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Anna S

Ukraine Age Debut: 18


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French kiss 11 months ago

Mon coup de cœur tardif !!!
Jje la découvre seulement, quel magnifique visage si expressif.
Anna est sublime !!!


AnonymousPerson 2 years ago

Found three sets that are not even posted here. They are of Anna S and a model named Alessandra. Set names are Last Kiss, Lean On Me, and Totalitias. The Photographer of all three is Pasha. Search all over the site for them to no avail.


kaktus-dieter0 4 years ago

more of her


Titian 4 years ago

She's a beautiful girl, and I love her bush, but the soft focus is really annoying.


Gascanman 4 years ago

Ive been subscribing to Met-Art off and on since 2004. Anne S. has kept my attention ever since. Yes there are so many beautiful & captivating girls here that get my attention. But She has my heart. I don't see her anymore Sure miss her. Thanks


doggleboon 5 years ago

Holy crap she looks young! She looks underage. If I found these photos on a less reputable site I'd be afraid to download them.


kaktus-dieter 5 years ago

More of Anna S please


tallroy 5 years ago

Anna S is one of the prettiest girls that Met art has ever filmed. She looks so young and sweet. I love her long lithe body and perky little breasts. Too bad about her full dark bush I bet her pussy is a sweet as the rest of her. More girls like her!


VictorDj2 3 years ago

I agree on the most part. When I first started hearing of MetArt Anna S and Iveta B were my absolute favorites.

While Iveta B was posh and very confident, Anna S was a true mystery. You can't read her mind. She can look very focused and dreamlike. What makes her such a mystery, is that she can be both at the same time.

The same thing goes for her body. She looks petite and doesn't pose very seductive or explicit. But combine this with her cute mysterious face, and you get the feeling that you are very privileged to actually see her naked. This is why the pubic hair is so important. She is not going to shave for us, she's not even naked for us. Why did she ever start posing? It remains a mystery.