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Andere A

Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


Member Rating based on 756 ratings

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Revenant 2 years ago

At the first look i thought it's Lena Katina from Tatu... and that is a compliment


Lenny 4 years ago

My goodness! Saw Andere for 1st time today in g/g set w/Susana and found these sensational sets from 2013. before I subscribed to MA.

Andere is just gorgeous! Ultra-feminine, pretty, absolutely one of THE most beautiful women I've seen on any site, and certainly should be in MA's Top-10! Her 7.91 rating (now 7.92 after my perfect 10!) is crazy!

From her bio sounds like she's career-driven, and so I could understand why she may've stopped modeling after such s ahort time. Hope it wasn't the ridiculous low scores!

In any case, I hope she's considering a return to modeling! I would LOVE to see more of her! Andere is absolutely the fresh & beautiful & classy type of young woman I look to MA for, she would be a welcome regular and a sure Top-5 fave for me!

More pleeze, if possible!! In any case, TY Andere, and TY Catherine! So very, very nice!


confusedone15 4 years ago

I discovered the sets from this model yesterday and I just noticed the average score. In my opinion this girl is way too underrated, I think she deserves nothing less than a 9. As a matter of fact she is one of the most attractive "rather new" girls I have seen in a while and she is also the reason why I re-subscribed to MetArt yesterday. Let's hope the rating is not what contributed to her small quantity of works on the site. I really look forward to seeing more of her works on MetArt in the near future.


confusedone15 4 years ago

Very sexy from head to toes.


Neil 4 years ago

I hope we will see much more of this beautiful young lady.


Neil 5 years ago

What a remarkably beautiful young lady. I hope we see more of her soon..