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Adel Morel

Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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Members Comments (16)


snake 1 year ago

lovely feet


Bluedragon 2 years ago

Very beautiful girl, but sadly disturbingly skinny. This is not healthy...


Rose 8 months agoCommunity Staff

I would have to disagree, she is slender, not unusually so for a healthy, athletic 22-year-old. Our artists do not shoot models who look unhealthy and don't take care of themselves.


SouthernMaster 2 years ago

That's true for 90% of MA models.


Lots2admire 2 years ago

She pegs my peter meter..........


Nick101 2 years ago

Great model - pussy wonderfully displayed in that presenting shot - labia gently open, lovely.


hipshot131 2 years ago

What a gorgeous young woman! A great addition to Metart!


enyhyj86 3 years ago

Omg, isnt she reelly special. Camera loves her, but she, she makes love with camera. Brilliant work.
- pete
twitter @petlyy


MX338 3 years ago

Super hotness!!!


Digger 3 years ago

just barely tall enough for me and such a beauty. unequivocally one of the best models ever. Her angelic face, perfect nipples on perfect breasts, thin , and her perfectly composed bottom. Think I have used perfect enough times, so i'll say she is supreme on my list #1. PHEW


tristan 3 years ago

bRILLIANT model and I love your work. Hope you return soon for more greatness.


Bradley Pooper 3 years ago

Beautiful woman. Look forward to seeing more of your work :)


ViRaL 3 years agoLifetime member

She's just a little too tall, but I cannot stop looking.. 'O.O'


Lustful Lecher 3 years ago

Quite simply- extraordinary! Come back soon- Perhaps a video?


Ameno 3 years agoLifetime member

Hi Adel,
You are lovely and gorgeous.
One of my ten favorite.


beetle 3 years ago

Hi Adel. Great Start in MA. Just perfect. In your first set, you give us great insight on your desirable body. At all not coyly but also not overdone.
A beautiful face, cute little breasts, a well shaped beautiful ass, swollen pussy lips, long legs and small feet. Everything perfect.
I want too see more of you, much more. I'm looking forward.

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