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missed augusta glad to see her back one of the hottest girls on metart

pretty girl, but overdressed set and silly props.

I was impressed with the garden hose! Mine would have kinked with that much twisting and turning! It is hard to find a good garden hose and Rylsky has done it! :)

By the way, this set is rubbish but Augusta Crystal is a beautiful girl. Perhaps she will towel off and get into a nice big bed with red satin sheets and Rylsky will get a new pair of glasses and work on focusing his camera and who knows, we might get a beautiful girl in focus and the garden hose will be put back into the garden where it belongs. :)

Not a 'great' set, but not rubbish either! Somewhere in between I think. And I'm willing to bet Rylsky, you are either a Pisces or Aquarian... You just love water! At least it wasn't the entire set this time...;o) This girl is 'elegant', and her sets should be too.

Even in the water, No.20 is stunning! If THAT one doesn't 'capture the beauty' of this girl, I don't know what would!

50-59 are also excellent shots! This set looks better than first impression indicated, other than that silly hose...;o)

But I should add that after seeing the incredibly gorgeous Sharon just the other day, it may be quite a while before anything else looks "great" to me...

For a change I'm with the majority, the set appears to be rubbish. There is far too much unused shower hose and not enough Augusta Crystal. A wet shirt taken off slowly can be quite appealing but everything had gone in 14 pictures! I shall download it and then keep the nice smooth that are worth eating.

Typical Rylsky. Everything is blurry and overexposed. What a waste of this gorgeous model. Rylsky must need glasses or something.

Augusta is gorgeous and and hot, and I really luv her smooth pussy!!! I'm not a big fan of these water-set shoots, even if it is technically well done.

This is a stunning model who has done some great shoots previously. This photo-shoot though is rubbish just like her previous one.

Augurta Chrystal Is perfect, and Rylsky has done a perfect job of photographing that.

Only a few really good Pictures.

Some are gorgeous, like # 35.

I'm afraid that's often the case...with ALL the photographers. Except Catherine of course...;o)


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