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Angelina Socho

Ukraine Age Debut: 21


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Members Comments (7)


Stockings lover 6 days ago

Stunningly gorgeous !!!


jcpache 3 weeks ago

Linda e perfeita...


hwnlgfntds 3 weeks ago



Miles Long 4 months ago

Wow !~!

It is sooo nice to find a beautiful dark haired well breasted woman who is so mesmerizing.

I really appreciate the fact that Angelina does not constantly try to cup/hide her well endowed beauty glowing from her breasts.

Too many of our models with ample breast size want to hold/cup their globes of joy. Please, to all models with these wonderful globes, refrain from cupping your magnificent blessing(s) and let gravity pull every ounce of beauty from your assets.


face n butt 6 months ago

why is this perfect 10 not back yet?!


Jaystar76 7 months ago

Angelina is my new Met crush.
Just my type. beautiful sexy girl.
Beautiful face, long brown hair, perfect body.
cute yet so sexy and naughty.
Wow! im in love.

More Angelina ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


beetle 7 months ago

Angelina Socho can show us a miracle of femininity. A smooth beautiful face with brown warm eyes and long black hair. Really lovely
A curvy slim body. Sensational big pendulous breasts with beautiful big light brown areoles and cute nipples.
Angelina has a nice tight round butt and a cute wet pussy.
Her legs are long and her feet are small and delicate. The toes nicely shaped and each one suitable for sucking.