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Aurelia Perez

Ukraine Age Debut: 23


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Digger 4 days ago

I've got to repeat myself. Aurelia has slowly dug deep into my heart. Can't keep my eyes off of her. Her beauty has mesmerized my brain so I think of nothing else. Every part is perfect. Triple PHEW as I try to exhale. Hopefully catch my breath in a few weeks.


mariom 1 week ago

Need alot more of this doll!


Nick101 1 week ago

Lovely labia when properly parted.


Seemann 2 months ago

Wow! Just spotted this amazing model..

Girl, you 'living in an utmost beautiful, sexy body!


YallBinZapped 3 months ago

Awwwmazing. Great set


Artisan 3 months ago



enyhyj86 3 months ago

Just one word: perfect!


beetle 3 months ago

Aurelia Perez - a real beauty. Dark, warm and big eyes. Black long wavy hair. A smooth Snow-White face. Sensational.
The small apple-sized breasts are sweet, each perfect for a handful. I love that.
The pussy is really plump and the labia large, dark and wonderfully wrinkled. I would like to take them in my mouth and suck them intensive.
The anus is small, round and smooth, the butt taut and perfectly round. Like a full moon.
The legs are long and slender. The feet are ideally shaped, small cute toes and fine silky soles.
Aurelia Perez, this girl I must remember.