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Not necessarily a masterpiece but this set is underrated.Substandard on technique but Anna is gorgeous .There are some erotic shots.Worth more than 8

Plain crap.It`s not a good idea to leave rejected work for the mother site

Every single photo is so overexposed all the details and tones are bleached out and need to be repaired with a good photo editing program to restore life to them. Rylsky takes lots of photos of lots of women, but he is NOT a good photographer. Hopefully the models use the exposure to attract a good photographer or producers that will do a good job representing their special qualities that are overlooked here. Hegre is a good photographer. Go there for quality.

We have no comments on everything you said... just maybe you never seen white FAIR skin girls without sunbath for a long time. Or maybe try to buy good IPS monitor and calibrator. even cheapest one:)

and the final thing: very good idea to advertise Hegre on Metart:)

Supporting! :-)

By the way , mycroscopes are even better with quality, maybe this niche will be successful - to see all details with the eyes of insects. Go to laboratory of dermatologist for the Real Quality. :)

Не брать в голову --- эти примитивные парни не знайте, каково искусство (Вы фактически предлагаете жемчуг неразвитой свинье)...! :)

Sure, it was just some easy way to show this kind of "issue" from the other side without being serious (because this kind of discussion is useless).

By the way, it can be very interesting to talk with you about tech details of editing, i saw your comments that was very interesting for us all, but please do not use "gallery comments", please send email to metart with subj "editing of photos from Urbitorix". I am personally will be happy to talk with you 1 by 1. I promise you will get not only my answer but also special personal gift.

Please use English, because Russian comment like this is unuseable both for eng and rus readers. :)

OK...! :)

I like this girl! Very pretty face and sweet little body. Delicious!!
Nice set but not her best.


Perhaps not Anna's finest set, but her lovely assets are the same: lovely eyes, amazing nipples, great attitude, bold poses. A real sweetie.

Not Rylsky's best either; looks to me like it is a RylskyArt reject. Perhaps I'm being harsh, but when we know how good this photographers work can be, ordinary appears a poor effort.

How good this photographers work "can be" means nothing. How good his work "is" is very inconsistent, varying from acceptable to poor "most of the time".

i.e. No.'s 69&70... Great angle on that sweet bottom and what does he focus on after dozens of good shots of her face...? And to speculate just a bit, it doesn't look like Anna is enjoying the whole thing either...I've seen her smile a lot more than I see it here.

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