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Blake Bartelli

United States Age Debut: 19


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gemini 1 year ago

It's hard to believe it's been over a year sent we were treated to a set featuring this gorgeous lady. Not so long next time, please!


zikay 2 years ago

Blake Bartelli is one of my best favorited Erotic models. In fact, it is she let me know and get the MetArt website. Thank her very much!


Field Commander Cohen 2 years ago

Perfect from top to bottom. Her slightly crooked teeth are just icing on a delicious cake.


Mike1 3 years ago

Blake is fantastic. Lots of comments about the photography and in some sets Charles does have some weird stuff going on but overall you see lots of a fabulous woman. She is astonishing. However, I do think these sets are loads better when we see more of the pussy, it's erotic yes but that's part of it - we are not looking for out and out porn but gently spread labia anybody finds exciting and interesting and sexy. So these sets miss that. Just look at the scoring - they'd do loads better with some "butterfly shots"


Alex Porsche 3 years ago

Blake , you are so beautiful !!!! 11/10


Schubith 3 years ago

Oh my God ! I just discovered this beauty, and she's amazing, another goddess on MetArt, she's perfect, sweet and "can't touch this" all at once. How can a human be so good to look at. Nature did a good job with Blake, I love all of her !


Thanks Your Bod 3 years ago

Soft, lovely, feminine, deep, and playful.
Thanks for sharing, Blake.
You are special.


Thanks Your Bod 3 years ago

Every soft, lovely, feminine aspect of her is like a cool, clean glass of fresh water. Soooo needed.
Thanks for sharing, Blake.
You are special.


Thanks Your Bod 3 years ago

I guess I'm lucky I didn't screw it up a third time.


Triste 3 years ago

Blake is gorgeous! I'd love to see some more photo galleries of her!


PalmaGo2 3 years ago

Hope she sticks around for more than one set!


woodchuck 3 years ago

Stunningly beautiful young lady and hot, hot, Hot! More please!


gaetano maria 3 years ago

this bright blonde deserves a brighter setting


DogStarD 3 years ago

The best!! My new favorite model!! Stunning, beautiful and extremely sexy. Lovely model.
A VIDEO PLEASE!!! Where is she from?


AA11 3 years ago

bring her back NOW with videos please


stan0530 3 years ago

Wow!! Blake is absolutely amazing! Please bring her back for more of her beauty!


PalmaGo 3 years ago

Hope she stays for more than 1 set.


bobblehat 3 years ago

Stunning young lady, hoping for a lot more!.


Livin The Dream 3 years ago

Simply Gorgeous...
Visit often Lovely!



phairfie01 3 years ago

More like a cherry bomb than a sparkler. Happy fourth to you !