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Aiko Bell

Czech Republic Age Debut: 24


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Sydney 2 years ago

After watching Aiko Bell's MetArtX Film today, I will reiterate the following: she has an INORDINATE amount of talent just waiting to be showcased! She is a BRILLIANT girl/girl performer, and she just delivered a captivating solo performance also. She deserves our attention and I want to see A LOT more of her - at MA, MAX, SA, VT and TLE. Please make it happen!


Sydney 2 years ago

Rose - can you please pass this onto Jon (and Team A&A)?


Rose 2 years agoCommunity Staff

Will do :-)


Sydney 2 years ago

Thank you! I appreciate it very much Rose :)


Doodaq 2 years ago

So let's get serious about these phony comments that start with adverbs. It's insulting to the model
and the photog that you can't start with Hi, Hello, Bon jour or some such. i.e.
Aiko you are a very beautiful woman, and the white background that LH gave you accentuates your
pearly white skin. Hoping to see more of you, but as always we hate the photographer because he is
with you and we are not. P.S. tell all your model friends to keep their hands away from their faces.
Love you forever ;-))


Bevoman 2 years ago

VERY sexy girl and she has that subtle sex appeal that is indescribable but you know you want her.


beetle 2 years ago

Friendly smooth face. Green eyes and black hair. Magical combination. Stunningly beautiful.
Also a nice slim well-shaped body.
Aiko's breasts are small and cute, but I like them as they are. In particular, the small, well-borderd areoles and the delicate nipples are worth seeing and adorable.
The full moon of Aiko is an extra class. Nice round and well shaped. The butt looks beautifully tight. I believe with a slight slap on the buttocks they vibrates only very briefly. Like the suspension of a sports car.
A special treat is the luscious and moist pussy. Well-visibly, full and plump are the slightly darker pink labia.
Aikos legs are soooooooooo long and well narrow. Breathtaking.
The beautiful feet are pure and smooth with cute little toes. The soles look bright and soft. I would like to kiss them and inhale their special and typical fragrance.
Aiko is really sweet.


Dlf1 2 years ago

Awesome set gorgeous woman.

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