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Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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Photos with Yuki

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dmobetaman 2 weeks ago

Her eyes and facial expression are stunningly beautiful! The rest of her body just keeps me lost in heavenly limbo.


Tristan Heart 9 months ago

You guys are missing a link to her profile on Goddess Nudes, she uses the alias Adelina Dey over there ;-)


Erotic art expert. 11 months ago

Really cute girl. Period.
All her sets made by FABRICE are professionally done, showing the beauty, good balance between close and distance taking, perfect posing, natural color and lighting.
UNFORTUNATELY all photos made by LEONARDO have no art value. They are out of focus, nothing but genitals exhibition.


Bond. James Bond 1 year ago

Why are the most pictures out of focus? The are not completely out of focus but they are not sharp enough either. What's wrong with the camera men? Do they use IPhone to get pictures? Let them get a professional camera instead.


Astrs 1 year ago

Simply Perfect


pc65 1 year ago

Yummy Yuki!


FECKER 2 years ago

It's hard to tell I am being supportive here I know. But you aren't doing some of the very model-stripper basics. First of all, the shame of photographing alone is that no one is moving that beautiful body around. No one is touching you. You have to somehow give us the pleasure of enjoying you and since we cannot be there the only thing that helps is having another woman enjoy you for us. And if you are like so many misled women who don't do that, at least squeeze your breasts. You can't tell me there aren't things you do to enjoy yourself, share them with us. You can't just look great and you do. But don't let us imagine everything, get a girl you like and play with each other. It will boost your career. It will make us appreciate you more and that wonderful body of yours will be memorable to all of us horndogs. Don't let an ole horndog go deaf and dumb to sex, excite us. Let us know we are still alive. Thanks!


Bodangles 2 years ago

I am absolutely in love with this girl, she is amazing!


Knackers 2 years ago

Very cute girl, I hope she returns a lot!.


bibblefuss 2 years ago

Hey, look! It's another hard-to-believe-anybody-can-look-this-hot Ukrainian babe!

Yuki is physically blessed from head to toe - and we're blessed that she decided to share her amazing goodies with us. Eyes, breasts, curves, pussy - all fantastic. And no sign of any stupid tattoos!

Okay, MA, bring her back every month!


tristan 2 years ago

my my my what a beautiful pussy you have my dear.


beetle 2 years ago

Charming blue eyes! An open face and long brown hair. The first impression has already been pretty.
But there is more!
Big full breasts, a round butt and a luscious pussy.
Absolutely perfect. Yuki even.

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