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Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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Photos with Belka

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meee 2 weeks ago

Videos Please !!!!!!!!!!


BigBadBaldGuy 3 weeks ago

Videos! We need videos of Belka!


BlindGuy 2 months ago

Great photo sets of Belka! Now give me some videos of Belka to beat off to!


Rswilliams2010 2 months ago

Absolutely stunning woman. More sets please and especially videos!


JOHANNES BLT 3 months agoLifetime member

Love you Belka, Sooo hot!! I can't decide if I like your Luca Helios pictures or your Erro pictures better; I guess we need to see more from each! I wouldn't mind if Nudero hired you either : )


DarkHero 3 months ago

Belka's first set was good but nothing mind blowing. Now with 5 sets on MA and one on SexArt, with each release her look has gotten better and better. I can tell just from the single image of each set. I also think it helps the models when they're shot in an environment that brings out their best look. So far indoors and bright colors works well with Belka. Though I usually don't like outdoor shoots I would like a couple of her outdoors just to see if her look is worst, the same or better. Plus we need videos of Belka soon!


VictorDj4 3 months ago

Five months ago I wrote:
'You look spectacular without clothes, and you damn well know it.'

Your next four galleries I overlooked - how could I, what was I thinking?

Metart wants to be tribute to female nudity, beauty and sexual expression. On all those domains you are a great contribution. It is girls like you that can inspire others to try the nude modelling experience (when they see your style, your joy, your arousal).


helper160 4 months ago

Belka is amazing! 10++ She is my favorite model now.


lastoftheV8s 5 months ago

I like Belka but if she just works with Erro and Lucia H I hope that the Lucia H sets afe more common. I like the eye that Lucia has for a model much better.


Bernadette 5 months ago

I strongly agree, at least when it comes to Belka. Erro has a great eye at times (e.g. Anie Darling's “Telati”), and commendable face-awareness, but Belka is so lovely that she benefits from a focus on “simple, fresh ingredients” (to use a food metaphor) and suffers from the glamorous “processed” — “over-sauced?” — treatment that takes photography out of the corporeal realm, to disappointing effect. Models like Belka, you just need to open a window onto them.

"Persuasion" in particular is in a different league than the Erro sets.


Bernadette 6 months ago

The first two (the Helios) sets are great!


Starfire 6 months ago

Awesome beautiful girl.
Request more please.
A pleasure.


bassman elite 6 months ago

Super model!!! You must get her on video, too.


Metaluna 6 months ago

Sheer perfection. Encore please


doggleboon 7 months ago

What a killer body. Looks like Altea and Lily C finally have some competition in the athleticism department.


Pmx1967 8 months ago

A Goddess that would be a Princess in my Kingdom...........


Smokystone1 8 months agoLifetime member

Wonder woman. Looking forward of the following sets and videos!


beetle 8 months ago

Nothing to say - only: Bella is a 10 Point Top Model. Natural, erotic, sexy and seductive from head to toes. Perfect!

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