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Colombia Age Debut: 27


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Photos with Calypso

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goomba6667 3 weeks ago

such a hot dusky girl, she's got lovely legs n pussy. Le'ts see a video of her stripping for us.


Mebanu 1 month ago

Trust me. Colombia has some of the most beautiful girls in the whole world. It was about time a colombian girl showed up here. They definitively have something to say against east european beauty. Probably we wont see many as theyre a rather conservative country, but maybe Calypso can convince a couple of friends to join her in the met art lineup? :)


lastoftheV8s 4 weeks ago

If you do an advanced search you can search by various criteria one and nationality. Try searching Columbia. You’ll find another model there are two Columbian models on here.


Davidp 1 month ago

When is her next set


ViRaL 3 months agoLifetime member

She's nice, can't wait for a decent photo set.


beetle 3 months ago

A hot Colombian, sexy and seductive. Brown long hair, warm brown eyes and a fine face. A real beauty. Add to that a sensational body.Tender medium-sized to little breasts with the beautiful stiff dark nipples. A lush moist pussy with dark perfect wrinkled labia. A taut fullmoon and a smooth anus. Long slim legs and cute tiny tender feet. Everything of its finest.