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Alina Valera

Latvia Age Debut: 21


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Members Comments (6)


Fred Jones 10 months ago

She would make for a lovely mail delivery person!


SouthernMaster 2 years ago

It's beginning to look like she's a one hit wonder. which would be a pity. Not to mention poor judgement by MA!


Digger 3 years ago

I'm stunned, remarkable woman. I like thin, tall, long dark haired, small breasted, long labiad girls. And she is so beautiful, i could kiss her all night. She just moved to my top five instantly. Need her back very soon.


beetle 3 years ago

An absolute beauty. Adorable!

With this body and this look, Alina will have a sensational future as a model.

Alina is stunnig!


Lorena Lover 3 years ago

An incredibly beautiful woman.


Arkie 2 3 years ago

You sir (or madam) are a master of the decidedly obvious - but wholly true.