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Keira Blue

Belarus Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Keira Blue

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SchwarzeEule 2 weeks ago

What a beautiful addition to the roster.

Love those blue ocean-like eyes, as well as the pale shade of her Areolas.

Also, her feet are to die for, especially the veins popping out.

Gorgeous through and through. I'd worship her!


Starfire 2 weeks ago

Very nice must have more.


DeltaGamma. 2 weeks ago

I think you will Starfire, I have some 20 sets with her and if you and the other members ask for it.. you will probably get it ;)


Beauty Admirer Ii 2 weeks ago

Ridiculously low score for a world class beauty.


DeltaGamma. 2 weeks ago

With such a name you really are a connaisseur of what Beauty is... ;) Keira would be happy to hear what you think, thanks on her behalf!


beetle 2 weeks ago

One of the best and sexiest newcommer 2018. Angelic face. Adorable breasts. Areolas of the premium league. And a Body for our most lustful desires!


DeltaGamma. 2 weeks ago

How not to agree with you beetle? you are so right, a real angel, so adorable and sweet. I am sure she will become less shy in the near future, let's just give her time ;)


Tristan Heart 2 weeks ago

Deltagamma has asked me to post this introduction on his behalf:

"I am very glad to see Keira make her debut today, right before she joins me for a new shooting in Rome tomorrow.

Keira is one of the most beautiful models I have ever shot, she is only 18 and had never even posed nude before we met the first time, back in May. She initially did not want even to consider to do nudes, not talking about erotic, but after we got to know each other a bit better and talked gradually about posing for more explicit photos, showing her samples from my work for Metart, I eventually convinced her to try being an erotic model for me only, and guided her without going too fast.

This one you see today was our first proper set, after an initial session with few art nudes with slightly open poses. We organised it in Paris since visiting the city was one of her dreams and got her in the mood to take the challenge of jumping from fashion portraits straight into erotic modeling. As you will see she starts quite shy, but gradually gets more confident, photo after photo, showing a little more with every pose. This was sort of an ice breaker, and if you wait for the next sets you will see how she unveils and opens herself and her intimate parts more and more, set after set.

Keira has a very beautiful face, incredible blue eyes and a great slim body. She has some quite unique nipples with that light pink color so delicate on those small soft breasts. I asked her to keep her natural pubic hair for the shooting in the first Parisian location, which inspired me for some old fashioned look and outfits.

The shooting with Keira was one of the most challenging and gratifying for me, seeing her getting more confident at every set and liking to show herself more and more.

I hope you all like her and give her a warm welcome for the start of her Metart adventure."


Lefty78 2 weeks ago

Wow, she has really hot tits. Hope to see more of here.


DeltaGamma. 2 weeks ago

I will work hard to feature her more on Met!