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Russian Federation Age Debut: 24


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Films with Analise

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Starfire 2 months ago

Love to see Analise return. 10+.


PiGi 11 months ago

Still no photo shoot ? :( She has already some in other sites! It'd would be so great to have with quality of MA! ;)


Borbonicon 12 months ago

Fantastic charming babe with 4 movies to view.Lovely.Vintage Selfie is an excellent show,and the rest must be left to later as time allows.
Looking through comments in a series of downloads,it seems that Alis Locanta has been taking quite a bit of flak,but as he's all grown up now it probably hasn't hurt too much.If at all.
In the 10 years or so of my comings and goings at MA,I have seen that each and every artist has been subjected to much criticism,often unfair criticism at that,and I often wonder as to its origins.
The quaint old Polish expression ''bollocks in the head''offers much in way of explanation,and it is understood that once one starts,others follow in similar vein.
With this in mind,I have composed an ode of short duration fitting to the circumstances.
oiks and muppets oiks and muppets
oiks oiks oiks oiks oiks and muppets
oiks and muppets
oiks and muppets
oiks oiks oiks oiks oiks and muppets
Simple really.


Revenant 1 year ago

Such a beautiful girl. It's a shame that she doesn't work with better director Alis Locanta make such a messy movies :/


gemini 1 year ago

Beautiful girl.


Photo Shoot 1 year ago

What a super great gorgeous body Analise has and I love the way she looks into the camera at me flirting with me. Yes sir it's all about me! I would love to be in the same room naked with her dancing around, clinging to her, holding her, picking her up, kissing her, feeling her up, and then collapsing with her to the floor with her lying on top of me. And And And!!!!!!


Atamas302 1 year ago

I realize MA doesn't listen to its members & this post is useless, but at least I'll feel better: PHOTOSHOOT!!!!


Rose 1 year agoCommunity Staff

We do read all comments Southern Master, and do our best to make members happy. K has been trying to set up a photo shoot with Analise but unfortunately she is not shooting at present, so we are lucky that we have her in these movies.


mrhardees 1 year ago

Photo set please!


sonofperdition 1 year ago

amazing!! ..don’t ever stop


bitswift 1 year ago

I'm in awe! Most beautiful girl I've ever seen!


sonofperdition 1 year ago

photo shoot! would be a shame not too


doggleboon 1 year ago

Enough with the silly videos with bad music. Somebody needs to do a photo shoot of this beautiful girl.


MrUnSocial 1 year agoLifetime member

Totally agree


Charles W 1 year ago

Very nice. I hope you guys do a photo set of her soon.


bepo 1 year ago

oi oi oioi oi