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Alena I

Ukraine Age Debut: 19


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k2summit 8 months agoLifetime member

The greatest of all time.


Yvanofff 5 months agoLifetime member



EVENTIDER234 8 months ago

Alena Fabulosa!! Exquisita extraordinaire!! My first view of this sweetheart was in the Limbus gallery from 2007,which was my first sub here, a full height profile shot of those slender curves,and I was captivated immediately.Everything one could wish for from an erotic model Alena has it,does it,wears it,and is it and has it bigtime.
The solo sets are all excellent and varied very nicely,and the Domius set with Anna AJ is among the finest expressions of mind blowing beauty I have ever seen.
Although I have never heard her speak,the imagination draws a parallel with Mango,all happiness,sweetness and charm,with a lovely accent. And of course she kisses girls. A lot.
I like to think that girls get together for some private fun after a sexy shoot,and a hot pussykissing frolic with Anna is surely not beyond the reaches of possibility now is it? And that I would certainly love to see.
1 plus 1 equals 69 - now THAT'S my idea of maths in a perfectly balanced equation. Girls only,of course.
The only downside is just one video,and Alena should have had the opportunity to do at least 5 or 6 as in the case of Anna.The WINGED show is a MA classic,and has lots of plays on an ongoing basis,and has been on my ''over&over'' list for years,and was played yesterday.Over and over.
Beauty of Alena's quality has a deep and lasting impression on both mind and heart,and can be said to touch the soul.Unforgettable and wonderful loveliness.
To offset the shortfall in moving images,I have loaded individual shots from all the galleries as well as all the galleries, and have a personal pictorial of Alena in shuffle mode for inspiration,the number is now approaching 600 photos,and is a joy to behold,and runs happily alongside a quality Chardonnay from time to time.
The Irresistible gallery shows her maturing beauty in a delightful way,and is a great leg show too.
Alena is best of the best quality for certain,and will always be one of the greatest of all the MA models.
I will always be enjoying her beauty.


Yvanofff 11 months agoLifetime member

She is my queen of erotic art since more ten years ago. Tank Alena i for your contribution on the wonderful world of erotic art!


MAPassion 4 years ago

Old time favorite!


Supertzar 4 years ago

Just Stunning!