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Russian Federation Age Debut: 21


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EdPowersII 11 months ago

How can one not love this woman's gorgeous face, great legs, and most excellent curves? Shes' the complete overall woman. Those hips are simply exquisite. A very beautiful smile to boot. Thanks to Met for bringing her to us, and here's hoping to see more. Thank you Amaly for sharing your beauty with us.


KidInACandyStore 2 years ago

Are she and Sivilla sisters? I feel like there are some similarities in their face and body shapes. And they pose in the same dress...


Czaudio 2 years ago

Amaly, most wonderful girl. Thank you so much for coming back, and please do it again and again (and don't wait almost six months next time, please).


Debauchee 2 years ago

Please, oh please baby, don't be a one hit wonder..,


Czaudio 2 years ago

Amaly, dear, beautiful girl... Please come back often. I have never seen a more lovely girl. I love everything from your eyes to your toes. You truly are mouth watering. Thank you for sharing your loveliness with us.

2 years ago

"Hey, if you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world......" I think I just have!


ergo 2 years ago

Wow !!

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