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Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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Photos with Avery

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snake 1 month ago

nice soles


ramillies1706 1 month ago

I still think her sister is better tho this girl's great. Caralyn who (sob) seems to have retired.


Boogiegumdrop 2 months ago

What a knockout!


ArtCurator 4 months ago

Fabrice and Avery - What a winning combination !!!


Shydog 4 months ago

Avery looks exactly like my son's girlfriend. Anytime she and I are making small talk, I'm just thinking how I'd like to fuck her. Fuck her in the hot little mouth. Fuck her in her wet sexy little pussy. Fuck her in her tight little naked 19 year old ass. I'd like to get Avery alone and have a nude sexual orgasm right down her throat.


StiffenHup 2 months ago

What a wonderful boost to your fantasy life! Enjoy those naughty ideas!


JustSquatchin 4 months ago

Exquisitely beautiful woman. She is as close to perfection as anyone could get. She looks Latina, I am surprised she is listed as Ukrainian.


Chris13 8 months ago

Avery is one adorable super-hottie; she´s perfect in every way! Please bring us many glamour videos with this wonderful angel in high heels!


Benjy 9 months ago

I'm seeing a certain sameness from Fabrice's work with Avery. Perhaps it's time to let her work with another photographer, like Antonio Clemens or Leonardo. Just sayin'.


BigDukes 9 months ago

Avery is absolutely adorable. Her breasts are extremely cute. I would love to see many many more photoshoots with her. And lots of close ups of her breasts and vagina.


Hipshot13 9 months ago

This girl is spectacular front or back! From the rear she makes my knees weak! That butt and those long legs are nothing less than mind boggling! She is beyond beautiful.


leslove 9 months ago

Had you guys fooled, this is Mila Azul with her breasts airbrushed out. That's why you like her so much.


N0B0DY 12 months agoLifetime member

oh yes.. a proper teen-looking girl. More please. And soon please.


Tristan Heart 12 months ago

Wauw, this girl is amazing, it's like someone took some of my most favorite girls and combined them into a single divine being, I even see a bit of Jessica Alba in her when she smiles O.o

An absolutely stunning girl, I seriously hope the MetArt Network signed a long exclusive contract with this girl, you do not want this one to slip away from you (or from us for that matter) ;-)


Hipshot13 9 months ago



Artisan 12 months ago



beetle 12 months ago

A first class model. Avery is a hot, dark-haired beauty. Erotic to the tiptoe. A nice friendly face with warm brown eyes. Small well-shaped hand-sized breasts. Exactly to my taste. A cute solid full moon.
Outstanding are the deep dark labia, from which shines the bright pink kingdom of heaven. Simply divine.
Long slim legs and cute little soft feet complete the picture of this beauty perfectly.


Tristan Heart 12 months ago

I could not have said it better myself, this girl is just... damn! :-D