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Alice Shea

Ukraine Age Debut: 21


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Matsturbate 3 months ago

Absolutely stunning from head to toe.
I Always looks forward to her sets, she would have to be in my top 10 metart girls, hands down.
One of the best pussys on metart. I would say very close to perfection for me.....
I love that classic girl next door look she has.
The one thing I would change would be her hair.... I’d love to see her with nice long hair, maybe even a little bit of blonde?
Can’t help but think it every time I see her, she would be 10 times hotter in my book.
But that goes for most girls with the short bob.


gemini 3 months ago

Alice Shea is fucking gorgeous. From her face to her toes. Fucking gorgeous.


Andy85 8 months ago

Alice is an absolute dream.


billiyboy 9 months ago

What a perfect compact body with perfect small breasts and beautifully formed buttocks. Allied to a very pretty, cute face, Alice is a potential superstar.


Erotic art expert. 9 months ago

Cute girl being taken by a camera man who doesn't care about creativity a bit.


Notatorytosser 1 year ago

Absolutely gorgeous.


Roger 1 year agoLifetime member

Another wonderful new entry our Alicinshka!!! What for amazing, cute, delicious, yummy Cutie from head to toes!!! Welcome dear Alice on MetArt:-)♥ ♥ ♥


RichC 1 year ago

Alice is so cute. A beautiful, perfect pussy and amazing rear view!


Tristan Heart 1 year ago

Please note that Alice Shae can also be found on Eternal Desire right here on the MetArt Network ;-)

Guess MetArt and Eternal Desire has not linked up her profiles yet, slowpokes :-P

Was a little disappointed to discover that she has one of those solar plexus tats, I'm rather squeamish about that stuff myself, but she's still rather beautiful once you get passed that part ;-)


beetle 1 year ago

A real tidbit.Alice Shea has abeautiful friendly face.A delicate slender body.Girlish breasts.Really sweet handy breasts.I like them, they are extremly sexy.Alice also has perfect buttocks and a pretty a smooth anus.Especially I love her tiny soft and tender feet with the silky soles and perfect formed toes.oh, I want so smell these sweet feet. Mmmmh.


Knackers 1 year ago

Gorgeous, I look forward to her 50th set :D

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