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Pic number 10, her Vagina is side on and looking very moist, is Amelie Ovulating or is it just last nights Cum dripping out.

Did you fail health classes in school?

Flora, I give many thanks for showing us a completely different look of Amelie. The sexy sultry look is unusual and totally unexpected - but I love it! Also thanks for leaving the ankh tattoo unretouched so we can see the real Amelie. Excellent set and refreshing perspective of a long-time Met favorite.

A new photographer and a new Amelie, fantastic - her best yet. Thank you both of you.

I'm obviously missing the point-for the most part she is NOT actually looking at the camera-that's the sexiest part for me!

4 outstanding photo sets today. It is an "ass man's" paradise today.
Amelie smoked my pc!

#58 Previously unknown cousin of the Addams Family.

Overall, our artist's vision is so out of the ordinary and so successfully sultry that this is easily a 10 for me. I can ignore a couple images that are bad or bizarre.

67 earns my gratitude.

Clock and picture swap since 24 January.

#58 or 109? LOL

I appreciate your humor, Mag.

109 is a from a different branch of the family. That is the grandchild of Cousin It playfully perched atop our model's head. 31 and 32 are hosting Son of Thing. Only one of those hands belongs to our model, and we can see that the adolescent SoT is becoming slightly obnoxious.
This reunion assists in appreciating the artistry of the presentation. It eliminates any need to explain wtf is the motivation of some of what is seen.
Even without the Family help, a 10.

Flora is really doing excellent work these days. The models look natural and very sexy. I love that she chooses not to photo-shop out tattoos, slight skin blemishes, and stubble. I find her attention to ass shots to be an incredible turn-on. Just look at photo 27. Yup, that's sexy.

Outstanding!! Talk about making love to the camera!! This is a new look for Amelie and I LIKE IT!! Flora's work shows exponential improvement with this masterpiece!! Spectacular job ladies!!! XOXOXO

(Thanks for leaving her tat...)

ankle ankh

I dig symbols, and the ankh is one of my favorites... so simple and elegant.

Word... ;o)

Thank You Flora for this set:-) Amelie? Dream Doll***** Kissable all over...

If anyone ever had any doubts about Amelie as an erotic model, or Flora as an erotic artist, look no further. Without much fear of contradiction, I can confidently say this is Amelie's most erotic and sensually powerful set yet.
A gorgeous collaboration between Amelie and Flora. The best set of the day ~ and that is saying a lot, today's is a particularly strong field.

p.s. The erotic video lovers among us will want to check out Amelie's vid "Tranquilo" on Eternal Desire. Every bit as good as this set.

I'd love to....what's the p.w.....? ;o)

If you ever see a special, the subscription is definitely worth it.
( :

It boils down to "disposable income"... ;o)

I hear ya....

I love Amelie's bedroom eyes, and every other part of her as well, sensational set thanks Flora

I love Amelie but this is far from her best set. The fem-fatal looks way to fake especially in this set where she really has no reason to looks so hot and sultry. If it were a masturbation scene it would have been acceptable but not here.

So who wants to volunteer to ask our model to give a reason to explain her look?

And if not acceptable here in the manner spoken, how many times has it been acceptable elsewhere?

I see much greater creativity exhibited in this set than another garden or patio scene shot by you-know-who. One could argue that it isn't her best, but the different look and feel of this set is like a breath of fresh air, authentic or not. That alone earns my praise.

Totally disagree, Hipshot ~ this looked 100% authentic to me. See my comment below...

Amelie is such an unbelievable impressive beauty! Marvellous!

Amelie 10/10
Flora 8/10 (some more potential has been omitted)

Stunning as always.

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