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Ukraine Age Debut: 22


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Photos with Ava

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zone 1 week ago

One more thing.... videos, please.


Chris13 1 day ago

That would be one of the best things that could happen to this site!


zone 1 week ago

Ukraine has so many beautiful women and Ava is a young, lean, fresh beauty. She is a great poser with a nice smile who seems like the kind of girl anyone would want on their arm. One of my favorites and the flavor of the moment. I cannot get enough of her.


Chris13 2 months ago

I so hope she will agree to shoot videos one day. One of my absolute favorites!


Chris13 2 months ago

AVA has an effect on me that cannot be explained with her beauty alone; of course she has an almost flawless body and a wonderful face (not to mention one of the most exciting pussies I have ever seen!) but it is her shy, innocent charisma that really drives me mad about her! I am so impatiently waiting for her 1st video; please, let it be soon!


footlover 3 months ago

Really I love so much this young goddess I love her beautiful and perfect feet goddess Ava is a example for many girls in practically all sets she is barefeet and she loves show her perfect feet a beautiful goddess with perfect feet it’s absolutely irresistible thanks goddess Ava for your perfect feet it’s a delight


Starfire 8 months ago

Awesome young lady.
Please return often.


Art lover 1 9 months ago

The girl like this and the camera work like this are the reasons I stay at this site.
While the most camera men are producing unvarnished hackwork, some photographers are really creative and concerned about artistic quality.


KENOMAN 9 months ago

Lovely girl and talented model. All of her sets have been outdoor sets. I would love to see photos of her in an elegant indoor set.


risendragonborn 11 months ago

Ava looks so cute and sweet with a lovely smile and gorgeous body. A wonderful and sexy debut Ava and welcome to MA


Mikie Likes 11 months ago

Welcome Ava. Thank you for blessing us this morning with your beauty.You made my morning with your appearance. I hope to see more of you in the future.


beetle 11 months ago

Ava, a typical girl next door! And that is one of the highest praise that I can pronounce. The natural is the best.
A pretty girl with a cute face with nice warm hazelnut-brown big round eyes and framed with long brown hair.
A beautiful slender body with small breasts and dark stiff nipples that I would like to kiss.
A beautiful juicy and luscious pussy that I would like to lick.
A perfectly shaped firm butt that I want to knead immediately.
Long slender legs and cute feet. Silky white tender soles and well formed toes, which I would like to suck on.