start now, finish, and that will have to do.

The fact that it does succeed is due to Rita H. For a newcomer, and a 19-year-old newcomer at that, she has a real poise and confidence. And her exotic beauty and voluptuous body are truly striking. The combination of professional poise, an engaging on-camera personality, and a voluptuous physique are more than enough to overcome the slapdash nature of the set.

The room is dark, cluttered, and the various patterns clash and clang. The colors are all wrong. In a shot like #041, with a nice pose and composition, Rita’s dark hair disappears into the dark background – an elementary level error. And the series is filled with similar compromised images.

There are, despite its handicaps, plenty of pleasing shots, most of them due to the model’s charm and beauty, and the photographer’s skill under less than ideal conditions. I like #018 for pure vah-voom. #011 packs a physical/sexual punch. #053, a reclining nude, is somewhere between a snapshot and a masterpiece. In #123, suddenly outside, on a balcony, the model is clothed, the background flattering, the light natural, and Rita H. is undeniably appealing, as is the entire image. More like this, please.


“Presenting” Mia D - lighting up the night…

Mia D: Presenting, by Leonardo, stylish, explicit erotic photography

There are two principal sources of illumination in this debut MetArt gallery. One is the model’s smile, the other is Leonardo’s lighting design. And this makes for a very effective combination.

Mia D. has striking features. Her body is long and lean, her breasts petite, her skin tanned to a warm bronze glow. Her smile is bright and brilliant. At times it feels just a bit theatrical, but when it’s spontaneous, as it is in #085, it’s impossible to resist. Her eyes are also exceptional, and an image like #080 captures their depth and beauty.

Although it may, at first glance, seem like a relatively simple series, there is a great deal of care and craft in Leonardo‘s design and execution of this pictorial. One of the more subtle elements is his choice of colors. Mia is wearing pink panties the color of which is a perfect match to the flowers on a bush in the background. The most dramatic element, however, is the lighting. Mia poses on an upholstered chair on a balcony or patio. As the set begins the sky behind her is darkening, and by the end night has fallen. There is a light source, out of view above and towards the right edge of the frame. This not only illuminates the vivid pink flowers, it also creates flattering highlights in Mia’s hair, and brings out the contours of her body (see #136). It also hints at the bright light of a full moon, adding more than a taste of interesting atmosphere.

Mia D.’s bright smile and sunny disposition is mated to a pleasing lack of inhibition, and explicit poses are offered in abundance. An eager model and a stylish presentation make “Presenting” a success for both Mia D. and Leonardo.


“Presenting” Nikia A - pert flirt in a man’s shirt…

Nikia A: Presenting, by Rylsky, perty, flirty, playful, sexy photo set

The first image in this gallery is notable. Nikia A., making her first appearance at MetArt, is seated on the edge of a bathtub. She is nude or seemingly so, but for a man’s dress shirt that has fallen from her shoulders leaving her breasts exposed. She’s looking at the camera with an expression that is very nearly neutral - it is not a bland expression though, there’s an intriguing depth, and room for interpretation.

If the set had continued in this thoughtful mode it might have been quite fine. However, this is only a tantalizing hint of what’s to follow. The inscrutable mood Nikia A. projects in that introductory image quickly gives way to a bold range of expressions and the set contains more than enough variety to keep the viewer guessing and thoroughly engaged. This girl has personality, to be sure, and photographer Rylsky does a wonderful job of capturing as many different elements of it as he possibly can.

By #007 Nikia reveals a subtly sly smile. And in #043 there’s an impish light in her eyes as she teasingly sticks out her tongue. #050 shows a young woman - the model is only 18 - in full, confident possession of her sensual allure. In #064, with water unexpectedly dripping on her face from the faucet there’s a vivid sense of play.

The shirt serves admirably, and there are several revealing back shots that are dramatically enhanced by it. The full nude compositions that follow - including several images where Nikia is partially immersed in clear bathwater, are pleasingly explicit. And when Nikia A. dons a plush, white, Turkish towel robe, it’s logical, consistent, and completely adorable - #115 and #117 are favorites from this section. A fine first effort for a promising and very “watchable” new model.


“Presenting” Malena Morgan - a star on the rise…

Malena Morgan: Presenting, meet the star of MetArt's Kamikaze Love

When I learned that MetArt was producing a feature length erotic movie - directed by an unrivaled master of that genre, Zalman King, no less! - I was more than intrigued. This is a truly enticing prospect, and, like so many of who left a comment or otherwise conveyed your support and enthusiasm, I eagerly await the premiere of Kamikaze Love. But, while I am quite familiar with Zalman King’s oeuvre, I had yet to experience the film’s star…until today.

This is Malena Morgan‘s first MetArt photo gallery, and, based on her beauty, confidence, and erotic allure, I hope there are many more to follow. And viewing her here only makes the prospect of seeing Malena in a full-blown Hollywood feature film written and directed by one of the legends of erotic cinema all the more enticing.

Jason Self‘s art direction and pacing are both nicely handled. Malena Morgan’s costume is extremely sexy, and perfectly suited to an erotic star on the rise, and she takes it off with tantalizing expertise. And each teased-out bit of body is worth waiting for. Malena’s physique strikes a pleasing balance between slim and curvaceous, and the details are lovingly captured in an ample number of explicit close-ups. A shot like #070, with its shallow depth of field, the pose, the composition, the texture of the model’s skin, and a little burst of color is a standout among these.

Although she’s not looking directly at the camera in #023, I love the smile on her face as she toys with her costume and breasts. And #086 and #091, two variations on a breasts-up headshot, help convey not just Malena’s beauty, but her emotional range, as well.

An impressive MetArt debut for Malena Morgan, and an abundance of compelling reasons to eagerly anticipate the release of Kamikaze Love.


“Presenting” Oliwia A - in praise of puffies…

Oliwia A: Presenting, by Antonio Clemens, pretty model, puffy nipplesIf you are a member in good standing of I.A.I.P.A.P.N. - the International Association for the Identification, Preservation, and Adoration of Puffy Nipples - this MetArt gallery is one you do not want to miss!

While first-time MetArt model Oliwia A.’s nipples are fine specimens of the so-called “puffy,” they are by no means her only outstanding attributes. Her breasts in general - full but without a hint of pendulousness - are splendid, and the rest of her body is womanly and proportioned to perfection. In my mind, the word “womanly” implies a certain sense of maturity. And I was somewhat surprised to learn, after reviewing this series, that the model is only 19 years old. If I had to guess, I would have said she was somewhat older. That is a trivial concern, however, because Olivia is a more than welcome addition to MetArt.

This is neither a flashy or complicated pictorial. Pillows and sheer fabrics of green and blue decorate the floor of Antonio Clemens‘s studio, and the backdrop is glows a light shade of blue. Dressed in heels and a paisley print peasant dress, Oliwia A. makes a fine first impression. And that impression only improves as she teases off the dress, necklace, and shoes as the set progresses.

When the dress comes off her shoulders to reveal her bust the effect is stunning (see #017), and #045, a tempting topless shot, will put a look on the viewer’s face to match the broad, genuine smile the model is wearing. Oliwia A. smiles throughout the pictorial, and she has a very warm and engaging presence. And when the smile falls away she’s capable of generating sensuous heat, and she does just that in #098 (among others) an explicit view of the model, on all fours, captured from behind.


“Presenting” Toxic A - particularly pretty poison…

Toxic A: Presenting, by Angela Linin, odd name/outstanding new model

Not too long ago, in this space, I made mention of the difficulty I have comprehending many of the names appended to MetArt photo galleries. Now I come face to face with a far greater mystery in the moniker manufacturing department.

Look for even the briefest of moments at the cover of this series. Pick any image from the pictorial, totally at random, and glance at it. Or, study every last shot, at the highest resolution available, and scrutinize each one on a color corrected and finely calibrated monitor. And, after doing one - or all - of those things, answer a question for me. Tell me why in the world this gorgeous girl goes by the name of “Toxic?” I just don’t get it.

I might have named her “Sunny,” or “Honey,” or “Joy,” or any number of appellations synonymous with beauty, sweetness, and bliss. This darling girl is an absolute delight, and Angela Linin‘s photography, simple and naturalistic, captures her energy and enthusiasm beautifully.

The setting is a pebbly patch of shoreline. The model - I will struggle every time I have to type “Toxic A.” - poses at the water’s edge, gets splashed by breaking waves, and wades into slightly deeper water. She’s nearly always smiling, and that smile is entirely, engagingly, natural – check #024 and #025 for two examples. She isn’t smiling in #020, however, and that shot is gorgeous, as well. And while I’m naming favorites I should mention #092. Here the model, is lying prone on the pebbles, drops of water dot her skin. Her hair is mussed, and it glows with the light of the lowering Sun. Truly an idyllic day at the beach - and a truly impressive new MetArt model.

But I’m left wondering. What were her (undoubtedly proud) parents thinking when they christened their daughter? And if the name was chosen by the model, what message is she attempting to send? If Toxic A. really is poison, I will happily and repeatedly consume as much as I can get, consequences be damned!


“Presenting” Liz Ashley - a dreamy and delicious double-debut…

Liz Ashley: Presenting, by Kent Hepburn, masterful erotic artistry

MetArt adds two extremely promising new talents to its ever-expanding roster of models and artists with this impressive and eye-pleasing new series. This is very much a collaboration, where both participants contribute, and in the process create something far greater than the sum of its parts.

I don’t know what happy series of events brought Liz Ashley and photographer Kent Hepburn together, but I am grateful that they met and had the opportunity to create this work of erotic art. The model’s voluptuous body and steamy, glamorous, seductive nature seems tailor made to compliment Mr. Hepburn’s refined, painterly style.

And that style is consistent throughout. Whether she’s fully clothed in #018 (a white bra and panties are as fully clothed as she gets), or totally, unashamedly nude, in #118, the soft light, subtly manipulated diffusion, and gauzy, pastel tonal palette imbues this gallery with a rich, romantic sensuality.

I’ve spoken before of “bedroom eyes” or a “bedroomy expression,” and both those terms apply here. Truly, Liz Ashley doesn’t even need to open her eyes to project an inviting sexuality. Indeed, a great number of shots here are of the model with her eyes closed as if in some erotic reverie, and the effect is powerful. But when she confronts the camera and gazes directly into the lens the effect is even stronger. In an image like #040, the combination of an inviting pose and that direct eye-contact is wonderfully alluring.

Towards the end of the set model and photographer play a subtle trick. Up until now we’ve viewed Liz Ashley from somewhere near the foot of her elaborate bed. She has either averted or closed her eyes, or directed them at the camera. In #091 her attention shifts. Could she be looking at her reflection in a mirror? Yes, she could (and is), as #092 pulls back to reveal. And after that we reverse and see her remarkable reflection in #096. A masterful sequence in a most impressive gallery - for model and photographer, alike.


“Presenting” Domenica A - meet and greet on a sheet…

Domenica A: Presenting, by Domenic Mayer, new model, stylish nude pix

If regular readers have sensed that I’ve been griping a little more than usual lately - you’re not alone, I’ve noticed it, too - I’ll do you a favor and wait until the very end of this entry to voice my sole complaint about this MetArt erotic photo gallery.

A girl - Domenica A. - sprawls on the crisp white sheets of a bed in what appears to be a hotel room. She is wearing a matching camisole and panties set, her eyes aimed at the ceiling. That’s the introductory image here, and it’s a bit of a puzzler. But she quickly directs her attention at the camera and the results are quite pleasant.

Domenica has a build that straddles the divide between girlish and womanly. Her breasts are petite, her nipples puffy, but there is a pleasing fullness to her hips and a generally plush look to her body that is quite inviting. And, in the many included explicit images, she absolutely glows with active, vital - and perhaps recent? - sexual energy.

The artist guiding Domenica through her MetArt debut does so with considerable skill. Domenic Mayer fully documents all of his subject’s varied physical attributes. And, in the process, he captures her engaging, friendly nature as well as flirtatious and sensual aspects of her personality. Some of my favorite shots in the series are beautifully composed and posed figure studies. #038 begins in mid-thigh and ends towards the top of Domenica’s torso, and the contours of her body are beautifully revealed. #080, an unusual pose, is almost a geometric abstraction. And #094 combines equal measures of artistry and old fashioned pin-up style.

As promised, I will now air my personal grievance: For a model who has been so nicely styled and strategically shaven, I do wish the shadow line of down decorating her upper lip had been dealt with. Some may not mind it, some may even like it, but I don’t care for it. That is all.


“Presenting” Rylee A - the girl next door, or something more…

Rylee A: Laukos, by John Emslie, first-time MetArt model debuts

My initial reaction to Rylee A. in her first MetArt gallery is that she is very much a girl next door type. And, just so I’m understood, this is a simple description, absent of any negative judgment, and it’s a type that I’m generally fond of. With her big, brown eyes, and gentle demeanor, she’s got a genuine sweetness. And when those pretty lips part into a smile - and reveals her braces - I can’t help and smile back at this fresh-faced 19-year-old.

While John Emslie has done a good job of capturing Rylee in this series, the choice of costume is a curious one. Here’s this girl who radiates sweetness and unaffected, natural, next door appeal. But he’s chosen an outfit that would better suit a stripper or big city streetwalker. The red pleather hot pants and matching bikini top are sexy, to be sure. And Rylee wears them well. But they create a conflict. Based on first impressions, I think we’d be a bit closer to reality if she was wearing denim shorts, say, or a boyfriend’s oversized plaid shirt – the sort of outfit the girl next door might wear.

The series has a pleasant pace and includes enough variety in terms of poses and compositions to satisfy viewers with many specific preferences: fully clothed images, headshots, full length figure studies, detailed close-ups (a close shot of those revealing shorts like #022, for example), demure poses, as well as explicit anatomical renderings. I’ve made note of #039, for those round breasts, those braces, and that sweet, smiling face. Also #075, a rear three-quarters view that emphasizes hair, face, and haunches. And #129, in which Rylee A. is seated, completely revealed, but with downcast eyes adding a bit of thoughtful mystery.


Sara D. in “Presenting” - a new model + a new photographer…

Sara D: Presenting, by Adam Livos, flame-haired model, skilled photog

Things fresh, new, and never before experienced are a staple of the MetArt experience. Our members crave it, and the company works around the clock, and around the world, seeking it out and presenting it with pride and unrivaled frequency. Here we have a set that delivers a double debut - model and artist are both making their first appearances at MetArt.

Sara D. has a particularly strong look. And it goes well beyond her flowing crimson curls and pale, creamy complexion. She has a particularly strong face – a very strong, square jaw and a dimpled chin. Her eyes also have an unusual quality that is difficult to define. To say that they have a feline quality is not far off, however. This type of beauty may be polarizing. She is at ease in front of the camera, though, and has no difficulty projecting a varied range of looks.

First-time MetArt artist, Adam Livos, has a lot to work with in this model. And he’s chosen a location that provides a lot of variety. The series falls into (roughly) three sections.

Early on, Sara D. is wearing a sheer, filmy dress over a pair of sheer panties. She’s standing barefoot in the sand and tall grass next to (and sometimes in) a body of water, an indistinct ironwork structure is in the background. Later on, there is a grouping of shots - my favorites in the collection - where she’s totally nude, and reclining in a luxuriant patch of tall, green grass. The sun behind her lights up her hair like fire, and in many shots of the images in this section the grass throws fascinating shadows on her luminous skin.

The third group comes as something of a surprise. Now Sara is on her back, laying on an expanse of sand, and the photographer is shooting from some height - pale skin, shapely body, feet tracing patterns in the gray sand, flame-red hair providing a brilliant burst of color. An interesting debut, times two.


“Presenting” Amanda B. - finding her niche…

Amanda B: Presenting, by Goncharov, long blonde hair, big round breasts

Another day, another new model appears in her first MetArt erotic photo gallery. Life is good!

And the model is good, as well. Amanda B., a leggy blonde with a particularly impressive superstructure, will have no trouble at all attracting admirers.

The series itself is something of a mixed bag, at least in my humble estimation. While some of my niggling complaints might spring from the model’s lack of experience before the camera, I choose to lay the blame behind it. But bear in mind that my complaints are minor.

Amanda B. is, for much of the set, positioned in a tall, narrow niche in a blue wall. For no apparent reason, there is a saxophone next to her. Thankfully, she never picks up the horn, but I still find it an unnecessary addition. It adds nothing, and when it is hidden, or removed from view, the images are far more pleasing.

As he has done before, photographer Goncharov places a mirror on the floor in front of the niche. Although this does allow the most explicit images in the pictorial, it seems contrived. Surely explicit close-ups could have been achieved through some other means.

Some, but far from all, of the posing has a similar feeling. With arms and legs akimbo, Amanda’s natural charm is sacrificed in the name of artifice. And it is exactly that natural charm - not to mention that stellar physique - that combine to create the most impressive and pleasing photographs in the set.

In #008 Amanda opens her vest (the only piece of clothing here) to reveal her chest to breathtaking effect. In #020 we get to take in a full length view of Amanda B., and it really is something to see. Seated in #038, and with the sax hidden from view, Amanda strikes a pose that’s both formal and relaxed. And in #084 the model is at ease and extremely pleasing.


“Presenting” Denisa Heaven - unadorned introductory images…

Denisa Heaven: Presenting, by Koenart, redheaded model, natural pixIn her first MetArt gallery, Denisa Heaven is totally nude from beginning to end. She isn’t wearing a single stitch of clothing. She is completely free of jewelry of any kind. And she is very nearly bereft of makeup.

The set - a sofa and a couple of throw pillows in front of a window shaded with vertical blinds - is nearly as simple and stripped down as the model. The combination provides and opportunity to view Denisa Heaven in a natural, unembellished state.

Denisa’s most striking physical attribute has to be her hair. This lush mane of wavy red is truly eye-catching, and she can attain widely varied looks with a shake of her head. In some shots she looks somewhat plain, freshly-scrubbed and natural, as if she’s recently taken a shower. In others she has a polished, glamorous look that is entirely different. With no real props to play with, aside from the pillows, and no clothing to remove, Denisa’s hair becomes one of the most important visual components of the series. Those with a weakness for redheads will be rewarded.

Koenart has a way of presenting his unadorned subject that captures the full range of her expressions. Some images - #027 for example - have a natural, nearly candid quality. Others are beautiful, formal compositions - I like #018 - and there is a very generous, very frank series of explicit, intimate close-ups.

One appealing aspect of seeing a model in this type of pared down presentation is that one can get a clear, unobstructed view of her physical assets as well as her basic ability as a model. Here Denisa Heaven is a bit like a blank canvas, and the potential for embellishment and erotic artistry is virtually limitless.


“Presenting” Liza J - an extremely pleasing premiere…

Liza J: Presenting, by Egon Schneider, beautiful girl/beautiful photosBefore I opened this MetArt pictorial I made a mental note: The set only includes 100 images, shorter than usual. This can be a bad omen. Sometimes, due to technical concerns, an artist has to pick the “least worse” images from a photo shoot to come up with an acceptable product. Happily, that is most definitely not the case here!

From the first image to the last, “Presenting” Liza J. is exceptional. The model, in her first series for MetArt, is a natural beauty with a face and figure that the camera simply loves. And her fresh, youthful beauty is flattered by the lush setting and masterfully handled natural light.

The set begins and ends with Liza in a simple summer dress. It soon comes off and she (and we, the viewers) enjoy an au natural, al fresco interlude. She puts the dress back on the last few shots, adding a delightful bit of “reverse tease” and adding a happy conclusion to what appears to have been an experience she’s looking forward to repeating. I certainly hope so!

This is the first gallery shot by Egon Schneider I’ve reviewed, and I’m thoroughly impressed. I made mention of the lighting here earlier, and it really is exceptional. In a shot like #016, the model is totally nude. Her body is softly and fully lighted, her skin tones warm and inviting, her hair picking up subtle highlights. The background, however, a lush meadow of tall grass, is brightly sunlit and in soft focus. Balancing the two extremes, foreground and back, took real finesse, and the result is perfection.

Too many favorites to list, but I can’t resist calling out a few: #068 (beautiful face, beautiful light, beautiful breast, beautiful photo!); #089, #090, and #091(three views of a reclining nude, a truly beguiling body). I hope to see more, much more, from this model and her photographer. And I doubt very much I am the only one!


“Sheila” starring Sheila C - jumping in with both feet…

Sheila C: Sheila, by Fenix, MetArt HD erotic movie reviewIt has, doubtless, happened before. But, in my own admittedly limited experience, I’ve never know a model to make her first appearance at MetArt in a movie. And that’s precisely the case with this production.

The location is interesting and unusual. It’s a large body of water, or at least a portion of one. I’d guess that it is freshwater, a lake, or perhaps an estuary or inlet. And the potion of it that Sheila C. is filmed in is extremely shallow, not much more than ankle-deep. She walks, runs, spins and cavorts, covering some distance, all the while remaining in the shallows. When she steps out of the water, but hardly on to dry land, she has a bit of fun rubbing sandy mud on her trim torso before rinsing it off with handfuls of cool, clear water.

This doesn’t appear to be a day that’s ideally suited to frolicking in the water wearing nothing but the merest breath of a “skirt,” one made from coarse fishnet, however. There is a steady breeze to disturb the water’s surface, and the clouds in the background suggest that a storm is not far off. Despite the seemingly chilly conditions, this new MetArt model projects an exceptionally sunny attitude throughout.

Director Fenix remains at a distance for much of the movie, and we have ample opportunity to examine Sheila’s nubile body. While she does indulge in some proper posing, many of the most enjoyable moments here are when the model runs, splashing, through the water towards the camera. The look of glee on her face, and the bounce and jiggle of her firm breasts are absolutely delightful.


“Presenting” Lida C - first views of a new addition…

Lida C: Presenting, by Dmitry Maslof, willowy model, artistic nude pixLet me dispense with a minor complaint - perhaps clarification is the better word - about this set. It is my routine to download the low resolution file for a set I’ve been assigned to evaluate. I then start at the beginning and work my way to the end, in numerical order. I don’t look at the set online, and I never “jump around” a set, at least not during the first look. A vast majority of MetArt photo galleries have an arc, an order, a linear logic. The model appears fully dressed, she slowly disrobes, she poses while gradually offering up more detailed views.

This is an easily understood convention. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, this series has been scrambled. In the first 33 images the model is nude but for a necklace. At #034 she is suddenly wearing white fishnet stockings and a garter belt. As the numbers mount the nude and “clothed” shots are randomly mixed. And now I’ve given more than enough space to my “minor complaint.”

Lida C. is slender, willowy, and I think she acquits herself quite nicely here. Some of her poses are really quite creative - I’m thinking of shots like #017 and #043. And she has a quiet, understated type of natural beauty that is admirably showcased in #014 and #015, a pair of headshots.

#014 leads me to one of this set’s outstanding qualities. Nearly all of the series finds Lida seated on a countertop with windows behind her. The natural light is very bright, but Dmitry Maslof skillfully finds a perfect balance to his exposures. Lida C. is never in shadow or blown out, and what might result in blinding glare for a less skilled technician is transformed into a diffusion that gives a wonderful texture to the model’s hair and skin. A confident debut for this new model, and a nicely crafted effort from her photographer.


“Tory” introducing Tory D - red is the color…

Tory D: Tory, by Leonardo, gorgeous, glamorous, new MetArt modelThis gallery is a dramatic and, in many ways, impressive debut of an appealing new MetArt model. With her flowing auburn hair, pale and creamy skin, and dark, ever-erect nipples, Tory D.’s look is somewhat out of the ordinary - a very pleasing change of pace. Although it’s certainly amplified by the styling and art direction of the set, she also has a particularly glamorous look and a face with a real “screen star” quality.

Photographer Leonardo has chosen a stylish and stylized treatment for the series. Apart from the furry throw she’s posing on, a couple of pillows, and a chair that appears towards the end of the set, everything is one or another shade of red. Tory’s marabou-trimmed, kitten-heeled mules, her silk shorty kimono, even the stones in her necklace are red. The backdrop is a dark shade of reddish pink, and, in a dramatic flourish, an arched window frame casts it’s angled shadow on the wall.

The lighting is somewhat inconsistent here, and the shadows create complications the artist doesn’t entirely come to grips with. There are more than a few shots that are severely compromised by the exposure/shadow problem (#069 and #075 are just two examples).

But, when the art direction works, it works very well indeed. From the first, Tory D. is an eager and self-assured performer. She is aware of her own beauty (a fact she admits to in her bio), and she has a real knack for posing, be it in a natural style or something far more stylized. Her look and attitude, combined with the visual style of the set, result in some truly exceptional pin-ups. Of these, #058, #062, and #065 are my personal choices. In #011 Tory D. displays her natural, sexy, attitude (as well as her splendid breasts). And #085 is another fine introduction to this pretty and promising new arrival.


“Presenting” Candice B - new and notable…

Candice B: Presenting, by Leonardo, bosomy beauty, cute and hotI never cease to be impressed - perhaps awed is the better word - by the seemingly endless procession of new models into the MetArt galleries. Day after day, week after week, nubile beauties of every description shed their clothes and pose for our photographers. And day after day, week after week, MetArt members log in to feast on this fresh and ever-changing bounty.

Candice B. is one of the latest arrivals at this banquet of beauty, and she has all the attributes and endowments to make a major impression. I will overstate the obvious and say that this model is gifted with simply magnificent breasts. Really. Spend even the slightest bit of time examining that prodigious pair and prepare to be impressed. Generously scaled, superbly symmetrical, splendidly shaped, and capped by perfectly puffy nipples, those knockers are truly notable.

There is more to Candice than her stellar bosom, of course. Indeed, her long-limbed, 19-year-old body is a complete treat. And this model’s charm extends well beyond her physical body - she has a warm presence and eager lack of inhibition that belies both her youth and her presumed lack of erotic modeling experience.

Leonardo has given this newcomer a dramatic yet simple presentation. The set is a vivid, glossy orange. Candice wears a string of black beads, a barely there breath of black lace around her waist, and a pair of bejeweled stiletto heels. While these ingredients allow for a roundly pleasing collection of images, the decorative elements never detract from the physical and personal splendor possessed and projected by Candice B.


“Presenting” Catherine A. - an exotic set for a sweet pet…

Catherine A: Presenting, by Dolce, flawless body, blue-eyed beauty

This MetArt gallery serves to introduce a brand new Met model, Catherine A. Photographer Dolce has chosen an exotic theme, a set dressed in a Middle Eastern motif, complete with hookah. Although the pipe isn’t lit in any of the photos the model does pose with it early on. Thankfully, this odd prop is put aside relatively early in the set.

Catherine A. is right at that wonderful stage of her development when she can look like a sweet young girl in one shot, and a knowing, mature woman in the next, but her youth and innocence do tend to have the upper hand. There are images in this collection that have just the slightest bit of “let’s play dress-up” to them, but that may be amplified by the set dressings and art direction.

While every inch of her nubile young body is a visual delight, her eyes must be among her most outstanding assets. Indeed, those crystal blue gems are exquisitely lit and make several headshots here truly striking - #013 and #015 are two of my absolute favorites. There is an almost surreal flavor to the first, and the second one really captures her youthful, natural beauty. Oh, and #010, pulls back to include her perfect breasts to make a beautiful headshot even more pleasing.

While the exotic elements of this pictorial seem slightly out of synch with the subject, there is more than enough here to thoroughly enjoy - and to whet one’s appetite for more!


Brigitte C. - new talent by the pool…

Brigitte C: Presenting, by Majoly, new model, pretty smile

Brigitte C. makes her MetArt debut in this informal offering from Majoly. The setting - a backyard pool - is somewhat cluttered and the primary piece of furniture is upholstered in a vivid shade of green that may be a bit too loud. The off-hand, casual nature of the series suggests that it’s something of a test sitting, a chance for a new model and photographer to get comfortable with one another.

Brigitte C. has a pleasing shape, delicate breasts, and a ripe and round rump. Her long, dark hair and big, brown eyes may be her finest assets, though, particularly when she treats the camera to a big, energetic, and genuine smile. She’s pretty when she’s pouting, or thoughtful, or seductive, but when she smiles the photos really come alive. See for yourself in #0023 and #0046.

The bulk of the set takes place on the chartreuse chair mentioned earlier, and there is a certain sameness as the series unfolds. When Majoly asks for major changes in position or alters his framing dramatically the monotony is broken. There is a sequence at the very end of the set, for example, when Brigitte C. stands up, the chair is minimized, and the sky becomes the backdrop with a very nice result. If I had to pick a single favorite image, however, it would be #0067, a somewhat formal composition that captures Brigitte’s gifts artfully.


Karen A in “Presenting” - a modest offering…

Karen A: Presenting, by Goncharov, slim young girl, nude photosConsisting of 83 images in total, this set from Goncharov is limited in size, and it is also somewhat limited in scope. The setting – a niche set into a wall just large enough for a model to sit in, and a mirror placed on the floor in front of it – is tightly framed, as well. There are no sweeping panoramas here.

This treatment puts first-time MetArt model, Karen A., front and center. Youthful and modestly proportioned, Karen has an understated, natural, and approachable style. Her charm is very much in the girl-next-door category. When – given the limiting constraints of the set on which she’s posing – she steps out of her sweet persona and reaches for something a bit more artistic the result is my single favorite image in the series, #0036. Reclining on the mirror, knees up, elbows out, her gaze averted from the lens, photographer and model arrive at a composition that is erotic and artistic in equal measure.

In an attempt to inject some pizzazz into his series Goncharov gifts his subject with a saxophone. As props go, this one fails to move me. I don’t see this petite femme making music, and certainly not with that tarnished apparatus. This may be a personal problem, however, and perhaps the sax will appeal to jazz aficionados. Having said all that, let me add that in #0078, posing with the horn, Karen A., minus her usual smile, delivers one of the stronger images in the collection.


“Presenting” Patrizia A. - a bit of before and after…

Patrizia A: Presenting, by Dolce blue eyed beauty, casual and formal pix

This debut set - the first MetArt appearance for Patrizia A. - falls into two distinct segments. It opens in the dressing room. Fully clothed, the model relaxes with a cup of coffee, peruses a magazine, and tends to her hair and make-up. Of these initial images my favorite might be #0010. Shot in profile, with a hank of her long hair combed down in front of her face, we get a sense that this is a dedicated model who takes her job seriously, and we also get a hint of the beauty of the body she will soon be revealing to us.

The bulk of the set is a stylized, formal studio shooting that stands in stark contrast to the casual quality of the opening shots. Wearing white stockings and a lacy white garter belt, Patrizia A. stands on a light blue seamless backdrop, her sole prop a clear umbrella.

Of the umbrella shots, #0047 is an excellent example. It provides a flattering, full length view of the model’s slim and shapely body, and the stylized nature of Dolce‘s concept and composition is fully realized. I must also mention #0069. This is a simple headshot, it almost has a passport photo quality, but the beauty and clarity of Patrizia’s pale blue eyes is anything but simple.


“Presenting” Alysha A. - a splashy debut…

Alysha A: Presenting, by Rylsky, MetArt HD erotic movie reviewAlysha A. makes her MetArt debut in a movie, rather than a pictorial, and it’s an extremely pleasing first-time effort. She appears in a glittering dress and high heels. After a bit of tantalizing strutting and preening, off comes the dress with a playful kick. A bathtub in the background beckons, and the svelte blonde makes the most of it.

Alysha wears her long, blonde hair in two impressive braids that frame her pretty face and accentuate her lissome physique. Her proportions are delicate and her features refined – this is a model who should have no trouble building a large and enthusiastic fan following.

My sole complaint here, and it is indeed minor, is that the soundtrack to this satisfying bit of cinematic artistry doesn’t quite fit the content. It’s a pleasing composition for solo piano, but I find it somewhat dour and serious, and the highlights of this high quality offering from the mind and lens of Rylsky are light and humorous. There is a bit of conflict between the visual and aural. My solution? Turn down the sound – problem solved!

With that trivial pursuit put to bed, I must mention something I find particularly entertaining in this production – and endearing in this model. Alysha performs admirably throughout. She takes her job seriously and I expect she’s following Rylsky’s direction to the letter. There are moments, however, when things don’t go as planned. At around the 2:52 mark, while playing with a red rose, one of the petals sticks to her lip. Alysha smiles at the “error” and looks right at the camera. In this “imperfect” moment, I find perfection. If your reaction at all matches mine, I think we can flatly state that we’re eager to see more of Alysha A., in movies, in stills, in whatever form we can get her!


“Presenting” Susanna A. - a sticky situation…

Susanna A: Presenting, by Albert Varin, naked girl, sticky cake

I like naked girls. And I like food. But, where possible, I prefer to enjoy them separately. Call this an eccentricity, a quirk, a personal problem, but that is my preference. If you are someone who finds the combination of nudity and foodstuffs erotic, I don’t judge you. Satisfy your appetites in whatever way you wish. And I shall do the same.

Sadly – for me, at least – Albert Varin has chosen a cake as the central, omnipresent prop in “Presenting” Susanna A. She poses with the cake. She plays with a candy strawberry. She makes a show of eating the creamy icing. She places a strawberry in her naval. The cake is in the great majority of images here, and the model wears or interacts with parts of it throughout the series. This is either a stroke of erotic genius, or something quite the opposite. Have I made myself clear enough, dear readers?

Susanna A. has a very nice body. I rarely address the issue of non-head hair, but in her case I believe some depilation is in order. The sometimes harsh lighting in this set isn’t always flattering to the model’s coloring and I think she might be better presented in natural light - and without any baked goods. Please.


“Presenting” Bianca C. - new beauty, via Balius…

Bianca C: Presenting, by Balius, new model, superior erotic art photosI was impressed with the work of photographer Balius when he contributed his first series to MetArt. Now, several months later, I have the opportunity to examine more of his work. Will it validate my initial impressions?

The short answer is an emphatic “yes!” Balius has a distinctive style and the technical skills to realize it fully. An unusual and intriguing prop is employed in this pictorial and the result is genuine erotic artistry. Of course, erotic artistry is nothing without a suitable model, and here we find newcomer . making a truly impressive debut.

Large-breasted with a curvaceous build, Bianca, a ballet student, rises to the challenge of this set with admirable skill. The sole prop, a thick rope suspending from the studio ceiling, is well suited to her knowledge of dance. Indeed, in many images she creates the undeniable illusion of motion – #0005 is just one example of this dynamic effect. Other favorites include #0027 (which highlights her face a breasts); #0031 and #0054 (for her stunning body and dancer’s poise). Beautiful model, clever concept, superior execution.


“Presenting” Ekaterina D. - a tempting tangle…

Ekaterina D: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, fresh beauty, erotic art photosAlex Sironi utilizes an interesting and unusual prop - a handful of brightly colored lengths of ribbon - for the MetArt debut of Ekaterina D. Shot against an inky backdrop, the bright strips of shimmering fabric serve as improvised clothing, and as dynamic, colorful set decoration. And, like the very best costumes and props, the ribbons serve to enhance emphasize the model’s beauty, not distract or detract from it.

Ekaterina is both cute and beautiful. At 18 she’s young, and I think it’s reasonable to suggest she’s inexperienced as a model. There is a hint, a mere suggestion, of uncertainty in some of her expressions. It’s charming, by the way, and I fully expect that she has the potential to acquire the skills simply by appearing in more pictorials. Physically, she is a nubile treat, and her personality is lighthearted and sweet.

As for favorites: #0021, standing tall, surrounded by airborne ribbons, illustrates the perfection of her body and the art direction, as well. In #0031, seated, her body draped with ribbon, puts the focus on long limbs and foxy face. In #0050 Ekaterina assumes a fetal position and Sironi frames a delightful composition. And for sheer, tousle-haired, blue-eyed beauty, I can’t resist #0075.


Rylsky: Skillfully “Presenting” Kristel A….

Kristel A: Presenting, by Rylsky, beautiful model, skilled photographerMetArt members have a vested interest in and seemingly insatiable appetite for new models. But consider the photographer for a moment, in this specific case, Mr. Rylsky. When he photographs an experienced model he knows what to expect, both visually and behaviorally. His challenge is to make something familiar feel fresh and new. But when he works with a new model he is starting with a clean sheet, a blank canvas – a model he has never seen, and who may have little or no experience. When Kristel A. entered Rylsky’s studio, it was an opportunity brimming with potential, and I’m pleased to say that both participants - model and photographer - took full advantage of it.

In my notes I’ve called out over half a dozen headshots – #0097 is but one stellar example – this is a testament to Kristel’s beauty. But a wide selection headshots are just one element of this broad, varied and exquisitely detailed photo essay. There is a shot, #0003, of the model’s hands as she unbuttons her blouse. Yes, just her hands. And it is a truly beautiful image. There are several pictures of Kristel A. holding her braided ponytail that are both playful and stylish at once. Explicit poses and body shots provide all the expected views, and each image is subtly enhanced by the clever composition and pastel colors of the set design – see #0038 for instance.

An arresting premiere appearance by a talented new model as captured by the skilled lens of a talented photographer.


Jenya G. in “Presenting” - a dewy debut…

Jenya G: Presenting, by Ron Offlin, moist, plush, erotic, bedroom pix

An old friend of mine had an expression he’d use to describe a girl who was attractive, but who wasn’t really his type. If someone in our group said he thought a particular girl was beautiful, my friend might say: “She has her days.” No disrespect, just a statement of opinion.

And that’s pretty much my feeling about Jenya G. She is a bit more plushly upholstered than I generally prefer. I can easily imagine her fulfilling any number of fantasies and even being someone’s absolute ideal. But, for me, she has her days. Or, in this case, she has her images.

To my eye, she’s particularly pretty in #0053, a topless shot in which she’s frozen in the act of removing her white panties. #0072, 0073, and 0074 are evocative, extremely erotic images. I tip my hat to photographer Ron Offlin for #0082, a dreamy, inverted headshot. And for joyous bedroom flavor it’s hard to resist #0092.


Proudly “Presenting” Janice A….

Janice A: Presenting, by Antonio Clemens, sweet young blonde, hot pics

On the day this set debuted at MetArt, the model received so many high rankings from the membership that she temporarily held the title Top Model. Janice A. has dropped back, slightly – as I write, she’s currently #15 – but the strength of her performance is still impressive, and not at all surprising.

This blonde sweetheart radiates a cheerful, youthful energy and vitality wholly appropriate in an 18-year-old. And for a model so young and, presumably, inexperienced, she appears to be completely at ease in front of the camera. She delivers formal, complex poses that are truly impressive, as well as spontaneous, off-the-cuff stances that seem entirely unrehearsed. Although she is smiling in many of the images, her happiness isn’t forced, and she also exhibits a wide range of expressions and moods. Impressive.

Working with a natural beauty with such well developed modeling instincts must surely be a pleasure for a photographer, and Antonio Clemens has kept the session simple and free of distraction. A vivid background color, an unobtrusive chair, and a black bra and panties for the model. A noteworthy debut, a very enjoyable series, and a model with a bright future.


“Presenting” Amelia B. - winner is served…

Amelia B: Presenting, by Catherine, curvy blonde, delicious imagesTo extend the dining metaphor, this set by Catherine is a three course meal. The appetizer consists of two dozen images, give or take, and in all of them the model is fully clothed. First time MetArt model Amelia B., in elegant street clothes, appears in what might be a shopping mall. The second shot, #0001, is quite arresting – a “simple” headshot made complex by a partial reflection.

The main course, shot inside, with a yellow leather sofa as the only prop, consists of a wide variety of images of creamy-complected, plushly curvy Amelia. This is a very appealing girl, and she appears to enjoy working with the camera. I think the use of her tongue to flirt and tease is unnecessary – she can flirt and tease quite well simply with the look in her eyes. In fact, she can close her eyes and still speak volumes (see #0059 and #0060).

The third course finds Amelia B. dressed in completely different lingerie, wearing different jewelry, on different furniture. Is this a preview or an outtake from an entirely different series? I can’t say. But it does include some beautifully explicit images (#0114, for example), and serves as a fine conclusion to a satisfying visual feast.


“Presenting” Janette A….

Janette A: Presenting, by Luca Helios, new model, erotic photosMetArt members are well aware that several new sets are added to the site on a daily basis, come rain or shine. They’re also aware than new models are also constantly joining our ranks. Still, there are times when I have to pause and marvel at the quantity and quality of new material and new models we have access to. Which brings us to Janette A.’s debut appearance.

From the first image, my impression is favorable. Janette has, to my eye, a slightly “American” flavor, despite her Slovakian extraction. It may be her make-up, her hair, perhaps her elaborate manicure. Her sheer black bra and panties flatter what is obviously an impressively shapely body.

As the lingerie comes off, bra first, her shape is even more impressive than I’d guessed. #0024, a topless shot, is all long legs and beautiful breasts. And #0061, a similar pose but this time totally nude, is also pleasing. Some of the poses feel a bit too posed, but that will fade with experience, I expect. And when she is more dynamic (throwing rose petals in the air in #0114), or relaxed and pensive (#0127) her talent and beauty are fully expressed.


Malina A. meets MetArt…

Malina A: Presenting, by Alex Iskan, debut MetArt erotic photo series

Separately, they are both fine words, filled with promise, mystery, and potential. But put them together and those words - “new” and “model” - become even more powerful. When those two words are attached to a set I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame. But, unlike the flying insect, I enjoy feeling the heat and haven’t been burned yet!

Malina A.’s debut opens with a topless shot. I immediately like what I see. The styling is a shade peculiar, but Malina’s body, even only partly revealed, invites, and her expression intrigues. When the gloves come off - both literally and figuratively in this case - what we have is a young, nubile, and very appealing model. It may not be an obvious choice, but I lingered over #0050, a subtly lit frontal view that artfully reveals the architecture of her body - hip bones, belly, naval. #0113 has a spontaneous feel and is less self conscious than some of the other poses here.

The series concludes with a handful of outdoor shots, in which Malina is wearing stylish street clothes and we get a greater sense of who she is on an everyday basis. A pleasing conclusion to a promising MetArt debut.


Lera D., cowgirl style…

Lera D: Presenting, by Catherine, first nudes, hard body, erotic pixSome interesting choices were made in the conception and design of this new model debut series. Some of them I can approve, heartily. Others, I am not so sure about. My main area of concern is the costuming. I don’t hate the cowboy hat (but I wish it would have come off, at least for a moment or two). I don’t completely loathe the fur stole, although it is in far, far too many of the shots. And I’m not really delighted by the “gunslinger” undertones. All of these things serve to distract, not enhance.

Remove them and what do we have? Lera D., posing for her first-ever nude photos. Her confidence is quite impressive. And so is her body. Lera has a fit, curvaceous physique. There is a distinctly feminine strength and power to her lower body, in particular. I very much get the sense that the harder you make love to her, the harder she loves you back. There are some wonderful leg and ass shots in the collection, and even #0083, a seated back shot, conveys some of this subtle power.

The last shot, #0110, may be my favorite. Seated backwards on a stool, feet hooked into its legs, she does a backbend towards the photographer and the glory of her body is driven home. Too bad the hat didn’t fall off!


Sophie F.’s “New Star” quality…

Sophie F: New Star, by Antonio Clemens, cute, new nude model, erotic pix

When I reviewed her MetArt debut, I was particularly pleased by Sophie F. Her sophomore effort, “New Star,” once more photographed by Antonio Clemens, serves to confirm my initial impressions.

Once more, Clemens keeps the set-up simple. Once more Sophie F. is wearing an outfit that seems a little too “racy” for the persona she projects. And once more she is as adorable as can be.

A red key light, high and to the model’s right, throws a warm accent and gives the series a hint of thematic unity. There is a chair, a dress, a pair of panties, and high heeled shoes. And there is Sophie, radiating that delightful warmth that is her defining quality. Foot fanciers get a selection of images to cherish, there are explicit shots, front and back, to please that audience. And Sophie, charming and cheerful, enjoys every minute of it.

Sophie F. has big, beautiful eyes, full lips, lovely, long hair, firm, jutting breasts, a slim build, long legs – she’s a visual delight. But I’m convinced that it’s her personality that give this new model her “New Star” quality.


Woman on top…

Divina A: Presenting, by Peter Guzman, MetArt Top Model, explicit nude debut As I sit down to write this, Divina A. is the reigning MetArt Top Model, and it is my singular pleasure to congratulate her on this achievement. But let us delve a little deeper and discover what a truly impressive achievement it really is.

The series titled “Presenting,” by frequent contributor Peter Guzman, is Divina A.’s debut. It is her first appearance here. She has not built up a following of devoted admirers over time. She has shot straight to the top with her maiden effort.

It is a further tribute to Divina’s crowd-pleasing beauty and allure that the set in question, is actually very simple. It is, in some ways, even odd. Consider the set: A chair placed on top of a bare mattress. A curious arrangement. And yet, with a model as stunning as Divina A., it doesn’t matter.

This is a very beautiful young woman. She is slender, but curvy. Her pert breasts are perfectly balanced by her round rump. Her brown eyes are big and doe-like, her features are refined, and her chin bears the slightest hint of a dimple. And she reveals the remainder of her beautiful all completely and without reservation. The membership has spoken! The votes have been tallied. Divina A. is our new Top Model. Now all we can ask is that she appears again soon, and often!


Two new for you…

Marta D & Rosa A: Twins, by Marlene, playful, arty, erotic pixThe prospect of a series featuring a new model is always enticing. Doubly so in the case of a girl-girl set. And we’ll need to significantly up the multiplier if those two girls are twins (whether identical, fraternal, or simply by some coincidence or quirk of fate). But if that isn’t enough to pique your interest, you might also note that this set is the debut MetArt contribution by a new photographer. And a female photographer, at that!

Although Marta D. and Rosa A. are very, very similar in appearance and presentation, they are not identical. But they are certainly close enough to create an impressive and intriguing pair. The mood here is light, playful, with a hit of “sleepover party” thrown in for good measure. There is a bit of mock pillow fighting, and a good natured “truth or dare” aspect when it comes time to strip down.

I also enjoyed a faint surreality in some of the compositions, the just perceptible sense of something slightly, but pleasingly, off-kilter. The set didn’t knock me over or take away my breath, but it did intrigue. I wonder how members will react?


New on the menu…

Dasha K: Presenting, by Pasha, beautiful woman, erotic nude photosI have no way of knowing whether Dasha K. has any previous modeling experience, all I know is that “Presenting,” by Pasha, marks her first appearance at MetArt, and it is an impressive debut.

The understated art direction and Pasha’s moody, naturalistic lighting bring out the planes and angles in Dasha’s exquisitely featured face. And that lighting, combined with a nice range of poses and bits of costuming, allows us a detailed and artful examination of her lean, delicate, yet distinctly womanly body.

In her high heels or out of them, Dasha is sure to appeal to leg lovers, and when she’s on tip-toes the shapeliness of her long limbs is further emphasized. I need hardly point out her plump, erect nipples – they do a fine job of that throughout the series! While this is far from an explicit set, there is intimate detail to satisfy that craving, and it’s delivered in a relaxed and unforced manner.

With her high fashion face and svelte build, Dasha makes a delicious addition to the MetArt model menu.


Blue and new for you…

Nadya D: Presenting, by Anry V, nude debut, new model, photo erotica

A tie-dyed backdrop adds vibrant color to the MetArt debut of Nadya D., as photographed by Anry V. The outfit she’s wearing as the set opens, and some oddly incongruous animal print fabric are both soon removed and the series is better for it.

Nadya is a welcome addition to the MetArt talent pool. She projects and engaging personality and she is both facially and bodily beautiful. The pictorial stops short of anything overly explicit, and I will confess that I would have preferred to see a bit more in the way of intimate detail. One can never know with any degree of certainty whether this type of modesty is due to the model’s reluctance or is a choice the photographer made. At any rate, what I see here makes me want to see more, and I hope I have that opportunity sooner rather than later.

One quirk of the studio lighting caught my attention, and it’s something I don’t recall noticing in other pictorials before. There is a light, behind the photographer, that puts a dot of white in the middle of each of the model’s dark eyes in many of these images. A curious effect, and a bit of a distraction. But not enough to detract from a solid performance by a new model with much potential.


Three 3-letter words…

Gia C: Presenting, by Erro, exquisite erotica, hot, sex, art photos

Actually, I’m thinking of two words and one proper name. That name is Gia, the model who makes her MetArt debut in Erro’s “Presenting.” After viewing the series in its entirety, the two words that best captured its essence were: Hot. Sex. Make no mistake, this set is about sex, and it is exceptionally hot. Oh, it is artistic, masterfully so. It is beautifully styled and photographed. The composition of individual frames, the lighting, the clever manipulation of depth of field — the set offers a concise introduction to the art of erotic photography.

And Gia C., certainly has a firm grasp on the technical skills required of a model. This is particularly impressive in a newcomer. She projects a broad and involving range of emotions with only the most minor changes of expression. She has a soft, subtle smile, for instance, that can’t fail to intrigue. Oh, and I needn’t point out that she is exceptionally pretty.

But, we’re adults here. This set is about Sex. With a capital “S.” Raw, hot, hard, passionate, Sex. It’s there in the explicit poses, in the body language, in the close-ups. It’s even in the headshots where not much more than Gia’s face is visible — see #0137 for a perfect example. Look at that face! Look in those eyes! Look at her skin, she’s glowing with it! Feel free to disagree, but if this set leaves you cold, you might want to visit a doctor. Or a coroner.


From the MetArt mailbox…

Tamara F: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, new model, nude debut, hot, sexy

Dear MetArt,

Hello. I just wanted to say that Tamara F. is So Beautiful, Hot, and Sexy!!!!!!!!!!! She is one of the prettiest women I have EVER seen! She is the PERFECT MODEL! Please make her a MET Art exclusive girl and have lots more upcoming photo sets of her! GREAT JOB! THANKS FOR THE AWESOME PICTURES OF HER!

- Brian

Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic email. It is so very nice to hear that you enjoyed the series with one of our new models, Tamara, so much. I must agree that she did an excellent job with her first series on MetArt - we definitely hope to see much more of her in the future, and soon! Working with new models can present challenges to a photographer, but I think you’ll agree that our Alex Sironi did a masterful job on Tamara’s debut pictorial. Please feel free to continue to contact me with your thoughts and suggestions. Have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

- The MetArt TeamTamara F: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, new model, nude debut, hot, sexy


Cheeky charmer...

Anita E: Presenting, by Leonardo, wholesome beauty, close-up erotica

Anita E., making her MetArt debut in Leonardo's "Presenting," has a curvy body and an ovoid visage with full, plump cheeks. Her facial structure somehow amplifies the magnitude of her frequent smiles and she projects an extremely cheery demeanor. While Anita has ample opportunity to display her sultry side here, her defining characteristic, to my eyes, is a wholesome, personable, girl-next-doorness.

The set begins outside, and with no small amount of drama. Anita, wearing a semi-transparent tunic and colorful stiletto pumps, is standing against the heavy white balustrade of a marble-floored balcony somewhere high in the hills. Below and behind her, the seashore and the sky. The clouds swirl and the sunlight shifts from shot to shot. This may be the immediate aftermath of a storm, or perhaps a lull between squalls. Anita is bubbly throughout, and nature provides a truly impressive backdrop.

The bulk of the series continues indoors, against a railing of dark hardwood, at the top of a staircase. A muted pattern of stylized stars lights the background. And, in the foreground, the model undresses and reveals her truly beautiful body. There is nothing tentative about this debut, Anita withholds nothing - and Leonardo captures everything with his signature skill. Count me among the charmed.


Two new for you...

Alise A: Presenting, by Balius, new nude girl, new erotic photographer

Ah, a double debut - Alise A. makes her first appearance at MetArt, in the series photographed by Balius for our site. Will it sink or swim? Will one succeed and the other fail? These are my casual musings when I receive the set. Then I open it, and begin my evaluation.

The very first image is promising, indeed. In her floral top and pink lace panties, hand on hip, there is a frankness, an honesty, to Alise that definitely fits the MetArt formula. And the image itself, with the soft, natural light and hint of diffusion, is also pleasing. A good start. Will it get better?

The answer is an unqualified: Yes! It is a simple set, shot in the corner of a room where two windows meet. A curtain filters the light. Outside, there is snow on the trees, but inside it is warm - and getting warmer by the minute. Alise is a natural beauty, with an intriguing smile and a wonderfully proportioned build. And Balius certainly knows how to pose his subject and how to compose his images - there is a distinctive style in evidence here, and it flatters and enhances the model. To conclude I can only say: Bravo! And, of course: Brava!


Maiden Brazil...

Astrud A: Presenting, by Rylsky, first nudes, outdoor erotic photos

In the first image in this set - her debut appearance at MetArt - Brazilian native Astrud A. is wearing no more than a bracelet, a belt of plaited leather, and a smile. One is equally struck by the beauty of her nude body, and the radiant warmth of her expression.

The smile is present through much of the set, and it is remarkably fresh and genuine. It is impossible not to sense an underlying feeling of joyful inhibition as the model experiments with poses and presentation. In headshots and in explicit anatomical images, Astrud is participating fully and enjoying the experience heartily.

Monochrome photos dot the series, adding a bit of unexpected variety. And when a shawl and a pair of white jeans make brief appearances late in the set they impart distinct flavors to the collection as a whole, and hint at possibilities that, one hopes, are soon to be captured and presented in future pictorials.


Testing the waters...

Polya A: Presenting, by Zlatko, first MetArt photos, tasteful erotica

The slightest sense of reserve permeates Zlatko's photos of MetArt newcomer, Polya A. She is self-confident and assured in her posing, and she is both spontaneous and formal, by turns. But, whether by her choice or her photographer's, I get the feeling that pretty Polya is holding just a little bit back. Call it a hunch - only future offerings will confirm or disprove my intuition.

As to the set itself, I can find much to praise. It is simple, and very much a product of the studio setting. A deep blue backdrop, soft, diffused lighting, a key light to highlight the model's golden hair, a single chair in contemporary style, the sole prop. Polya is wearing only a necklace, a white shirt, a pair of black heels. From there it is up to the model to execute her performance, and for the photographer to record it.

There is a sweetness this young woman projects, a gentle quality. She is proud and confident in sharing her nude body, but she does refrain from more brazen revelations. Still, we certainly see enough to want to see much more. So if Polya is "testing the waters" here, I can only say she's passed that test with flying colors.


Bench warmer...

Alexandra D: Presenting, by Rylsky, new model, busty, nubile, eroticaIn this post's title I refer to the primary piece of furniture Alexandra D. heats up with her splendid body, I don't mean to apply the sports metaphor of a player who never gets into the game. Indeed, based on her first MetArt appearance, it appears that this rookie has a bright future.

The set opens with Alexandra, dressed for brisk weather, in boots, a heavy coat, and carrying an umbrella. From the earliest images she projects a bright, bubbly enthusiasm that rarely flags during the course of the series.

Moving indoors, Alexandra takes to the bench and proceeds to rid herself of clothing. As garments come off anticipation builds - that heavy coat was concealing a seriously impressive body! The model appears to delight in sharing her beauty with the camera, she smiles with joy throughout. In fact, her smile is so constant that the few shots where she isn't smiling are particularly striking (I'm thinking, for example, of #0099). And in #0084 she reclines at full length on the bench and her abundant gifts are artfully displayed.


'Round midnight...

Ella D: Presenting, by Tony Murano, stylish, artistic, explicit eroticaThere is much going on in this set. Much, much more than first meets the eye. It is filled with intriguing images, dripping with mood, it is subtle at one moment, then thrillingly explicit in the next. And with 153 photos, in total, there is a lot of content to consider.

But, first, let us consider the subject, a newcomer to MetArt, the dark-eyed Ella D. Her physical particulars are as fine as one could want, and, oh - what an air of mystery surrounds her! The late night feel of the lighting only serves to enhance this alluring trait.

And what a breadth of imagery we find here. Some are formal, almost sculptural (see #0016). Others are romantic and painterly in a classical, old fashioned way (see #0034). In several the model projects more sensuous emotion with her eyes closed than other models can manage with both eyes wide open.

After dissecting the abundant style, we're then gifted with stunning extreme close-ups that may very well sear the retinas of unsuspecting admirers. I could easily go on, but you really must examine this series for yourself to fully appreciate it.


First time online...

Ilona C Little black dress? Check. High-heels? Check. Laptop computer? Check. Hold on. At first glance that final prop may seem out of place, but as the set unfolds it makes perfect sense - you'll just have to trust me on this point.

Ilona C. is the debutante in this Domenic Mayer-lensed series. She has a sweet demeanor and is remarkably free of inhibitions. She teases her way out of the dress at a pleasant pace, and turns her attention to the computer in many of the shots. Is she in a chat room? Catching up on current events? Shopping for a pair of panties (she isn't wearing any in the set)? But her secret is eventually revealed - this adorable young minx is studying the nude models at MetArt! And by learning from the best models in the world of erotic photography she has acquired valuable skills. In her more explicit poses she is self-assured and suitably sultry. And in more demure poses, or in headshots (I'm thinking of #0125, in particular) she is equally inviting.

Shot #0067 captures the essence of this set. On her belly, thighs spread wide, feet in the air, she studies the MetArt model on her computer screen. Life imitates art - and becomes art in the process!


A taste of things to come...

Svetlana B: Presenting, by Natasha Schon, first nudes, gentle eroticaA new model. The prospect is always enticing. Will she be an overnight sensation, a break-out star? Or will she be shy, tentative, just learning her craft?

The first image here finds an undeniably beautiful Svetlana B. seated on a couch. She is smiling, perhaps laughing, while fiddling with one of her shoes. It is a candid shot, almost a throw-away, but it marks the beginning of a new career, an adventure. In the dozens and dozens of shots that follow, we watch as the model relaxes into her task. There is the merest hint of stiffness in some shots, in others compete ease. She may be the slightest bit shy, or perhaps photographer Schon doesn't push her to reveal more as she might with a more experienced subject. Still, what Svetlana offers is enticing. There is a sense of play, of experimentation in the poses, the props, and the relaxed style of the photography.

In the final frame, #0151, all that changes. Svetlana is wearing an entirely different outfit, posing on a completely different set. Here she exudes confidence and polished allure. Is this a taste of things to come? I most certainly hope so!


Beauty on a back road...

Evgeniya A: Presenting, by Angela Linin, new model, outdoor nude artA dirt road, a sunny day, a new model. With these simple elements photographer Angela Linin has all she needs to create a fresh and engaging en plein air pictorial.

The model, Evgeniya A., is a type I find particularly pleasing. She has a trim yet curvy body, dark hair, and a very natural sort of beauty. She is pretty, and she seems confident and comfortable with that, but there is an ease and a "down to earth" quality being projected here that makes her seem friendly and approachable.

The outfit she's wearing early on - a girlish tank top, very short denim cut-offs, and sandals - is youthful, casual and effortlessly sexy. Of course, once it comes off, the sexy factor increases dramatically. But this isn't an extreme or lurid set, the mood is always light, carefree, and playful. Whether she's standing in the untravelled road, sitting or lounging on a cushion of her cast-off clothing, or using a fallen tree trunk as a prop, Evgeniya is an extremely playful and engaging model in her MetArt debut, and I look forward, eagerly, to future appearances.


Of sunsets and melons...

Sophia E: Presenting, by Koenart, new model, new erotic photographer

A balmy summer's day is coming to an end. The sea is placid, glassy. The air is still, the sand retains the day's warmth, the sun hangs low. It is this setting that a photographer has chosen for his first submission to MetArt. The subject he has chosen, Sophia F., is also making her first appearance in erotic photos. This combination of ingredients, it becomes immediately clear, holds prodigious promise!

Sophia has a cheery, almost bubbly presence. Her blue-eyed beauty is entirely natural, and she has a bit of a "girl next door" air about her. Wearing only jeans and a necklace, she poses and plays with a ripe melon. Indeed, the model's own melons, to speak in the vernacular, are at the peak of ripe perfection - round, firm, and visually delicious. And, when those dungarees hit the sand, the rest of her is no less enticing.

Sophia E, first-time nude model, juicy erotic art photos by Koenart

A setting sun presents unique challenges to a photographer, but Koenart has the situation well in hand. His model is always pleasingly lit, yet he also manages to render the subtle colorations of the sky as evening falls. While the sun sets and the model smiles - see #0096 - I am more than pleased to welcome Sophia and Koenart to MetArt.


Don't judge a book...

Yuta A: Presenting, by Rylsky, first-time model, explicit art photosThe cover is always the first image I view when I sit down to write a post about an upcoming photo series. In the case of Rylsky's "Presenting," my reaction was only lukewarm. I am being candid. The cover simply didn't inspire, intrigue, or otherwise capture my interest. But it is my responsibility to examine each set I'm assigned, so I opened it up and had a look.

Well, I'm certainly glad I did! Yuta A., a 20-year-old newcomer to the world of erotic modeling, is as cute and as sexy as can be. There is a teasing sparkle in her eyes and her physical attributes on display evoke an extremely pleasant and powerful physical response.

The set begins in a cafe with simple documentary photos of the model enjoying a cup of coffee. In these images Yuta's warm personality is well captured. The bulk of the series is shot against a white, seamless backdrop. Clad in a flirty bra and micro-skirt, Yuta presents herself without reservation. She's a real cutie, but these explicit views inspire thoughts that are purely carnal.

In the final shots she's back in the cafe, enjoying a sweet piece of pastry. Funny. I was just then thinking along those very lines!


Beginning to blossom...

Grace A: Grace, by Albert Varin, first time nudes, young girl erotic artAt the still tender age of 19, Grace A. enters the word of nude art photography under the tutelage of Albert Varin. Props and costumes are few: a room, a bed, several red roses, a necklace and a black merry widow. This last, the garment, seems a touch too mature for this young subject - what better reason can there be for her to remove it?

Although she is young and without much experience in front of the camera, Grace brings a smoky, sultry sensuality to many of these images. #0136 is a favorite of mine. In this shot, captured from behind, the expression on the model's face is relaxed - un-posed, if you will - and her body delivers an invitation that is impossible to misinterpret, or resist!

A handful of images, perhaps six in total, were shot in a bathroom. The mood and lighting of these photos is dark and dramatic, and stand in stark contrast to the warm, bright style of the bulk of the series. Is this to illustrate Grace's versatility, or a preview of a future series? Both, I hope!


Fox hunt...

Katrin D: Katrin, by Peter Guzman, first nudes, natural erotic artWhere do they find these girls? This is a question every member of MetArt has surely asked himself. Yes, there are many beautiful girls in the world, but many of them won't give even the most polite and well meaning gentleman the time of day. And yet Met's photographers manage to not only locate supremely appealing young women, they also convince them to shed their clothes (along with their inhibitions) and pose for photos that will be viewed by millions all over the world! Whether it is skill, luck, magic, or some combination of the three, I'm certainly grateful that our lensmen continue discover and uncover these gems.

Here, thanks to photographer Peter Guzman, is an exquisite addition to MetArt. I doubt this verdant bower is where Guzman found Katrin D., but it makes a fine backdrop for this nubile natural beauty. Her dress comes off quickly, and the delights so revealed instantly induce salivation and other involuntary reactions. From head to toe, with notable highlights in between, Katrin is a truly foxy young female.

I imagine I speak for much of the MetArt membership when I say: Thank you, Karin, for sharing your beauty with us. And thank you, Mr. Guzman, for finding her!


New nubile on the block...

Olga W: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, first nudes, new model, new photographerOne of the key factors in the success and longevity of MetArt is our focus on a three letter word: new. We're constantly adding new pictorials of our established models, new sets from our veteran photographers, new series featuring new models, and new photos from new photographers. That's a lot of new!

This set, "Presenting," starring Olga W., photographed by Alex Sironi, packs as much new as possible into a single set. How so? Well, Olga W. is making her first ever appearance here. And the same is true of Mr. Sironi. How successful is this double-debut? In a word...very! Girlish and naturally gorgeous Olga displays the skills of a gifted model right out of the starting gate. Youthful and petite, Olga is a more-than-welcome addition to the MetArt talent pool.

Her photographer, as well, boasts genuine ability. The set is spare but inviting, the lighting warm, natural, and unobtrusively effective. Sironi not only has the technique required to produce photography that meets MetArt standards, he also appears to have a native grasp of our aesthetic, without compromising his own unique stylistic vision. I welcome both of these talented new contributors with unqualified enthusiasm!


The thrill of the new...

Ilona B: Presenting, by Goncharov, first nudes, subtle eroticism

If you've only been a member of MetArt for just a few days, perhaps even hours, you have probably already chosen a few favorite models. Over time those favorites may change, but you're always awaiting their next set, and you always feel an extra thrill when something new featuring one of your favorites is added to the site. The familiar face and body of a favorite model is a pleasure to be savored, repeatedly. But there is also much to be said for the pleasures of a new discovery. And so it is with the latest gem unearthed by Goncharov, the beguiling Ilona B.

Shot in natural light, on a somewhat overcast day, the mood of these photos is matched by Ilona's often understated and subtle expressiveness. This isn't a girl who dazzles or overpowers you with her beauty. She seduces you, quietly. A smile is often on her full lips, but she rarely reveals her teeth. Her sexual allure is strong, but it's more akin to a whisper than it is to a scream. There is joy in her eyes, but there is also mystery. The more I looked at Ilona, the more I wanted to see. And then, to my surprise, the series ended. With 89 photographs in total, the set is a bit short. But isn't fitting? Ilona's debut leaves the viewer craving more. We can only hope to get just that...soon!


A star of tomorrow…today!

Anika A: Presenting Anika, by Ron OfflinIt's been said that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. In that case, Anika A. has absolutely nothing to be worried about - her first appearance at MetArt is a knockout! The set, aptly titled "Presenting Anika," by Ron Offlin, reveals a young model brimming with self-confidence and radiating fresh, sultry sensuality.

And there is a lot of very skillful "Presenting" going on here: photographer Offlin has chosen an exceedingly simple set - a wall, a headboard, a bed dressed in simple white linens. This unembellished background lets the mouthwatering glory of eye-pleasing Anika fill the frame. And, particularly for a newcomer, Anika A. has skills that other models take many sessions to master. This 19-year-old knows exactly how to present every inch of her body to the viewer. She's not simply posing for the camera, one gets a real sense that Anika has us - the viewing membership - in mind as she moves around on those crisp white sheets.

Thank you, Ron Offlin, for your photos of this stunning new discovery! And thank you, Anika, for sharing your beautiful self with MetArt! We can only hope you'll continue to appear here - repeatedly - in the near future!

And speaking of future appearances - how would you like to see Anika A. presented in future photo sets?


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