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Adel C

Age Debut: 18


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junior7778 3 months ago

super pretty girl


Nick101 9 months ago

Great model - nice open labia shots too - just the job.


cloudwa 11 months ago

Just: Wauw....


Argusthedog 2 years ago

So beautiful.
I hope she finds a decent photographer one day.


Sten 2 years ago

Wonderful model and great photographers.


Louis41 2 years ago



PalmaGo2 2 years ago

I would love to see a set where she is in black stockings/garter belt, a little party dress, high heels, little black thong. Very glamorous and sexy.


Lustful Lecher 3 years ago

I'm quite simply in lust...........................


bearcat 3 years ago

Adel is a stunning beauty and a very talented model. She is very responsive and willing to be completely revealing. I love all of her photo sets and my thanks to the photographers who have presented her so well. Please let's continue to have her as a top Met Art model. I love Adel.


Vronsky 3 years ago

Great Model! Fantastic set of hips, perfect from every angle, I love the gap between her thighs and what a butt!


Thanks Your Bod 3 years ago

OMG, what a gorgeous, titian haired BABE.

Thanks for sharing your incredible beauty, Adel.

And you play hockey, too?

Dream babe.


Whiplash00 3 years ago

Adel's shoot that is featured today (04-08-15) is surely her best set thus far. Her makeup artist did a superb job of accentuating the beauty of her face, and she looks better than ever. A total sleeper here at MetArt.


Sten 3 years ago

I would like to see many more sets with this very beautyful girl.


Pab1 3 years ago

She has got to be related to Norma A


Pab1 3 years ago

OMG! How did I miss Adel's 4 sets last year?
Talk about the perfect body, well she has got it all.
And so damn sexy for such a young babe.


Como 3 years ago

Ok , I see your fantasy with the jungle girl . However what is Met-Art ? It is the elite , it is class , elegance . I would like to offer a few definitions of Elegance 1. The quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; style."a slender woman with grace and elegance"
2.The quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple; neatness.
"the simplicity and elegance of the solution"

Adel C is a beautiful woman who just needs to go to a salon and get her hair done .


doggleboon 3 years ago

Her hair is fantastic exactly as it is, and I think you have a shallow sense of elegance.


Diablo77 3 years ago

Her hair looks GREAT!


Lossow 3 years ago

This girl is stunning, and reminds me of the gorgeous Norma A (as she is credited here). Met-Art really NEEDS to get many sets and movies of these two beauties together. They are like sisters separated at birth.

Hope there are may more sets and some movies of this beautiful girl still to come.


Arkie2 4 years ago

Just realized ... she has Norma J (Norma Joel) like hair which absolutely adds to the interest in the set.


rachsback 4 years ago

Absolutely breathtaking girl!! I'm hoping for a long and prolific career for Adel. I fear I may spend a lot of $$$ looking for every image of her I can find!!


Arkie2 4 years ago

Really, really wonderful small breasts and a great body. Love the long, dark tresses. An immediate favorite who should appear more often.


mascalzone 4 years ago

an amazing beautiful chick, thank you for the debut, i know ADEL will be an instant success at METART. This teengirl has already appeared in others soft-core webbs, conquering the hearts and minds of helpless members. She looks inocent-like but her eyes and face are so enticing that is almost impossible to take her away from your mind. I bet a lot of sleepless nights for a lot of METART members. me too. Please more of her soon!!!!!!


rachsback 4 years ago

I see someone else is as taken with this beauty as I am!

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