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Alisa Amore

Hungary Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Alisa Amore

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Cedric P 2 weeks ago

Elle est vraiment très jolie. Pouvoir l'admirer en vidéo serait un vrai bonheur.


kanshou 2 months agoLifetime member

I'm a pussy fan but Alisa, Suzanna A, and Jade A get me going so much just with their breasts. Alisa is impossibly beautiful.


maxo 3 months ago

Where are you? We need more, more and more.


Veil 6 months ago

These are all so much better than the Femjoy sets.


Kane 6 months ago

I find Stefan Soell's output to be more like art nudes than erotic ones. For me, that small amount of variety is OK and you can see the models in a different light, but I appreciate different people have different expectations.

But I think we can agree that Alisa is beautiful :) .


AlexandreF 7 months ago

Pleeeeeaaaase, do some high-heeled photos, with that, girl, it would be incredible.


JOHANNES BLT 7 months agoLifetime member

Alisa Amore, you are just a boatload of sunshine! Objectively, you are THE classic beauty with an amazing body


maxo 7 months ago

Alisa is a masterpiece.
Please, please please video with this beautiful angel.


Ori8noco16 8 months ago

Now...this is top class female perfection.
Alisa rules....


semajw 9 months ago

If Alisa isn't perfection, she is the next thing to it!


WanderlustPeru 9 months ago

Adorable 💗💗💗 and super cute model.👏👏👏

Video please 🐱🐯👻😹🙌😀


Glum 10 months ago

I know why you're number one 🌷🌷🌷
Beautiful -natural -special


Casey 11 months ago

Alisa Amore excells in yumminess!!


Alisa Amore 11 months ago

Hello Alisa.
You are so very special


Piano man 11 months ago

Words fail...absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous!


Lugo 1 year ago

Incredible beauty


VictorDj4 1 year ago

It’s not fair to look this good naked. It must be so hard to always wear clothes when you have a body that screams to be exposed.

At the moment of writing this comment, Alisa’s latest set is ‘Liensi’. After I watched it, I could not believe I missed out on her first two galleries by Artofdan.

Artofdan’s style is quite beautiful and artistic, but everybody knows that this comes on a very second place. I, for one, became a MetArt member because I want to masturbate to beautiful naked girls. But that’s just a part of the story. I actually want to masturbate to naked girls who also sexually provoke me by being cute, happy, joyous or even bitchy and mean.

I mention the masturbation-part because most of the time negative comments – like “She should get another photographer”, actually mean: “This girl looks great naked, but there’s a lack of sexual provocation in both her face and positions and so it does not arouse me enough to masturbate.”

I once got an TMI-response on ‘Smora’ with Altea B where I said: “Altea B and Iveta B were responsible for many of my orgasms since 2006”.

The problem with the TMI (Too Much Information) is that it’s absolutely not true. We’re all anonymous on this site. And why are we anonymous? Because – despite many sexual revolutions – it’s still considered bad and shameful behavior to masturbate.

It’s so strange that even on a paysite filled with naked girls, members still feel uncomfortable to admit they actually masturbate to the girls. As if that somehow devaluates their nudity. I actually think the opposite is true.

I mean: take a pic like Liensi #59 - #60. Doesn’t Alisa look even more adorable while you’re playing with yourself? 


Ivan Sweet 1 year ago

To take her sets to the very highest level, she needs to visit a better hairdresser and expand her wardrobe. Would love to see more lingerie sets. She needs to spend a week in Kyiv in the beauty salons and stores, or something like that.

I feel strongly she needs better handlers, and could then be one of the top nude models in the world, like a new Sofi A.


chez22 1 year ago

I hope you find a photographer who can do her justice. So far, not so good.


Chrisyang 1 year ago

What a lovely indeed lovely girl!! Can’t wait for the next work.


WriterSteve 1 year ago

So much potential, but the photos were weak.


RichC 1 year ago

Alisa is absolutely magnificent. Photos 65 and 66 are particularly amazing.


YallBinZapped 1 year ago

I hope this is the first of many sets! She is amazing


regsf56 1 year ago

Yes! She made it to Met-Art


French kiss 1 year ago

WAAAOOOUUUHHH !!!! Je suis tombé sous le charme dès la photo de profil


Schubith 1 year ago

OMG ! The face of an angel with the body of a porn star ! This girl is wonderful. Nothing wrong. I would have given her 10+ but there’s no such thing here. Hope to see her very soon and often cause she’s typically the kind of young women for which I’m a MetArt member. Only wish I was 30 years younger and had the opportunity to meet and try to seduce her. In fact I often wish I was 30 years younger when visiting MA 😬


Ferret Face 1 year ago

Wow! I love her! Don't comment often, but I just have to say what great debuts MetArt has had recently! First Agatha, then Maible, and now Alisa Amore! Great work finding these beautiful, perfect women! I'd love to see much, much more of the three of them in the future! I'd love to see more intimate photos of Alisa. i.e. close-ups! ;) This trio of girls has made me finally, fully understand the "marry me" tag!


gaetano maria 1 year ago

B E L L A !!


Leslove 1 year ago

What an incredible figure. Big natural breast that would spread over her entire chest if attacked. And long shapely legs that would easily hold a man in between them. Need I say I am in love? OK I won't.


dditka 1 year ago

This young lady is absolutely gorgeous, she has a innocence about her, Truly a work of art I hope to see more of her.


beetle 1 year ago

What a lovely smiling, what a natural erotic girl. Alisa Amore is really seductive.
The smooth cute face, the warm brown eyes and the long brown hairs - a classical brownhaired. I love this type of woman - so seductive and sexy.
Beside the cute face, there are perfect big soft breasts. Well shaped with superb areolas and nice stiff nipples.
Her pussy seems to be petite, with tiny labia. But Maybe next time Alisa show us her pussy and her labia in close-ups. The same is with her butt and her feet. We need more close ups, because I suspect that also pussy, butt and feet are jewels too.

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