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Fantastic model but photography is boring even by Leonardo's standard.

Isn't this just a re-issue of the photos from the 2.11.11 video? Obviously, Adelia was and is magnificent!

That tight little body gives me shivers. Poses: that's on the photographer. Adelia takes care of herself, and that's enough for me.

Adelia A is very beautiful, and any model who can start off nude knows what's going on. However, i'm afraid Mila I has the hot blonde category sewed up.

Yuck, two of my least favorite things: bleached hair and a shy heiny.

Leonardo could you please use a tripod? Nearly every one of your shots in this set are blurry. You're either using a lens that doesn't have image stabilization or you're unable to steadily handhold your camera and lens. The EOS 1Ds Mark III or 5D Mark II which you're using have twenty one megapixels and you've found 132 ways to waste each megapixel.

For my taste, this is the best 'setting' for an outdoor shoot that I've seen so far on the site! A real shame therefore that the posing of this beautiful girl fell a bit short of matching it's creativity. Overall it's a beautiful set, but could have been quite a bit better for us fans of the gorgeous Adelia.

Not nearly enough variety in poses.

Yawn.... Boring. What a wasted chance to make a delicious photo spread.

Adelia is a lovely blonde haired girl. Perfect to see her totally nude outside. Lovely tits and a gorgeous totally shaved pussy. Hope she shows more soon.

with Adelia I always start downloading the zip before I look at the first pic. I know it will be great.

Not much poses? I didn't notice - but I did notice that I looked at her eyes and nothing else in many pics. Oh those eyes....

Adelia is perfect. As always :)

Amazing, jaw-dropping beauty. But not very varied poses nor enough closeups of that lovely pussy.

Now that your mention it, you are right!

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