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Aljena A

Russian Federation Age Debut: 20


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Dreadnought 5 years ago

This is incredibly ridiculous!

ELEVEN sets -- and not one shot indoors!!!!

This girl is good -- but you're wasting the talent on crappy location shoots!!!


Dreadnought 5 years ago

Beautiful girl -- absolutely scruptious !!!

And she does not rate high enough --

Why is that ???

ELEVEN sets -- not one of which has been shot indoors !!!!!!

Is she afraid to touch a bed with the photographer in the same room?

Is the photographer too cheap to rent a room for the shoot?

What gives???

Outdoor sets are for people that looked at art, nature, and nudist magazines back in the 1950's.

There's nothing sexy about a soft pink ass parked on a splintered log, dirt, or sharp rocks!!!

This girl is good -- but you're wasting the talent !!


Dave C. 5 years ago

Fat meaty Pussy, edible Pussy, yummy Clit, Huge Labia, Protruding Labia/Clit


Dave C. 5 years ago

cute, baby face, innocent, Killer eyes, Killer Pussy, Chewable Clit, edible Labia, Huge Labia/clit, nice mouth


Rich 5 years ago

A LOT of the problem lies entirely in the hands of the puritanical attitude of the mods of this site. Sometime in the middle of 2012, about the time The Life Erotic came on line,word went out that wet pussies are an absolute no-no!! That was because the new site was all about masturbation. I can't be too specific with the date, but around that time, and for some months, pussy shots were virtually nil.
Leonardo was the first I noticed - went from shooting close-ups to shooting from across town with a long lens. When did he shoot his last really brilliant work. Tony Murano, in my mind, the King of Pussy, when did he last submit? I haven't seen anything new from him in months.
Met-Art is going backwards we're heading towards Playboy pre-1972 the year of the first Full-frontal with pubic hair was shown. Marilyn Cole was the British model photographed. (Can't remember the month, sorry).
Met-Art is rapidly becoming over-priced, from a Progressive site, to a retarded site.


Dreadnought 5 years ago

Miss December.


Snake Plissken 5 years ago


Where has this little cutie been hiding?! Absolutely stunning girl.


Dall 5 years ago

WOW she is an absolute breathtaker, she has the face of an angel so so pretty. I cant stop looking at her face its so beatiful.


wood chuck 5 years ago

My thoughts exactly!


rockhard 5 years ago

MetArt could do themselves and the membership a favor by contracting at least one new photographer of the "Tammy Sands" caliber. I've noticed a few new names lately and am very hopeful...


hipshot131 5 years ago

Amazingly lovely but a bit shy. Both the model and the photographer are to conservative! I lay blame here on Dmitry Maslof. All 10 of her sets are outdoors which tends to limit the amount of intimate closeups. Dmitry needs to get a little closer and do some close up work. This girl is a doll. With her face, figure and personality she could be rated much higher if she were done by one of the photographers that understands why customers pay to view these sites.


rockhard 5 years ago

Agree 100%! With the right settings and photographer, Aljena has the potential to be putting out some smokin hot sets!! She's GORGEOUS!!


glazar 5 years ago

It's just another case, too frequent on Met-Art, of the photographer not understanding what the customers of the site want.

Tony Murano, Arkisi, Ron Offlin. These people understand, and they are what makes Met-Art worthwhile.

Dmitry, please take notice. Hire a studio, use some proper lighting, and let's see what this girl can do.

I hate these outdoor sets. They never deliver.

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