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Angela D

Russian Federation Age Debut: 22


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Photos with Angela D

Members Comments (5)


ergo 2 years ago

We want Angela D back please Catherine.


AZBD 2 years ago

Extremely sexy. Bring her back.


WWW dot W 3 years ago

Gorgeous! Please, more sets!


Sailor 5 years ago

Catherine, I notice that Angela hasn't modeled in more than a year. Please tell me that this incredible woman has not retired and will soon produce another set. Of all the beautiful women you photograph—five of whom I rate as 10s—Angela is to me the most beautiful.


Sailor 5 years ago

There is nothing about this woman that isn't sexy all by itself—lovely mouth, hypnotic eyes, beautiful breasts, gorgeous ass and the pussy of my dreams. The total package os devastating. What's her phone number?