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Bridgette Angel

Belarus Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Bridgette Angel

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Art lover 1 6 months ago

The greatest model who has been photographed by the best artist. Perfect pictures quality, professionally made lighting , perfect colors, naturally looking girl.
Did I mention NOT OVER USED close up ???
This is one of the rare photographers who knows that the woman is not her vagina only.
The model gets 10 out of 10.
The artist gets same rating.


snake 6 months ago

lovely feet


Erotic art expert. 1 year ago

All her sets (except the last one) are piece of the art. Perfect camera work with good ratio between close and distance taking. Perfect girls. Unfortunately the last set was ruined with over used close up repetitive photos.


GardeelRajunk 1 year ago

This very dark haired girl should be crazy hot with a bush, oh my god! Please ask her, at least for one gallery :)


Checkers 2 years ago

Have we already seen the last of Bridgette? Lord, I hope not, she's a star in the making!


beetle 2 years ago

A real little snow white is our Bridgette Angel. A snow white from Belarus. And absolutely stunning.
The angelic face with long wavy hair and dark eyes. Sensational.
The medium-sized breasts look firm and yet a little swollen. Just beautiful. They are crowned with pink nipples, which remind me of small rubies.
A perfect full moon that invites me to dream and that I want to massaging.
The well-visible full pussy conceals the inner pink. Please Bridgette let me open your wings carefullye and let me see your pink heaven.
Last but not least the long legs and well-groomed feet with cute feet. The toenails are pink and want to be licked by me.


JPSTEVENS 2 years ago

she is very pretty and does have very sexy curves and contours to her feet

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