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Ukraine Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Bretona

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Farinax 1 week ago

Such a pretty pussy, and I think she knows it!


Remingtion 3 months ago

Best Ass On MetArtx


Arthur Pendragon 6 months ago

I am amazed that , considering Bretona has such beautiful legs, that she has not yet been featured in a set in which she is wearing stockings


Divineone 6 months ago

The age she was when she started modeling was 19 ? She is 20 now. How is it that all of these girls look so good at just 18 or 19 ? Its not just her either. There are a lot of them. It must be evolution.


RodanV 7 months ago



Smokystone 9 months agoLifetime member

Video please!


Ladies Bottom Lover 10 months ago

Bretona is perfect and what makes her even sexier is she's doesn't seem like the type of girl that would open her legs to show off her pussy and arse to the world.

The photos are starting to get all a bit the same, its the same photographer and he's way better behind the camera than me but he should give her to someone else for their take on her, and she's in the same thong always.

Hope, really hope she comes back for a new lot of sets in the coming future.


Diana 10 months ago

You are the best of the net Bretona. We love you!


mchltxxx 11 months ago

Beautiful lady. Hope to see a set from a photographer that knows how to focus their camera.


alec07 11 months ago

Perfect angel beautiful women.


Gr33nMind 1 year agoLifetime member

most beautiful girl on site.. gosh her beauty and sexiness are killing me


hipshot131 1 year ago

A very lovely and substantial lady and a great laid back set with a liberal helping of mouthwatering closeups of an insanely tempting pussy. Very sexy and sensual set. Lots of thought provoking shots to to entice and entertain. I think she looked good without the makeup but even better with it and the fact that we were allowed to watch the transformation was awesome. I love watching a woman do her makeup and paint her toes and all the other feminine things they do. Pure magic!


Agentnine 1 year ago

Wow, this girl is something extra - Photographer as well! Tnx for this!


Yusef 2 years agoLifetime member

Video please


Gravy Train 2 years ago

Probably the most beautiful of all the recent additions to the site! Hope to see lots more to come!


C6C791 2 years ago

In Ressia, at first glance Bretona "looks" reminds me of the English actress Natascha McElhone, from the movie Ronin.


Josef 2 years ago

LOVE this woman! So beautiful and incredibly sexy from head to foot!


Rocky46 2 years ago

She is perfection in all senses... Beautiful beyond expression...


jim43 2 years ago

Bretona, welcome to Met, thank you for sharing your amazing body and looks with us!

Albert Varin, you have done it again, where do you keep finding these beautiful young ladies!


Thanks Your Bod 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing your natural feminine incredibleness, Bretona !

BTW, OH MY GAWD you're hot.


soeren 2 years agoLifetime member

Welcome to Met!

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