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Latvia Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Bernie

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snake 6 months ago

lovely feet


Iloveeurobabes 10 months ago



10 Quest 12 months ago

Mmm, mmm! Feel The Bernie.......................


Art lover 1 1 year ago

The girl is perfect, no arguing. Unfortunately all her sets are almost useless doe to repetitive photos and over used close up .


GardeelRajunk 1 year ago

She's too skinny, unfortunaltely. She has no female shape.


Yerff 1 year ago

Bernie is a very nice girl. She might not be a 10 but she always gets a 9 from me. I like her a lot.


metlover 1 year ago

And you are a jackass......


Sudheerk75 1 year ago

24hrs of looking at her would go by in 24 secs


Rudee 1 year ago

She's one of those girls that's better than any you could dream up. Very natural in front of the camera and stunning and charming in every photo. Looking forward to rows and rows of Bernie photo sets!


Nick101 1 year ago

Pretty model, nice breasts, figure and pussy - but please open those labia!


metlover 1 year ago

My perfect girl, young, fresh, blond, green eyes, hot tight teen body, gorgeous breasts, beautiful pussy, flawless anus, all smooth, pretty face and sweet inviting smile, 10+


sandy72 1 month ago

Exactly why I like her, little innocent girl with a lovely smile.

Show more of your ass Bernie, I think you are not aware how beautiful and perfect your tiny butt is.
So don't be ashamed and show it more.


beetle 2 years ago

Once again a Latvian dream woman. Bernie has an incredibly sweet face. The blond hair play with caress the smooth facial features. The green eyes enchant with their magical shine.
Whether the breasts of Bernie are actually medium-sized (as I read it in the description) or rather small, may be left out. They are definitely sexy. I love a breast that I can enclose and hold with one hand. This is my favorite size.
But also the butt and the small delicate anus are seductive. Appetizing, juicy, round and soft, so they are. Just as I love it.
Long legs and small feet make Bernie perfect. And this perfect girl will have a great future in MA.

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