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Alissa B

Russian Federation Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Alissa B

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Extensio 2 years ago

One of those metart hidden gems...

Her sets are not as revealing as today's standards, yet her feminine charms are still quite visible. Lovely girl, I hope she's doing well wherever life has taken her...


Field Commander Cohen 2 years ago

I had forgotten just how hairy these models were back in the "old days". Thank heaven for the modern shaved pussy.


MrUnSocial 3 years agoLifetime member

Does Michael White have something against vaginas? 358 shots and not one decent shot of hers, less than a handful of shots where you can kind of, sort of see hers, which looks to be lovely from what little I can see. I do not want the shoot to be like a gynecological exam but come on, show something, these shoots are very PG-13.


lazertag 4 years ago

all her sets are great except the black and white one which is too bad its the only one where she rocks sexy strap heels


fetyy 5 years ago

please more !!!


aloha 5 years ago

very sexy


aloha 5 years ago

very sexy


hole 6 years ago

wow she is very hot