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Bambi Joli

Russian Federation Age Debut: 24


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Members Comments (7)


snake 8 months ago

love her soles


Willx 1 year ago

Thank you for the work that covers up her hideous tattoos.


Art lover 1 1 year ago

Over used close up is a problem of Metart in our days. Do not expect to watch the girls head to toe any more. Vaginas only. Vaginas only.


Robt 1 year ago

I fell in love with this girl at first sight. :)))
I would like to watch her entire beauty, not just her genitals. So, I am wondering if she may be photographed by a professional.


Doodaq 1 year ago

We anxiously await Bambi's next arrival :-}


Nero.. 1 year ago



beetle 1 year ago

A real blackhaired beauty. Bambi Joli has a awesome face and body. I like her little handy breasts best. Exactly my style. And then those incredibly dark, stiff nipples with the tiny areoles. Wow, how cool. Also Bambis buttocks are premium class. As crowning there are the soft and smooth feet of this beauty. Perfect formed with silky soles and tiny tender toes. Incredible sexy. I want to eat these feet immediately.