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Aurelia Perez

Ukraine Age Debut: 24


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Leslove 2 months ago

The more curvaceous, sexy, shapely version of Leona Mia.


snake 2 months ago

very lovely feet


Erotic art expert. 9 months ago

I RECOMEND to look for young photographer to take shots of this girl. The photographer who cares about creativity and artistic approach in the erotic art.


James G 9 months ago

Stunning Aurelia.
In the last 2 sets we have interestingly different presentations of her lovely pussy. In Arkisi's "Asodey", we see a tiny wisp of pubic hair. Fabrice's "Cedibe" presents her completely shaven without a trace of hair. It would make a wonderful collection if we can soon see her fully unshaven, in a set done by say, Ron Offlin. That would certainly cater for all tastes and ease all that acrimony on the attraction of shaven and unshaven pussies.


Digger 11 months ago

I've got to repeat myself. Aurelia has slowly dug deep into my heart. Can't keep my eyes off of her. Her beauty has mesmerized my brain so I think of nothing else. Every part is perfect. Triple PHEW as I try to exhale. Hopefully catch my breath in a few weeks.


mariom 11 months ago

Need alot more of this doll!


Nick101 11 months ago

Lovely labia when properly parted.


Seemann 1 year ago

Wow! Just spotted this amazing model..

Girl, you 'living in an utmost beautiful, sexy body!


YallBinZapped 1 year ago

Awwwmazing. Great set


Artisan 1 year ago



enyhyj86 1 year ago

Just one word: perfect!


beetle 1 year ago

Aurelia Perez - a real beauty. Dark, warm and big eyes. Black long wavy hair. A smooth Snow-White face. Sensational.
The small apple-sized breasts are sweet, each perfect for a handful. I love that.
The pussy is really plump and the labia large, dark and wonderfully wrinkled. I would like to take them in my mouth and suck them intensive.
The anus is small, round and smooth, the butt taut and perfectly round. Like a full moon.
The legs are long and slender. The feet are ideally shaped, small cute toes and fine silky soles.
Aurelia Perez, this girl I must remember.