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Adele Shaw

Russian Federation Age Debut: 18


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junior7778 1 year ago

beautiful girl with a nice body


P P Rubbens 1 year ago

Adele, I adore you. Please give us some more of your beauty.


Justus 2 years ago

To Met-art (as you don't have suggestions page)) . I can't understand why these beatiful european models must to use english/american names. Perhaps american names has more class than russian,/french/german names (for example ) ? I think is pathetic., beacause seem names of professional porn atresses. Sorry but is my sincere and constructive opinion. Met-Art ,don't forget your origins that have led you to success


Rose 2 years ago

Hi Justus, the models pick their own names. Some choose European names (and actually Adele is a very common name in parts of Eastern Europe) but ultimately it is their decision.


Justus 2 years ago

OK. Thanks for your reply :)


gaetano maria 2 years ago

Welcome beautiful babe!
Come back soon


WanderlustPeru 2 years ago

Impresionante, que hermosa es!!


beetle 2 years ago

A really pretty girl, I am deeply impressed.
Beautiful face, super breasts and nipples and a butt of the highest level. Round, firm and well shaped. In addition, first-class long legs and soft and tender feet. The toes are cute. So everything is great.
Anyway, I want see more: From the face, the breasts, the buttocks, the beautiful legs and cute feet.