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Beatrice Roja

Russian Federation Age Debut: 28


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beetle 1 year ago

A cute redhead ! Beatrice is a typical girl of this species. Pale skin, slim body, sexy and mystical.
Her face is absolutley lovely, a little mystivcal, sultry and seductive.
Her tiny breasts are of my favorite size. Tiny and handy, Each breast for each of my hands. So that I can play with the breasts which each hand. Marvellous
Her nipples are dark and stiff and lies in small round and smooth areolas. To kiss them.
Beatrice rosy pussy is first class - pink, juicy and sexy. Her labia are wrinkled and meaty. To take them in my mouth and suck them.
Also her butt is sensational - type fullmoon - and the anus is a perfect loveu69-anus. Tiny, smooth and invititing.
Last but not least one of my favorites - the bare feet. Beatrice feet are small, well formed, silky white soles and cute toes. Delicious exemplars.